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  1. WHY?! Don't we have enough D-model Mustangs to choose from already?! Many other things out there that would be better served with a new kit.
  2. Right now, if you don't want to do a lot of work... then the Airfix 1/48 kit is the only way to go. But if you want to do the work, "FrankenVixen" is the only answer in 1/72! It's a mish-mash of parts of the center section of the High planes kit, rest of the airframe of the Cyberhobby kit and pinion tanks from the Xtrakit (of which Cyberhobby has now released it with the pinions that are no doubt copies of the Xtrakit). And even with the conglomeration of parts, there was still nothing close to right... other than the wings, literally every inch of everything else had to be built up, filed down or re-shaped somehow it seemed!
  3. Thanks Dave and Dave! Much appreciated!
  4. Q: Spoked wheel hubs... only on left (port) side of the hub... or both sides? I notice Tamiya and many aftermarket sets only seem to have two hubs included and I can't find anything relating to this anywhere else on the web or in any books I have.
  5. Resting on their laurels way-too-much! I can't remember the last time I bought an actual new kit from them in 1/72. They really need to re-tool their G4M1 and come out with a Ki-21.
  6. Yeah, kinda curious about that myself.
  7. Thanks for posting this Troy! I'd ran across a small version of it a long time ago, but could never find a bigger pic like you posted. Can I ask where this originates from?
  8. Well, always easier to remove plastic than to have to add it.
  9. Oooh, let's hope so! Would love to see Airfix do a new Vix... BADLY needed!
  10. Wish Arma would consider doing a joypack version of these like AZ did with their 109G kits! I just need the kit plastic without all the other fancy stuff... have enough B/C decals in the stash to last for years!
  11. Most likely the culprit, as I keep seeing it recommended to use a dedicated curing box, or in the case of a "homemade" box, using some sort of turn table... as the curing light needs to be able to get at it from all angles/sides. Could also depend on type and color of resin used, as it does not appear that all photo-polymer resins/colors are created equal unfortunately... and another problem there-in, is that even the supposedly good name brand stuff can have "bad batches!" Very nice build and creation though... keep it up!
  12. Well, with the flex plate scuffed up with sandpaper (which I believe is recommended by Wham Bam), we have not had any more issues with adhesion to the build plate or removal of parts.
  13. Might I recommend this for you: https://whambamsystems.com/fbs-for-resin A buddy of mine and I recently got into this whole resin printing thing and been learning a lot on the fly very quickly with a Photon Mono... and until we added one of these magnetic flex plates, we were getting a lot of failed prints not wanting to stick to the plate.
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