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  1. Calum

    RAAF Vengeance colours, US Dupont MAP colours?

    I was fortunate enough to get a look through Camden in 2013 (thanks Steve) My images are here
  2. The kit doesn't depict the 3 formers that run laterally across the top of the fuselage. I thought a few ways to simulate this. Probably the most accurate would be scribe a line then glue in pieces of round material, either stretched sprue, wire or plastic rod of the correct dimension. I was to lazy to do this so I used thin (0.2mm) strips of tape. I think this will look OK under some paint. The front part around the cockpit is shown in the instructions as gloss version of the PC10.. I made it a slightly different shade by adding some black and green. I will tone it down a little as I don't like the contrast by overspraying with some light coats of PC10 Lots of masking and painting. The undersides are Tamiya XF 55 , as per the instructions. The upper surfaces are Mr Paint PC10 late. I lightened each of the main colours for the tapes.
  3. No it's more like being realistic. And you did use the word expectation in your original post. I'm more likely to buy kits from people that get it right (or close to it) first time.. but I get your point. I'll be interested to see the correction for the F-4. Is it going to be a whole fuselage? Lets hope so. I'm much more interested in the long nose variants Didn't they just rip of Chris's work? Again these are a few exceptions.. There are far more Tump/ Hobby Boss kits they've never bothered to fix
  4. This is the third P-47 I've built, but the first Razorback. I liked the look of the P-47 in the RAF camouflage so it was a toss up between this scheme and the SEAC green, brown light grey scheme. Since my last P-47 was a SEAC camouflaged aircraft I decided to go with the RAF day fighter scheme. These aircraft were painted in the USA using colours "equivalent" to the RAF colours of Dark Green, Ocean Grey and Medium Sea Grey. The aircraft I've depicted is one operated by the No 73 Operational Training Unit (OTU) Roayal Air Force (RAF) based at RAF Fayid in Egypt in 1946. I wanted to go for a well weather dusty look as I figured the sand and sun would knock the aircraft around a bit. I'm pretty happy with the finish I achieved The Kit Tamiya 1/48 P-47D Razorback (Kit No 61086) The Tamiya P-47's are still IMHO the best fitting 1/48 prop kits out there. Aftermarket Ultracast Seat Ultracast Wheels Decals Freightdog 1/48 'Brits Abroad' Tamiya kit decals for the stencils. The set in my kit were the older style and were unusable but a mate came to rescue with the newer style which performed significantly better. Paint For Dark Green - Mr Color 12 "Olive Drab USAAF Aircraft For Ocean Grey - Mr Color 305 (FS36118) For Medium Sea Grey - Mr Color 315 (FS16440) For Sky - Mr Color Sky Other various Mr Color/Mr Hobby greens and greys for weathering Various Vallejo Acrylics for details Clear Coats Gloss - Gaianotes Clear Gloss Flat - Gaianotes Clear Flatt with a final coat of Testors Dullcoate Weathering Oil paints AK/Mig Filters Tamiya Weathering Sets The Base The surround is made from cheap skirting from Bunnings. I've made it so the ground section can be changed depending on the model. The sand is the stuff left over from one of those kids puzzle fossils they have to dig out. I originally was going to use this for the entire base but some research into where 73 OTU was based, RAF Fayid in Egypt, revealed that the base had extensive tarmac areas The tarmac is just a sheet of card painted with machinery grey spray paint
  5. And yet those 2 examples are still exceptions to the rule. And I'd argue those, like yourself, who expect (as oppose to wish) for a manufacturer to re tool a kit to correct an error are in the minority. Especially if the kit is selling well.
  6. Calum

    F-15I (GWH 1/48)

    I'd say challenge completed
  7. Why would you expect it to be fixed on this kit? I too am waiting a new F-4E/G etc. Hopefully ZM's F-4E series will be even better than the F-4J/S etc
  8. Terrific work there. Love the colours and paint finish
  9. That's the first time I've seen that join up close... What a terrible piece of engineering I think, if I ever build this kit I'll cut the 1/2 of that piece in the wing, join it to the leg and insert a brass pin
  10. A couple of progress images now the fuselage is together. Fit is pretty good although I had to squeeze the fuselage halves together on the underside. I ended up with a small step on the forward part of this join. When I fitted the silver piece covering the guns I though I'd made another balls up as it wasn't flush with the rest of the fuselage. However the peices under it that were pushing out seemed like they were supposed to be there. After looking at the instructions I noticed WNW had included a photo of a Camel that shows this area nicely and confirms that the gun cover did indeed sit proud of the fuselage. You can seen on the nose where I didn't clean up the sprue gate properly. Thankfully the glue didn't take so I have managed to slip a piece of sand paper in there and clean it up properly. The rear fuselage cover part seems a tiny bit narrower than the fuselage, this may be due to me not getting the inside parts exactly right. There is a slight step on the left side as shown by the red ellipse.
  11. The camel has always been my favourite WW I aircraft. perhaps it was all those Biggles books as a kid :D.. So when WNW finally released a Camel (or 5) I figured it was time to build 1. This kit will be a number of firsts for me 1st WNW Kit First WW I kit First 1/32 kit I've got a nice pilot figure from blackdog which I'll try to paint to a reasonable standard. Other Aftermarket is a Barracuda seat, eduard steel belts and HGW Seat belts I've chosen the Australian Option (flown by a Kiwi) , purely as it will be easier to get rid of when I eventually want to move it from the cabinet. After a week or so here's where I'm at I realise stuff all of this will be seen I wanted to try out some techniques. The seatbelt is from HGW - it does look great but the pieces split easily when bending them, which was annoying. I've since found out that this was backing and should be removed.. Perhaps HGW should have added that little piece of info in the instructions .. I just glued it back together The Seat is from Barracuda Studios and the casting is amazing... But I don't think I'd bother using one again because the kit seat is already pretty nice, most of the seat is covered in the seat belt and the whole thing will be buried in the aircraft when I put the fuselage together. Wood effect is oil paints over Tamiya. I really enjoyed doing this and like the effects you can get. Details are painted with mainly Vallejo. Instrument panel is from the kit. The instruments are decals and the glass effect is done with drops of UV activated glue. I also added some extra copper wire to extend some of the pipelines. Rigging is Ezy line and invisible mending thread, I should have used plastic rod.... Turnbuckles are just paint.
  12. Calum

    HobbyBoss 1/48 F-14A Tomcat x 2!!

    Looking pretty good Bruce. I like the paint work. And yes you have to decal the AIM-9's
  13. Some I would.. I've seen different fastener types depected differently in the past.