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    Flybe Q400

    Here you go: It's quite hard to get the white balance to show the purple in the right hue, but this is fairly close. It looks close enough to the real thing (or at least photos of it) to my eye. The purple is Tamiya X-16. I'm also feeling pretty happy with the decision to paint the yellow and red bands. I've got the decals on this evening. These are mostly RJS decals, the de-icer boots are from the PAS decals included in the kit. Somehow much harder to get the purple to look right this evening - this looks too blue - must be the lack of natural light coming into the room. thanks for looking Julian
  2. zebra

    Flybe Q400

    It's been ages since my last update. I've started painting - did the white for the tail. Then there's a red and yellow band. There's a decal for that, but it has to go over white paint and needs precise masking. Well if I've got to mask it precisely for that, I might as well paint the red and yellow band! So that's done, it's currently drying in the garage, and I'll move on to the purple tomorrow. And hopefully I'll try and remember to photograph it when I do.
  3. Decals on. The F-DCAL decals are nice but presumably were designed for the F-RSIN kit, and they aren't a perfect fit for this one - I couldn't get the door outlines to sit perfectly over the engraved door outlines. It won't be noticeable unless you're up close. cheers Julian
  4. Tailplanes on and a bit more prime, sand, repeat and I think I'm ready to start painting, which will hopefully happen tomorrow. thanks for looking Julian
  5. Nice work Ray. I had been trying to persuade myself I don't need one of these as I have an F-RSIN kit and Contrails engines for it and don't think I really need to Coronados, but this is testing my resolve!
  6. A bit more on the B-17 that was fitted with the Fulton Skyhook system (N809Z), which I'm a little bit obsessed with: It has a pretty interesting postwar history - used by the CIA for clandestine missions over China in the '50s, then acquired by Intermountain Aviation (a CIA front company) in 1962 and fitted with the Skyhook system, as used in project COLDFEET. Converted to an air tanker and used for firefighting from 1969, then acquired by Evergreen International Aviation (or Evergreen Helicopters as it was named at the time, also said to have been linked to the CIA) in 1975, re-registered as N207EV, and used in firefighting until 1985. It was later restored to its original B-17G configuration and flown as a warbird carrying its original USAAF serial 44-83785. It's still airworthy and has recently been purchased by the Collings Foundation to replace their B-17 Nine-O-Nine which was tragically lost in a fatal accident in 2019. A fascinating aeroplane that I really need to build a model of!
  7. There was a door (or even just a hole!) where the rear turret used to be. Must have been a pretty small door - not sure I'd have wanted to be squeezed through it! If anyone knows of a good photo of the tail end of N809Z in this configuration, I'd love to see it - I've found decent photos of pretty much everything else. I've been thinking about this one for a while! Aside from the Bond film, it was used for real at least once in CIA Project COLDFEET in 1962 - two people were parachuted into an abandoned Soviet arctic ice station to extract equipment and information. Apparently it required three extractions using the Fulton Skyhook system, one for the Soviet equipment and one each for the men (unlike the end of Thunderball they apparently didn't have two people use it at once!). There's a bit more info on it here.
  8. I've got an Airfix B-17 in the stash so count me in. Deciding what to do with it will be the difficult bit - I have various plans in mind, including firebombers, engine testbeds and the one with the Fulton Skyhook that was used at the end of a Bond film.
  9. I like tenuous, tenuous is what you get when people think outside the box and come up with subjects we wouldn’t have thought of. Any model of a Shuttle that clearly features the Canadarm (nothing with it stowed and the doors shut!) would work for me. Maybe the astronaut could be Canadian too!
  10. Hi Gord, you're on the list. The general group build rule is that builds must be less than 25% complete at the start of the GB to be eligible to go in the GB gallery, but If you have something that's further along than that you're very welcome to share it with us in the GB, but not put it in the gallery at the end. Personally I'd be pretty flexible - within reason - on where the 25% line is drawn (it's very judgemental after all), particularly for an interesting Canadian subject!
