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  1. Cute! It looks more accurate than the Revell one I built in the last Blitzbuild. Remember you said that when you’re asking on the forum about the colour of the leather trim on the rudder pedals in six months’ time. It’s always the ones you don’t expect... Regards, Adrian
  2. Got the white on, well maybe one more coat... I have perfectly good rattle cans of white primer and appliance white that I was intending to use but somehow the brush came out because I didn’t fancy masking the wells! Started with a couple of coats of Humbrol 34, then three coats of Citadel Ceramite White. The weapons mounts had to go because the Martel pylon bases moulded on the wing are much longer than the early pylons. Not sure yet if I will do it clean or add some stores.
  3. Not hanging around on this one! Nice. Regards, Adrian
  4. This is looking great. Welcome aboard! Regards, Adrian
  5. I've had that happen with an Airfix Albatros (quite a bit smaller and lighter than the Swordfish). No damage, but I didn't want to try it again! Regards, Adrian
  6. Welcome to the fray! Looks good so far. I think the seat looks great, much better than plain plastic. If you stick a couple of pieces of masking tape on to make a lap belt, it would look the absolute business. Looking forward to more. Nothing wrong with hairy sticks either. Rigging you have three real choices, excluding the super-scale exotica: elastic thread, secured with a tiny blob of superglue at each end. If you dip the end of the thread in superglue accelerator then when it touches to the far end it sets immediately. That's the theory. Be prepared for 20-50% of attempts to have the thread rebound immediately when you let go. Drill holes through the wings and into the fuselages, secure one end of invisible mending thread or fiishing line in one hole, then when that's all dry feed it through the other hole and secure with superglue, keeping it taut until dry. Then cut off ends and tidy up. Cut pieces of straighened wire of stretched sprue to length, then secure with a dab of white/PVA glue at each end. You will need tweezers for all of them and fine drills (0.5mm and under, from eBay - it's OK to break them) for #2. I've used all three methods and whenever I've chosen one of them I wish at some point I'd chosen one of the other two . But rigging (even if you don't do all of it and just do the main "X"s) does add quite a lot to the finished model. Regards, Adrian
  7. The wheels are fine. The plastic bearings are a different matter, and degrade over five years or so before the tabs break. So I’ve been replacing the bearing parts with Milliput, which seems to work well and uses up my leftovers. And I have 6.99 to put into my eBay fund! Regards, Adrian
  8. Looks splendid. The weathering is pretty well used but nowhere near as extreme as on your computer keyboard! Regards, Adrian
  9. It was that or fix back a tray wheel on the dishwasher. The dishwasher was running so the choice was made for me!
  10. Sadly I haven’t. I lost quite a bit to sanding on the fuselage and fin. I will rescribe the hatches above and below the engine and below the cockpit. I need to do a line where the nose opens too. Other than that I think I will just leave the raised details that remain. I'm aiming for a new and clean look so I might just do some pencil highlighting of selected hatches before glossing. Regards, Adrian
  11. Thanks for a super build with lots of useful notes on details and colours. Looking forward to more! Regards, Adrian
  12. This is turning up modelling a notch or two... astounding! Regards, Adrian
  13. I’ve milliputted everything that needed it (I’m sure I will discover more!) and blended in my paper cone intakes. My daughter wants some more custom earrings, so the leftovers didn’t go to waste: I think I have to restore the missing vane where there’s a gap - I believe it was removed when they fitted Martel rockets.
  14. Wanted to give you a second like for The Destruction of Pompeii and Herculaneum. Actually, three likes, two for the amazing printing! Regards, Adrian
  15. I’m trying and failing to get a Basil Brush joke in here... The boomwork looks great. I didn’t realise how sparse and spindly these things could get, having been raised on Revell DH2s, which look like garden gates in comparison. Regards, Adrian
  16. Very nice! maybe a small blob of clear bathroom sealant on the inside of the fold? I’ve just been re-sealing a shower and it’s tenacious stuff... Regards, Adrian
  17. Nose, tail and fin on: I need to make some choices about clean wings or pylons, ECM pods and whether the little bump under the nose was there. The little pylon (music stand?) in front of the navigator was apparently a late addition, which is good because I’ve accidentally snapped it off. And apparently I’m cooking dinner. Oh well, I had a good run at it today...
  18. Cleaned up top to bottom fuselage joint. I’m very impressed with FROG’s engineering! It needed some persuasion to stay laterally aligned but the two halves fit together very well and the joint sands down nicely: it will need a touch of filler, but much less than I expexted.
  19. Looks great with the red bits - we never did find out which colour undercoat to use though... Regards, Adrian
  20. Trevor, that’s very kind of you, but I think I’m going to go “early and clean” for this one and do the new tool one fully loaded and folded. Thanks, Adrian
  21. In all fairness @Col. is absolutely correct: There are “only” five sprues and a clear one but they are packed (140 parts). There are almost as many parts to detail the inside of the fuselage as there are in the whole Frog kit, plus folding wings and opening tail air brake and a sprue of external stores. I’m definitely warming to the new Airfix but I’m also enjoying the Frog one on another level too: Yes, I will be cutting down the exhaust pipes! If I’d had to pay “eBay rare kit” prices for the FROG then the Airfix would have been a shoo-in, but this was a fiver at SMW 2018. It’s a very nice kit, but made redundant by the Airfix one (unless I find another one for a fiver!)
  22. I will put you down as "quite partial to Buccaneers" then... Regards, Adrian
  23. Smashing job. One of the few times the flying stand will actually hold the aeroplane at a realistic scale height above the ground! But - surely with your avatar you should be doing a 12 squadron example? Regards, Adrian
  24. Got the fuselage halves together. A little bit of drift along the length, so I glued front half and back half separately. Filler will be needed, but it isn’t too bad: ...and on re-fondling the new Airfix plastic this morning, I’m quite a bit more enthusiastic. Not sure if it makes sense to run it as a parallel build here though. We’ll see...
  25. At some point I cracked and bought the new Airfix Buccaneer when I found a source for under 25 quid including postage. Got it yesterday and had a look. It's obviously a massive step up from the FROG Buccaneer, and a leap up from the old Airfix NA39, but I was surprised how indifferent I felt about it. What did amaze me was the packaging - the box is massive, it is five or six times the volume of the NA39 box and way bigger than the FROG one:
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