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  1. This is looking lovely Mr T, can't wait to see it in the gallery.
  2. Interesting - it had never occurred to me that there would be a lozenge pattern on the inside, but of course it makes perfect sense.
  3. Looking good John. Great to see it back on track so quickly! The Vallejo aluminium has gone on very well indeed.
  4. Welcome to the GB Patrice. Great to see a Beaver in the GB, and in a lesser-known colour scheme as well.
  5. zebra

    Black Maria

    This looks great. The rigging looks an awful lot better than I would have achieved!
  6. What this GB obviously needs is another Sabre! I was recently given the new Airfix 1/48 F-86F-40 (thanks Mum!) so it would be rude not to build it. I'll be converting it to a Sabre Mk.5. Now I can hear a few of you saying it's got the wrong wing for a Mk.5, but I'll be building it as a Boeing chase plane, N8686F, which was re-winged with a Mk.6 wing. So I suppose that makes it a Mk.5 and a half. Here's the obligatory box shot: Decals will be from Vingtor. It'll require a few small mods - removal of guns, addition of camera fairings to the gun bays, sugar scoops and a large aerial under the cockpit - but nothing too onerous. I've also got an Eduard Look+ set for it, which includes an instrument panel, resin wheels, PE steel seat belts and masks, and CMK resin airbrakes. I've made a start - a bit of minor assembly on some interior pieces, which have been given a coat of primer - but nothing worth photographing yet. more soon Julian
  7. Airfix 1/48 Chipmunk, build thread is here. thanks for looking Julian
  8. I suspect this kit needs little introduction, there have been a few on here by now. It's the Airfix 1/48 Chipmunk, with Xtradecal decals for WK628 of the Central Flying School 'Skylarks' aerobatic team, based at RAF Little Rissington in 1968. Lovely kit, which suffered from a couple of stuff-ups along the way (try not to look too closely at the spin recovery strakes which are on the wrong sides!), I'll definitely build more of these. thanks for looking Julian
  9. Calling this done. It'll be in the gallery shortly. cheers Julian
  10. Here's my 1/144 Convair 880, just finished in the Turning Japanese GB. Build thread is here. Quite a nice kit, nice surface detail, went together well. The decals are from Vintage Flyer, it was my first experience of that brand and I'll be using them again. thanks for looking Julian
  11. