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  1. Pretty fast. I think, like the Warthog, Stuka, etc al…if this thing is after you you’re in trouble.
  2. I did some priming, a little paint...some decal work on the IP...I'll assemble some later tonight. Nice resin bits... And looked at the plans for the cockpit/tub. Not too difficult. I'll wait until the paint dries before I glue all these pieces together. --John
  3. Ok folks...there's some building going on here now... Khaki painted masking tape for a harness. I looked it up. Nothing flashy about this seat. And I glued the IP to the front section here...but I did not photograph it. More anon... --John
  4. FYI....this was, I think, the first aircraft flown by the fledgling 19 Squadron (after some meters of 5 Sq. left to form it). I am pretty sure it was purely for training. I have not been able to find any sort of markings for this aircraft (too early for the dumbbells). I might just have to be CDL. --John
  5. @Andwil I have traveled extensively through the Balkans. Beautiful places certainly! Yes…Slovenia is very tiny indeed!
  6. These look great. Any interest in gong back further in their history for other aircraft? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/No._14_Squadron_RAF#Aircraft_operated
  7. I guess calling on the radio would be an option before they shot you down...
  8. And so I begin this one... Basic cockpit, decent detail. It'll look good with the open canopy. There are parts for a training variant included. I really thought I had taken more pictures. I snipped off the relevant pieces and abided them the way the sheet suggests. This piece I cut up verrrry carefully... Here I am now... Question...what colour are the harness straps? Blue? And should there be brightly coloured ejector handles on top of the headrest? Not sure what kind of seat this has...I could look it up... --John
  9. OK. One mask off, another on... And I used Vallejo Air Silver for the rest... Correct me if I'm wrong...the prop was wooden, painted black? --John
  10. This will be good. I enjoyed building mine during the Gulf War GB last year.
  11. I really do like Italeri kits. They are almost always well-moulded with a decent level of detail. This kit looks to be no exception. Here are the sprue... Nice detail on the small bits. Here's an example... I have been given a choice between 'open' or 'closed' canopy. As of now, I am going for an open look. Maybe I can improve the innards a bit. And the striking Swiss markings will stand out for sure. Looks like I get some IP decals also. That'll help. 100 Years of Swiss Air Force patrolling the skies of neutrality... There's a GB in there somewhere... I'll jump in after supper and see what i can do.
  12. I didn't even see that this one had begun. Luckily there is no rush as I am only building this one aircraft for this GB. I will build it OOB and enjoy that simple pleasure. I think it will be a decent looking build and my first F/A-18. More to come... --John
  13. Wow! The GB scene is really beginning to bubble around here. I'll start in on this one tomorrow. I may have to finish something first to clear the bench...Anyway. The will, I hope, be one of two IL-series ground attack aircraft, the other being a standard IL-2 from the USSR. We shall see how I manage it all. Here's the box art...with the North Korean plumage... The sprue looks clean, with a bit of resin too. Note the captured USA option. Weird, but not for me. And here's the profile. In typical PLAAF design, nothing fancy, no flashy slogans. Probably the same green they painted their trucks. See you all soon! --John
  14. OK...I caved in and bought the Airfix Vulcan B2...Good thing I moved house. I'll need the space even in 1/72nd scale. HUGE!
  15. Masked what I needed to and then sprayed it with Humbrol rattlecan Chrome. Shiny shiny. With the masks off you can see what it'll look like. I think a nice even aluminum will offset that shine very nicely. --John
  16. All primed. I think I will try out the paint mix that @Graham Boaksuggested for the underside first, keeping the control surfaces a nice aluminum... --John
  17. Th undercarriage also happens to be shiny NMF so I'll let that set up before I finish the masking and attempt Silver--or maybe Chrome. --John
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