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  1. Well if your GSB mix is any indication, your dentist might have been fine going through with the procedure all those years ago - looking good.
  2. She's looking great in YZC, following along in the original paint sequence is satisfying somehow.
  3. Glad you had a great holiday Giorgio, and happy anniversary! The Phantom is coming up aces!
  4. I love camera angles here, that Typhoon looks pretty dang intimidating PC.
  5. Excellent build of the Matchbox kit Steve, looks like the real thing, and a very interesting subject, not a lot of Op Dragoon builds around!
  6. As an aside, in addition to the wonderful paint and transfer work, the fuselage reinforcements look perfect under paint.
  7. Agreed, a perfect finish: still looks clean, but not toy like.
  8. This my first sci-fi/space build: a Bandai X-Wing for a friend. Stay on target.
  9. Perfect weathering John, very convincing.
  10. Wonderful paint work Sam, the outside looks as good as the inside, and that's saying something on this build.
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