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  1. Hello, thanks all for the kind words, glad you like little Lavotchka Best, Stef (#6)
  2. Hello, Thanks for the kind words. Yes, these are etched Coton bud shafts. Trouble is that nowadays, these are no longer plastic and can't really be stretched. I have an old stock of it , but it will soon be2 exhausted.
  3. Hello guys, Here's my last completed model, the Zvezda, 1/48 Lavochkin La-5FN, white 22, from 2 GIAP (Aviation regiment of the Guard). The yellow scribing reads "Mongolsky Arat", workers of Mongolia, whose donation funded 12 aircrafts in the squadron. This the first of the Zvezda's "new tooling", and was build out of the box, decals from the Avalon range. Quite easy build but for the soft plastic and the engine cowling is a bit tricky, as there are lots of parts to align. Paints from the Gunze acryl range, various mixes of RLM76 as basis, with black and blue.
  4. Hello, Nice start ! :) Hobby Boss is very much a Eduard look alike, with the good fortune of having the landing gear legs of a proper length, while Eduard is sitting too high. Indeed the HB kit is the best ROI. Best, Stef (#6)
  5. Hello gentlemen, Thanks a lot for the kind words, I'm glad you like the Zipper. For the next projects, well there a Hawker Hunetr F.4, the Aifix 1/48 kit, a Trumpeter F-106 and a Zvezda Lavochkin La-5FN . I'll open WIP threads in due course. Best Stef (#6)
  6. Hello everybody, Thanks for the kind words, glad you like her For the cockpit view, here's a link : Zipper cockpit Going for the next build, either Hunter F4 or F-106 .... Not sure yet, Best, Stef (#6)
  7. Hello, Here's my last complete build, the Hasegawa, 1/48 Lockheed F-104G of the Raoyal Danish AF, from Esk 726. Been using the !daco set for the wings and their ejection seat improvement. Seat harness from the Eduard Look set for the Kinetic zipper. Paints from the gunze acryl range. hope you'll like her. As usual, feel free to comment and critic Best Stef (#6)
  8. Wow, a really nice build ! Painting and weathering spot on for scale effect, this is plain awsome
  9. Excellent work, the painting is ab's fab !
  10. Nice choice of subject and with rarely seen markings. Very nicely done !
  11. Hello guys, I was derailed by a Spitfire and a P-40, but now, work resume on the Hasegawa 1/48 F-104G. It will be Royal Danish AF, the status is some panel lines overpainted with the original camo colour. A coat of gloss and on to the decals. Here are a few piccies :
  12. Wow, awsome job. Your painting and weathering are spot on. Most impressive. Stef (#6)
  13. Thanks a lot, glad you like her I alway liked the Aleutian theater, lots of different aircrafts and weathering possibilities, from clean as whistle to mud box !
  14. Hello, Georgeous and original. Now, I want to have one build in 1:48 scale Best, Stef (#6)
  15. Hello guys, My last build the good 1/48 Curtiss P-40E from Hasegawa. A nice and easy kit, although I had an issue witht the rear cockpit glazing, I used the wrong cement and it leaked and reacted with the paint under it. Painted Gunze acrylics, decals from Aeromaster and the old Otaki kit. The whole photo article of the build can be seen here : phot article Hope you'll like her, Stef (#6)
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