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  1. Its been a while since an update on this one. I have had a few sessions on it with the latest one on Friday. I started be adding the multitude of protrusions on the fuselage and tiding up gaps The rear CMDS sensors The forward CMDS sensors and dispensers And a bunch of antennas
  2. A lovely rendition of a unique heavy metal interceptor I shall try and commit your mods to the memory band. I have had this kit in the stash since it was released and must get around to building it one day.
  3. I'll have a hard time fitting it in the car Rob, but the JSTARs mentioned here is still in Canberra and will make an appearance
  4. Looks great Paulo, nice to see it in the flesh at the last meeting. Just a minor point about the unit markings, it is from 2 Operational Conversion Unit (2OCU), not 77SQN.
  5. The 1700lt tank that comes in the kit is not the same style used by the RAAF, you can see the one on the aircraft in your picture has a longer pylon and different tail fin group.
  6. Cheers John, Yes there certainly is a lot there, I probably won't use a lot of it. I have a few more kits in the stash I can use the parts not going on this one so it won't go to waste.
  7. I finished a JSTARS back in 2021, I used a sheet from Wolfpak, sheet number 72-077, it is hard to find these days. Link to Fantasy Printshop site
  8. By the looks of the Hornet on the box top, the slap looks hinged around the top of the wing and not much of a gap there. I found some A-A images of your bird and the is a very small strip of blue visible with slats deployed. Link Looking forward to seeing this one done, I found Julian's build thread here as well which was nicely done.
  9. Nice progress Jabba, I would lay tape over the windscreen panels either side of the seam and sand lightly replacing the tape if it starts to wear through. It has worked for me previously. If you do manage to mark the panels then sand and polish with finer grades of sandpaper and gloss coat (use Future if you have any) to restore the clarity
  10. Amazing amount of detail in that cockpit for such a small build Eric, I built the single and twin seaters many years ago (still have them) for a refuelling diorama so I know how small this thing is!
  11. Thanks gents, Eric ( @Snafu35 ), the Heller plastic was quite brittle and broke easily (shattered in fact), I would have liked to to come apart at the glue joins but those areas were stronger than the surrounding plastic. Yes, putty was involve in the repair,
  12. Getting on with the other main wheel well, broke out the Mission Master etch bender, I got it about 15 years ago and have hardly used it In position And it needed some persuasion to get the wing closed up ( more so that the other side. The wing and tailplanes were fitted and it is now looking like the P-3/CP-140 Once the glue sets there will be some seam work to tidy up.
  13. Time to spend some more time on the E-3. Primed in a more appropriate colour, and broken/missing antennas refitted. Also checked the fit of the rotodome and supports. Had some issues with the support breaking, but it s now re-glued and setting again.
  14. So I made some progress, painted the fuselage interior, nice blue eh? and the cockpit parts. Some of the sonobuoy tubes had to be filled for the CP-140 as well adding the decals Back filled the wing weapons pylon mounting holes I have had an Eduard update set lying around so I decided I would use some of it on this build, here is the process of adding the main wheel wells, the other has to be done
  15. Yes they did for ferry flights and Fleet Support tasking (long over water sorties). Though the style of 1700lt tank you have used is not the type the RAAF used, Nice work BTW!
  16. Lovely job Dermot, you overcame the decal issues nicely
  17. Some progress to report, Since I have built a few of these P-3 kits now I don't follow the instructions. I started with despruing the parts Being a newer mould kit there is some flash to clean up, mainly on the wing, engine and prop parts Some basic assembly started on the engines and cockpit bulkheads
  18. It is the 1/72 Hasegawa kit ( well parts of it at least) That's the idea! Thanks guys!
  19. This was the result of leftovers from another P-3 conversion project (to a P-7A) Mostly P-3 parts OOB, the tail planes are from a B-17C as I could not find the original stabs.
  20. Looking very nice Dermot, taking notes for when I tackle mine
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