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  1. This is one of those cases where the subject at hand doesn't float my boat. However your incredible workmanship makes me come back for more every time. Great work Olivier, very inspirational!
  2. TGA

    Avions Voisin Record 1927 1/8

    Very nice Dan. That rear axle and all the bits and bobs are making me drool a little. I'm a fan!!
  3. Well Mr. C wasn't kidding when he said you are an amazing modeller. Your work is absolutely fantastic Jo, an absolute pleasure to watch!
  4. TGA

    Best starter 1/8 model kit

    Oh please do. You' ve gotten me all excited now haha.
  5. TGA

    Best starter 1/8 model kit

    That Testarossa seems to come floating past every now and again. What's wrong with that kit? I have seen many a half built Testarossa or ones for parts.
  6. TGA

    Best starter 1/8 model kit

    I highly respect all of your opinions and I shall definitely keep them in mind if I make my decision. I'll probably work on some more models before and go for something decent after summer. Something is definitely pulling me towards the Pocher kits which, for the considerable time it will take me to assemble one, I would say are great value for money. I am madly in love with Bugatti at the moment but that Alfa 8C Monza is so very tempting too..... Maybe I'll get myself that damned Wespe T35 and completely redo it, but what's the use in that? Too many choices!!!!
  7. Looks spot on. With the right colour the better contours are going to pop!
  8. The paper models are stunning pressman, love them! Are you mainly into formula/race cars?
  9. Nice job! You'll get the wheels sorted I'm sure! That balsa body would also make a really good base for a metal plated version. Might be worth trying your hand at something like that at some point?
  10. I reached out to the Bugatti Trust today in an effort to aquire some technical drawings for the Type 59. Fingers crossed!
  11. Nice work man! Looks like a nice bit of scratch building on the suspension!
  12. TGA

    Grip 1/8 Porsche Build

    Progressing nicely Chris!
  13. Feel free to call me Tom mate! I had a nice read though the build log and I actually think your construction method for the rear differential will work very well for mine! Just a quick question, do you use any templates for the parts you make or do you just draw them straight on the metal? What is you preferred method? Ye olde eyeball? Read something about a small heart related scare, hope you are doing well again now my friend!
  14. H, your work is truly inspiring mate. I love the quality of your work, absolutely outstanding. I'm looking at this and wondering how on earth you made some of these things, mind has been boggled.