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  1. Thanks Rich. All of the above are correct. Thanks Martin. I'll some more work on it tonight. Not really. Nicely moulded resin, no bubbles. Some thin parts need replacing/strengthening. Not unusual at all.
  2. The spinner decal went on surprisingly easily. The door handle directionals... There are other teeny decals and they are on too. The roundels, emblems, flash, etc...all on now. I am very happy I repainted it. Almost done! --John
  3. I'm not sure about the Yellow Olive either. Seems to be dark green to my eyes. And I am pretty sure I used Basalt Grey on the F-104 I built, but I can't seem to find it. Anyway...the Basalt Grey seems to be much darker grey (RAL 7012) than what I have chosen. I may try to fix this. The Yellow Olive is RAL 6014. Window looks alright. Wheels on... Ok...I bit the bullet and just now airbrushed on some Dark Slate Grey (the Vallejo alternative for RAL 7012) over the PRU Blue. No masks, folks...There are a couple of lines I'll have to fix with the hairy brush but nothing went onto the glass...easy peasy. Compare and contrast...the one on the right is much more Luftwaffen-ish. Much happier now! Cheerio! John
  4. The Yellow Olive looks good. I also masked and sprayed the anti-glare panel, the rubber wheels, the prop. I think I might be ready for decals folks! Masks off! Ha! I made an error and masked the top piece of glass upside down and then inserted it. I have no idea why. So, I have, this morning, removed the glass and it is sitting in some thinner to remove the paint without damaging the clarity (I hope) I'll carefully put it back in later today. Duh! --John
  5. Superb...really superb and very fun too! Three cheers for the contestants and those who stand upon the podium!
  6. I went with straight Faded PRU Blue for this. In my paint selection it was the closest I could come to the Basalt Grey they asked for. I think it will be surprisingly accurate next to the Yellow Olive. --John
  7. Very nice. I have built this kit and enjoyed it immensely. i see you are of the same mind!
  8. I used a US Light Ghost Grey for the underside, and have masked that off. The two remaining colours are a Yellow Olive (I have it!) and a Basalt Grey, which I will have to figure out. The colour profile makes it look more like Faded PRU Blue, while the online comparison say Intermediate Blue. Hmmmm....Somewhere in the middle? Intermediate Blue...looks too dark. With a little PRU mixed in, 1:1...this is closer to the profile. Could someone knowledgable about the post-WW2 Luftwaffe please chime in? I'm laying down the blue first, so I will wait until I have at least two other opinions to back me up. --John
  9. Me too! I added some colour to it...I know, not PC10 or PC12, but greenish anyway. The photo is off a bit. It is less blue... I think it will be fine. --John
  10. That explains the detail and precision in this fine jewel! This is in a class ally itself. Stunning.
  11. A lovely aircraft and a fine build sir! Very pretty.
  12. This is a handsome aircraft from this heady days of the mid-Cold War. I gave it a little age since it had been around for about 10 years. The kit is pretty good too, but caution with the fragile decals. Maybe shop them out in the aftermarket. WiP here... --John
  13. Thanks to @VG 33 again. I applied the decals tonight. I also attached the undercarriage, painted the wingtips green and the top of the fin a light blue. The kit decals were ok...just ok. Opaque enough, but oh, sooo fragile. Those long arrows on the side split quite a few times. The trick was to let them soak for a long time, then run a very soft brush beneath the decal to release it from the paper. Slide it on with a lot of water. Tomorrow I'll carefully give it some varnish, then a bit of pinwash here and there for panel detail. --John
  14. Perfect! Thank you1 I am applying the decals on this tonight. I must wrap this up. I have other builds wish to begin! The anti-glare area... --John
  15. Typical resin kit, but nicely made anyway....some fettling required. The instructions say to attach the inner spars to the cockpit floor. I tried that. Didn't fit too well, so I glued the spars to the interior of the fuselage (red circle). That worked. The turtledeck and headrest area...the turtledeck needs to be hollowed out a bit so it fits above the seat back with the headrest attached (green circle). And the motor is very nice but the pushrods and coolant pipes need be separated and then bent inwards once the CA is set up (blue circle). None of this is difficult but requires some test fitting etc...I did away with the PE harness. I lost a piece then a second...tiny things. Masking tape came in handy. Speaking of tiny...control horns! Two on the lower wing, two on the stabilizer and a third "double" on the rudder. There are moulded horns on the rudder but I sanded them off and used a saw to create a gap for the PE piece. They actually have holes in them for rigging line. Hmmm.... Now. I really have to get back to the three other aircraft on the bench. I have been lax in my obsession. Decals for the Mystére; some paint for the Dornier and some work on the Tripe. --John
  16. Thanks. I agree. Something a bit different. PM me the reason please! Here's what i have to work with... Wings and fuselage are very nicely moulded... Note the damaged cowling. My fault! I will use this injection moulded piece. I think it is from a Bristol fighter of one sort or another. I will have to scratch built the cabane struts and probably the landing gear struts. The interplane seem alright. Some brass wire will come into play. Old style PE. Looks alright. So there we are. I'll dig in tomorrow. --John
  17. Thanks @Torbjorn That's a superb page. And than you for the link! I am not sure if KORA still makes the kit.
  18. Now this is cute. If there is one good thing about moving house it is that I was able to do some inventory. I found this one buried in a box of other kits. I remember buying it years ago and stating it (and damaging the cowling when I started)...so there is a different cowling on this one. It looks the same, just not resin. Anyway... The wiki page is good and has some images of a reproduction that flies...good for rigging diagram and colour. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FVM_Ö1_Tummelisa Resin, some PE... Your basic exploded instructions... And markings options. I like the 'heart' so I am going for that. I'll start in on it later tonight with a clean up of the parts, etc...drill the very few rigging holes. --John
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