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    As far as models are concerned , mainly into 1/72nd scale aircraft across all eras except modern . Side interest is 1/72 nd scale artillery kits .

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  1. New tool or Mach-2 kit rebox ? Mikromir also announced this as their next project recently .
  2. Went ahead with it . This deal is too good to be true - we get two full kits , one of them with PE and all , for less than 15 euro . Also ordered 3 hataka paint bottles while I was at it . I recently got one of those paints for testing purpose - the 10ml blue line Tan colour. It is advertised as suitable for brush but I found it sprayed beautifully thinned with IPA as well. Got 3 more of those tiny blue lines .
  3. Excellent model Sergiy ! Can you tell me which riveter did you use and how much time did it take to cover the entire model ? I am asking coz I wish to purchase one myself .
  4. That Arma model site is for Russian market only ? couldnt find the english version of it . The price and pre order bonus is quite attractive.
  5. Yes correct , the tempest . The one they tooled themselves with full rivet details and all. Confused the types oops.
  6. Last year , during the mig-21 and the fokker biplane announcement , they said their next 72nd scale kit will be the typhoon . Likely downscaled from the 48th. I would hazard a guess that a 109 and p-51 will eventually follow as well but the typhoon is likely first and that makes sense too - tamiya , their closest competitor , does't offers that type. Earlier this year , they also mentioned the intend to rebox a crop duster originally tooled by KP . 72nd scale of course.
  7. No update whatsoever and I have been keeping my eyes open since it is a must buy for me , It was slated for release by 3rd quarter and 4th quarter but we don't even have sprue shots at this point. If things had progressed as originally committed , we would have received the PF by now as well as some CAD/sneak-peak into their next 72nd scale kit as well - the Hawker typhoon .
  8. Wasn't the PF/PFM supposed to be released by now ? But we haven't even seen the sprue shots yet so I suspect it is a quarter to six months away
  9. The 72nd scale offering from Trumpeter is pretty good and recent . Not sure if Eduard can significantly improve upon it . I recall that after the Mig-21 family is finished , their next 72nd scale kit is the Typhoon/tempest .
  10. I import all my kits since I stay in India and Airfix is amongst the costliest brand in my opinion(and this transition has happened in last 3 years ) , especially when the mediocre nature(I am strictly 72nd scale and their panel lines are hideous ) of their kits are also considered. Tamiya kits are significantly cheaper for me when imported from Japan , even boutique brands like IBG and Arma charge way less while delivering significantly better kits . Eduard , Zvezda , Tamiya , Hasegawa , Special hobby , hobbyboss , trumpeter - every single brand is cheaper for an overseas customer like me who does all his shopping from Japan , Hong Kong and Poland/Ukraine. The mig-17 is not even out and yet I will bet that it will be nowhere near the refinement of the Eduard mig-15 while certainly be costing same as their profipack kit (15$ from most Central and eastern European sellers ).
  11. Yup that is a good idea and I will infact do that. When I am doing it , might as well go the full length .
  12. Budget restriction folks , the engine set costs almost same as the model itself and the A-5 kits have such nice decals that it is what I want(otherwise would have just got the a-8 as well) .... I have like 4 different e-modelshop tabs open on my browser , the less I buy , the better
  13. Thanks a lot gents , will order the a-5 with eyes closed now Intend to make a hangar diorama with the airplane undergoing service and all. Got myself a very good 72nd scale airfield crew set by Zvezda as well.
  14. I am bit confused , was the A-8 engine module 15cm longer than the A-5 or both are same length ? the brassin engine set I have comes with the entire firewall and everything so if the forward fuselage length is different between a5 and a8 , I doubt it will fit . Thanks a lot to everyone here for the awesome help so far btw , this forum is a gem !
  15. Hey guys , basically my problem is this - I have a 1/72nd scale BMW engine brassin set for a FW190 A-8 kit from eduard. But I want to build an A-5 . My question is are there any day and night cosmetic difference between the engine used in these two models ? I understand there are some minor ones but are the fuselage of both the a-5 and a-8 identical ? Are there any differences regarding the placement of the engine within the airframe which might cause assembly issue ? Also , can an engine meant for an A-8 be passed off in a F-8 as well ? I really don't wanna build another a-8 . A-5 is my preference followed by F-8.
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