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    As far as models are concerned , mainly into 1/72nd scale aircraft across all eras except modern . Side interest is 1/72 nd scale artillery kits .

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  1. Not familiar with early Japanese kits but all the 72nd scale Tamiya kits I have feature incredible scale appropriate details(and significantly better than Hasegawa) - the Zero is par comparison . Only Esci original tool I have is the Harrier which was reboxed by Italeri , good surface detail but fit , not so much. I would rather have no panel line and depict a Museum fresh piece than the lines I find on the Airfix Me262 or the special hobby Gnat.
  2. Airfix , and special hobby , first need to fix their atrociously wide and deep panel lines in 72nd scale before they release more models. In an age where Eduard can deliver near scale accurate rivets in the same scale for the same price as these two brands , their quality leaves a lot to be desired .
  3. Hobbyeasy has a preorder option for a 72nd scale G-6 . Did a cursory google search but couldn't find anything . That said , considering they downsized the Ki-61 , there is a good possibility they will downsize this as well. https://www.hobbyeasy.com/en/data/p0f8kx9m1urinqmo1dyg.html
  4. Basuroy

    Best sellers and best kit from 2018?

    Eduard 1/72nd Mig-21 is a top level kit of an important subject. Wingnut wings StahlTaube is another masterpiece .
  5. Now that KP finally is bringing one out , wait and see Modelsvit and trumpeter bring a couple out as well .
  6. 72nd scale roden biplanes that cost 7-8$ have better detailed engines than this kit . Budget is no excuse for that , this is downright unacceptable at any price point . Also either add full rivet or don't but simply adding rivets right next to the panel lines is a massive mistake because from a distance , the rivet will merge into the panel line and make it appear like a trench . And I dont know if prices have been announced but I doubt it will fit anyone's definition of budget if we take their 72nd scale p-61 kit as reference - that model has the spinner moulded onto the propellers and the cheapest it retails for is upwards 25$ . At that price point , eduard gives us a super fine mig-21 with all the extra goodies .
  7. Thanks Cookenbacher Yep the part count is quite high but around 30-40% of those are not used . They crammed in loads of parts for variants and options . Thanks , I used normal table salt as chipping mask . What I did was first paint the surface in aluminium color ; I then wetted the surface very lightly and sprayed salt on it in a random manner . Sprayed the top coat and then removed the salt to reveal the underneath aluminium paint .
  8. In hindsight , I do feel that sounded harsh . That said , there is another crop duster( I think a zlin ) with a longer snout that I find more rugged in appearance - wish KP would kit that .
  9. I just hope the panel lines are scale appropriate . The one's on the 72nd scale Iskra are unacceptably wide (based on photos , those pzl.11 are no better ) and as bad as some Airfix kits . This cannot pass anymore in 2018 when limited run manufacturers like Sword and modelsvit can deliver crisp panel lines nevermind the likes of Tamiya .
  10. Eduard normally kits airplane that are either important/famous or aesthetically pleasing and they justify it by investing a great deal of energy to produce a high quality model . This particular type is obscure and an abomination to look at and will struggle to sell weekend edition boxes nevermind those dual edition profipacks . Doubt they would expend their energy on this . As far as I know , they intend to follow the mig-21 with a fokker d.vii and then a typhoon/tempest in future (2020 ). They really struggle to churn out more than one 72nd scale kit per year , even the -pf/pfm of the mig-21 is slated for 2019 . Why waste precious time and resources on a crop duster .
  11. Thanks ... the colours were mixed using different shades that I regrettably cannot recall right now as the model was painted back in jan but the final assembly finished only a month back . That said , I can recall using gunze red-brown as the base for the brown which I then lightened by using deck tan . Cheers
  12. Hello folks , this is the eduard profipack kit of the Mk.IX finished as an Israeli machine . Regards , Basu Roy
  13. That sucks ! And yes , none of our kits have any weapon . They decided it would me more fun to make us purchase them as a separate set. I would suggest you opt for a weapon set from hasegawa instead as they are significantly cheaper.
  14. Thanks :) ; the paintjob is entirely free hand airbrushing . A trick I used is after laying down the base (Sand yellow ) paint , I matte coated it before doing the mottles - this helped prevent the thin paint from spidering on the surface . Of course there is always some overspray and a round of tidying up is required .
  15. Basuroy

    1/72 - MiG-21 Fishbed by Eduard

    Eduard intentionally oversimplifies certain plastic parts to sell their aftermarket materials - cockpits ,tyres and armaments are common suspect . The mig-21 has not even hit the stall and eduard has already started advertising aftermarket tyres whose major selling point over the styrene variant is that they have the brand engraved on the tyre . Except that eduard can just as easily do this in styrene as well - their 72nd scale avia b.534 is a good example ( the tyres in said kit have the goodyear logo engraved ). I don't believe the high end styrene molding presses suffer from any limitations , one only needs to check out the 72nd scale tamiya Mitsubishi zero kit - some of the parts are finer than what eduard can manage only with resin . AMK recently supplied their 72nd scale kfir kit with exemplary slide moulded missiles and bombs that are in one piece with really thin fins , something that previously was only possible with resin and PE fins .