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  1. Greg there is a bit more detail on the blog. The only issue were the nacelles . The rest is pretty straight forward
  2. That may be true but this is Kittyhawk..
  3. Another Completion. Eduard 1/48 P-51. Full details including my thoughts on it compared to the Airfix kit at my blog. But for those interested in photos here's some. \
  4. The main markings and code are masks . But the stencils were fine. More details at the blog
  5. Love the added rivet detail. It really adds to the build
  6. Not my usual subject choice. and If I was going to build a Ju 88 I'd have probably have chosen a Battle of Britain aircraft. But I had this kit and no one wanted to buy it so a mate and I settled on a mini build off of WW II German twin engined aircraft. I chose the option the box with the pox as I figured it would stand out in the cabinet. It does I'm not sure I made the right choice. Full details of the build at my blog but here are some photos
  7. Thanks Bruce and others. And thanks for pointing out the trodden grass was certainly not from design . It's the join between 2 mats , which I really wasn't happy with. But now, noting the comments here (thanks @woody37 for point it it out ) I now claim it is definitely trodden grass. It does actually look like like from those top diown views I've also classed those covers which as necessitated a few paint touch ups . I will take some replacement photos in due course.
  8. Damn.. that's actually annoying. I clearly didn't read the instructions close enough.. And they were a pain to glue in as well. It would be easy to fix but I'm not sure I can be bothered re photographing it
  9. This aircraft is one flown by Kiwi Flying Officer Johnny A Houlton st Merville France 1944. Johnny Houlton is credited with the first kill on D day flying this aircraft. But as part of 2nd Tactical Air Force 485 Sqn moved to France shortly after D Day and operated a lot of the time flying ground attack in support of ground troops. heaps of aftermarket used. full details and lots more photos at my blog. But for those not interested here's a few images
  10. These guys do Aussie and Kiwi decals https://roningraphicsaustralia.com
  11. So you suggest a militarised Bell 407, AS350B3 or MD 90?
  12. A single engine keeps weight and cost down. It's supposed to be a scout helicopter not a gunship
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