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  1. Gosh that's a lot of work. It's a step up from the FROG one (which I am contemplating...) but miles behind the Airfix offering. But you are bashing it into shape and I'm enjoying the thread, even though you haven't (yet) got diverted into discussions of unhealthy diverse food types... Regards, Adrian
  2. What a fabulous build! That kit is showing it’s age now and your conversion is giving it a new lease of life. Regards, Adrian
  3. I’ve managed to stick on the remaining four pieces on the airframe (in addition to the ten pieces so far). Paint tomorrow when everything’s dried. I’m finding it a bit weird to build a kit that has a detailed cockpit OOB and builds so well. It’s a bit different from my usual fare! Regards, Adrian
  4. Apparently I have fallen for an urban legend! Edgar Schmued left Germany before the Bf109 was even started, and never worked for Messerschmidt. They did have access to Bf109s captured in the Spanish Civil War but the Mustang wasn't a knock-off Bf109. Sorry, Adrian
  5. I quite regularly (every year or so) chuck superglue away and replace it. I'm always amazed how "super" superglue is when I open a new bottle, which tells me the old one is probably quite far gone by the time I notice it needs replacing. I've heard that storing it in the fridge can extend its shelf life but I'd rather buy on demand because I can get it without a long trek. I recently bought a bottle of "Gators Grip" PVA glue and I find myself increasingly using that instead of superglue for some applications. The Anson is looking lovely. I'm glad to see the P-E set is proving useful. Regards, Adrian
  6. Well I have stuck a further four pieces together and given it a quick coat of dark grey: I think I might stick on the remaining six or so pieces of the airframe and get started on the black - quite a refreshing change from painting hundreds of coats of trainer yellow! Thanks for looking, Adrian
  7. Should have built a Beaufort, mate... And looking at your Frog one it still scrubs up well! Regards, Adrian
  8. Very nice silver finish. The extra detail is looking good too! Regards, Adrian
  9. Time to get friendly with a spider then! (but probably back in the UK, where they don't bite and kill you...) Regards, Adrian
  10. +1 for the window frames. Very nice. And the tail is very full of character and complexity - very much a model in its own right. Regards, Adrian
  11. I used the new Airfix Beaufighter part. Wing is 23mm wide, 9mm front to back with an 8mm x 1.5mm cut out for the torpedo tail. Fins are 9mm front to back, 8mm high with slightly rounded corners. The wing joins the fins half way down but the wing is tilted downwards so that the of the join is about 1mm lower at the front than at the back. Regards, Adrian
  12. It does look very finely moulded with delicate detail. Given that the undercarriage bay is closed up I wonder if you could drill out the propeller backplate and put weight in through there. Regards, Adrian
  13. I have a couple of Heller Dewoitines (501 and 510) tucked away for the Heller GB. I expect the FROG kits are pretty agricultural! Regards, Adrian
  14. Fabulous lineup! The schemes are very attractive. You weren't tempted to build the FROG examples of the MS and Dewoitine then? (a sort of nominative determinism?) (Sorry) Regards, Adrian
  15. Gosh you are a modelling machine! Lovely model, even if you keep dropping stuff on it... Regards, Adrian
  16. A most excellent group! For 50-year old kits they don’t half scrub up well in the right hands. Looking forward to the B-17. Regards, Adrian
  17. I'm not crazy. I only hoard packaging from Easter Bunnies! Loving the detail. Adrian
  18. It’s amazing how quickly you can build when you don’t have to worry about P-E, resin or wheel well details! That’s a very nice sow’s-ear-to-silk-purse build - I hope your refound fondness for 1/72 stays with you so you can build some more gems for us. Regards, Adrian
  19. Are made out of undiluted acrylic paint. Some of the Revell acrylics in particular are the consistency of toothpaste out of the pot. I just picked up a blob with a fine paintbrush and blobbed it on. Regards, Adrian [EDIT] I used fine black EZ Line for the wiring with superglue and quite a lot of bad language...
  20. It’s done! Overall it was a nice easy build (apart from shenanigans with the propeller at the end) and I enjoyed the back conversion to a Mk I so that I could do a green and brown one (613 squadron) with a panda logo: My phone doesn’t like taking pictures of Sky on a blue background: More pictures in the gallery here. Thanks for looking, Adrian
  21. F196F Mustang Mk II, lightly backdated to a Mustang Mk I. Not the most accurate kit in the world but it was fun to build. Build thread is here. Thanks for looking, Adrian
  22. That’s landing lights and torque scissors sorted: Then I can weather and varnish, fix in the propeller and add an aerial wire. Thanks for looking, Adrian
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