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  1. Best Stuka in 1/72 scale I have ever seen. What a beauty
  2. Totally agree with Graeme, the large close ups shows the quality of the build, super job
  3. Posted on it's own thread before but lost to photo*****t Tamiya 1/48th Lancaster x3 by peter, on Flickr DSCF0003 by peter, on Flickr DSCF0036 by peter, on Flickr
  4. Hi Jim. Got to see the real thing at the bovington tank museum's "Talkfest" day. It would seem that if indeed this had made it into the war, not to sure how successful it would have been. It was so heavy down to its armour it was very slow and unreliable. They only just got this one running to do one lap of the ring before yes you guessed it, it broke down. Great job on your build. DSCF0189 by peter, on Flickr DSCF0188 by peter, on Flickr
  5. Have this Oxford and know how small it is. You sir have done an outstanding job of the repaint of such a tiny model. All I can say is you must have extremely good eyesight , or a very large magnifying glass
  6. As all have said, this just looks so right, a lovely job
  7. Wow I too thought this was the 'bigger scale Tiffy as the level of detail is incredible. Well done sir. As an aside can this model still be displayed with all covers in place? or is it the case only open or closed. Again she's a beauty
  8. On another forum a member found this site for hosting photo's which is free and unlike others it provides links specifically for forums. Post Image. https://postimage.io/ very simple and maybe too good to be true? I did not know what .io as a country was and it's thisBritish Indian Ocean Territory.io. Popular with startup companies; little of anything related to the territory itself. The Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) .io is assigned to the British Indian Ocean Territory. The .io domain is administered by the Internet Computer Bureau, a domain name registry company based in the United Kingdom.
  9. Not on the e-mail but maybe the logo that replaces what was the posted picture. TBH I don't know but whatever, it's a mess
  10. Is there a chance that PB has been 'hacked' that's a lot of money for a upgrade and it's been pointed out to me there's spelling mistakes in the flash logo
  11. What! Wait! this is a 1/72 scale build??????? utterly fantastic work Im off now to or take up knitting No really a top job well done
  12. In the past with this problem I used a new scalpel blade and ran it very lightly over the decal so all its doing is cutting just the decal, then used setting solution agin, it runs through the cuts and into the areas not setting fixing the problem.
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