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  1. No worry Benji, you may spell Stefan, as if there was no "e", most of the time, English speaking people do spell like Stephanie, but in French, it's the feminine version of the first name . And I now live 70k south west of Paris, but I used to be a dead parisian, downtown Paris, yes
  2. Hello guys, Thanks lot, glad you like me SHAR @ Sturmovik. In the first post , I'm giving a link to the photo gallery of the build. Main issue is with the fit of the upper wing and fuselage, behind the cockpit, it make a huge step. It also impact the underwing seam to fuselage and you need to add plasticard to balcne fuselage/underwing thickness. Also the fit of the windshield isn't very good, it was made bader by grafting the dashbord of the Neomega resin kit. Instructions are terrible and be sure to double check with documentation, as there are a lot of version mixes with the previously released FA2 version. Decals avre very good though and relly adhere nicely on a glossy surface. Had a few silvering issues with the smallest bits, but my fault, as the surface wasn't glossy enough. @Benji Thanks, mate :). I also have the Hase Harrier, USMC version, desert storm. Be careful with the outwingswheel legs, these are a bit long and the sit is altered, making the rear wheel not touching the ground.
  3. Excellent job and painting, exotic scheme, all the ingredients for a winner build. Now my kit is urging me to build it
  4. Thanks again guys . @Josh G. None of these 2 pilots. Referring to the caption of the colour profile in SAM Modeller datafile (p.60) : "XZ457/14 ex-714V/L with 899NAS of the 800/899NAS", the top scoring SHAR with the HMS Hermes Air Group, May/June 1982. On 21st May 1982, Ltn Clive Morell destroyed A-4Q Skyhawk 0665/3-A-312 of 3 Escuadrilla with AIM-9L and damaged a A-4Q Skyhawk with canon fire, this A-4 being destroyed when attempting an emergency landing. On May, 24, Ltn Cdr Andy Auld destroyed 2 Daggers - C-419 and, probably, C-430 of Gruppo 6 with 2 AIM-9L. Later converted to FA.2 standard in1993. On 20th October 1995, as 714 of 899NAS caught fire while preparing to take off at Yeovilton. Now in the Boscombe Down Aviation Museum." Thnaks Bernd, glad you like her
  5. Thanks a lot for the kind words, guys Nick, thank you for the inputs, for the 4 inside outside I was aware of my mistake, but too late : flat coat on and weathering done. For the intake inside colour, I will trust you if you were there, of course but it's conflicting with some pics I found on the web, prolly because these were taken after Operation Corporate. Well, so much for my for my forecast and fancy white cheat line painted before assembling intakes :). I'll try to re-spray EDSG inside.
  6. Hello, Tip notch andvery cool photos as well. Much impressive.
  7. The Kinetic Harrier is at long last complete. Kit has been fighting all the way, with fiddly assembly and confusing instructions, a good documentation is needed to avoid the version mix. Decals, however are a dream. But in the end it's a Harrier and certainly a gain over the old Airfix kit. Painted with Gunze acrylics, (H333 extra dark sea grey), been adding the Neomega cockpit, initially intended for the old Airfix kit. Complete photo album of the build can be found here : SHAR build photo Hope you'll like her. Best, Stef (#6)
  8. Hello , excellent work and result on the conversion. May I ask what you used for the spine and tail ? Is it the Renaissance set ? Best, Stéphane
  9. Hello guys, Right, the Sea Harrier is in good shape, weathering has begun (well is almost complete, in fact) but I'm facing a delicate choice. I will depict a Sea Harier from 899 Sqn aboard HMS Hermes during operation Corporate. I've been reading in the SAM book that squadron markings were over-painted, especially the winged fist on the the tail as well as the Royal Navy lettering. I would like to reproduce this over paint , Kinetic provides the winged fist in 2 styles, with and without white, but I'm a bit worried by decals thickness and I don't have close pics of the real thing to get a grip of the effect. so , would by any chance any member have this kind of image ? And what would you do ? My effort so far, the plane is EDSG (Gunze acryl) over a black basing, weathering especially for the undersides is Dark sea grey, highly diluted .... Here you are : Looking forward to your inputs, Best, Stéphane
  10. Hello, Nice work with Mirage F1, and an exotic scheme. Best, Stef (#6)
  11. Hello there, At long last after the somewhat painful process of sanding and puttying, here is the first coat of paint on, Extra dark sea grey ! [well, ok, technically it's the second one after the black base coat] Well, sorry for the crapy piccies, I'll do better ones during the week-end and with the completion of the painting. Best, Stef (#6)
  12. Thanks Colin, Extra dark sea grey to go on this afternoon, just after I decide whether I'll get the flaps down or no. I've been patrolling the various pics on the web and couldn't come to a conclusion : are the flaps down when the engine is off?
  13. Thanks Col, Yes the EDSG scheme is very ...... dark and the multi coloured tank will pimp it a bit. Painting coming soon, a change from putty/sanding/putty/sanding .... Stef (#6)
  14. Hello, Very nice model and great story. Too bad for the time change that would certainly have enlighted the parisians' day .
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