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  1. How is it dangerous? It prompted discussion on a discussion board so I fail to see what the issue is Chris .
  2. Thanks. What ever happend to the 32 scale one you were working on?
  3. Well there's 2 details I 'd never realised or had forgotten. I'll add them to the blog entry. Thanks Anthony I wish I'd know that as I spent a bit of time sorting out that reinforcement strip on my recent 2 builds... And I scribed the door around the wrong way
  4. The ICM kit isn't due out to late 2021 IIRC For the Caribou you'd be better off posting on some of the Australian Model For sales facebook groups. That's were the vast majority of 2nd hand stuff traded online is these days
  5. Thanks , I really need to learn to do the backdrop photo thing Doesn't ring a bell Scooby. But it was a long time ago Thanks to everyone else for the comments
  6. Finally finished my A-4K . It's depicted as NZ6201 from No 75 Squadron RNZAF when it was passing through HMAS Albatross, NSW. Australia in 1993. At that time I was working on No 2. Sqn RNZAF and we (for reasons I can't remember) referred to 75 Sqn as the gumboot squadron. 75 Sqn's aircraft had stopped at Nowra for fuel on the way back to New Zealand. Whilst they were there some mates and I took the opportunity to alter the Squadron crest on a number of the aircraft. I tried to add a lot of the little details that were specific to the A-4K and I'm pretty happy with how that worked out
  7. Nice work on the HUD and choice of weapons load. I've got a blog post on the RNZAF A-4. https://hamfisted-modeller.blogspot.com/2020/06/modelling-rnzaf-skyhawk.html I'd be interested in a copy of the HUD, RWR antennas and VVOR antennas in particular
  8. There has never been a bubble on NZ side - we have always had to quarantine. I've given up on classic fighters this year sadly...
  9. Fantastic work and great photography to show it off
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