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  1. Hello guys, Some more work on blending the various green shades, we're nearing completion for that step.
  2. Hello again, @Paramedic : their F-100, too, are very spectacular .... The exhaust are is just shouting orange and copper, heated green paint and so on. I'll do one soon enough . More work on the greens ... Pics a re a tad over exposed, shades are normally deeper.
  3. Hello, The DACO set is really a must have, just to avoid filling all this awful rivets on the wings. It will be in the Royal Danish AF markings, with a quite beat up camo. I'm aiming toward that plane, R-851 .... RDAF R-851 F-104G Of course I've been picking up quite a bunch of ref pics and will mix effects. Best, S6
  4. Hello guys, Weird ? Pics are hosted with postimage.org and I never had issues before. Anyway, Plan B is available in the form of the Google hosted album of the build, thtough this link : Clik me ! Hope this one will work. Best Stef (#6)
  5. Hello , Some progress on the zipper, first green sprays are on .
  6. Hello all, Well after completing the Beaufighter, back to the Zipper. DACO wings are in place as well as wingtip gas bags. Speking of them gas bags, do you know who's the dummy who put winglets inverted front to back ? Yep, yours trully. Anyway this is corrected and after working several seam with purtty and mister surfacer, on with a coat of YZC. On with the piccies .... Winglets are inverted front to end And corrected ....
  7. Again, thanks a lot for the kind words, guys As for the scoop, duly noted it is the strike camera and not related to radar cooling . As I said I wasn't able to find a lot of intel about it and one of the numerous interest of this forum is to get educated on the specifics. A day when you learn something new is a good day .... Cheers
  8. Hello, Not sure at all , that's what I read from my research, but as said I wasn't very successful at finding info on that item . So if it's the strike camera then so be it. I've learned something
  9. Hello, Scoop is in fact the shortest type provided as an option in the kit. I somewhat shorten it but it's still sitting too high and also too big. I wasn't able to find much reference, though.
  10. Thanks for the kind words :). Well, sure enough the timble nose isn't very cute, but it adds to this bird "personnality", and I find it even more interesting with the fin filet. I'll definitiely build some more, like target tug or Aussie. Best, Stéphane
  11. Hello Gentlemen, Here's my recently completed Beaufighter Mk.X, from RAF 22 Sq. in Burma, circa 1944. This kit was first build in 1999, as a coastal command TF X, but with the years, skills ameliorations and techniques enahnced and it cried for a restauration! Paints are AK real Colors for the dark earth and dark green, Tamiya for the underside Ocean Grey. Decals from the Extradecals range. The gunner cupola didn't took benefit of paint removal and masking, so the result is a bit down level, and the radar cooler additional scoop on the upper fuselage is standi
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