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  1. That's definitely a beauty Bill, exquisite as always. Thanks for pointing out the Phantom lineage, fascinating.
  2. Glad you're feeling better Bill - the jet is looking beautiful!
  3. Thanks for the kind comments everyone! The Corsair made it to Los Angeles and now resides beside my uncle's desk. @Fritag Sorry there is no WIP for this one, I only had two weeks between trips to get it done in time to deliver to my uncle! @Ngantek The variation was achieved with multiple layers of airbrushing, then some drybrushing/stippling on top of that (like you say, it's difficult to get all of the effects shown in photos with airbrushing alone - some folks use mottling templates or shoot through kitchen scrubbers, but I haven't tried that yet.) The base coat is AK Xtreme Dark Aluminium (the fabric sections were painted a Tamiya tan). That was hairsprayed and then a coat of Tamiya yellow zinc chromate: Blue blobs were then painted where the roundels were to go: I placed the star masks over the blue blobs, and then painted the white portions around them, then added the masks for the side bars (I sort of do masks backwards, but it's fewer steps this way!) The top coat is Lifecolor, Vallejo and MRP water based acrylics (all three of those can be mixed with each other). You can see that it's entirely too smooth, and that's where the stippling and dry brushing comes in. On the tri-color scheme, there are two dark blues - in addition different paint types were used on the metal and fabric portions and they faded differently and at different rates. I gave the metal portion of the wings a once over with a darker blue. I did the same with the top of the forward fuselage, but to represent fuel/oil spillage - Corsairs leaked from this area and those white strips of tape you often see in pics were there to prevent it. Most South Pacific Corsairs have a much darker looking forward fuselage than rear fuselage and I think it is this constant leaking that causes that appearance. Anyway, sorry for the long winded response!
  4. Amazing work John, so many wonderful details - and thanks for the informative and entertaining WIP as well!
  5. That's impressive Alistair, you've given it a real heft with your craftsmanship and paint work.
  6. What an achievement Tony, just incredible. Thanks for showing us what's possible in 1/72.
  7. The Corsair is done! The RFI is here, if you're interested: I'm planning on returning to Seattle next weekend, and normal Kosciuszko service should resume.
  8. This is a 1/72 Tamiya Corsair I built for my uncle - hopefully it survives the journey to Los Angeles to give it to him intact. It's supposed to represent an F4U-1A that Greg Boyington flew - he was known for choosing the most beat up airframe available in order for the less experienced pilots to have more reliable rides, and this one appears to fit the bill as the ref pics seem to show that the left wing is a replacement from an old 'birdcage' model painted in light blue grey. Thanks for Looking!
  9. You could stop right now Sam - that looks so cool pre-shaded.
  10. Everything looks better is TSS - I think you've proved it here Alistair.
  11. Thanks Rob - it was incredible! Oh do you happen to mean this beauty John? Right back at you - that's some sweet camo. Ha! Thanks Tony - I didn't 3-D print it based on my own plans, but then, who does?
  12. I'd never had guessed the paint gave any trouble from the result John, that is a really cool looking Spitfire - I especially like the weathering on the belly.
  13. They did indeed, thank you Troy - great info as always. Thank you Terry, they were both great trips - here's a pic I snapped of a waterfall in Colorado that we hiked down to (and then a second time when more folks wanted to see it!) Thanks folks, it took quite a bit of practice, but it has allowed new levels of laziness in the end! Thank you Chris! I haven't gotten back to these yet - I'm supposed travel to Los Angeles next week for work and I'm planning on seeing my aunt and uncle while I'm there. The last few times I've seen my uncle, he's mentioned how much he likes the Corsair - I finally got the hint and am building him one. It's a quick turnaround on this guy with just two weeks to get it done: It's gonna come down to the wire I think.
  14. Been watching this one from afar, but am back at my computer where I can post how much I'm enjoying seeing this one come together - looks so sharp in Sky and EDSG.
  15. This is a wonderful batch build Dennis! I'm hoping to start a multi-Mustang build this year (and I just acquired the kits necessary to build a 1945 USS Essex air wing) proving that I tend to copy you - a lot!
  16. Another beauty Justin - your extra scratch work always makes your builds look just right and this is no exception.
  17. These are wonderful Heather, and the photography is top notch as well, making them seem so real.
  18. That's beautiful Terry - shame on that Patriot for ending it!
  19. Wonderful museum pics, and looks like some great company as well - looking forward to these new additions (both to the museum and to the ceiling)
  20. I really enjoyed watching the WIP for this one Alistair and it looks wonderful completed - love those full invasion stripes!
  21. Right? Too much something! Thanks Giorgio Got the top colours on - a mix of Mission Models and Vallejo Free hand camo with water based acrylics is a fraught affair - I should really use masks! Masking off This will be the last update for a while; leaving early tomorrow morning for two weeks in South Africa for work, then spending a week in Colorado to visit family on my return. I know some of you are at Old Buck today(?) - have a great time and please tell Jim hello!
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