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  1. Wowza wowza woo hoo! That does look amazing. The printed complexity in the engine and transmission department, coupled with plain old school modelling chops, makes for a magnificent model. I don’t usually get emotive about Westland Scouts, either Regards, Adrian PS hope your travel plans work out. Trying to get my daughter home for Xmas, so I know what it’s like!
  2. I haven’t ever used the blue tube adaptor, always straight from the tube. FWIW I’ve put the rest of the PPP in one of those “one person” jam pots and diluted it (to the consistency of Revell’s thicker acrylics!), and it seems to be working quite well for the one day of ops so far. Regards, Adrian
  3. Time to stop for today: Tomorrow, get the Academy build ready to rig, and show the Bristol 142 some love…
  4. Revell struts are in the bottom wing, equal overhang both sides: I have also drilled holes in the Airfix wings to mark the strut locations. I’m minded to make my own struts for that one because the kit ones are such a mess. I couldn’t find my other product so I used a bit of Revell Decalsoft, and lo and behold: However, in observance of the First Law of Conservation of Awkwardness, I’ve never seen an Xtradecal roundel fail to settle in before:
  5. Well I’ll be blowed. PPP does work for large areas: Seen here under a couple of thin coats of Radome Tan. Looks like the Airfix kit will be joining the party after all. I left it to dry overnight and found the right grade of sandpaper to sand down very lightly. Unfortunately the scrap of sandpaper doesn’t have the grade written on the back of it, but it feels like 240 grit.
  6. One day I will come back to find the two overlaps magically bonded together by the drying Decalfix, needing only the lightest of trims before yielding a perfect result. Hasn’t happened yet! [edit: 50 minutes lifting carrying and emptying in the wind, rain and dying light has failed, once again, to convince me of the joys of gardening!]
  7. Back on topic, cracking on with the Academy: Xtradecal “pre-war” decals plus stripes from a Modeldecal WWI set that had no roundels of appropriate sizes. I have some white WWI serials and some white “A”s in the decal dungeon for later. Mrs MF has very kindly saved me from poking at wet decals by kidnapping me for gardening duties!
  8. Brightly patterned and no doubt freshly starched and ironed too! A super bit of film, lots of period atmosphere and DH-9 right at the end. Regards, Adrian
  9. I have put on another coat of PPP on the Airfix wings. Even though I keep the tube of putty in a sealed bag with a wet cloth to stop it drying out, it has been getting very hard to squeeze and I keep getting bits of yellow gunk in it (see blob): So I’ve cut the tube open and mixed the contents with some water in a tiny jam jar. Time will tell if that will save it. I do have an unopened tube but I’ve only used half of this one! Has anyone else had that problem with PPP?
  10. Cockpits and seats painted: I suspect that there may have been shoulder straps as well. I may or may not bother… And where I am now: Top left, Academy, on the way to becoming an RFC early Spad XIII, with hideous original propeller and wheel next to the spares from the Eduard kit. Top right, Eduard with later propeller and big wheel option from kit - destined to become the Nungesser machine from the kit options. Bottom right, Revell, with short shot tailplane repair, thinned down struts and late mode propeller and big wheels, which will be in US markings from the kit if they behave, otherwise from the Eduard sheet. Finally bottom left we have the Airfix Spad VII with hill and valley wing filling in progress, to be the Guynemer option from the kit - I need to scratch a new propeller if the spares box doesn’t cooperate. In the short term, I’m going to get the Academy across the line and put the tailplanes back on my Bristol 142 so I can re-spray it.
  11. Thanks! After not having wheels at all for so long, and also from a combo of rather undersized undercarriage legs and wheels that are 0.5mm too big, it looks to me like a puppy with over-sized feet. And the size disparity with the accurate Eduard one is beginning to bug me now that I’ve finished it. I am going to have to learn to not snap up awful kits just because they are “bargains”! Regards, Adrian
  12. More cockpits, Revell XIII and Airfix VII: They are getting a bit more slapdash because you can’t really see all that much once it’s closed up.
  13. What a gorgeous subject! Looking forward to your build. Regards, Adrian
  14. The engine looks huuuuge! Looks like you have got it all together very cleanly. The next project looks like a regular fin that’s been extended because of some extra frontal area being added. Spitfire on floats? Regards, Adrian
  15. Crikey it’s done: That was a lot of rigging for something that’s smaller than the palm of my hand! (Edit: and the top wing is on straight - that’s smartphone camera perspective at work) Well, not done-done - I need a man (Eduard WWI RFC set in the post from Mr EBay as a starting point), a base and some decent lighting. And some Christmas wrapping paper. And when I’m in the mood I may add the step and aileron levers too. Next!
  16. Thanks! I have all the material for that but It’s all over bar the shouting (well, a light sanding when it dries):
  17. My modelling extremities felt more like sausages than tentacles when I was doing that rigging! I have to admit, just one more hand would be very useful… Wheels. Ah. The ESCI and Academy wheels are rubbish and too small, and I only have one pair of extra wheels in the Eduard kit. So, make some: The discs are too small for my circle cutter and too big for my leather punch so they are made by scribing round inside a template with my centre punch. I will add a short length of rod in the middle of the pieces marked “o” and build a little cone of filler up around it. The paint brush handle acts as a mandrel for the solder tyres.
  18. Aaaand rigged: Windscreen and pipework to add under the wing, touch up the shiny glue dots with matt varnish and get the wing on. Then rudder horn and cables, wheels and it’s done.
  19. I’ve got four biplanes on the go, so I sympathise. There’s always one strut that refuses to go into the hole when it sees the glue. I am starting to wonder whether PVA glue wouldn’t be a better option when offering up multiple struts to multiple holes in the other wing - more adjustment time and less panic, plus cleanup with a wet brush. It is looking jolly smart and far prettier than a Vildebeest has any business looking. Regards, Adrian
  20. Thanks for that! I’m not inconsistent, having tricolour lower wings, red outers and green foremost. Meanwhile, I’ve been sanding and putting a coat of grey on those wings: Looks like I will have to build the damn’ thing now…
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