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  1. That rotor head has more parts than lots of the whole kits that I put together! Super progress. Regards, Adrian
  2. It was produced to the F.9/37 requirement issued in 1937 and preceded the Beaufighter, which was a derivative of the Beaufort (which is how I could steal the Airfix Beaufighter wings and tail to put on the FROG Beaufort body in the dark days before Airfix kitted the Beaufort!). A later version was put forward into the competition that produced the Beaufighter but it was withdrawn so Gloster could concentrate on jet designs. Given that I already made my other Magna kit (the Gloster F.5/34) for the Anything But Injection GB, this would be a nice excuse to get this one done! (But P-38s need to get done first!) Thanks, Adrian
  3. Gorgeous. Love the scheme too. Regards, Adrian
  4. Nice to see someone else using a mole wrench for their modelling. Sometimes it’s the only tool for the job! Coming along nicely. Regards, Adrian
  5. Hi Pat, it’s looking lovely and very, very red, but I’m a bit confused over the engine. I would expect the cylinders to go down into the slot with the exhaust sticking out on the right hand side. Am I just not understanding your photo? Regards, Adrian
  6. Lovely scheme, great choice and good to see it started. Nice to see your comment about the cockpit, I’m coming around to the same view after far too much worrying about detail no one will ever see. I’d say that was a pretty mild case - you obviously have higher standards than me! Looking forward to more blue and gold goodness… Regards, Adrian
  7. I didn’t think I’d got anything in the stash so I was thinking of making a prototype Hurricane from the old Airfix 1/72 Mk1 kit, but I’ve since remembered I have a Pavla Gloster Whittle, a Magna Gloster Reaper and an AZ Model MB-5 in the stash! Nothing very colourful but spoilt for choice nonetheless (after the P-38 GB). Regards, Adrian
  8. Ray, I hope you can get your other things sorted out. Take care, Regards, Adrian
  9. Looks super! I do like a kit where they have thought through how to get the top wing on easily. Regards, Adrian
  10. I should be having a quiet word with Dennis if I were you... I never got into Monogram (I still don't have a kit from them) but 1960s Revell with the paintings on the front works for me: Do these work? If they are OK I might do the MC200 as a quickie, and then have a go at the DH2 if I have the time, using either the WNW instructions for reference or, if I want more detail, @Putty Animal's build! Regards, Adrian
  11. Thanks for the info Alan. I might be tempted to pick up a project I had left unfinished as a teenager, and would need to get the right horse poses to do it. Hmpf… Before I moved down to That London to dine on caviare and champagne every night, I grew up in Brum on a diet of tripe and liver and onions. I didn’t smoke, drink, drive or chase girls, and so all my money went on modelling! And while on the subject of warm gravel for breakfast (luxury!), I didn’t even get to buy an Airfix kit above series three until I was forty something. Try telling the kids of today that… * The horse surgery looks great - I always assumed the Airfix Horses were too fat! Adrian * they will just stare at you and ask “What’s an Airfix?”
  12. I was a bit “bah, humbug” about the lying in state and and didn’t intend to watch the funeral, but I still ended up in the living room in front of the TV with the family for around three hours on the day. I’m not a monarchist but I did admire her tremendously, and actually got a handshake in 2010 at a Queens Award do at the palace. Glad to hear your spirits are lifting. Regards, Adrian
  13. It’s looking good! Parking your guilt at not using every bit of aftermarket is a great thing - Special Hobby kits are hard enough already! Regards, Adrian [edit] glad the dive wasn’t terminal!
  14. It does too. I was going to say “stealthy night intruder PR, brilliant!” but, er, I think I’ll just say nothing and shuffle on… Regards, Adrian
  15. You are one crazy pigeon! Looking forward to it... Regards, Adrian
  16. Nice one, and a lucky break on the KP parts design. I love the looks of the Mk1. Not so keen on the Griffon contra-prop though! Regards, Adrian
  17. Love a Historex figure! Used to build them in my youth. Looking forward to this. Can you even still buy them? I haven't found a supplier in several casual searches. Regards, Adrian
  18. I used the big red ones but if you want some spares of the little ones (a-e) I have them kicking around. just let me know... Regards, Adrian
  19. Yeah, like you're the only one on this whole forum... Adrian PS: Sorry, Alistair - back to your regular programming!
  20. Well wrestled with the stripes. Looks every inch a Lightning! Regards, Adrian
  21. Great job on the camo! Regards, Adrian
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