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  1. This kit has some fettling that is required, mostly to remove any moulding lugs that prevent a clean fit. I have assembled some pieces of the interior undercarriage and have painted them Sky, as instructed... While that paint dried I painted and assembled the cockpit and inserted it in the upper half of the fuselage. I tried to get the best pictures I could. Really lovely detail that will no longer be seen. PE seat harness...I'll give the control stick a lick of paint before closing it up. I gave the upper and lower fuselage pieces a test fit and it all fits, albeit very tightly. Clamping, elastics, etc..will be required once I am at that stage. --John
  2. Me too! Me too. I'm getting close to that stage. The gaps in the canopy have been filled. I am ready fro primer. --John
  3. No word yet from the repair shop. I have been watching 'Masters of the Air' and I am enjoying it. Before I begin a new episode, I have masked and attached the canopy. --John
  4. Thanks Dennis. I haven't heard back from the shop yet, but the fellow has other work to do besides mine. Crossed fingers indeed! Meanwhile, in between episodes of 'Masters of the Air' I have done a bit of modelling. --John
  5. By the numerous threads, I can see this is a very popular GB. I'm happy to be here. This is a neat little kit. Some PE, some resin, nicely moulded with very fine panel lines. I'll do my best to use as many pieces as possible, and in the right places. A bit of sprue... Resin bits and the canopy... Decals, PE and foil. The first page of the plans is all cockpit and the upper and lower fuselage halves. Lots of PE and resin. I gave the office parts some primer. I'll paint them and then install. The IP was the three larger pieces (resin, foil and PE) and the four very small PE bits. I actually was able to get them all on in their correct positions. A minor miracle on my part. PE parts 5-8 are attached on the outside of the IP. Teeny bits. Nice detail. And so... That's where I leave it tonight. Back to 'Masters of the Air.' --John
  6. Very cool. Looks like we'll have a few Operation Musketeer builds going on...
  7. One of my favorite Soviet choppers...I'll pull up a seat.
  8. Thank you! I quoted you twice in error. I tapped the wrong key in the first place and could not get back to where I wanted to be... Anyway...I'm looking forward to it for sure!
  9. Compresssor update: I have found a small electric repair shop for my airbrush compressor. It is actually a lighting shop that repairs and sells lamps, light fixtures, etc...they will do what they can. Crossed fingers! The office, gun pack and exhaust nozzle all fit neatly inside the fuselage half. This is a nice kit. Typical Tamiya quality where everything fits well. I know many of you already know this but this is a first build from this kit for me. I'm enjoying it. While that set up a bit I started in on the wings. Since I don't have my airbrush I had to use a hairy brush for the wheel well interiors. Once the first bit is dry I'll give it another thin layer of paint. And after that I closed up the fuselage, neat as a pin. I really do like this kit. --John
  10. The gaps are filled and some rough areas sanded down. I also gave the canopy a test fit. The seats are too high...whether that is my fault or the manufacturers isn't important. I was able to sand them down a bit so the glass will fit a bit more evenly around the edges. It will also need a bit of filler I warrant. I have found a small electric repair shop for my airbrush compressor. It is actually a lighting shop that repairs lamps, light fixtures, etc...they will do what they can. I will need it for the invasion stripes. --John
  11. Thank you. I have a feeling that the part is specific to the type of switch used, if that is indeed the issue. I have investigated a little and because there are no more small electric appliance repair shops on the island, it would cost me as much to send it to Athens for repair and then have it returned as to buy a new one.
  12. I also have these. Using the logic of the Spitfire and the Fokker DVII, one cannot have too many Vampires... Both fall into the groove. --John
  13. Thank you Steve. I agree Dave, and thank you. Airfix would do it well with their new moulding style (as long as it's the Gentleman's Scale, of course! 🤣). I've built the expensive Chinese one too. Still, there is something comforting to be said for a simple kit, without any big issues to solve, that builds up into a good facsimile of the aircraft. That being said, I have attached the booms...Don't worry...they're straight and true. It's the camera angle that distorts them. All glued up...looking very much like it belongs in the Vixen/Venom/Vampire family... --John
  14. Thanks Wez. I'm sure it will all work out fine. Meanwhile, the office is coming together nicely. And I began work on the nose gear well and the exposed section for the guns. It says on the instructions to skip this part if the access panel is closed. I'll keep it open. It's more fun. I used Liquid Gravity for the weight. I hope it's enough. It only asked for 2 grams. I put it in both sides. Closed up and ready too be assembled wont the fuselage. This is a nice kit. Everything fits, so far...😉 --John
  15. Thanks! Compressor update...it seems it might be the pressure switch plate. In the real world this would probably be a very simple fix, costing not a lot of money and a short span of time. Small electronic repair shop, replace the part, etc...here in Greece, especially here on the island, one is hard pressed to find an electrician who would even consider a job this small...and the spare part? Please...Even in Athens this is all a very tall order. I will press on with the building. If I have to buy a new compressor, so be it. For now it's hairy brush painting until that time comes...
  16. I gave the necessary sprue a bit of black primer, since so much of the interior is black. I could spray the green bits green easily. This all sounds good, of course. But then there were the gremlins. Then, as I was spraying the assembled cockpit pieces (no photo yet...) my airbrush began to sputter and lose its 'oomph'...thpppppp...thppp...thp...th...then nothing. No pressure, no flow, no motor running, no nothing except for power going to the switch. I checked the air filter...fine...I checked the water reservoir...emptied. Nothing. Not a whisper. I removed the from and back plates to make sure the moving pieces moved. All good. No electric burnging smell either so it is not an electrical short of any kind. I've got a call into the LHS in Athens where I bought it for a consultation. It is almost 4 years old. Maybe it's just dead. --John
  17. I attached the wings and the nose (weight inserted!). There will have to be some filler used here and there...nothing too serious. I also decided to attached the booms to the stabilizer first, then, when the time is right, attach everything to the fuselage. I'll see how it goes! --John
  18. I like it too. The Peruvians (and many other S American AF) seem to be left out of the loop too easily.
  19. Ooops! Hahahaha! 🤣 Thanks Cliff...Then I shall wait with my hands in my pockets like everyone else!
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