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  1. As usual, a very fun GB and it feels as if I've got my mojo back too! Here's my second for this one...the Azur-Fromm Nakajima Ko-4 (Nieuport-Delage 29)... Straight OOB with stretched sprue for rigging. I skipped the double flying wires....I know, you're all scratching your heads, "What was he thinking?" Sometimes my insanity only goes so far....Thanks to the mods for this. Really stirred my pot, so to speak. Here's the WiP... Here's some pix! --John
  2. Well...I come into the clubhouse with hours to spare, really. I am very pleased with this build and the process reminded me that although there are wonderful jet aircraft kits, and other classic monoplanes, my heart always has been, and always will be, with the biplane. Such a satisfying melange of modelling skills and choices to make. Plus, that 'between-the-wars' period is always a fascinating and seemingly never-ending source for assorted aircraft and livery. With the varnish dried, the control horns can now be added, and the propeller attached, thus completing the model. Ooops! Some PPP on the nose needs a touch of paint... A gave the control horns a bit of green paint after the CA had set. And here it is... ...and in among some her inter-war sisters who also share obtuse plumage... Many thanks for a fine GB my fellows! See you soon! --John
  3. Thanks @alt-92. And I actually saw the Frisian Flag mentioned on the FANG wiki page but I didn't investigate. That's a neat link too. Make me want to build a Finnish Hornet. Next time.
  4. Ok...I think it'll be alright... Let's stretch some sprue...and I realized I have no images of me actually strecthug sprue or painstakingly cutting/fitting each tiny pieces etc...But it's done. I filled in the now unnecessary rigging holes... Gave them a bit of paint... And then decaled the machine before I added the four remains pieces of PE on the underside of the lower wing. The white background stripes on the rudder are white decal stock. The decals are nice and thin and opaque. Slid right off into place. You can see the rigging here. And here it is for the moment. I'll let it sit for couple of hours to dry, then give it a bit of satin varnish, then the final PE. --John
  5. Thanks @Corsairfoxfouruncle. I have some extra scoops too. The de-icers I might skip. The rear scoop is already positioned correctly.
  6. Thanks Dennis. I had a tough time finding this kit so I doubt I'll build another. Is there a good photo of the scoops you refer to? I might be able to scratch them.
  7. Nice! Too late for one, in time for the other. It could have been a 'crossover' (even though they aren't allowed...) I'll make my decision as I build...
  8. So this is coming together quickly and it looks pretty good from my perspective... This was a fun little piece to insert. During the test fit it fell into the cavity and I had to shake it back down to the opening and then carefully wiggle it out with a pair of tweezers. I used a bit of glue the next time and it stayed put. Wings went on easily and I gave them each a very slight dihedral. I'll mask the canopy tomorrow and attach it. Then it will be time for primer. Total building/bench time so far...can't be more than 2 hours, but I haven't kept track. --John
  9. I have attached the cabanes...no scratch building necessary. Also the air scoop things on the sides. I have touched up the 'wood' on the struts. Basically this is all ready for rigging and markings. Even though I drilled those rigging holes I might use stretched sprue, cut-to-fit. --John
  10. Yikes! That's a flashy one for sure. I'll either make the Aggressor or the FNG. Thanks though!
  11. And I'm off... This kit would make an excellent blitzbuild. 7gms of weight in the nose... Tail bits... And here I am... --John
  12. I'm still on the fence regarding the livery. I wanted to do the Israeli bird, but @stevej60 has his eye on that. My very first glance pointed towards the 125th Air National Guard from Jacksonville, Florida...and, indeed, I might do that. There seems to be plenty of non-USA aircraft happening here. Funnily, the instructions say they were based in the Netherlands in 2015...true or not, mine will be based in Florida. Box art... Sprue looks good. I'll get into at after the weekend. I need to put some things behind me. I have until October anyway... --John
  13. Thanks mate. The Belgian profile doesn't have the tip tanks so I may leave them off. The wings seem to be the right size, however. I will make some progress on this today, I promise.
  14. What's say we strut about! I dislike the fact that the struts need to be repainted because of the sprue attachment points. Anyway...minor issue. Landing gear too... Glue two points at a time and eventually everything is fixed...a little weight to help alleviate any 'sproing effect'... And that's it for the moment. I might scratch-build the cabane struts ( I often do in these cases). --John
  15. Little bits on board...generator on the landing gear struts...guns mounted...windscreen attached...rudder painted red...exposed engine areas painted...air scoops painted per the instructions...touched up some the grey parts...wheels masked... It'll pass the 75cm test for sure, if not 50cm. Tomorrow--struts. Saturday--rigging and decals. Crossed fingers everyone. Plus I want to begin something Canadian this weekend as well as begin my F-15 and F-5. --John
  16. I mixed up a little IJN Grey with some white and a some Pale Green. I think it looks alright. Now I will go around and paint the small bits with a hairy brush, attach the completed resin pieces to the landing gear, etc... --John
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