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  1. 5/1 update. Spent some time on the "Motley"crew of the Gator. Spent some time adding road dust to the Gator. Probably do some "dusting" on the lower outer hull tomorrow: Pulled my next project out of the stash today, felt almost like sacrilege opening the box, even the instruction booklet is still sealed in a polythene envelope
  2. Excellent job on the PE, looking good.
  3. Happy New Year Lloyd to you and yours, thank you, looks better when it's dirtied up a bit. The liquid pigment sets from Lifecolor need a bit of getting used to but deliver nice results. Cheers, Julian
  4. A Happy New Year to you and Lady R. too Simon, thanks, needs a bit of cleaning to pull back the effects here and there. Luckily that is quite easy with these crazy liquid pigments. Wheels and tracks still quite stark but a dusting of, er, dust will cure that. Looking a bit better and not as beaten up as some of the photos of Gators suggest.
  5. 1/1 update. Happy New Year to the fellow builders on this forum, may you have a productive 2018. Washes and some playing around with liquid pigments:
  6. Happy New Year Kev and congratulations on reaching the finish Pension in Holland is a bit like like the carrot dangling from a stick: the pension age is being raised in a true liberal stealth fashion. Enjoy all the free time
  7. That's a lot of builds on the boil Simon, should keep you busy
  8. Thank you Francis, A very happy New Year to you and your family, Cheers Julian
  9. Very nice Cesar, the Big Ed set will keep you busy I am sure. Silly question maybe but is the launch pad included?
  10. 30/12 update. Taking more touch ups than I expected. Need to do some work on the track pads before I start making things dirty again More tomorrow, calling it a day,
  11. It's in a lot of small details Glynn, the rope that ties up the motorbike and has started to unravel, the tea cup on the running board, the tarps etc. I love it, gorgeous work. Julian
  12. I skipped fitting those parts so that I could still open the engine bay cover.
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