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    As far as models are concerned , mainly into 1/72nd scale aircraft across all eras except modern . Side interest is 1/72 nd scale artillery kits .

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  1. The assembly breakdown looks eerily similar to the italeri antique . Even surface detail looks same on . There are some additional parts apparent like an instrument panel but it appears they simply retooled the italeri/supermodel kit without enforcing any major changes.
  2. Chakra markings have always flummoxed us as well but the accepted understanding is the base is pale yellow .Not the bright yellow as seen on say a tigermoth trainer but quite pale. The chakra itself on that airplane is Navy blue in colour. It is understood that certain airplanes also sported a green/saffron chakra as well and it is reproduced on the brightspark decal sheet ( that was developed in conjunction with men who are best placed to comment on this subject ). Pictures are scarce so often one is left to their own whims .
  3. You gotta be kidding me !!! That is par comparison !
  4. I am selling two ghost if anyone is interested. Shipping free as the fella can just float to your coordinates. ghosts are invisible but respond to their name. Regular ghost - 99$ His name is Cartwright. Premium edition ( can turn valom kits into tamiya like finish ) - 145$ His name is Goober. I also have a somewhat evil but dumb spook who is quite good at dioramas - especially real estate and building walls. His name is Donald. But he responds to the phrase -"makefroggreatagain". ps: Donald has a strange weakness for Zvezda kits .
  5. Is that an optical illusion or does the wing spreads out like a dog's ear ? It looks like someone swapped the left and right wing and also flipped them while assembling the kit.
  6. That kit is an abomination ; I have the Italeri boxing .
  7. Thanks a lot , you just saved me some good money ; that is quite misleading of them to advertise it like that on the box as it would have cost me 30$ after postage for a single 72nd scale kit while the revell variant , only slightly inferior as per reviews , will cost me 15 .
  8. I am sure the legendary Sabre slayer can handle flankers .
  9. Hello , if you own , or have seen , one of those dragon armour 2 in 1 or 3 in 1 kits , can you please confirm if that means there are two or three full kits inside those boxes or it means only a single kit can be assembled but as one of two or three different type of armament/configuration . The description on dragonusa webpage suggests the later but the pricing of these kits suggest they should have two full kits. I have my eyes on this kit and it says 2 in 1 but it costs over 20$ for a 72nd scale kit and I will only pay that if it has two full kits inside - https://www.hobbyeasy.com/en/data/plt56uos7cxaqtfkg8cr.html
  10. What are the major aesthetic differences between an SM and MKI ?
  11. Precisely what advantage does it has over the tamiya kit which imo is one of the greatest 72nd scale kit ever made ?
  12. I have built the kit and yes , they supply two vac canopy , both around 0.5-1mm wider than the fuselage on either side - this is an error that is simply unfixable . No matter what you do to mate the canopy frame with the fuselage , it will show . Rest of the kit also pose significant build issues - especially the outside struts that are around 2mm too short requiring boots to jack the wing up to correct height. I put in lot of work in my model and still hate how it looks. Have built two valom kits and they are the two worst models I have ever assembled in my life. AVOID LIKE PLAGUE .
  13. This 72nd scale Vignette depicts a Mk.V Stuart tank of Indian Army en route to Zojila Pass during Operation Bison . During the '48 war , Pakistani Invaders captured the heights overlooking the pass and entrenched themselves with heavy machine guns. To uproot them , Indian Army did what was never done before and fielded the Stuart light tanks , which had to be disassembled and transferred to the hostile region after cutting a suitable path through sheer rocks , at an altitude of over 10,000 ft. which at that time was the highest altitude at which tanks had been used . The kit is by Mirage hobby , vignette made with plaster for rocks and mainly sponge for foliage with some moss thrown in. Tanks were repossessed American or British machines from the war and often had hastily hand painted markings. This would be the second ever diorama I have made and I am already enjoying venturing into this side of the hobby Regards and thank you for watching
  14. Still not as hideous as Short seamew. I don't believe the Seamew can be topped ...
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