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  1. I hope you've got tons of patience as well! This is related to the MikroMir Canberra, pics and comments on that link. Some won't be appropriate to your build, as a slightly different front fuselage arrangement I'll be following this with great interest.
  2. A lot of assembly later. Ballast installed into the nose, wings and tails fitted. Engines are dryfitted only, but important balance trial underway here. Engines now fitted, and ailerons. Stood on my crude painting stand.
  3. Sounds like it. Was 30ish years ago, borrowed from a colleague. Searching Amazon just finds 2022 diaries with black kittens on the cover.
  4. May be nearly 30 years old now, but it's the best Catalina in 1/72. I completed one last year, in Atlantic Scheme. I had painted mine silver, many years previously - which covered the black plastic. Definite tailsitter, I put a stand under mine for photos. Got to agree that the instructions weren't very clear, but I'd already built Airfix as a Black Cat, so built mine a bit differently. I read a book about Black Cats and Guadalcanal. On night missions, the gunner would throw empty beer bottles out of the blister. These whistled just like a bombs as they descended, increasing stress levels for the Japanese. And a Catalina could carry loads of bottles and just 4 bombs.
  5. Remember the Helicopter / Autogyro / STOVL GB well, building this Italeri 1/72 F-35 Lightning an Italieri 1/72 Apache Longbow and comparison builds of an Xtrakit 1/72 Sea Harrier alongside it's Airfix equivalent. Ant these kits in my stash, are nodding at me Count me in for at least one. Nobody has suggested building a helicopter yet, but this is the last one in my stash. ,
  6. Ballasted nosecones added. All the imprecisions and gaps have compounded to a very weak joint for the Stdb wing. Cracked on both models, which I've been trying to reinforce.
  7. Now the fuselage is together. I found a wheelweight today, which will be added into any available space.
  8. Early progress, in the cockpit. A digital instrument panel, the only difference over my previous build.
  9. RIP. The One That Got Away, and Flight of the Phoenix. I'll have to watch both at the weekend. I found the book The One That Got Away by Kendall Burt and James Leasor - whilst at school. Oh where is that copy now? Illustrated with photos of Kruger from the film
  10. Fitted the wings an tails today. Fit isn't great. Large gaps.
  11. Sticking with this thread, there is a duplicate - which I can't delete. Decals then Indiana ANG option and Michigan ANG. Parts the same as my previous Italeri A-10.
  12. Joining you with this kit. Which will be very similar to my previous A-10 from 2018. And I'm probably going for one option on each side again.
  13. A day's modelling later, Intake trunks, and rear fuselages assembled - and the fit isn't great. Cockpits assembled - no decals for detail. Instrument panels nothing like photos of the real thing. Forward fuselage assembled. Later assembled into the full fuselages. Wings dryfitted onto single seater. A strange arrangement for the inner leading edge slat, which accounts for those rhombus gaps. I'm now considering dropping flaps and slats for one model. Some mixing of parts, one kit being lighter than the other. Softish Italeri plastic, all mating edges need light flas taking off for a better fit.
  14. Making a late start with the interior preparation. Twin-stick parts on the left, single on the right. Unsurprisingly - the same front cockpit on both. I've closed and sealed that airbrake on both.
  15. Great to see! I had no idea this kit was that old, but well aware of its Matchbox origin. I built this kit as the NF13 at Jet Age - including all its faults. My purchase being the first card transaction, as the finance system was being set up at Jet Age. Enjoy it Enzo - it's a national treasure!
  16. That was nearly a year ago. Now I'm planning to build this in grey. A-10C Thunderbolt II.
  17. Completed model. Rigged with filaments of stretched Uhu glue. And showing the radar, and RP3 rocket armament.
  18. Today's progress. Camo applied - in this case by hairy stick. and underside. Lines bounding the stripes, and a dark anti-dazzle area above the pilot. And wing fitted, bi-plane at last.
  19. Guarded approaches to the Channel crossing zone. Preventing interference by E-boats or U-boats.
  20. Good to see - Erik. Genuine 3-colour kit. Mine is a single colour from the days when Revell operated Matchbox, and Made in England has been ground off the sprues. I see you've opened up the observer's position, an additional fuel-tank in there for Taranto.
  21. A miss from me - but don't let that detract from anyone's positive waves. New 1/72 Meteor F8 and vintage DH Beaver. Probably the only items for which I'll flex my card. A 1/48 Buccaneer, well I've tamed the old one - twice. As for the rest - I'll pass thanks. Same time last year - VERY excited about a 1/48 Chipmunk, and got VERY wet cycling to model shop to collect my pre-order. Beaufort - built that during the Bristol GB. Tempest with stubby cannons - I'm still waiting for that one. Vintages that I bought, Jetstream and Trident.
  22. My stash is not overflowing with eligible subjects, so I'll keep following the chat to see how it evolves. I do have this - unarmed AEW. So add me to the list.
  23. I'm going to stray slightly from total accuracy. I've not really found exactly what I want to build - yet. I've found Swordfish IIs in white, and with stripes. Additionally preserved Swordfish III NF389, which I saw during the D-Day 50th anniversary event at Portsmouth - but without the radar. Aerosol white applied today, and setting the base for D-Day stripes
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