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  1. Thanks. Sorry I have no images of the cannon packages or bay
  2. Annoyingly I can't find anything sarcastic to say about this build Bruce... I reckon that's the pick of the 3 Harriers you've built . Love the weathering on the gear legs and the tractor looks nice as well. Overall finish looks terrific.
  3. I didn't realise the landing gear was oversized. I just liked the look of the ladder to add another splash of colour
  4. As the others have said , the newer the kit the better the fit. The F-104 is pretty good fit wise. The F-104 detail is also pretty good. I've built the F-104J , Mirage III and Sea Harrier FRS-1. All were buildable, detail wise they are about average or above average. Panel lines on the F-104 are definitely better than the Mirage and Sea Harrier. Decals are excellent. Worst features are the instructions and that there is nothing for the nice detail on the IP, not even decals. Pricewise, if you look at Lucky Model, they are excellent. IMHO Kinetic has the best F-104, Mirage III , Mirage 2000 and Classic Hornet in 1/48. That doesn't include kits no one else does like the E-2, Greyhound etc. I'd avoid their F-16's and wait til the new tooled F-16s' come along. I'm looking forward to them redoing all the exotic F-16's to their current standard.
  5. The A-4C was easily obtainable less than 18 months ago, especially in Asia. The A-4E/F seems to have been out of production longer than that. IIRC even before Eduard reboxed it a few years ago.
  6. Eduard Mirage IICJ built from the Shachak boxing. Certainly no shake and bake kit but not as bad as I'd heard. Overall I'm happy with how it turned out. Anyway full details at my blog . There is a build thread here if interested. Onto some images
  7. Please delete Duble post
  8. That's excellent. Love the weather finish.
  9. Any new tooled modern jet is good by me. And this seems like a sound commercial choice. They (Kinetic) obviously know how many of their earlier tooling sold so must be confident there is market for a retooled family . I guess doing things that sell well can fund those things (like A tutor) that won't. There are so many special schemes for F-16A it should keep the decal manufacturers in business as well. The Hasegawa F-16s's are well overdue for replacement, and Kinetics first lot didn't do that with clunky detail and shape errors. As good as the Tamiya kit is it only covers a tiny slice of the family. So a new tooling is welcome , especially as Kinetic will certainly do some of the more exotic F-16 variants like the Sufa, Polish, Greek and Singaporean aircraft with the spines. If they are as good as the F-104's (i.e. relatively simple to build and well fitting) I'll be in for a few for sure.
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