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  1. Great work. Making me want to bring out my Tamiya 1/72 kit so as to get back my (aircraft) modelling mojo as my Ventura Mk.II has completely stalled! Davey.
  2. I have this kit yet to build, I think you have done an excellent job. And.... whose to say if any colour is correct, shades must have varied throughout production, where it came from and who mixed it/applied it. Davey.
  3. Superbly done, and the close up shots show what a neat modeller you are. The finish is just right as well. Davey.
  4. AZ models did/do a nice kit of the Hawk in 1/72. I did one in RAF markings, pretty easy to put together, a little fiddling with the cockpit interior but OK other than that. Davey.
  5. I built this kit with a resin set by AML which did make a difference but obviously at a cost. The fit of the kit is so good the main wings were painted separately and there was no resulting filler required. By the way, the 'Tollerton' nose is in the B.Mk.III radial engined kit, not this one, a bit bizarre! Good luck. Davey.
  6. It's a great fitting kit, I painted the wings separately, such was the perfect fit to the fuselage. A little while ago I decided to really thin down my stash and the other Revell Halifax's were moved on so I never did the desert based one. Davey.
  7. Very slow progress at the moment. As I have said previously, after building nearly 40 model aircraft during lock-down (rather than the couple a year previously!) and getting back into Warhammer gaming stuff it's been difficult getting the old mojo back, but I've soldiered on. This kit isn't as good a fitting kit as I thought it would be, requiring lots of filling and sanding. I filed down the spurious raised edges at the turret mounting, these being part of the turret itself but totally inaccurate. The cockpit transparency is a very poor fit, will require some jacking up to line up with the upper fuselage. The engine nascelles needed a lot of fettling, I need to get some primer on after getting the airframe together to see where we are. More soon. Davey.
  8. Hi Pete, no, I'm trying to get some aircraft building mojo back over on the bomber/ground attack GB with an Academy RAF Ventura, which has stalled. I was going to do an Airfix new tool Lancaster with an Alleycat Tallboy conversion complete with a Belcher Bits bomb trolley to display the bomb, but we'll see how it goes. As always there's lots of opinions on interior colours, I did a Greece based early Airfix Wellington doing the interior as per the instructions but I could imagine as time went on they may have been overpainted black but I don't know how anyone could know for sure. Davey.
  9. Will watch with interest as I have the Revell boxing of this kit. Davey.
  10. Seems like I've stolen your idea! I'm doing No.4, the 21 Sqn. one. Davey.
  11. I had a rummage in the spares box, and sure enough I found a Boulton-Paul type turret I had left from a Revell merlin engined Halifax I did a while ago. Much better shape and size than the hopeless kit one! I did a bit more today, after painting the interior and adding the seat-belts and fuselage windows, I got the fuselage together, ready to fettle the joins. The engines were given a bit of paint as well, the wings have yet to be joined together. More soon. Davey.
  12. Right! Got to get on with this, and thanks for the info @theplasticsurgeon. I've started looking at the bits and pieces, cleaning stuff up and cementing the cockpit bulkhead and floor in place. Research shows that early RAF ones had a single seat and controls so will do that for this model, but I'm not going to add anything else in there! I've gone for cementing the forward glazed sections to each corresponding half separately and have masked off the inside of the front side windows ready for airbrushing. There is a slight step at the joins but doesn't look too bad when being offered up against each other but you never know until the first coat of primer goes on if the join is a good one! More soon. Davey.
  13. Thanks. Hopefully will get going soon on this. I had a quick look at the turret transparency and sure enough it's not accurate, just a conical lump so there'll be some filing and polishing done to get the slight 'off-set' angle to it on the gun mount side. Does anyone know for sure this didn't have the 'bulges' on the cockpit canopy? Or maybe just on the port side? The photo of the actual aircraft doesn't show them. Davey.
  14. Interesting kit, never knew Fly did this one. I made the old KP one decades ago. If I get the Ventura done I may break out one of the Il-2's I have, probably the Tamiya one for a stress free build! Good job so far. Davey.
  15. Had a bit of a Hiatus from aircraft modelling for a while, just lost the old 'mojo' plus I did a fair bit of War-game stuff. Trying to get back it with hopefully a simple, OOB build with this Minicraft Ventura, not using the kit decals but ones from a 'DK' set I picked up from somewhere. I've never used this manufacturer's decals before so we'll see how it goes. I've no idea if this kit is accurate or not but I've seen a few Ventura's done on here and they look Ok. The only addition will be seat belts from Tamiya Tape. Opening pictures showing the parts still bagged and decals which look like for another machine from 21 Sqn. More soon. Davey.
  16. Will look on with interest as I have this kit in this boxing. Davey.
  17. The thing is though, the He-177 was 4 engines in reality, separate cranks on a common gearbox, unlike the Avro Manchester which was a common crankshaft. Is this viable @vppelt68? Davey.
  18. Was just about to ask to add my name with this same kit! I also have Me 110's, 210, 410, 262's, Ju-88's, various Dorniers, so plenty of choice. Count me in. Davey.
  19. Thank you both for looking in. Hi Patrice, that link is very good with excellent photos and good information. I don't think I will be adding any more detail as the kit details are good enough for me! Davey.
  20. Hi Greg, thanks for your kind comments. The Black is the undercoat I used in the previous photos, I just vary the finish by different depths of Matt Varnish coats and dry-brushing a Light Grey colour in different, well used areas and behind the engines. I also used a MiG Ammo 'Dust colour in the panel lines, being careful to remove excess on the surfaces as it dries quickly! Hope this helps, it's absolutely not very scientific! Davey.
  21. Will we ever see Sea Hurricane Mk.Ib and Mk.II variants? I hope so. Davey.
  22. A bit of a late start with my first build in this GB, I just finished a Beaufighter on Sunday for the 'Bristol Company' GB and lately have been painting Wargame figures so have neglected the plastic flying stuff! I got this online for a good price for the Soviet Aircraft markings and was going to sell the the other kit on but I thought I would do this French Airforce one for this GB. It is actually a kit moulded by AMG, the parts look well detailed and there is some flash but nothing that can't be 'wiped' quickly with a blade. There are different intakes included in the kit but no instructions showing which intake is for which version but it's easy to see from the drawings and the internet what type (short or long) is used for the C version or the E. There is a photo-etch fret (most of which I won't use!) and a canopy mask set so quite complete. I made a small start but already there is a bit a conudrum. They start you off by removing and putting a bend on the two etch rudder pedals and then instruct you to stick them directly to the back of the plastic instrument panel. But the next picture clearly shows hangers for the rudder pedals, there's even indents for the parts on the plastic instrument panel but looking at the sprues there doesn't seem to be anything like them on there. Anyone built the AMG kit or the reboxed Dora ones and found this part(s)? No photos as I left it there to investigate further. More soon. Davey.
  23. It is a lovely kit to build and I used the AML parts to improve it, I have another to do plus a B.Mk.III in the future. Great stuff, I like the Hurricane as well. Davey.
  24. Shame this hasn't made it to the Gallery, A lot more work than I would ever attempt on a model! I'm sure I've seen build threads transfered to other sections on the site, give @Enzo Matrix a message to find out? Davey.
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