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  1. Thanks, I have already done the EA-6A in an earlier GB this year, and I don't have an F3D kit to convert, so ignoring other variants of the EB-66 I guess that just leaves the EA-6B Prowler. I know some did get to 'Nam but I doubt I have suitable markings for my Hasegawa kit - must have a look! Later - right unit, but 7 years too late and modified quite a bit by then so no Prowler for this GB! Anyway, I have just remembered the Interceptor GB, so I will probably enter a kit or two in that. Pete
  2. Hi Col. I missed out on the Buccaneer STGB, but depending on how the Heller Classic works out I might have a go at this one as I have a good few potentially eligible kits. I will have to check over my stash, but there are certainly a Lightning F 6, Tornado F3, Sukhoi Su 9 and several more I can immediately think of. Once I have a list I will run it past you as some of the planes were multipurpose rather than pure interceptors, eg F-4, F-14 etc. Cheers Pete
  3. Finally managed to get the varnish on. Now all I need is some halfway decent weather to get some pics for the gallery!. It is a nice kit, easy to build and I think it has come out quite well. The nose and canopy may or may not be entirely accurate but I can live with that. Thanks to all involved in this GB for giving me an incentive to get this out of its box. It might just get joined by another USN plane, depending on how my Heller GB builds go. Cheers Pete
  4. Sprayed, and waiting for some decent weather for gallery shots. Ok, I took the lazy option but it has come out quite well. I will do the conversion before too long but it will take a lot longer - less aerials but more bulges and pods! As the deadline is still a way distant, I might, just might consider adding another kit, but if not, then thanks to the organisers and moderators for setting up and running this GB, thanks to those fellow modellers who have provided useful info, and above all, thanks for watching. Cheers Pete
  5. Hi Graham, I had just moved down to South Wales at the time the series started, and the WDA had for some time managed to encourage the influx of a number of fairly high profile industries into the area which they were a little boastful about. Unfortunately some of them did not last very long - LG for example, hence the "Failed in Wales" skits on Not the Nine O'Clock News. Of course, being a topical prog like "That was the week, that was" it would probably not work too well with modern audiences which may be why they never repeated it much, which is a pity as some of it was rather g
  6. At the time Amex were running ads on TV where a customer showed his card and the vendor said "American Express - that will do nicely sir." They had Pamela Stephenson standing behind a desk in what looked like airline uniform, but it turned out that the service she was accepting payment for was not quite one Amex would want to be associated with - I will say no more! Are you building this with the side skirts on? I gather they tended to get damaged when barging through the bush so they were often removed. I have for years been intending to build one of the Aifix ones in my stash wit
  7. That was a much quicker build than I expected. The refuelling probe was a PITA to fit and perhaps I should have used a slightly thinner brass tube but it is on now. The probe was usually all black but the pic I have of this actual plane shows that they painted the front end in white. Could have been worse as I have seen at least one with a red spiral round white as in the old "barbers pole" which used to be displayed outside some shops when I was a lad. I have not seen any recently so maybe they decided that the "blood and bandages" symbol of a mediaeval barber-surgeon was no longer qui
  8. Hi Craig, I guess if I had put the original bomber versions side by side, with the same pointy nose and cannon tail, the difference would have been rather less noticable, and the silhouette from underneath would be almost the same. Speaking of underneath - Doors and 29 aerials on - 2 more to go on top and then I just have to sort out the IFR probe. This is turning out to be a very enjoyable GB for me, but also a slightly strange one. I can understand that nobody else is likely to build an EKA-3B or this oddity, but I did expect to see a couple more F
  9. Well, in spite of their age and the "mold" spots on the backing sheet I am pleased to say that the decs worked fine. Looking again at the one and only pic I have of this plane, I suspect that when the shark's mouth was added they also extended the black area on the nose back to make it look better, but I have not bothered. So that's the decs finished so on with the engines. And a few hours later - spot the difference! Still not got round to spraying the Whale. So a little more touching up to do - inevitably, and then just the refuelling probe, three wheel do
  10. Hi Heather, Coming along nicely. As to the paint I always find that the colours are very dependent on the lighting angle, particularly so prior to being varnished. I doubt any 2 pics I have posted of the Ju 88 and Do 17 in the BoB build look quite the same colour, and the difference between daylight and my artificial lighting is huge. Should look fine when finished. Pete
  11. Progress continues apace as they say. Touching up is finished - at least until I spot something else I have missed! The doors are done and the engines coming along so I have put on the "non aircraft specific" decs - the rest are waiting for a bit of sun to finish bleaching the white parts, hopefully. The black rectangles on the vertical tail are yet more dielectric panels, and the light grey bare plastic patches on the fuselage sides are where I have peeled off the Maskol I put over the location marks for the large side antennae. Once the engines are done they can go on, to
