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  1. I'm late to the party. Wonderful build Justin, a treat for my weary eyes.
  2. Just catching up with this one again Giorgio. Looking to be another masterpiece with all the added detail.
  3. Very convincing Jamie, and thanks for the colour comparison/2nd cool Hellcat.
  4. That is super cool Ced, and I'm eager to try out the anthricite on black technique.
  5. Cpt O.M. Lette is looking forward to his first flight in this one.
  6. Amazing stuff Steve (and everyone else involved), but I've heard the hippest modellers are using 3 axis milling machines to make 1/72 scale harness buckles from solid blocks of titanium. A little vinyl cutter is downright thrifty in comparison.
  7. I have to admit that your brilliant work on this thread has convinced me that the Hasegawa kit may be more my speed. Thanks for the flour + CA instructions - will definitely give it a go whenever I have a bench again.
  8. Looking great Giorgio, I'd never heard of using flour and CA before.
  9. Very cool experiment Ced, looking forward to more foiling.
  10. Wow, excellent paint work Steve, that'll stand out on the shelf.
  11. The Typhoon is looking great Giorgio, and more useful build advice as always. Stay cool my friend.
  12. An airventure indeed. Great stuff as always PC, glad you all made it there (and back). The Lancaster is looking awesome, the turrets alone are worthy of their own build thread, complete with fraught tales of the Mighty Procopius.
  13. Another worthy addition to the ceiling Ced!
  14. That looks amazing Bill, two icons in one build: Spitfire and Merlin.
  15. So sorry to hear about your Dad Bill, condolences to you and your family.
  16. Amazing pics Rob, glad you had a wonderful time on Malta, and nice to see you back at the Spitfires.
  17. The string incident was worth it, if only to catch another glimpse of your office ceiling Ced, one of the top aviation attractions in existence. I'm planning a trip just to see it - I mean Telford will be nice too.
  18. That's lovely Rob, and I'm stealing your recipe for painting the exhausts, and the use of blu-tack on the tip of the props.
  19. Bah! I've never seen Future clump like that, and mine has sat in the desert for quite a while (it does tend to get a little cloudy though - but still dries glossy clear). Phooey, that's a bummer Ced; thinner recipe addendum duly noted. The glossy black turned out fantastic though. Oh, wholeheartedly agree with water based acrylics working just fine over fully cured enamels - I often use enamels thinned with white spirit as a primer and paint water based acrylics over it. I always wait 24 hours or more between the two though, just in case.
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