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  1. Erm, Sea Eagle started production in 1982, but while there had been test firings, it did not enter service until 1985 (initially on Buccaneer).
  2. I'll take the 'slightly mad maiden aunt who regularly gets pished on Bushmills' slot.
  3. The velveteen cover remained attached. You scrunched it down to cover the gap between the visors and the helmet to give you some degree of protection from 'MDC Splatter' should you have to eject. Later (mid/late 1980s) a plastic bar was added to fill the gap WRT flying gloves, the cape leather type were white (the green ones used in RAFG were gradually removed from service because the Groundcrew had difficulty seeing the pilot's hand signals), however the Immersion Gloves remained dark green. The photo of the GR3 pilot is post Falklands because that's a later helmet. In 1982 the issue helmet was the Mk3B as in Dave's photo's.
  4. That would be a piece of wee wee to scratch up PC. Especially if you based it on the Trumpeter sides. A bit of 10 thou plastikard and some microstrip and Robert's yer Ma's brother!
  5. X-Ray Spex? Some people think little girls should be seen and not heard But I say... Oh Bondage! Up yours! Good ol' Poly-Styrene
  6. It does seem strange. I've a Lancaster MkII to build with no warpage, yet the Whitley has a few (admittedly minor) problems. I too spent a lot of time on dry runs before applying any solvent! It's just little niggles really (for eg the vertical fins don't fit as snugly as they should) and rather disappointing given that what I wanted (part way through my Albert saga and all the corrections / modifications that needs) was a relaxing OOB build. However what really annoys me is stuff like the lower rear fuselage joint. That justshould not happen on a new tool kit, especially one that costs the best part of £25. Fortunately 'souping' has cured the problem but I now need to rescribe some panel lines.
  7. I know General Melchett also had an issue with the fuselage joint so it maybe we both have 'Friday afternoon' kits.
  8. Oi! No throwing missiles around in my thread, that's my job! So, the Airfix sub-assembly construction madness continues... Airfix would have you build up the rear fuselage section as a unit and then mate it to the centre section wing sub-assembly. Yeah, that will work not! Doing it that way will inevitibly lead to a prounounced step at the joint. I therefore elected to attach the rear fuselage sans roof such that I could support the joint between the 2 sections. I did this with a piece of scrap sprue whilst the joint set, which was then later removed. Once that was set, then I added the roof: My roof part was a tad warped and fit had to be 'assisited'. You'll notice that the forward starboard joint looks poor - it's not yet stuck down since I am working from rear to front and need to work out a way of supporting the joint as it sets.
  9. They must have had explosive bolts in the early days then. The tank on our T5 was held on by a pair of hooks and a pair of threaded fasteners.
  10. Firestreak had a faceted pointed glass seeker head. Red Top had a domed seeker. The covers for both were red plastic.
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