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  1. Apparently, can only hotlink large images with a Premium Account that comes with a monthly fee - so that is the end of that!
  2. Trying again - Failed again!
  3. As Post Image have decided to stick their adverts into images, I am experimenting with an alternative host - First attempt - barque East African. http://img146.imagevenue.com/aAfkjfp01fo1i-7610/loc596/62785_EastAfricanMedium_122_596lo.JPG
  4. I have just finished reading: Pocket Island by Charles Clark Munn (1848 - 1917) This is a free download from Librivox, and I listen to these talking books whilst model building. This one starts in the 1840s with a story of smuggl;ing off the coast of Maine, continued through the American Civil War, and ending again on Pocket Island. A grand tale of adventure. This is the final paragraph, which is very true, and sums up my own feelings at the age of 75: Life at best is but an enigma, and like children pursuing a Will-o-the-Wisp, so do we all pursue the illusive beacon light of a brighter and happier to-morrow-always hoping, never attaining, though striving ever until, wearied of the vain pursuit, at last we fall by the wayside and are forgotten. For anyone wishing to download this free talking book - here is the Librivox link: https://librivox.org/pocket-island-by-charles-clark-munn/ I put it in my Android tablet and listede to it from there. It runs for five hours, twenty minutes - Highly recommended! Bob
  5. Stuart, Several of them give the methods, but it is against the rules to advertise! Bob
  6. From block of wood to completed model - 32 feet to 1 inch - 1:384 - Bob https://youtu.be/LEuoD6klIY4
  7. Yes, I drew it on a large piece of white card using rulers, French Curves etc. Then photographed it and coloured it in using the computer. Bob
  8. Yes, I drew it on a large piece of white card using rulers, French Curves etc. Then photographed it and coloured it in using the computer. Bob
  9. Palermo - 1938 - Elleman Wilson Line general cargo -
  10. Thanks, It has always surprised me that they are not very popular amongst model shipbuilders. The main reasons given are because the rigging is too difficult and they don't carry guns beng merchant ships). Neither argument is remotely valid as the rigging is the easiest part as it is just wire glued on in short lengths with no knots anywhere. The fact that it doesn't have guns (the ports are just decoration, painted on) surely makes things simpler, as you don't have to make what is not there! As for the hulls, a sailing ship is infinitely simpler than a steam ship or warship because it has fewer deck with not many rails, ladders, lifeboats, deck machinery etc. If it is the missing war aspect that bothers you, that is also invalid, because when wars occur, merchant ships are invariably dragged in as well, whether they like it or not! Example, Jervis Bay (Below) Now, that was a complicated model, and her name has gone down in history for her heroic deed in WWII! of drawing a German battleship away from a convoy, resulting in her loss, but allowing the convoy to escape. Bob
  11. Thanks Steve., So sorry to hear of your loss. I knew I could repair the Gulf Stream, it was just the thoughts of doing all the work again so soon that wore me down, and I didn't even make a start for many weeks, but when I did, I soon put it to rights. Bob
  12. I am not in a rut at all The problem is that there is no safe and suitable way of transporting them now, as I am not prepared to go through that lot again. I have built so many, we haven't room to keep them all, so they must be sold. This makes collectors think that I am a business, where I am not - it is just a hobby, and they are continually asking what the next one will be, can they reserve it etc. I have even had unsolicted "deposit" cheques sent to me that annoy me no end! or offers to "pay in full" before I even begin. I may increase the writing, that is already surprisngley successful, because everyone then has access to the end result, and I don't get any pressure. Bob
  13. Thanks, it is only minor things that are wrong with it, such as bits of glue that I couldn't remove fully from various spars and sails, but not really noticeable. But it is a great weight off my mind to have it back in one piece again, as for the past few weeks, I found it very depressing to look at the remains, and feel that I had to do it all again. Then finally, I started, and worked very hard in order to sort it all out and put the whole affair behind me. But it is no longer for sale, after all this, we don't really want to part with it, so it will join our permanent collection. Bob
  14. I have now laboriously restored the Gulf Stream. Not quite as good as it was, but acceptable, and must confess that I am now quite fed up with the whole show of model shipbuilding! Bob
  15. Thanks - It is a lot more difficult to build a passenger ship than a sailing ship because of all the doors, windows, portholes, lifeboats, rails, deck machinery, etc. A major part of the problem though, is over when you decide to start building one. Most ship modellers just decide they could never do it, so never try. This is one of my best, it took just over 100 hours to build, and that included the display case and carrying case. Not as good as one may produce from a kit maybe, but all my own work - the whole lot! RMS Carmania. For those who think merchant ships are boring, Carmania sank a German cruiser during World War I! Bob
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