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  1. Fabulous shark markings on that plane! If I wasn't already doing three I'd be tempted... [edit: it came as a decal option on a CMK Kits 1/72 version] Regards, Adrian
  2. Those French designers weren’t afraid of wacky strut arrangements, were they? Looking forward to seeing more of this (when you manage to wrestle the camera away!) Regards, Adrian
  3. Great scheme! Love the way you started with a neat pre-war finish too. Regards, Adrian
  4. Watch out, you will be wanting to fit a motor and micro R/C next! Super solution. A thin slice of the outer tube would work as a retainer too, I’m guessing. Regards, Adrian
  5. Looks like a super kit - once you’ve filled all the ejector pin marks! Looking forward to seeing you build it. Is this an “any colour you like, as long as it’s black” car, or have you got a different colour in mind? Regards, Adrian
  6. Those windows look very smart and the interior will look great. There’s a ton(ne) of glazing so it won’t be lost. Regards, Adrian
  7. A cheeky bit of late-night modelling - shell ejector chutes made with a hot screwdriver tip, and filler to lose the flaps on the upper wing surface and to get rid of the overdone fabric effects:
  8. It's going to look very dramatic. And congratulations on the medal too! Regards, Adrian
  9. There is also an MPM 1/72 version, which is very nice, and a Pegasus (old green bag, not the newer and better white box generation) model, which is a bit rough. It will be interesting to see how the Magna kit goes together. Looking forward to this. Regards, Adrian
  10. Anson? Triangular tailplane. Modern Airfix kit cowlings are a pain in the btm, but you probably don’t need me to tell you that... Onwards and upwards! Regards, Adrian
  11. It turns out that the angled offset in the cowling is provided by the part with the cooling gills, This has to be mounted the right way up to match the cowling ducting, and is thicker on one side than the other. Interestingly, the original Heller instructions contain a little call out telling you that the cowling is not straight, presumably to avoid people sending back the bits because they are wonky...
  12. There are a lot of photos that look a bit distorted/fisheyed so maybe you picked up on one of them... or maybe you are losing it
  13. Wow! Nice modelling (and brutally honest close-up photography) and a very educational thread with Troy and Chris on your tail. Looking forward to more. Regards, Adrian
  14. They are looking good! Hopefully the mojo is returning. At least with modelling you don't get so much mud.... Regards, Adrian
  15. Superb work Rob! It all looks very characterful and spot on. Regards, Adrian
  16. Er, apparently not! I’m surprised by how indifferent I feel about it. I don’t think I’ve driven more than twelve short trips since March and Mrs MF won’t drive it because it’s too big. So instead of getting tea and sympathy after reporting the theft I got invited to look at listings of second hand Fiat 500s!
  17. I note from pictures of the real thing that this aircraft seems to have both a reflector sight and a ring and bead arrangement. I would have thought one or the other but not both?
  18. Definitely a slightly lighter grey than last time but I still don’t know about the greens and browns. My Yak 9 paint testbed will have a few more coats before I’m done!
  19. Heather very kindly sent me her Smer re-box of the Bloch 152 after building the RS kit instead. Given that someone stole my car out of my driveway in the wee small hours of Thursday morning this act of kindness has rather restored the balance of my universe! I am going to try to add a bit more detail to the basic kit. It have made some notes: I must remember to add “shell ejector chutes” to my list. There seems to be a big hole for shell cases and a smaller hole on the feed side. (The notes also cover a pink Spitfire PR1G - please ignore!)
  20. Thanks JP. Civil Mi-4s seemed to come with round windows (like yours), square windows (like mine) and big rectangular windows for a VIP version, with lots of different schemes too. There are some great photos as well, including one where they are trying to load a reindeer, so if you want a slightly different diorama...! I won’t be building one of these again, I’m quite sure. It really did creep up on me - I was just going to stick it together before my P1127 build and do a green and blue scheme with stars and a number. Sometimes a build just runs away with you, and this was definitely
  21. Splendid stuff! Having cleared my shelf of shame earlier this year (and rapidly accumulated another) I can say that, for me at least, the action of simply resuming a build does help to rekindle the enthusiasm you had in the first place. Plus, they are half-built already so you are that much closer to the finish! Interesting subjects, looking forward to seeing them all progress. Regards, Adrian
  22. Nice work! It's interesting to see all the Mi-4 kits in this thread, all very different in approach. The opened bonnet grills look great, and the plain green and blue scheme is a classic - I was planning to do mine like that until I saw the pic of the civil one. Regards, Adrian
  23. The Planet Models kit will be much better than the Magna. The Magna one In my stash is like “short run resin”. While you are on a Gloster kick, you should take a look at the F.9/37. I cannot be held responsible for any purchases that may arise as a consequence! Regards, Adrian
  24. The group builds are squirrelled away a bit, now under the 3D printing section, but I’ve learned to get here by typing “Brit heli” or “Brit MTO” in the browser adddess bar.
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