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  1. The (S) is correct Dean, are you an ACTSMS member or been to any of the meetings (before the current lockdown of course!)?
  2. Dean, The original kit(s) were issued in 2004, I have a Heller boxing (but with BA decals :) ). As I recall they were selling for around the $60 mark at the time. The current Revell release is going for $105 - $120 so $58 for the same plastic is a bargain.
  3. I have off loaded all my remaining B-17s, but I expect by the time this one comes around again I will have sourced another one. So a yes from me!
  4. Thanks guys, Steve, apparently the dingy pack is stowed under that panel, the instructions called for white/light colour. I did it a very light grey. Just looked at the instructions again and it is the surround that is the light colour, so I think I will have to mask and fill the centre in with the camo colour.
  5. Well we are back in lockdown with the Delta strain doing its thing here for the last month of so. Fortunately only 15-20 cases a day in our little part of the woods. But it is enough for the authorities to keep us housebound. Our club decided to run a Lockdown Blitz build over a week which as turned into a month long blitz, so this is the result of my attempt which was just finished today. So not so blitzy in the end. It is two original tool 1/72 Airfix Mossies in the markings 1SQN RAAF (A52-526) and 464SQN RAAF (MM403). I used Aussie Decals for the 1SQN Mossie and DK & PD decals for the 464SQN aircraft.
  6. Chris, On my build I glued it in place as the one of my locating arms broke, it does not take much handling to brake. I mounted it pretty much parallel to the ground as this picture that I took of one which visited here in Australia shows You also asked where I mounted my battery, well I used the ramp as a shelf to pop the battery/switch on loosely. I also glued a support from the roof of the cargo bay to the ramp door (about half way along it) to give it strength to support the handling of the battery. Here is a link to the full album of pictures from my build. I also added scratch built detail to operational bit and pieces to mine which were not included in the kit for an RAF machine. Hope this helps
  7. Nice find, there is an exhibit at the Australian War Memorial of a Land Rover 110 used be the SAS which hit a IED. It has been cleaned up when putting it on display but shows the damage that can be done. Fortunately the driver only received a minor leg wound when it hit the IED
  8. Nice to see Dennis, I would have done a RAAF one for this GB but finished the Esci kit last year in RAAF markings. The one thing I will say is that the RAAF F-4s were modified over the their short life in service with our Air Force. So you will find pictures of them as delivered and when returned to the USAF they had the longer gun muzzle and slime lights installed. They were never used as a fighter so they were only loaded with bombs* during their service here (no A-A ordinance**) *Mainly MK82 low drag of the pictures I have seen. ** There was an exception to this when the the RAAF did some trials with sparrow missiles up in Darwin for McDonnell Douglas/USAF, these were only captive tests so no live missiles carried.
  9. I think the USAF realised it missed the boat when the initial KC-45 contract was rebid. As mentioned, there are 10+ Air Forces using the KC-30/A330MRTT compared to 3 signed up for the KC-46. The Airbus product has been operational for over 10 years with the RAAF and has integrated very well with the majority of USAF receivers. I think this will be the foot in the door to the USAF for Airbus they were looking for all those years ago. They will also get an off the shelf capability that works, yes there will be some system tweaking but that will not the airworthiness and operational capability side of things. As I recall the tender the KC-46 won was dumbed down so the KC-45/A330MRTT became 'too much airplane' for supposedly what the USAF needed. Tell that to all those USAF/USN receivers that collected fuel from RAAF KC-30s over Iran and Afghanistan for the last 7 years an have been waiting for the KC-46 to become operational.
  10. You know you can edit the original post to fix the typo Rod? Click the 3 dots at the top right of your post, and select edit. Once done hit the save button below the post.
  11. I have just caught up on this one Pete, not sure how I missed it when you started but it seems I have got here at the right time. It is nice to see these AMonster kits being built, you are doing a fabulous job on the assembly and fixing the inaccuracies. I wonder if there is a paint producer that does this dark grey colour now? There seems to be a varying number of types now wearing it. Velajo or Mig or Akah may make it perhaps?
  12. The P-8A is on order, he talks toour friend that runs BPK a bit, I already have the 737-800 and T-43A Well as a matter of fact I have a set of 3D printed rear fairings for the Surveiller to fit my T-43 and have seriously considered building it as such
  13. If you are on Facebook then there are images of a current build under way on the BPK FB Page. I have seen another completed one as well, Think it was in the same place. If you want to know what it will be like there is a link to the BPK 727-200/T-43A over the cybermodeler webpage in the B737 reference area
  14. It also has the 34SQN squadron crest on the fuselage, I would now I worked there for a few years
  15. Hey there Thommo! Nice to see you here, you would know me from other forums we cohabitate as RayS and Trojan Thunder. I was wondering how long it would take to make your way here!
  16. Yes after all that toil to give you lot a walk in the park build! Funny thing is my decal man has ordered me one of the BPK kits. Not sure what to do with it, perhaps build a USN or RAF version?
  17. On the BPK website the 737-800 is US$120 ( about £90), I would expect it to be not much more as they would be just adding an extra sprue for the lumps. They may supply the weapons bay which wold make it more expensive, US$140-150** perhaps? ** My pure speculation
  18. Not much to update, after a 15 month wait I received a nice vacformed windscreen for the build, no more requirement to try and scratch build the framing and panels now Not sure when I will get back to finish this (it was supposed to be by October for a club display) as I am moving house interstate in a couple months
  19. Any unfinished model is eligible Jeff
  20. I built the Esci kit in RAAF markings last year in RAAF markings using Hawkeye decals and they were great. The Aussie Decals can be average as the sheet is basic. There is also the Italeri (Ecsi moulds) 1/48 kit that comes with nice RAAF decals as well
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