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  2. Nice collection, Matt. More than I've managed this year!
  3. That's a right tidy build, mate. The lights along the spine are splendid. The effort in drilling out the tailwheel strut is also commendable.
  4. It's a Google thing. This happened in another thread too. If you right click on the grey box it asks you to sign in.
  5. A mock up of a design that did not go in to production .I Don' t recognise the shape though.
  6. Always that excellent touch. Superb craftsmanship. Cheers.
  7. Such flavor and charm! Great models, all of them. Cheers
  8. Yep. Obscureco makes (made?) a resin cockpit set some might find de rigueur. This model seems to look oll korrect without it. Lovely bird as usual, Opus.
  9. Excellent, sir! I can smell the oil and grease from here! And that infernal noise! Great job, Gorby. Cheers
  10. Very nice model in an attractive livery. Vintage prop airlines have such a glamorous aura of nostalgia. Well done! Cheers
  11. Sure thing Rob, it’s just a kit! Thank you, I’ll let you know when I’m ready.
  12. Done, there are some weird ones in there. It also auto corrects smorgasbord to its correct spelling
  13. Wow, what a terrific build. Very impressive in every sense. Camo, weathering etc.
  14. Today
  15. Loosely based on a few Hellcat pictures I printed out and taped to my wall for guidance. Yes, one of them was from Bunker Hill. Navi lights are all paint with thick coating of clear on top.
  16. G'day Bruce, I would have to agree with you, so far the kit seems to be vice free. To be honest, the filler pipe is buried in a dark corner under the overhang of the fuselage side and unless you know what to look for it's not that visible unless you go looking for it and could easily omitted. G'day people, Well a big day of painting. I have painted up the cockpit/wheel well/air duct assembly. This has to be done before the whole assembly is sandwiched between the fuselage sides. Airfix provide sidewall details on separate side panels which does make for an easy painting exercise, however I attached these to the fuselage first. The details look neat and subtle but have enough relief to make painting them a joy. The left side pedestal with the rudder/aileron and rudder trim wheels looks a little shallow but I can live with as it will be buried deep inside the cockpit and there is enough depth to hold a wash. The PE instructions would have you remove the trim tab wheels as well as a good proportion of the molded detail but frankly, I thought the molded kit detail was superior and left these untouched. There were some ejector pin marks that required filling however the large ones to the rear cannot be seen once installed into the fuselage so I did not spend any effort to eliminate these ones. The oxygen hose, elevator trim wheel and throttle quadrant were added separately. I also added some throttle linkages to the throttle quadrant using some short lengths of stretched sprue. The floor sub-assembly was also painted at the same time though the pre-painted belts were added after all the other painting was complete. Which brings me to my soap-box moment. Having paid a small fortune for an interior details PE set, I discovered that seat belts are NOT included as part of that set and have to be purchased separately. Now, I can understand offering the seat belts as a separate set for those who are otherwise happy with the level of kit detail but not including these in an interior detail set is pure gouging IMO and although it makes excellent economic sense I feel it is an underhand strategy - rant over The kit instrument panel also has lovely raised detail and would most likely come up very well with some careful painting and application of the kit instrument panel decal. I opted to sand off the raised detail to prepare it for the addition of the pre-painted PE comprising of several laminated pre-painted PE parts to build up the relief. Thanks for looking, cheers, Pappy
  17. You've achieved a top result there! Very nice indeed. I have the Academy kit of this and it is of exactly the same aircraft. Wonder if it's a reboxing of the Hobbycraft kit? Interesting to hear you modified the nose undercarriage. It's caused me to read about all the modifications on the -3 and -4 and it's shed a light on the subject for me.
  18. Brilliant work on the Peshka! Very good colours for the camouflage! I will someday be buying this kit (I already have the old Zvezda/Italeri kit, and the UM kit). Regards, Jason
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