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  1. Hi @Col.if your project is a French Aeronaval Corsair, you know that the starting model of mine was an F4U-4B, then I was not aware of the differences on the part of the engine / cowling but I believe that the canopy is the same
  2. Thank You I am amazed too, I haven't yet used putty
  3. Hi! Some little progress on my F-16.. Fuselage closed and wings glued I have to finish sanding the joints
  4. Hi I would like to join with this F4U-1 (or -2) "Birdcage" Corsair Tamiya 1/48th scale I have not yet chosen the subject: I have already built the white 20 of the Marines VMF-213 in 1/72 scale but it remains my favorite for early 2 tone camo and the presence of the eagle on the engine cowl Second of the list is one of the two night fighter of the Marines VMF(N)-532 (black 205 or 212) , last but don't least , the 3 (actually 4) tone camo 17-F-13 of the Navy VF-17 PS the same model had been presented for the Pacific at war GB but was not suitable for the regulation for which I changed the subject I would like to show you my other Corsair build This is the model mentioned above (Tamiya 1/72nd with Sky Models decal) An old French F4U-7 - (Italeri 1/72nd with Sky Models decal) A RNZAF Corsair built for Pacific at war GB in 2018 (Revell 1/72nd with Sky Models and Ventura Publications decal , thanks to LDSModeller )
  5. Hi all! This is the cockpit of an Academy F-16CJ kit mounted on the ESCI kit I didn't worry much about correctness because the alternative, the original cockpit was not quite up to par I started with in jets but for many years I made mainly WWII planes, I re-started making jets recently and one of my main difficulties are the ejection seats: too much colors and little details This mess is the best i could do. Harnesses are made from masking tape strips This is air intake I like the separation between gray and white but I made a mess when the blade in the middle (i don' know how it's called) didn't want to stick straight
  6. Thanks for the welcome The mold is also designed for two-seater version (notice the long "hole" on the fuselage and his cover) but that kit (amt) provided for 2 options both single-seater and did not contains the necessary parts for the two-seater. Also the 5 options of the ESCI kit are all single-seater As you can see from my notes written on the instruction, i made a comparison between two other kit (Academy and Tamiya F-16C) to establish the colors of the livery
  7. Hi gents 1993, I was 18 and I was in the last year of high school. In a hardware store where I had gone to buy other things they sold some models, I bought a 1/72 scale Desert Storm AMT-Ertl F / A-18A that I mounted without painting it, putting the decals on the bare plastic. Shortly afterwards I purchased an F-16A of the same series dedicated to Desert Storm accompanied this time by 5 jars of Humbrol colors : 5, 33, 34, 116 and 127 (if I remember correctly). I was convinced that with these colors I could do everything. This is the oldest model I still have (sorry for the dust). I then painted the Hornet with the blue angels livery (without decals) but I don't remember what happened to it. Last year at a model contest I found this ESCI-Ertl kit which is the same mold as that same aged AMT kit but the reason why I took it,was that the boxart represented the same plane that I had a large poster of in my room when i was young. Some parts are separated from the sprue, the exhaust and the wheel wells are already painted by the previous owner (am I in the 25% rule?) The model I will make for this Group Build will therefore be an 1/72 scale F-16A of the 186th FIS of the Montana ANG 'Big Sky Country' Can I use the cockpit on an Academy kit for which I planned to use an Aires cockpit or is it against the rules?
  8. Thank You again The colored decals are very thick while the stencils have an almost invisible film Those on the tail canceled some engraving but generally they reacted quite well to microset-microsol liquids
  9. Thank You all I'm waiting for a PE set for an F-86F that i would like to make in a colorful scheme almost like this
  10. Hi all! Done and posted to Ready for Inspection https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235072761-republic-f-84g-thunderjet-tamiya-148/
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