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  1. Based on Arfix other car scales and the "detail" of the wire wheels, I will place my bet on 1:32. And I am fine with it
  2. Now it cannot take too long for the 1:48 Bremen - as I just managed to get my mits on an old 1:72 RT Models resin kit
  3. Would like to see the high altitude version On the other hand I guess it is still available from Alicat.
  4. That is how I understood the review. I do not have the B-1B kit myself.
  5. Hmmm... Not sure but I suppose the best in any scale will be the huge 1:48 Revell kit and/or the 1:144 Academy kit (not sure about the latter but think it has some very positive feedback). Let me dig out In detail and scale Vol.37 (ISBN 0-8306-5050-4): Ahhh - so the Entex 1:144 kit is of an "A". Same as Minicraft and they say it is the best B-1A kit in the market. As not much has changed regarding B-1 offerings since the print run in 1990, it should stll be the best B-1A kit Monogram had the best 1:144 B-1B back then but it was a Snap-Tite without landing gear - I bet the Academy beats it easily. The 1:72 Monogram is over all too short and stretching will be difficult as it is not too short in just one area. There are lots of errors with the kit - maybe because the tooling started as B-1A. It is neither a B-1A nor a B-1B out of the box and to convert it to an A will be likely easier than to bring it to a B. It is still much better than the Airfix kit which has obvious shape issues. Barracuda has some resin sets to improve the Monogram kit. Finally the Revell 1:48 beast: Over all a very nice kit. Only downside are the trenchy panel lines. - As this was true in 1990, you can imagine that these lines are the equvalent to the grand canyon in todays modellers eyes... I wish they were raised, is all I add. Eduard, Barracuda and Metallic Detail (and probably others too) provide improvements for the exhaust, wheels, cockpit,... Let me add that the In detail & scale volume on the B-1 is well worth to get as it describes the differences of the B-1A and B-1B with lots of photos and line drawings. If you plan to build a B-1B then I suggest to get your hands on the Daco Publication #22 "Willy Peeters Uncovering the Rockwell B-1B Lancer". Hope this helps.
  6. IIRC: The nose shape is different as are the tail cones (more pointy), the cockpit area differs as the B-1A had a crew escape system similar to the F-111 (I think the last prototype had standard ejection seats - so maybe a production B-1A would be without the crew escape system?). The nacells / engines are all different as B-1A was to be operating at supersonic speeds and B-1B at low level subsonic speeds. Then B-1A had something like a "spine". There is most likely more...
  7. Nice - you plan to sell these I suppose? STL files or resin castings? Seems I have reason to watch out for the Revell kit now (have build the Testors kit long ago and did not plan to replace it - but an A-12 company...).
  8. If I could choose I would buy a B-1A - I just love the desert scheme. Would be nice but it would need more then just a few extra parts...
  9. The B-1A was very different from the B-1B. The general shape was similar but to get a good A you will need to scratch build a lot.
  10. I though the question concerns IP models - no resin or vac. Anyhow I think the following list should be difficult to find in any material 1:24 Morris Minor (all versions - especially the Traveller) 1:24 Jaguar XJ-13 1:12 Jaguar XJ-13 1:6 Jaguar XJ-13 1:1 Jaguar XJ-13 1:48 Hind A 1:48 Puma 1:48 Skycrane 1:48 KA-52 Alligator 1:48 Mi 28 Havoc 1:48 Wright Flyer 1:48 Wedell Williams Air racer 1:48 Super Solution 1:32 Gemini capsule 1:32 Mercury capsule 1:32 Vostok capsule 1:32 Voskhod capsule 1:32 Soyuz (any of them) 1:144 SLS (Space Launch System) And some Star Wars stuff: 1:144 Tantive V (1:72 would be better but biggg) 1:72 AT-AT 1:72 Tydirium 1:72 TIE Bomber 1:48 TIE Bomber 1:72 Jawa Sandcrawler And really - nobody asked for the obvious 1:32 F-4K yet?
  11. I guess so? Where did you get it? Amazon? Back on topic - I found that true Black Friday sales have very much vanished since Airfix had their legendary sale several years ago (2015?). I had a list of shops which were doing sales regulary but neither seems to continue this year over year. So you have to check the usual suspects each year.
  12. There is currently no first hand review on the Trumeter sprues, so we will have to wait. Their 1/35 Hind is just great in any respect IIRC (not sure it has the twisted fuselage though). The 1/48 kit is sadly no downscaled version as it looks. The Monogram (rereleased by Revell some time ago) is in my eyes typical Monogram. The sprues date back to a time when Hinds were not easily available to western eyes so the kit is not overly accurate. The tailboom is some mm short, the "twisted fuselage" is not present and such. But it has nice surface details for the time (like rivets), and "detailed" engines, cockpit and such. You can see sprues and instruction images on Super Hobby page: https://www.super-hobby.de/products/Mil-Mi-24D-Hind-D.html Without lots of cut-and-shut you will not get an accurate Hind out of this. But I think it will look still nice for those who are not too deeply a Hind specialist? The Zvezda (recently rereleased by Eduard in a special edition) is accurate but has no rivets and the interiar detailing is a bit low, so you should consider aftermarket help depending on your expectations. I recently bought the Zvezda sprues from Eduard when they still had them as surplus from their special edition and I have the Monogram unstarted with some resin bits from Cobra Company (weapons and cockpit). I will build the Zvezda kit but am undecided with the Monogram at the moment.
