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  1. I think this is absolutely wonderful, it looks great, the ship & the setting are perfect. Your work brings great joy to me as I hope it does to others , well done.
  2. The ship looks great and the rigging really elevates it to another level. Brilliant work.
  3. According to Danny Coremans book the main wheels are 56” x 16” 38-ply tubeless tires, hope that is of some help martin
  4. Thanks Tom, luckily the man cave is big enough to cope with this monster, good luck with the pylons Martin
  5. Hi Tom, really enjoying your build and I doubt mine will be half as good as yours. I decided to do NB-52 Balls Eight and boy is it a big box of plastic. Hope to start a thread soon and this baby will keep me occupied for a long long time. Keep up your great work Martin
  6. Artur, you will be giving me an inferiority complex if you keep making such amazing models. Martin.
  7. Congratulations Artur, another one for your amazing creations, your paint work and weathering are first class. Martin.
  8. Once again an amazing piece of work, well done. Martin.
  9. A master at work is a pleasure to behold Martin.
  10. A lovely looking Hun, were the Aries sets a pain to install? She looks beautiful, well done. Martin
  11. What is not to like ? lovely looking plane well done. Martin.
  12. Odd, pm me your address and i will send you some. Martin.
  13. Hi Odd, how much do you need ? Martin (ex sparkie)
  14. That is one stunning build, congratulations….. Martin
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