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  1. Undercarriage. And up onto her pins - better photos tomorrow.
  2. Hi Peter, I didn't like the look of rubber tyres on this 2014 build, using the plastic wheels instead. I still have the white metal legs, and might use them on my Revell build.
  3. Now for my previous form with Tomcats, these all 1/72. My first built, just after TopGun, the Airfix Hasegawa, built around 1994 Matchbox My 2012 Revell Super Tomcat. Fujimi
  4. Joining you with this Revell 1/72 F-14D Super Tomcat. THis VF-101 GhostRider, the only option - suits me My reference books. THis a kit that I built during the 2012 Tomcat GB.
  5. Secretly regretting starting this one Pat. Still quite a bit of time left.
  6. Two coats of Klear have changed the colour of this model. Then decals, joining the Danish Air Force.
  7. Canopy fitted, then airbrushed Humbrol 116 this afternoon. And canopy framed.
  8. Now for a rare treat. A Danish Draken at Fairford. A photo that I took in 1985. This morning I dunked the canopy in Klear - now curing.
  9. Tim's balance rig. spues superglued in place alongside the locations for U/C legs. Nosecone filled with finely chopped pieces of lead - borderline balance. A rolled up piece of lead into that nose orifice, under the coaming sealed the deal.
  10. Much sanding later, I've got this. And filled the cannon port on this side. This model feels like it's going to need loads of ballast.
  11. Here's a closer look at my 3-tone Academy Avenger - selected from scrutiny of LOADS of pictures, for the anonymity of its markings, and no noseart. The height of that blue/grey demarcation, and the shades varied. The TBF-1 had a 1700hp engine, with a single oil cooler above the engine opening. Cooling gills, when opened, look like a Y shape when viewed from the front. And a look at an Airfix TBM-3, built with those 301 markings. The TBM-3 had a 1900hp engine, with cooler intakes above and below the engine opening. Cooling gills form a ring around the back if the engine cowling.
  12. I've got an Academy F-84 Thunderjet, that's vouched for a RepublicGB - if it gets through the bunfight. and a Tamiya F-4D Skyray. I'm in.
  13. Hi Andy, It's a great kit TBF-1 Avenger - here are the 3 copies that I've built. One thing about the markings. I found a photo of battle-damaged 301, yellow noseband. It was a TBM-3.
  14. Cockpits fitted. And fuselage, if you can call it that. Airframe completed. Outer wings suffered shrinkage, I'm trying to fix that with filler and Tippex. Draken trainers - well the Danish ones, only had the port cannon, so I'm filling the stbd one.
  15. Evening Star was built for Unarmed GB. I bought Dapol Stephenson's Rocket at the weekend - I'm in. And a colleague today, asked me to build a mighty Deltic for him. Could go either way.
  16. This is all the cockpit that you get. Tubs, crude seats, blank instrument panels - no decals.
  17. No. Those aircraft are described on my markings instruction sheet, but I've built 3 SEA camo Phantoms previously. This aircraft will be Israeli desert camo, and was shot down by Syrian AAA on 13 Oct 1973. This is how I do canopy interior framing. Very thinly sliced black insulation tape for the edges and sills. Very well pressed down. Then a final wipe, to remove fingerprints - ONLY handle by tweezers from now on. Infill any gaps with black paint, and allow to dry in the afternoon sun. One last look at the interior detail - before I fit the canopy. Now with HUD, and face-curtain handles. Finally canopy fitted. Followed by airbrushing Humbrol 121 sand onto upper surfaces.
  18. Whilst waiting, here are my previous Drakens - both Airfix. This one, built gear-up in about 1987. Then this, around 1996ish. So you'll see why I'm not building a Flygvapnet Draken.
  19. Joining you with this recent acquisition from IPMS Avon show. Cost £7. To build this 2 seat option, which happens to be Danish. Post-dated photo of parts, earlier this morning. Raised panel detail, little interior - I suspect this Draken kit has been overtaken in quality. Originally released in 1977, and last seen in 2000.
  20. Undercarriage fitted. Nothing there to locate it to - this doesn't look quite right. But photos from my camera again now, much better. So declaring completion. Better photos edited in on 04 Sept 2021.
  21. I bought a Rareplane Vacform Douglas A3 Skywarrior just before the Hasegawa 1/72 Skywarrior was released, building them both simultaneously - earlier this year. Each having cost the same price, £10. Result - the injection build is just a different league from VacForm. I came to the conclusion that the only utility for vacform, is where there is no injection equivalent. Something which a perusal of the RarePlane back catalogue confirmed to me. I also concluded that I won't be buying another vacform kit - I've taken on that challenge now. I won't rule out building a kit donated at Jet Age - but won't go looking.
  22. Nicely done! I built this Sword SeaStar in 2019. Similar struggles, but very rewarding.
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