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Post your completed builds here. No more than five photos per entry.

Please do not post comments in this thread. All comments should go in the subject's build thread

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VMF(N)-541 ,Falalop Island, Ulithi Atoll, May 1945.


I'm calling this a "restored-museum " Hellcat.

Repainted in gloss night-blue. No guns added.(I broke them.Don't tell anyone )









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Here’s another Tiger Moth, the newer 1/72 Airfix version, build thread here. Photographed outdoors this very windy morning:





Thanks for a super GB - If lockdown continues I’m going to have to find a ship kit and do a proper build...


Thanks for looking,


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This is the IJNS Light Cruiser Jintsu, one of the earlier ships in the 1/700 Waterline series from 4 Japanese kit manufacturers, in this case Fujimi. After WWI the IJN built 4 classes of light cruiser with a layout similar to the wartime RN Town and "C" Classes before the various treaty restrictions diverted them towards building the larger 8" armed  Heavy Cruisers, Jintsu was one of 3 ships in the final Sendai Class group of so called 5500 ton cruisers, armed with 7 x 5.5" guns and 8 torpedo tubes.


DSC02795-crop DSC02801-crop DSC02800-crop DSC02803-crop

Originally intended as flotilla leaders for destroyers, from the 2nd group onwards they were made bigger to accommodate a catapult and floatplane, thus enabling them to also act a scouts. 


Released in the 1970's these kits were a bit crude by modern standards, particularly those made by Aoshima. The light AA guns have been replaced by somewhat finer ones from a more recent accessories set from Skywave/Pit Road, and I modified it from what appeared to be late pre war configuration to something resembling its appearance when it was part of the escort group for the Midway invasion force, with 2 quad torpedo mountings instead of 4 twins. It was the first 1/700 ship I have built for perhaps 30 years and I rather enjoyed it. I believe another modeller is building the Tamiya kit of the Natori from the previous Nagara class, which will make an interesting comparison. Only the 3 Sendais had 4 funnels, all the others had 3!





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Airfix 1/72 Blackburn Buccaneer S2C. 736 Squadron, RNAS Lossiemouth

The build thread can be found here


49730281416_ba730fe170_o.jpg1/72 Airfix Blackburn Buccaneer S2C by Shaun Schofield, on Flickr


49729736893_0150249165_o.jpg1/72 Airfix Blackburn Buccaneer S2C by Shaun Schofield, on Flickr


49730281371_fb1b910d44_o.jpg1/72 Airfix Blackburn Buccaneer S2C by Shaun Schofield, on Flickr


49730602132_8ff536ba0a_o.jpg1/72 Airfix Blackburn Buccaneer S2C by Shaun Schofield, on Flickr


49730281311_2460a77b02_o.jpg1/72 Airfix Blackburn Buccaneer S2C by Shaun Schofield, on Flickr

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Hi All,

Kaman SH-2G(NZ) Super Seasprite.

KittyHawk 1/48


Here is my model of '01, an SH-2G NZ, one of 5 new build Helicopters which served with the NZ Navy for 10 years from 2001 to 2015 before being replaced with a newer version.

Model built from a Kittyhawk Kit with some additional details including an interior for the cabin.











Meanwhile on the Cantabury Plains....




More pictures in the build thread here


Super Seasprite Build Thread


Thanks as ever to the mods Rob85, Hewy and TrickyRich and to all the contributions and comments along the way.


Special thanks to Charlie NZ for the invaluable pictures.




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Bristol Beaufighter MK II, 789 Sqn, FAA, South Africa. 1945


Built using the Airfix 1/72nd new tool TFX with the Alleycat MkII late conversion.

Vallejo ModelAir paints.

Decals are from High Planes and were 'wetted' on with Johnsons Klear, finished with Vallejo Matt Varnish.



DSC_0126 DSC_0127 DSC_0128 DSC_0130 DSC_0131


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                                                                                                                                Airfix 1/72 A7 Corsair ll.

Hi folk's the survivor of the planned pair original first boxing with decals.






20200409_113453 20200409_113400 20200409_113349


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Here's my 1/700 Dragon Ticonderoga class guided missile cruiser USS Normandy. It's a kit that has been in my stash for years, and this group build was a good reason to finally build it. It was my first time building a ship kit properly (that USS George Washington I did as a teen doesn't count), and I really enjoyed it. I will definitely build more ships in the future. Colourcoats were used for the paintjob.










Thanks for looking, I hope you like it.

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This a Hobby 2000 (Hasegawa) 1/72 SBD-3 Dauntless in the markings of an Enterprise based aircraft during the Battle of Midway. The build thread is here.








Edit April 26, 2020 - I dug out the light box and took a few more pics.




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Good Morning and Happy Easter to all

Grumman (F6F-3) Hellcat Mk.I


Aboard the escort carrier HMS Emperor in July 1944 - Operation Dragoon

Eduard 1/48














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