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  1. Here is my 1/48 Airfix Bristol Blenheim Mk 1F, Depicted as ZK-A Flown by Mike Herrick RNZAF No. 25 Sqn RAF September 1940. Full build at my blog is here but here as some photos of the finished kit. More Pic's here
  2. Andrew Here's some of my (very poor) images from the last year of RAN Jindy operations (iirc 1997). I worked on them for about 9 months near the end. They are good enough to see the colours of the trolley
  3. No idea, I found a couple of images online that showed the aircraft just with the rails - plus I couldn't be bothered with missiles. Thanks to everyone else's kind words
  4. Kineticmodel 's excellent F-104J is in the cabinet. I used Fundekals for markings. I really enjoyed this build. Full details of the build and more photos at my blog but here's some pic's for those not interested yn that
  5. I for one love the fastener detail - more please. As for over weathering... I don't really think it's a thing. Aircraft come in all finishes.. Just because you don't like doesn't make it wrong or a"fad".
  6. Next time I get the photo stuff out I'll try and do that. Thanks for the kind words from everyone else.
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