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  1. Gold series means that the parts are designed ad manufactured to their newer (higher) tooling standards. It has nothing to do with PE or Magnets - whoever told you that is wrong. There is a caveat though, some earlier kits have the "gold" label but include parts from pre gold tooling along with the newer standard tooling. For example the Cheetah, Kfir C-10 Harrier, AV-8A, GR.3, and Hornets. This isn't ideal, but a it's also not really a secret.. Kits like the Starfighters, F-16's and Pucara are all tooled to the using their later tooling standard.
  2. The "excuse" is actually a fact. Also you can add Australia to the list where 1mm dia x 1mm high magnets cannot be sold loose. So Kinetic are doing the right thing by those markets, and by themselves (I.e. not breaking the law and becoming liable for prosecution). Just because it's not the same where you are, doesn't mean that it's not like that elsewhere. That said the magnets cost virtually nothing from Chinese stores if you wish to purchase them.
  3. Do it is a great couple of weeks project -especially if you go wheels up.
  4. The article points out that 1/2 of the Elmendorf are deployed to Poland.. The other 1/2 are mostly U/S.. hence the F-16's
  5. I had a couple of the new Airfix Vampires in my “For Sales pile that weren’t looking like being sold anytime soon and after looking at the plastic over few beers one evening I figured it looked simple enough that I could it smash it together in a couple of weeks. Bar the undercarriage, this was an extremely enjoyable build. The kit goes together really quickly and there is minimal clean up required. For me the detail is adequate for the subject and scale. I think it took under 15 hours of build time from box opening to it going in the cabinet. If I build another it will be done wheels up to make the build even simpler (and quicker). Full details at my blog but here are some photos. https://blogger.googleusercontent.com/img/b/R29vZ2xl/AVvXsEj3QWksPJvUTRTu99uAmBaMHwIY3FHEuelefHJtZUTSunj26bSnEVwlwgCnw7XrcpwcHs-Dp3yYLzw1HU9Puqjzt6uEy_EGGT_EDsZ9aAjKNW7cIErQwiCrWCQBlGgJ73ZHGa_MmNHTSaJy2q1rJfSGeajWzduXCVqxsvRcs4fPycwLb64pHYD5nQEv/s16000/Vampire-FB5-25.jpg
  6. Well you are a different country over there
  7. Nice looking model Bruce. It really is good scheme (Having sellers regret on that decal sheet now ) I reckon those cracking reference images from that photographer guru mate of yours helped a lot :D
  8. They are already in at least one shop in Melbourne, and Brett Green picked one up local to him.
  9. Thomas Does but he's wrong as you've pointed out.
  10. These are my favourite. https://www.amazon.com/TAMIYA-America-Pointed-Plastic-TAM74123/dp/B010PG73J4 I've tried the gods hand single blade ones, and a number of others and I always come back to these Tamiya ones
  11. Looks good. I'll definitely be building one of these
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