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  1. November 1995 was the Finescale Modeler issue that had the article on converting the ESCI F-5B and it was not Paul Boyer, but Tom Black who wrote that article. Besides thinning the belly in the area of the main wheels, filling in the speed brakes/re-scribing them, removing the LERX leading edges, closing/filling-in the leading edge slats, re-shaping the intake lips, thinning the main wheels, using a nose-gear fork half from an Testors/Italeri F-5E, a nose-wheel from an ESCI F-104C, adding the landing light under the nose, back-filling/re-shaping of the drag-chute housing at the bas
  2. That's not Oklahoma in the background of that pic!
  3. Buyer BEWARE! I just got this kit from Hannant's and the bomber nose pieces (Sprue G near the tip tanks) were clipped and missing. Modeling Madness reported this as well with one he got. There are reviews and others advertised for sale showing pics of the sprues with the parts intact, so it's a mystery why some have it and some don't. EDIT - have heard more on this and about 50-75 of the kits got through with the pieces intact before they had to be removed... so if you got one with the pieces intact, you got lucky. So don't believe any reviews/pics that support getting those parts. Hanna
  4. Swearing removed - read the forum rule and comply.
  5. I think there is a definite early G/H radome option... because if you compare the 2nd and 3rd photo... look where the back lower radome line is... in the 2nd photo, it lines up with the rear vertical cockpit frame (like the earlier models)... but in the 3rd photo, it lines up with the front vertical frame (but there is a panel line still below the rear frame though). Also, the top of the nose angles down more in the 2nd photo, than the 3rd, but not nearly as much as the 1st photo.
  6. Very nice build John! I've got a couple of questions... I followed your build thread and I can't tell what the serial number(?) is on this one... but was wondering if there was any particular sort of historical significance for why you decided to model this specific plane? I like the color scheme of these RB-D's and want to build one, but would like to find one with a back story. I know there was a ROC marked one shot down by the PRC, but not sure if I want to do an ROC one. Thanks.
  7. Doing a bang up job so far Andrew! One of these from the KSANG sits not far from me and it looks like you're getting all the specific mods done pretty close.
  8. Oh no way, those kits are long overdue for replacement! The Hobbycraft molding is not even what they represent on the outside of the box! The Pantera (Italeri?) is alright, but suffers it's own issues and not well detailed. We've been needing a good Fitter series for a long time.
  9. So is an Su-22 like Libya used, ever going to be released, or have I missed it somewhere?
  10. Negative, the radar fairing on the TBF's is different in that it squares off at the back on top of the wing. I believe OWL did a resin conversion for this that included the night exhausts, but their stuff is pretty limited run and it's probably hard to find now. Would take some work to properly modify a Corsair radar fairing to be acceptable.
  11. Sorry if I missed it somewhere, but has anyone heard if they plan to release the early small tail PF?
  12. So what was wrong with version 1.0 of the La-5FN?... er, nevermind, just saw at one of the links above that information was vague at best.
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