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  1. Hello everybody I am really sorry that I was unable to finish the model in time for the group build. I will finish it, not very much missing, but I will show it in the "ready for inspection" page
  2. Thank You I've used AK real color for the cockpit turquoise and Mr.Color for the camo
  3. In reality, if I changed the subject I would also do it because I like the new one more. I am thinking of an A-6E TRAM or a Tomcat from the VF-1 From what I know in the early 90s there were only Mig-21Bis in Iraq, the Mig-21MFs had gone to Yugoslavia. I have a 1-48 scale mig-21bis dated 1990 but I don't want to make 2 almost the same in a row
  4. Thank You all! @TonyOD I think for the Gulf War GB it takes a MiG-21bis instead of MiG21MF. I wanted to participate with an UAE Mirage 2000C but I saw that it has already been placed. I'll find something else
  5. Hi! Thank You @RidgeRunner , my problem with the rudders, for now, is that i have not glued them yet, but i always forget it and they have fallen at least 20 times.. Paintjob phase 1 - done
  6. the empty space around the seat is due to the side slides of the mold that serve to create the detail on the sides of the seat
  7. Thank You @JWM it's not a big production but compared to my standards I can define myself happy, especially for the 1/48 scale models: I made 8 in total (the first in 2004, i built models since 1994), 3 of these I made in 2020
  8. Thank You for your attention Fuselage halves glued together
  9. Hi all I started the model beginning as usual from the cockpit..
  10. Hi all and happy Holydays I would like to join in with this Iraqi Air Force MiG-21MF (Fishbed J) from Eduard in 1/72nd scale No. 11 Squadron, Al Rasheed Air Base, Iraq, 1980 I don't have the box because it is my half of a Dual Combo kit (Royal Class R0017) that I bought with a friend of mine These are the sprues and accessories that I would like to use.
  11. Hi and Merry Christmas Due to the lockdown, even considering a break that began a couple of months ago, this year was definitely more productive than the previous ones. F-14A Tomcat Hasegawa 1/72 - built in 2002 as Fast Eagle 107, completely stripped, repainted and restored Hellcat MkI - Eduard 1/48 F-84G Thunderjet - Tamiya 1/48 F4U-1 Corsair - Tamiya 1/48 F-16A Fighting Falcon - ESCI/ERTL 1/72
  12. thanks @wimbledon99 especially for the "young" , but I was young at least until 20 years ago
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