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    As far as models are concerned , mainly into 1/72nd scale aircraft across all eras except modern . Side interest is 1/72 nd scale artillery kits .

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  1. Resin and injection are not the same and never priced in same bandwidth . Resin manufacturers like SBS model or chorozy modelbud are all very very pricey kits in 72nd scale ; even in armor , 72nd resin kits cost same or higher than 35th. I was just going through the brassica 72nd resin catalogue and the Tatra trucks are between 40-60 euro . Even Arma hobby when they made resin kits were priced very very high ; their injection kits are amongst the cheapest and most modern in market today. They transitioned from resin to styrene only 3 years back. Kora's own injection molded kits cost 20-25 euro for single engine ww2 era airplanes. BAT produces kits in styrene and therefore ought to be compared with other small companies like FLY model or valom offering similar kits . I got the caprioni kit barely two years for 20 quids back but if you really insist on cherry picking on that aspect , both the Sm,55 and the valom Albatross are less than 2 years old. If Valom can tool an Albatross and then offer it for the same rate as an Airfix b-17 which will likely outsell it 10 to 1 , then that becomes the industry standard.
  2. I think you hits the bullseye with lublin r XIII . I certainly recall either Arma or IBG saying they will tool this type about an year back . Now I cannot recall which one of them said(I suspect IBG but not sure) that but I hope one of them delivers it - it is an attractive airplane.
  3. FINALLYYYYYYYYYYY I always expected trumpeter or modelsvit to fill this gaping hole but clearpop model is evidently on a mission plugging gaps . Will be pricey no doubt but will make an exception for this one . This model is a dream weathering project. Won't surprise me if they deliver a Mig-23 next , we have no quality model of that type either except that hideously difficult RV kit .
  4. Half my stack is niche models as I have a natural affinity for anything exotic . So I am familiar with the special rates a niche obscure model will command like say the recent Dora wings 72nd scale Sm.55 for 45$ . Another gem in my collection is the now out of product Fly 1/72nd scale caprioni 101 that I got for a mere 20 . Even today , it goes for 30 on ebay . The valom Dh.91 Albatross is a 40$ kit , 4 engined and exotic airliner and still priced within range of other 4 engined 72nd scale kits. So when I see this company BAT project trying to sell a 72nd scale heinkel biplane for 40$ ( a mere 5 less than the SM.55 ) or a 72nd scale Nieuport 21 for 25$ when the same model from eduard goes for 10$ and from roden for 7$ , yes I would comment that they are out of touch with reality . Neither the heinkel 114 nor the nieuport 21 are niche model or even exotic in the same sense an SM.55 or Boeing stratoliner is . If that is what they demand for these two , one can only wonder what they expect for a twin engined exotic boeing. It can be either 30-40$ which is the max I would part with or it can be 80 !!! That only time will tell but considering they have lined up 4 or 5 releases together , maybe they intend to go mass which bodes well for price relatively speaking .
  5. I have backed up my initial point comparing their pricing(of the two kits that are available from them) with other niche brands tooling equally obscure subjects so no , I don't believe I need to tone down anything and fully stand by the remark that they are atrociously costly and completely out of touch with market . Criticism is a cornerstone of free market. Many manufacturers have in past interacted or observed threads here. I hope BAT does the same too . By pointing out their rates and comparing them with other manufacturers , I don't believe I trespassed any lines of forum decency to warrant a "tone down" remark from you . I have more kits from short run manufacturers in my stack than established ones , I know they charge more but I think this company , with its existing products(which at this point is the only yardstick to guess pricing of any future release) , is operating in an imagined market . I hope they read this too .
  6. The p-51b/c is an open goal - we just need a top producer to tap the ball in . It is prolly the most wished model here on rumourmonger . Fingers crossed.
  7. The dora wing kit I have but then it is gem par comparison - there is no substitute for such a gorgeous airplane . But Heinkel 114 ? it is just another average biplane , there are tens of other floatplanes which look similar and costs a quarter of it . How could BAT ever think they will sell it for 40euro I will never know. The ICM Heinkel 51 floatplane biplane is 6$ . Go figure . But you make a good point here regarding Ukranian manufacturers . Add Clearprop model to the list - all their 72nd scale kits of single engine japanese fighters so far cost upwards 30USD. But they at least distinguish their models with full rivet details and PE sets for a very detailed cockpit . Still the price was too high for me to commit to one . I would have if they cost 20$ ( a 72nd Zero by tamiya purchased from Japan costs me 12$). ps: As per my market research , Dora kits are cheapest at Jadarhobby. The SM55 cost me 45USD I believe while the lowest rate I could find from others was 55USD and then upwards . I am VAT exempt(28% so that is a MASSIVE saving ) since I order from India pps: The soon to be released Dora 72nd scale Lysander will cost 23$ as confirmed by Dora themselves . Dora is smart - they charge a rate higher than others but not so high that it becomes a deal breaker. Typically , a kit like Lysander will go for 15-20USD if it was Special hobby or IBG or Arma Hobby releasing it .
