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  1. Thanks mate, I thought I did a pretty good job until I hit it with paint. Working with dark blue plastic hides a lot of seam issues.
  2. Gear doors on and filled and some priming to find those other filling errors
  3. I am scratch building some parts, the cockpit for instance and have a locally made conversion set from Hamilton Hobbies. I have used sets from HH on 3 previous RAAF Orion models. This one will be an EW version and some of the supplied parts will need minor corrections or replacement. I also have a set of plans with AP-3C antenna layouts that a friend who worked on the project all those years ago made available to me.
  4. If I did not already have more than enough P-3s built, it is time to add another. This is a dual build with my son, he works on AP-3Cs so he wanted to build a model of his aircraft. So I am tagging along, building one as well and helping him out with tips (he unusually builds and paints Warhammer) as he has not built an aircraft kit in about 15 years. I started with the cockpit, having built a few P-3s I had not done any real detail work on any of the cockpits, so with help from my SME I reconfigured the rear cockpit walls to more what they look like. I also added some crew for the spares box cannibalising them to get non-helmeted heads on them. Seat belts from an Eduard cockpit set that had been used on a previous model. This is what an unmodified cockpit looks like from my last AP-3C model. Next was the wings, CMDS fairings were fitted to the rear of the inboard engine nacelles, the wing tip sensor packs fitted and obligatory filling of weapon pylons mounting points. I also added support structure for the stand. Finally a the cockpit installed and test fit of major components
  5. Almost ready for primer now, just need to sort out how it will be mounted
  6. The first few out of the mould had the flaw which was caught. They retooled and got rid of it in the remainder of the run, yours should be OK.
  7. I started work on the Hasegawa kit the other day, and due to @Pappy's bad influence (too much skill detailing his builds) I decided to jazz up the area behind the cockpit. It is nowhere near accurate but as mine will be wheels up as well will add some interest to that area under the glass. I have a resin nose section to show the refuelling probe out (well 3 in fact) and decided I would finally use one. First attempt at the deck just using paint Bits gone in under the LEXes with only a small amount of filler The new rear deck and inst panel installed Wings are on now and the gear doors are going on next
  8. I'll be having a go at the old Airfix kit. 4 Il-28 Beagles were sold to Finland in 1960 by the good old Soviet Union, a bomber and 3 Recce versions. I'll be building the sole bomber variant. These aircraft soldiered on in Finnish Air Force service until 1981. My kit. I have some Hi-Decal Line decals for it. The previous owner had started to modify the wheel wells on it, the only work done to it. I'll just need to figure out how to mount the gear with the new wells.
  9. Good idea Scott, Large grey circles have a 14.5mm diameter and the smaller ones have a 11.5mm diameter
  10. The Canberra flew again recently after being grounded for over 10 years and was been flown at the last two flying days in the last few months. The Sabre seat saga is due to MB removing support for the cartridges in the older seat that is fitted. There has been a engineering proposal to put a PC-9 or PC-21 seat into it but that requires an engineering sign off by RAAF boffins in Canberra since it is a RAAF asset and comes under their engineering processes. From what I have heard there is no one willing to sign off the changes just in case something goes wrong if there is an accident and the seat does not work properly. Mind you the current seat in the Sabre is not the original type and a similar engineering exercise was carried out to fit a more appropriate seat back in the 80s which involved modifying the canopy opening mechanism to get over the slightly taller seat when opening.
  11. So Pat, would you be interested in the kit decals for the Canadian aircraft? I have Kitech kit (Hobbycraft re-box) and will be using other decals for it so they are surplus.
  12. Nice cockpit detailing, I was wondering about the colours. Did this one get finished Peter ( @Basilisk )? I have just started this kit to be finished as a RAAF machine.
  13. No worries, I have a few USN seats in the AM stash. I'll use one of them for mine, who's going to know the difference anyway (well you might )
  14. Nice progress Greg, I am starting my 1/72 version now, trying to figure out itnernal colours.
  15. Lockheed 5 Vega A42-1 (1941-45) Built from the 1/72 MPM kit to represent an impressed RAAF machine. The only mods were to change the shape of the exhausts, leave off the cooling intake at the rear of the cowl and modify the kit pitot probe. There is no known image of it in RAAF guise except for an entry in the aircraft log that is was painted into camouflage colours at 1AD. So looking at another similar type (Stinson Reliant) which pictures do exist of, I decided on a foliage green over sky scheme with basic national markings. Decals came from a Venture P-40 sheet where I found an A29 serial with the appropriate numbers to make up A42-1.
  16. Who's seat did you use big P?. I am going to replace the seat in my Hasegawa Hornet as well.
  17. Boy, you don't muck around Pappy. Nice start!
  18. So here are the kits, first the Academy kit and decals Lots of parts. and a better look at the decals. The kit also includes another more colourful aftermarket RAAF decal for the 30th Anniversary of the Hornet in RAAF service, they will go into the spares box. Next the Hasegawa kit and decals. Not as many parts, and they are blue! This box actually had 2 kits crammed in it, I'll be using the Blue Angels boxing for this build. The decals again, kit and aftermarket. In my stash hunt I also found this classic boxing. It was first issued in the early eighties for the Aussie market with prototype sprues and white plastic (I built one back then). This boxing was the second issue with production model sprues (the same as the VFA-113 Stingers boxing above and the decals and instructions for that kit as well), the RAAF decals were very generic as per the box top as no Aussie Hornet had flown at that point. As I said I have some aftermarket, ejection seats, wings and refuelling probes that I will try and incorporate into these builds. Time to find them I suppose.
  19. I will be joining with two builds, firstly the classic Hasegawa 1/72 kit using Hawkeye decals for a delivery scheme 77SQN jet. Next will be another 77SQN jet from the Academy 1/72 kit with OP Okra markings. I had planned both wheels up but I have a bit of AM for the Academy kit in the form of folded and drooped flap/slat wings which I should use. Images to come....
  20. The E actually stands for Environmental from my reading.
  21. Nice choice, I should also build a Finnish C to go with my D. Perhaps you should build it 'Legs going up' like this one I did
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