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  1. Cookenbacher

    "Tony?" ..."Hien!" - Kawasaki Ki-61 Id

    Ooooh, nice blue stripes Giorgio.
  2. Cookenbacher

    "Tony?" ..."Hien!" - Kawasaki Ki-61 Id

    Wow, fantastic freehand airbrushing Giorgio!
  3. Cookenbacher

    PZL P.11c (Arma Hobby 1/72)

    Off to a great start Chris, I'm very interested in seeing how this kit goes together and certainly seems encouraging so far. I definitely share your school of thought on 1/72 cockpits!
  4. Cookenbacher

    PZL P.11c (Arma Hobby 1/72)

    Front row!
  5. Cookenbacher

    P-38 Lightning - HobbyBoss 1/72

    It's a risk any scale model would take, to soar among the light fixtures and textured ceilings - Cedtastic indeed. The latest is looking great Ced!
  6. Another great addition to a very enviable Tomcat collection Tony.
  7. Your endless Spitfire build has to be one of my favorite places on the web, Simon, and now you add a TSS Corsair, fantastic. I've heard the Revell kit is finicky.
  8. Cookenbacher

    F-16A LANTIRN Pod Evaluation

    Another treasure trove Sven, thanks again!
  9. That is absolutely gorgeous Ced.
  10. Cookenbacher

    "Tony?" ..."Hien!" - Kawasaki Ki-61 Id

    That looks fantastic Giorgio!
  11. Oooh, I really like the XI conversion Simon, and what a cool scheme.
  12. Cookenbacher

    Spitfire swansong

    Wonderful details Col., looking forward to seeing the 602 Sqn Spitfire and Vampire next to each other.
  13. Glad to see your first build of 2019 Stew, that's a great looking MiG-15!
  14. Cookenbacher

    Spitfire turns 18 !

    Wonderful build of a great subject, and then to see parked next to Tempest in the same 'desert' scheme just takes it over the top.
  15. Cookenbacher

    Seafire XV 1/72 - Back in Black

    Missed this RFI somehow after avidly watching the WIP. The Seafire does look good in black, that cannot now be denied.
  16. Cookenbacher

    Bader's last Spitfire 1/72

    Another Bedders built Spitfire, all is right with the world. Intriguing subject and expertly executed as usual Justin.
  17. Cookenbacher

    The Gentlemanly Pursuit

    A very brief change of subject: that F-86 with the background blur looks incredible Jon!
  18. Cookenbacher

    "Tony?" ..."Hien!" - Kawasaki Ki-61 Id

    The Tamiya Aluminum looks great Giorgio, and will be a nice match for the reference pic that you posted.
  19. Cookenbacher

    1/72 YF-105A Thunderchief Conversion

  20. Cookenbacher

    Fairey Fulmar NFII

    That's looking very nice indeed.
  21. Cookenbacher

    "Tony?" ..."Hien!" - Kawasaki Ki-61 Id

    Wonderful progress as always Giorgio - you make Mondays something to look forward to. Ooooh, a paint test. I really like to color of the Tamiya, but I like the 'metal' effect AK better. I had lots of trouble with my AK Xteme metals, one or two colors worked amazing, but most arrived in poor condition and wouldn't spray at all. I think they've had quality control issues with this line, and they were making good on bad bottles by sending new ones for a while, but I was too lazy to write in! One thing I found that you might be interested in Giorgio, is that Mission Models black primer turned out incredibly smooth and glossy when I tested it out, and it will definitely be the base coat for my next NMF.
  22. The MiG-15 is looking great in her silver guise Stew. I'm a fan of Vallejo's Metal Color (sic ) series as well.
  23. Cookenbacher

    Sea Gladiator - Roden 1/48

    Somehow missed the RFI for this one - great job getting it all together, another beauty.
  24. Where's the "really, really like" button? Fantastic subject and execution Beema, I'm a big fan of your FAA builds.
  25. Cookenbacher

    Monogram 1/48 Boeing B-29 Superfortress

    This is quite the project Jamie - the weight discussion alone is worth the thread.