  13. There was an article in Aeroplane (September 2018) on the F-111K. Some info from this article: The F-111K was planned with the short wings of the F-111A -but wing tip extensions for ferry flights were considerd. Sounds like you have the choice to use a long wing and add some scribing? FB-111A main and nose landing gear Eight wing pylons (the two inboard pairs pivoting) with British ERU115 ejector release units FB-111 fuel tanks on the four inboard pylons BFE reconnaissance palet in the bomb bay (or bomb racks) Radome based on F-111D/FB-111A New forward equipment bay (between radome and cockpit) - som maybe some artistic licence for different pannel lines here? Retracable inflight refuelling probe on the upper centerline ahead of the cockpit (as described in previous posts) A trio of F95 cameras - one vertical, two oblique "in its lower section" of the forward equipment bay. But I cannot see this in any picture. New weapon bay dors which allow a centreline pylon inside. This was designed to finish flush with the inboard bay doors. This pylon was to carry the datalink pod for the AJ168 TV Martel (111K's main role for long range anti-shipping strikes in Suez) Night illumination system from the sole RF-111 aft of the main U/C (proposal) Included is a photo of the prototypes under construction (same as in a post above) the tree view with the K components (also posted above) and some artist impressions. Both camouflage upper (one green & grey, the other brown & green upper) and LAG underside.
  14. Hmmm... even factory fresh they appeared less shiny than average cars. You could use a gloss color if you aim for a very new LR look but surely no clear coat.
  15. Hmm - not just Airfix prices. Revell too and I was quite shocked at the prices asked for some kits made in the Ukraine Wonder if Dragon will fix any of the known issues on the Saturn V kit for this release. I guess not...
  16. Nothing a swift swipe with a sanding stick would not sort out
  17. I am hoping for: 1:48 Sea King 1:48 Puma 1:48 Hamden 1:48 Venom 1:48 Scimitar 1:48 Spey Phantom (I cannot believe they still did not release this) And retoolings of 1:48 Fury 1:72 Concorde 1:144 Space Shuttle If they are to release something in 1:24 a Sea Fury could get me very interested. All of these would put my wallet under stress but I can sleep well
  18. At least the Batmobile is a nice change from the previous ones. Maybe Scalextric will release it
  19. Two figure kits (Mandalorian)? Wonder how they will turn out. The Slave One is listed in common 1:87 scale... Common for rail road modellers, which are a known target group for Sci-Fi I guess this will be the old MPC kit which was without any scale. So OK. The Razor Crest in 1:72 will be much more interesting - the scale gives hope that it will not be another toy-like kit from the Star Wars range. Edit - just saw the topic in the Sci-Fi section here and the Revell kit does look nice so far! Regarding flying things the announcements are so-so. Sure the 1:32 Hurricane is quite nice but for me personally not so interesting because of the scale. That said I am quite happy about the ICM reboxes - especially the Douglas B-26C Invader. The B-24 is also welcome, even if the old Monogram kit has issues. Anybody heared about the Koster Privateer conversion which should have been re released a few years back? Finally the North American F-86D Sabre Dog is a nice kit (wonder if it is the "early" or "late" version they release) appart from the wrong wing sweep - I maybe add another on to the stash. So over all the range is not uninteresting even if there is no new tool Space Shuttle which we are all waiting eagerly for Speaking of Space: I would have thought that a SpaceX Falcon kit would be interesting. Wonder if there will be some additional surprise releases on the Nurnberg Toy Fair in a few months.
  20. I will not - N.O.T. - figure out how many years it would take at my average build rate when I am actively building. I came to something like a full stop at the moment and so such a calculation is pointless for me anyway. But even with my best build rate from the past years, I suppose I could better calculate not if but how often my stash will outlive me... Btw.: A 3D printer does not really help to make matters better but it helps to shift the stash from the shelfs onto your HD Can be helpfull if SWMBO stars looking with a strange face at the loft insulation...
  21. Great build so far - this will go stright into my reference file for when I (one day...) will start my Malta Spit.
  22. I am also trying to find a way. Still unsuccessful but I will watch this space and let you know if I manage to order there somehow. Their special parts and kit combos are really cool and at least their decal and PE prices include quite some bargains. Edit: This is the shop we talk about: ARMA-MODELS.RU It is only in Russian but Google Translate helps...
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