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  1. Calum

    Classic Flyers NZ

    There has been some issue with the Wessex's so they have now been removed. Glad I saw them when I had the chance
  2. Calum

    Classic Flyers NZ

    Worth a visit if you're in the Bay. I think they have an airshow late Jan (anniversary weekend?)
  3. Calum

    Classic Flyers NZ

    I usually go to the local museum when I'm home each Christmas. What was interesting was the 5 RAF Wessex helicopters they have acquired, not a type I knew had made it to NZ. from what I read online these machines were used for logging operations here for a while but are no longer airworthy (AFAIK). I'm not sure what the plans are. there are more images in the photo stream if you click on any of the images below IMG_1147_edit by Calum Gibson, on Flickr IMG_1090_edit by Calum Gibson, on Flickr IMG_1093_edit by Calum Gibson, on Flickr IMG_1082_edit by Calum Gibson, on Flickr IMG_1085_edit by Calum Gibson, on Flickr IMG_1119_edit by Calum Gibson, on Flickr IMG_1071_edit by Calum Gibson, on Flickr IMG_1110_edit by Calum Gibson, on Flickr IMG_1114_edit by Calum Gibson, on Flickr Interestingly how light the blue and red are on this Campire wing IMG_1105_edit by Calum Gibson, on Flickr IMG_1086_edit by Calum Gibson, on Flickr The other thing of interest was the Skyhawk tank which is discussed here IMG_1101_edit by Calum Gibson, on Flickr
  4. Lovely work complimented by great photos
  5. Calum

    Woody's Year of VC Tribute Builds

    Terrific work on both
  6. Really nuce work there. Love the photography, very atmospheric
  7. Calum

    Tamiya 1/48 MM 100th kit ideas?

    Chieftain, Challenger. .anything modern is my hope
  8. Wow some great stuff happening here. excellent attention to detail and skill. Looking forward to seeing it progress more
  9. Calum

    Cartograf decals silvering.

    Interestingly I expressly look for Cartograph decals as they rarely if ever silver, are robust so can be moved multiple times without tearing or folding up and settle down nicely into the recessed details. Their print quality can't be beaten either. I love that Airfix are using them to pint their decals in their newer kits. I've even bought replacement Lightnings just to replace the awful original Airfix decals with the newer Cartogragh printed ones.
  10. Calum

    "Meager" output 2018 :-D - UPDATED

    Wow busy year
  11. Well done on all that surgery Eric. Some great solutions there
  12. Calum

    PacificMustang's year

    Is that a Spitfire in the sprue rack? Revell?
  13. Calum

    Iranian F14A Mods and features

    Great Photos Alex, please post more or link to somewhere where we can see them Politics aside, that the Iranians have managed to keep even a portion of their F-14 fleet airworthy for such a long period without any official OEM support is quite amazing.
  14. Calum

    exdraken's 2018 flightline upd!!

    Nice The F-104 and Syrian Meteor are my picks
  15. Calum

    Calum's Completions 2018

    Thanks Bruce , and any time with for the masks