  12. Thanks Craig, Should of course have said 54438! In fact my first thought when looking at the pic was that the second "tan" was in fact just heavily faded normal tan, and that maybe it had been given a partial repaint - pics of ones that have only been in Davis - Monthan boneyard a short time show a similar sort of shade. Then I noticed that other parts of the paint scheme did not fit the normal pattern as well, though standard colours were used. I am not exactly sure when and where the SEA camo was applied but I guess it would have been touched up "in the field" sometim
  13. Ok, I am retired and my wife and I are once more in local lockdown - Welsh equivalent to Tier 2 I guess. When the weather is good she gardens, but I just watch TV and kit bash. sad individual that I am! Anyway - I am still touching up but have made some progress. As you can see the gear is on and I am working on the remaining doors. The canopy is on but needs a bit of work, and I have made a start on the engines. I have tested the decal sheet and it seems to work OK, except for the dark patches, which seem to be bleaching out in my window but it depends on how much sun
  14. This is the bit that always seems a little tedious - touching up! As you will see I have painted in the black panels on the underside and nose, and un-masked the side windows. I have also put a blanking plate into the rear of the engine nacelles and glued in the upper section of the wheel doors as it seems they were normally closed except for when the u/c was actually travelling. Once I have cleaned up the engines I will try and tack them in place so I can work out the paint scheme. I will also have a shot at finishing off the black nose and the panels on the tail. I will le
  15. Hi, Acrylic paints can be a pain at times but when they work they certainly speed things up! Still a fair bit of touching up to do but getting there. Next step will be the various black bits, including the band on the tail. Some references say that the dielectric panel on the tail could be either black or dark brown, and one modeller used mid stone in his build but the photos I have mostly show black. The paint scheme is mainly as in the Italeri instructions as they agree with another source I have and the colour pics in the Aerofax book, except for the vertical tail
  16. Hi, This is a very interesting kit. The Bloch 174 recce/bomber was one of the better French machines, though as ever it's entry into service was I gather much delayed. Ordered in 1936, it first flew in 1938 (Bloch 170) but after considerable modifications were made only reached the squadrons in March 1940, when St Exupery's flight to Arras took place. It was fast and pretty handy so only a handful were shot down before France capitulated, and it deserves to be better known. Pete
  17. Hi Pat, Looks good to me. Your Gris Bleu Clair has come out a somewhat lighter than my old White Ensign version but as I mentioned elsewhere I always thought they had got it a bit dark - though they were adamant both their greys were correct, but then as I said earlier WWII French colours are a bit of an unknown quantity to most people over here. Cheers Pete.
  18. Hi John, The pictures I have seen suggest the top glaziing was quite small with rounded corners and rather heavy framing, similar to the side ones. Perhaps you could get away with moving them up a bit, backfilling below them and then inserting a solid frame on the centreline? Mind you I can't tell from your pic if they are both the same size? If not then one might be a short shot. Pete
  19. Hi Tony Incidentally I have read that the unit with the Bat insignia (ECN 1/13) became an improvised night fighter unit during the early part of the war so perhaps another similarity to the 110! Without any radar either in the air or on the ground it did not I think have much success. Pete
  20. Hi Graham, Yes, that would make sense - the dreaded algorithms again. Pete
  21. Thanks Craig, In fact the underside is now painted so the white primer helped. I will leave it to harden overnight then mask up and start on the upper surfaces. Incidentally, the first kits I built in SEA camo were at the end of the 1960's with the war in Vietnam increasingly in the news. I started with the 1966 Revell "Tactical Strike Fighter" aka F-111A/B, followed by the Frog boxings of Hasegawa's F-100D and RF-101C, and as I recall some if not all the instructions called for white undersides, and curiously, so do the ones with this kit! These days a light gray - th
  22. That fits a pattern I have seen several times. A seller in the States asking an astronomical price for a book that can often be found elsewhere for far less. A few years back I was looking for a copy of Putnam's "The German Giants" by Grosz and somebody wanted the equivalent of £180. I found one of the earlier prints with a tatty dustcover for £15, but could also have had the same later edition in good condition for £25. Presumably somebody does pay the outrageous price from time to time, but I certainly won't. Pete
  23. Hi Pat, I believe the main purpose was that when viewed through a ranging sight and particularly a periscope, it made it very hard to determine the speed and direction of the ship, thus making it a lot harder to hit! Pete
  24. Hi Pat, According to book I have somewhere, that was why the white stripe was painted down the side of the fuselage several months before the armistice - I always thought that it was something to dp with Vichy markings, but apparently not!. Pete
  25. Hi Craig, The joint is fair but at the top it is "dished" so out with the filler. Could have been worse I suppose. Fair bit of rescribing will be needed unfortunately. Later, I have scraped, filled and sanded 3 times now and rescribed - it is still far from perfect but it is going to have to do - at least the SEA camo might make it less obvious. On the plus side I am pleased to say that for once one of my harebrained schemes "cunning plans" has actually worked pretty well and I have now have a darned nigh perfect replacement long tail available should I get ro
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