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  1. Warbird with Canadian heritage with Canadian markings - sounds Canadian enough to me. Welcome aboard!
  2. That would be an interesting conversion. Wouldn't use very much of the CH-37 kit though!
  3. Thanks Col. The 3MD is definitely happening anyway. Fair call on the PP, I suppose it's not so different from calling a tanker part of a bombing mission. The Yak-28I conversion might well happen, doesn't look too complicated, particularly if I don't worry too much about differences in the bomb-aimer's cockpit.
  4. I wasn't familiar with this version so just looked it up. They somehow managed to make a very strange-looking helicopter look even stranger!
  5. Thanks everyone! Thanks, I'll take a look at your build. I've built it before, can't remember its foibles but seem to recall that the intakes were a little tricky and only attaching them to the outer intake parts and not the inside of the fuselage was the way to go. No worries! I think printing them (actually getting them printed in this case) will be a lot quicker than the mail from Stockport anyway! I've got a few custom decals to do for upcoming builds, and I tend to draw a job lot at once and get them printed by a good printer I've used before, so it'll be part of that.
  6. I'm building the Kinetic kit as a NASA F/A-18B using Fightertown decals. Apart from the decals the only aftermarket I'm using will be Eduard seat belts and masks but I'm also going to 3D-print a QTEP (Quick Test Experimental Pod) to go under the wing. I'm also going to need to print decals for the QTEP and for the serials and codes for the specific aircraft that carried it, as it's not on the Fightertown sheet. This is the QTEP: and in action over the Mojave desert: I've made a start today - done some basic assembly of seats and cockpit and sprayed some primer at a few parts. I'll post photos when there's more to see. I might also get a test print of the QTEP done this weekend. cheers Julian
  7. Interesting article. I think it's a good list. It'll make for a pretty weird and quite eclectic GB. Was really just kidding with my UK suggestion! Looking at my decal stash I'm disappointed to find nothing for Kyrgyzstan or Tajikistan. Might have to fix that. I can do all the other Stans and all the Lands though.
  8. Two interesting deliveries were waiting for me when I got home today: A Mikro Mir 1/144 3MD Bison and the Yefim Gordon book on the Yak-25/27/28 series. The Bison is obviously a pretty good candidate for this GB. I've got a 1/48 Yak-28PP kit. The Yak-28PP was an ECM aircraft, which was intended to go into action as part of a strike package. I could convert it to a Yak-28I bomber. But my question for the GB hosts is, would the PP's ECM role as part of a strike mission qualify it for this GB? It wouldn't have dropped any bombs itself, but would have been part of the bombing mission.
  9. The Kinetic CF-104 is out and highly likely to be added to my stash. And I can’t be the only one here thinking about shortening the wingtips of the upcoming Airfix F-86F-40 to turn it into a Sabre Mk.6. Choosing what to build is going to get even harder!
  10. Hawkeye Models in Australia has a couple of laser printed sheets for Otter floatplanes - Qantas and (I think) Trans Australia Airlines, maybe Ansett as well. Shipping might be above your budget though. I used the Qantas sheet on an Otter (with wheels) last year. I think Lima November might do some as well. It might also be worth trying one of the Canadian producers - Above and Below Graphics seems to cover just about every Canadian subject - and Oldmodels in New Zealand might be worth a try too.
  11. One of my favourites! Looking forward to this.
  12. Great to see this one. I got one of these for Xmas in 1983. I'd normally be unsure of the year but I can date this from an earthquake which Wikipedia tells me happened in July 1984 - I built the Sea Venom with the canopy open but not glued, it would sit up on its own but didn't take a lot to knock it down. I have a clear memory of the canopy closing during the earthquake!
  13. Thanks Dave - my CAD skills have moved on (slightly) from the Lancaster so hoping to be able to deal with a couple of more complex shapes this time. One more part done - the nose glazing: Not perfect but hopefully good enough for a test print, then I can see what changes are needed. Next is the part I've been putting off - the engine nacelles. cheers Julian
  14. Thanks, I'll give this a go. What depth do you use for panel lines? I'm guessing at about 0.2mm.
  15. Title says it all really. I'm giving Fusion 360 a go, would like to add some panel lines, canopy frames and I suppose some other surface features will come up as well, what's the best way to add them to a surface or a solid in F360? cheers Julian
  16. Nice to see this one! I got one of these for Christmas about 40 years ago, looking forward to seeing your build.
  17. Great choice! One of my all time favourites, and I doubt it's going to be the only Stranraer in the GB (might even get to it myself). Best of luck with the build.
  18. Another component to print - fairing for the tail turret: Haven't worked out how to add things like canopy frames and panel lines to surfaces yet, I'm going to leave this as it is for now and move on to the next part. The frame for the glazing can always be painted on!
  19. Very nicely done. I remember seeing the Aviogenex Tu-134s regularly at Manchester - I've always loved the distinctive look of the thing. I built one of these a few years ago, not the easiest of builds but I'd build another if I had room for it (however I do have a few of the lovely Zvezda 1/144 kits in the stash), and you've done a great job.
  20. It's a hit for me. I think Airfix will do pretty well out of me this year - Bucc, Anson, Sabre, Lynx, Spit XVIII, Basset and Beaver will all be on my shopping list. Not really interested in the 1/72 Meteor (will stick with 1/48) and the 1/24 Spit isn't really for me, but I'm very impressed with it. When I saw the early announcement of the 1/24 Spit I lowered my expectations - I guessed that the investment in that would make it less likely there'd be an interesting new tool in 1/48 - but I'm happy to be wrong and very happy to see the 1/48 Bucc and Anson are on their way! Slightly surprised not to see another boxing of the Vampire (perhaps the initial release is too recent) or a Black Buck Vulcan, and I wonder whether we're ever going to see an FGA.9 boxing of the Hunter. Me too, I want to see Airfix thrive, its position has been precarious for far too much of my modelling lifetime (going back to 1980 - I remember being very disappointed when they went under in the early 80s and have been grateful to have them around ever since). But a good sign of a healthy company is that banks are willing to lend to them so I'd like to see them profitable to the extent that they can maintain a manageable level of debt! They know their brand and their particular corner of the market - I'm seeing this as a good sign too.
  21. Thanks. I contemplated buying two B-25s but didn't want to be left with two engineless B-25 kits, and two sets of Quickboost engines, nacelles and props works out cheaper than one B-25 kit, so I've ordered the QB bits.
  22. Excellent choice. This one really does bring back some memories for me as it involved a few firsts - bought on my first visit to the Nationals at Stoneleigh, first aftermarket conversion (Aeroclub FR.9 conversion), and would have been one of the first times I used aftermarket decals as well (Modeldecal in this case). Happy days!
  23. Good choice! I've got happy memories of this kit, I think I got it for Christmas, best part of 40 years ago. Good luck with the build.
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