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  1. Count me in. I'd probably build an FB-111 or something from NATO with a tactical nuclear strike role - maybe a CF-104
  2. Thanks @Learstang, @TEMPESTMK5, @Andwil and @bigbadbadge - you're all on the list, which is starting to look pretty healthy at 14.
  3. I've got a few options. There's no way all these will be built - I'm going to try for three builds, but even two might be a stretch given that I've also got plans for the ANZAC, Africa and Unarmed GBs. There's a chance that one or two of these will appear in the Unarmed or High Wing GBs instead though. First choice is currently the Welsh Models Boeing 747SP. I'm planning to build it as the NASA SOFIA aircraft which will require some modifications that will be 3D printed. I might even have a go at opening the door and showing the telescope. Next on the list is an Anigran
  4. Looking forward to seeing that. I assume that's the 1/144 kit?
  5. You’re all on the list. 10 already!
  6. That's what I call a glowing endorsement! You're on the list You're on the list - and you could do a Danish Starfighter, one of their CF-104s would qualify. As would a Norwegian one. I think it should, so I'll add another rule to allow it. You're on the list.
  7. Yes, under the rule that I forgot to add and have now added - anything made overseas and in Canadian markings would count
  8. I've got far too much to choose from but the current front-runners are a TAAG Angolan Airlines L100-20 Hercules (possibly also a TAAG Il-62), Algerian MiG-29SMT, LAM - Mozambique Airlines Il-62, Su-27/30 (Uganda, Eritrea or Ethiopia), and Angolan government Tu-134. Some of which will require custom-printed decals.
  9. Apologies to all Canadians for the stereotyping in the title, but... I don't think we've ever had a Canadian group build - not one that I can remember anyway. From an aircraft builder's point of view there are plenty of interesting aircraft that have been built in Canada, whether locally designed (like Chipmunks, Otters, Caribou, the CF-100 and CF-105) or licence-built (Canadair Sabres, CF-104s, various WWII types), plenty of interesting foreign aircraft operated in Canada, then there are Canadian units in the RAF. I expect there's probably similar variety for armour and ship build
  10. I'd be up for this so add me to the list. Not sure how to define big - to me it's big enough that I'd at least consider building it in 1/144 (but if it's the new Airfix Vulcan of course I'm going to build it!).
  11. Definitely still interested, count me in. F-104 is definitely a possibility, maybe a KLM airliner (I could do DC-8, DC-9 or Convair 440 from the current stash).
  12. Well I've done my spreadsheet and the one thing it tells me is that I can't decide what to build! Too many options, too little time. So here are the (current) top 3 for each GB - there's no way this many will be built, and my preferences are likely to change as the year goes on, but it's a start: ANZAC: The obvious Australian choices - Noorduyn Norseman, DHC-3 Otter and CASA Aviocar (Ansett-MAL, Qantas and Australian Antarctic Expedition) Africa: TAAG Angolan L100-20 Hercules, Algerian MiG-29SMT, Il-62M (either LAM of Mozambique or TAAG from Angola) Anything but injection
  13. Many thanks for your great work as usual Enzo First half of next year looks busy! I think I'll manage it by limiting my Interceptor and Heller builds and starting fairly fresh with ANZAC, probably skip Desert Storm, was going to skip Panzer III anyway, the STGBs might not get a look-in (but can do a Skyhawk or two in ANZAC anyway, similarly my T-6 STGB contributions would most likely have been a Boomerang or Wirraway), then skipping Less Than A Tenner, Bristol and the F-16 STGB will give Anything But Injection and Unarmed get a pretty clear run - I've got some ambitious plans for t
  14. Yes great work Rich. Some great jokes, some questionable ones, and I'm sorry I ever mentioned mankinis (I don't think that was even here - wasn't it in the interceptors GB?). I'm pretty happy with the outcome, there are (I think) 3 that I didn't vote for, and for two of them it was because I knew they were so popular I could use the votes elsewhere. Now we just need to see the timetable - I'm hoping there isn't too much overlap between the ones I'm most interested in - I'll have a much easier time of it if Unarmed, Africa and Anything But Injection don't all overlap!
  15. Thanks Ian. I thought it was odd that LN produced these decals, they must have liked the scheme as much as I did. The decals mostly performed ok. They needed a bit of help to conform to some of the more complex shapes but Micro Sol did the trick. They tore in a couple of places in the process but you get plenty of spare decal because anything with a window on it is printed twice, once with the grey to represent the window and once without for use with the kit's windows. So I was able to use a bit of the spare decal to patch things up. They were nice and opaque too - I was concerned about the r
  16. Your CL-215 is looking great. I recently got hold of one of these at a bargain price (bagged with no decals), if I get time before the end of the GB I'll build it.
  17. Never knew there was a kit of the Princess. It really needs an Allegro next to it. Although for me the two really nostalgic cars of this era would be the Hillman Imp that my Mum always struggled to start on a cold morning, and my Manx grandparents' white Triumph 1500 which they kept going into the 90s (they replaced it with an Escort, not a really memorable car although there was that time it ended up covered in bits of seaweed...)
  18. Here's my Zvezda 1/144 A320 finished in VietJet colours using Lima November decals: thanks for looking Julian
  19. Thanks! It's in the gallery now.
  20. Here's my VietJet Airbus A320. Zvezda kit, Lima November decals. Build thread is here
  21. Nice to see another Noratlas, now mine will have some company. Hope you enjoy the build, I'm enjoying mine.
  22. Nearly there - just need to paint the aerials. This will be in the gallery tomorrow.
  23. Now with some silbergrau underneath and some orange bits:
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