  11. Going quite a long way off topic but financial year for a company and tax year might not be the same (my very hazy recollection is the UK tax year ending on 5 April is only for personal tax and companies can elect a different tax year) and it varies by country. Here in Australia for most companies it’s June, I’ve dealt with British companies that use December, June and September, and so on. I’m looking forward to the Beaufort whenever it arrives!
  12. I've got a couple of Airfix F-27s in the stash so count me in
  13. You're on the list SD. A CC-109 would be great!
  14. I'm going to join in with the Tarangus 1/48 SAAB Safir. I might not start for a week or two as there are a few builds in other GBs to get over the line first, but I'm pretty keen to crack on with it. Here's the kit and the aftermarket stuff I'm going to use: Not sure which decal option I'm going to opt for yet, but I think it's either going to be the Swedish camouflaged one with the dayglo panels (I love a bit of dayglo, particularly when it comes in decal form and I don't have to paint it!) or the Aero Club Air France option, which looks nice but is going to need some very careful and precise masking. I'll need to decide which version early on, but both those options are the 91B version so I can make the final decision later on. cheers Julian
  15. Thanks Adrian. I think Dad would have been pleased to see how this build's going - I think it's going well. The kit's fairly basic, the plastic has a weird rough surface texture, and the fit's far from perfect, so it's far from state of the art but I don't think it's taking too much work to build it into an acceptable model. After a couple of iterations of fill, prime, check, repeat I'm pretty happy with the nacelles and I've got the wings on. I've had to use a bit of filler at the wing roots, cleaning that will come next, then the same with the tailplanes and on to the painting stage. cheers Julian
  16. The white and aluminium coats are done: A little bit of detail painting to do then it'll be time for the decals. thanks for looking Julian
  17. Wings and fin are on, and I've started on the engines: A bit of filler will be needed at the wing roots, should be ok though. More soon Julian
  18. I think the rule change is a good one - lack of evidence was going to kill off most of mine! But I'm in with an Anigrand 1/72 Boeing YC-14 which I bought from a Facebook buy/sell group for $50 AUD which is about 20% of the Hannants list price (I think one of the reasons I got it so cheap is it was listed as 1/144 - I think the seller made a mistake - although from the size and weight of the box surely nobody could think it was 1/144!). There's also a Welsh Models 1/72 Embraer 145 that I got for $20 on ebay because nobody else bid on it.
  19. @Richard Tucker you're on the list. The Goblin's a great choice.
  20. Progressing well. Looks pretty good in black!
  21. As my other three current builds all either have milliput or primer drying, it's time to start another French build, and there seems to be a Caravelle-shaped gap in the GB so I'll try to fill it. This is the Amodel 1/144 Caravelle 10R, which I'm going to build in Transeuropa colours using 26 decals. Here's the plastic: There's also a small PE fret with the wing fences. There are apparently a couple of shape issues, but it looks like a Caravelle and it's quite crisply moulded. I've made a start by assembling the fuselage. Didn't bother with the cockpit as I'll be using decals for the windows. The instructions say nothing about ballast in the nose, so I've added about 20g in the form of Australian 5 cent coins. Here's the very little progress so far: more soon Julian
  22. Thanks Craig! It's grown a pair of tailplanes and has had a coat of Mr Surfacer. It's in the garage drying right now - forgot to photograph it. All being well I'll start painting tomorrow. cheers Julian
  23. After a bit of a delay I've got hold of the plastic tube I need to replace the missing exhaust part. After a close look at the other three exhausts I wasn't satisfied with the kit parts, so I've cut them off and replaced them with plastic tube as well. I've then built the rear of the nacelles back up with milliput. The milliput hasn't cured yet so it all still looks pretty rough, but here it is: I'll get this cleaned up and hopefully then get the build back on track tomorrow. thanks for looking Julian
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