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  1. A Real stunner, especially knowing the base kit Seeing the pictures, no one can take the scale and that's the mark of success . Thanks for sharing.
  2. Excellent, thank you all for your inputs, I'll see what my line will be, probably will go for the kit proposed schemes and will see to make a Su-25, for the weapon configurations seems to be more "sexy"
  3. Thanks a lot for the kind words, guys, glad you like her ! First build was in 1999 or 2000 and my skills, especially painting, at the period were less than they are now. I used an Aztek airbrush, Aeromaster acryl paints and so on, not thinning much, etc, so it was time for a refurbishing . Next in the line is a danish F-104, quite different. Best Stef (#6)
  4. Hello, Here is the completed Mosquito NF Mk.II (Tamiya, 1/48), it was first buit as a FBVI of the Normandie-Niemen squadron. Transforming it to night fighter required addition of exhausts shrouds, narrow prop blades, building all the AI Mk.IV radar aerials, and addition of the double position lights at wing tips. From it's long life, it has been losing one nose gun and one of the wing landing lights. Many thanks to Dave Swindell for his help with the radar aerials. Hope you'll like her and as usual, comments and critics most welcome Best Stef (#6)
  5. Thanks for the links, I'm currently digging it.
  6. Hello gentlemen I'm preparing to build 1/48 MiG 29 SMT and I'm looking for info, reference piccies, weapon configuration, web links etc. about the russian SMT dispatched to Syria, circa 2018. My web search wasn't very succesful until now, most of my hits being about MiG 29, not SMT, beeing delivered to Syria air force. If you have any hint, know the gem website about russia air operations, thanks in advance, Best Stef (#6)
  7. Hello, As Dave stated, I'm currently Building a NF.II from the Tamiya kit, though. From what I've read, espec in the SAM Publication modeller datafile about the Mosquito, NF.II secifics are as follow : Twin wingtips lights exhaust shroud covers Narrow width propeller blades AI Mk IV radar aerial, in nose wingtips and starboard mid wing, under and upper side. "Trident" like aerial, nose position, between guns and a Gee whip aerial, just aft of cockpit glazing. Here's a link to the full build album, if it may help : Mosquito NF.II - Tamiya,
  8. Hello guys, With a bit of delay, here are the Mosquito NF.II radar aerials. Made according to the excellent info provided by Dave Swindell, thanks a bunch, Dave Wing aerials are made out brass wire and a traversing hole through the wing. Unfortunately my drill was a bit too big, but I can live with it. The Gee whip aerial is just etched sprue. Still have to work the exhaust stains and a bit of weathering and she would be complete. And to rebuild the missing fourth canon, destroyed in a previous home move .... Thanks again for your help gentleme
  9. Sounds like a nice plan. Was considering etched sprue, but it's dificult to get constant diameter.. I also have some brass wire I used to mate tanks tracks links, which will be strong enough and seemingly of the correct diameter. I'll post some progress piccies tomorrow or the day after. Best. S.
  10. Hello Dave, Thanks a bunch, That helps a lot. I wasn't aware that elevation aerials were Stbd only, nor the Gee whip. That'll be the work of the afternoon Best, Stéphane
  11. Hello all, I'm currently building a NF.II Mossey, from the FBVI boxing (Tamiya, 1/48). The wingtips and mid wings radar aerials are not provided in the kit. I've found very little reference pics or material, I get there are two wingtips located sets, under and over the wing, plus two more, angled, upper wing, just outboard of engine pod. My questions are : Is the inner wing aerial set repeated underside ? And do you know a source for reference pics, like a preserved aircraft or tech manual ? My web searches and the Crowood book were not very succ
  12. Goegeous, I like the weathering approach, even if it's a bit on the heavy side :). End of the great Patriotic War, that would be ! The kit seems to be nice ....
  13. Hello guys, Thank you for the kind words, glad you like her. The reason behind the red brown wheel and gear leg is to add a touch of colour to the rather dull underside of this bird. So let's say that this was a field change and that the red brown hue is protection coating, a bit like minium. As the for the use of Spits in the french air force, Mk.V and IX were used, the Mk.IX even saw action in the Indochina war, alongwith Mosquitoes., while the Navy used Seafire Mk.III and XV. I'm huge Spitfire fan and I'm trying to build one a year , so next in th
  14. Hello, First build complete in 2021. In fact, the very last of 2020. It's the Hasegawa kit, a good ol' boy, with no real difficulty. The plane is from the GC II/18 Saintonge, of the french air force, seen late 1945 in France. AK real colors acryl for the top Dark Green and Ocena grey, Tamiya for the underside Medium Sea Grey. And Carpena decals, from a Tamiya limited run of the Mk.V, for french market only. these were awful, as stiff as cardboard, almost not reacting to DACO strong ! Here are the piccies. As usual, crits and comments welcome.
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