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  1. Spent a bit of time working on the base. The blur base is from a photo I took during a flight in one the helicopter I used to look after. I used Paintshop pro to blur it and then had it printed out on A3 card at the local printer. I then glued it to some core flute board. Probably could have made it a bit bigger but it'll do The model paintwork has been finished
  2. It was the top of the seat fouling the canopy. I had first ruled that out as I couldn't see it fouling. But I forgot to take into account the thickness of the canopy. So after you suggesting it again I figured I had to revisit it as that's really what it had to be. I put some paint on the top of the seat this time and put the canopy one. Sure enough it was touching as there was paint on the inside of the canopy. I pulled the seat/pilot out and sanded a couple of mm's from the bottom Thanks mate . This was starting to annoy me
  3. Enjoying your work. I've always wanted to build one of these but haven't built up the courage.
  4. I think decals over raised detail can be really effective in smaller scales when the builder does it well. This proves it again. great job
  5. Hunter update. Assembly of the kit was pretty straight forward until I dry fitted the one piece canopy. This did not fit. Not sure if it was me (likely) but I'll be interested to hear from others that have used it. More on this when I get some photos to explain. Next was onto painting. At this stage I realised that my preferred scheme, the 12 Sqn wrap around scheme was no longer possible as I’d fitted the Sabrinas… I figured this out after I'd painted the base coat of Mr Color Dark Sea Grey lightened considerably. I love Mr Color paints but when I used it on my Jaguar time I found to dark for my taste for a 48 scale kit. So after mulling this over with a mate I decided to go with option 2, a aircraft from the Central Fighter Establishment deployed to the UAE in 1963. This has a yellow tail and spine. I couldn’t be bothered masking out the pattern so I just free-handed it. This probably isn’t entirely accurate as many Hunter images I’ve seen show quite a hard edged scheme. I’ve also weathered up the green, grey and silver a fair bit using various airbrush stencils with variations of the main colours .
  6. The Barracuda is definitely one I'd like to build at some stage. I''ve built a Hellcat and 2 Corsairs but not in TSS - yet.
  7. Thanks all. I really like this RN Scheme/ Hope to do more aircraft in it over time
  8. Finally got around to writing this up. This particular aircraft was operated by 1771 Squadron Fleet Air Arm (FAA) from HMS Implacable in 1944. It was lost during an attack on the Rorvik port in Norway on the 26 October 1944. The pilot Sub Lt R.M Shaw (RNZN) and his observer Sub Lt G.M. Smith were killed during the attack. Full details with more photos at my blog but here's a couple of photos
  9. If you log into the Eduard shop and it knows you're from Australia you'll be presented the price in USD. Which is always significantly more that what the conversion from csk to USD would be if you log in from the Czech republic. I call it the Eduard tax. So for Australians the dearest place to buy Eduard kits from is Eduard itself, even more so that they ditched free shipping for orders over $250 USD. Even the BFC discount doesn't make them competitive . They are nearly always cheaper from Australian online shops (e.g BNA) and even my local hobby shop.
  10. Great Photos Shaun
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