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  1. The drive-in style airshow sounds like a great idea! I hope the F-22 rattles the jeep windows! And a beautiful build as always Bill, can't wait to see the paint!
  2. I'm pretty much settled in to my new apartment in Seattle, and now have a bench and everything - even my first spray booth: So it's time for a triple, all associated with the 303 'Kosciuszko' Sqn in some way: 1. Arma Hobby 1/72 Hurricane Mk I, L2099, RF-O flown by Witold Lokuciewski during two of his Battle of Britain victories 2. Airfix 1/72 Spitfire Vc, AB509, JMC flown by Wing Commander Johnny Checketts of 142 Wing (303 Sqn and 402 Sqn) on D-Day 3. Arma Hobby 1/72 Mustang III, HB866, JZ flown by Jan Zumbach, a former 303 Sqn member, when he became commander of 133 Wing Some handy references: Some preliminary work on the Spitfire; filled the inside of the cannon blisters with superglue as they'll need to be sanded off and replaced with narrow ones from an AZ Joy Pack Mk IX. And interior paint started on the Mustang: And away we go!
  3. Fantastic metal finish you've achieved! Tamiya paint lids are a pain - I hope you are alright. I recently invested in one of these. It should be compatible with Tamiya lids, I but haven't tested it out yet.
  4. Wonderful build Tony, looks just like the reference pic! Seeing this and your WIP makes me glad I almost have everything to set up the bench in my new place, and one of these kits on the shelf.
  5. You are top form Chris, I can't keep up! Lovely Skyraider, what a finish!
  6. That is beautiful Giorgio, as @perdu says, you are an artist!
  7. You always have the most fascinating builds Ed, and you were really on top of your game in 2021, some rare beauties.
  8. Merry Christmas Britmodellers! I managed four for this year which is sort of par for the course lately. The first was an EB-57 built for a family friend who maintained them. It's a hybrid of the 1/72 Airfix and Italeri kits. And then a Cyberhobby 1/72 Hellcat for the STGB And a dirty Have Glass 1/72 Tamiya F-16 for the STGB And finally, a 1/72 Bandai X-Wing for a friend's birthday
  9. Ah, 1940 in 2021. Wonderful collection Heather, and I really like you human eye level photos of each.
  10. Box art worthy builds as usual Stew, Merry Christmas!
  11. I tried to follow as many of these as I could, but could not keep up, so it's great to see them all in one place. Wonderful 2021 collection Dennis! Merry Christmas!
  12. That's just gorgeous Sam, and one of my favorite builds to follow this year. Merry Christmas!
  13. That turned out beautifully Phil, and I'm so glad the airbrush proved useful! I can't believe that you cut down the walkway lines by hand! They turned out perfect. A truly inspiring build. Ha! My work did just purchase one, and maybe they'll need to upgrade one day...
  14. Stefano, you're as detail obsessed as @Fritag and @giemme put together! Wonderful work on the landing gear, just unbelievable.
  15. Beautiful Mosquito PC (and what a cool base), and I'm very intrigued by the F-102. PS - Sometimes aeroplanes are dirty and sometimes they're clean - no big whoop.
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