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  1. The instrument panel looks very good, nice job
  2. Thanks Blogs on. I'll have to correct that indeed. Here's what I did this week-end: First, I painted in black the tip of the nose: Then I applied the wash, using AK's dark brown enamel wash. I usually add the decals first on WWII aircraft as they are quite large and can be weathered, but here, the only insignias are quite small so there is no real need for that. I often have some troubles placing the wash inside of the rivet lines, but this time I'm quite glad with the results That's it for today. However, tomorrow is a bank holiday where I live, and since the weather looks like a meeting between the Scottish sky and the Greenland's temperatures, I'll probably end up working on my models Good evening! Daniel
  3. Very interesting project, it starts very well, the MiG already looks great!
  4. It won't be a small one! How tall is a 48th scale Valkyrie?
  5. Now that it is taking shape, I can see the point with this huge aircraft: it looks both frightening yet elegant, monstrous yet beautiful, a bit like my ex girlfriend in fact, I like it Very good job so far, looking great!
  6. Thanks! Now that you say it, I see, the left one points to a strange angle, they are glued but I can maybe do something about it I'll see.
  7. Thank you Chris, Indeed, I forgot to mention, they were all from Alcald, and I used the names they have given them. I sometimes used those paints without the gloss black base and the result is very less convincing, I can search for some pictures of my older builds, but the gloss base really adds a lot to the final shine of it.
  8. Good afternoon gentlemen, Here is the next update. I painted the aircraft's underneath in its grayish-white color, for which I used about 8 parts white to 2 parts light grey (Tamiya's XF-20 I think it was) And I also made some adjustments on the camouflage, the brown was too faded so I colored it a bit more: And then come the metallic parts First, Alclad's gloss black base, which will add to the surface's smoothness and also deepen the metallic shine: Followed by a first coat of Alclad Aluminum: Some other metallic colors added on some panels: Then, on the "hot parts", some pale burnt metal and hot metal sepia: Followed by some burnt Iron: Masks away And that's it for this week. Hope you enjoyed. Have a nice day! Daniel
  9. Thank you a lot for your comments mates! I added some colors to this paint job! First, the brown: Followed by the free, to complete this Asia Minor scheme. There are still some improvements I can do on them, then I'll paint the underside and finally, I'll be able to try out my new polishing tools for the metallic parts And lastly, a small picture of the painting bench to give you an idea of how my magical basement looks like! Yes, I AM messy, I know it Have a nice day fellows! Daniel
  10. The scheme choice is the hardest part of building an Eduard's MiG-21 but a Polish version is an interesting choice indeed! Very nice job so far, your cockpit looks really great!
  11. Interesting topic and nice work so far And thanks for the kit review, that's very kind !
  12. Very impressive masking job, it looks really nice and clean, the kind of thing I can never do properly ! Congrats, that's a very nice Fury you are doing here!
  13. Very nice work on this Hunter, the metallic parts look really great, congrats!
  14. Nice job, the cockpit looks pretty good, looking forward to see the paint job
  15. Hello Gentlemen, The work continues First, I did a bit of sanding work on the nose, it didn't fit perfectly because of the weight I added inside of it: Then I did the pre shading, wasn't very straight; I tried archery last week and it didn't work out very well, got a lot of aches in my right hand For those interested, these are the most accurate pure paints for the Iranian Asia Minor scheme: (the gunze is H 309) And the first coat of paint Looking at the pictures again I thought it is maybe a bit over-weathered ? I'll see, maybe I'll add some more XF-60 to make it look cleaner. Have a nice day! Daniel
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