  8. To me , the Caprioni 101 by Fly or the Fokker T.V by valom are just as rare and esoteric which will likely sell very limited figures - both models retail for sub 30 euro . I personally got the Caprioni for 20 from Jadarhobby(that is the official FLY price ) before rarity increased the price a bit on ebay. The Bat Project Heinkel 114 costs atleast 40 euro if not more. That is their own prescribed price . It is a single engine biplane and yet commands a price higher than a Hasegawa B-24 . Let me quote the price of some single engine biplane prices from other short run manufacturer - Roden kits go for 6-10$ max , The special hobby kits of absurd biplanes of comparable rarirty go for 15-25 Euro - heck even the twin engine Heinkel 59.B from them if for 40 euro . The BAT project 72nd scale Nieuport biplane is 25$ minimum ; the roden nieuport is 7$. The Eduard Nieuport is 8-13$ depending on weekend or profipack edition. Roden 32nd scale biplane kits cost 25$. 48th cost 12-15$. So yes , I do feel BAT project demands a price that no one else does except maybe Chorozy Modelbud who make resin kits of even more unique subjects and to order. Of course everyone is at liberty to decide whether to go for it or not and maybe even BAT will surprise us with competitive rate( they have announced 4 kits in one go while they released just 3 in the past 4 or 5 years so maybe they are scaling up) but end of the day , it is in everyone's best interest including the manufacturer that prices remain within ballpark . As a customer , it is my role in the market to demand the best rate possible and the only tool I have on my disposal is my wallet. I have virtually the entire range from Roden and Eduard in 72nd scale , but not a single BAT kit even though I would like them just as much in my collection.
  9. Yes their kits are styrene but they charge 50 euro for a 72nd scale kit single engine biplane kit so go figure how much they will charge for this ... An atrociously costly brand that is either out of touch with the going market rate or doesn't gives a damn.
  10. Have no idea ; and it is an excellent model already - it is their first 72nd scale kit that came with locator pins and adheres to long run molding standards . I have the kit and just checked it and it is difficult to understand why they would retool it . Maybe they mean a rebox and the 100% new tool thing refers to the existing tool only though the question begs why an existing tool will be listed along with new releases
  11. No surprise , never pre ordered a kit myself but when someone offers two full kits for the price of one( and at less than 15 euro , it is already very competitive ) , it is difficult to say no. The way Arma hobby is going , they are emerging as one of the top 3 Eastern European brands alongside Eduard at first position and then ICM . There is marked improvement with every passing kit and they have come a long way since their Iskra kit both in terms of reducing the cost of kits and improving molding quality(especially panel line depth and width - their hurricane kit is better molded than any special hobby kit I have seen and special hobby has been around 2 decades longer ).
  12. It will take a revolution to better tamiya in 32nd scale . Merely repeating the existing formula won't do it because they cannot be bettered under existing rules except being beaten on price (revell mustang for example ) . We are talking about things like raised rivets (as is the case in real aircraft ) and such - Wingnut wings , though catering to a different genre , is an example of that trying molding techniques that are often an industry first. Even in my primary scale , 72nd , I am yet to see a company that delivers absolutely quality like tamiya does. The closest brand to it in this scale is Eduard . Where tamiya can be beaten is subject selection - they don't offer many types and tend to limit themselves to the more famous airplanes in 32nd and 72nd . The 48th range is wider - this is also where some of their models have been bested - bf-109 g or Mustang for example , the Eduard kits are better detailed . But 32nd , they are untouchable .
  13. The only thing they are hoping to beat Tamiya at must be the pricing . Otherwise the question begs - why !
  14. In my case , the trumpeter tool was so tight that the wheel wouldn't even rotate. So I thinned the plastic inside to the point it is rotating freely but I simply cannot keep a straight line with it even after using guide tape . The SBS one is going straight atleast. I like your directions btw - etch the plastic lightly and then deepen them with a pin . The tools are so expensive (And almost always out of stock) that no point ruining it .
  15. Thanks folks for the responses ... the current tool that I have is just too fine to give any result but I tried something else - I picked up a pre painted model and then riveted it and then washed it with black water color and found the result quite nice. Intend to try it on a full fledged build and hopefully it goes all well.
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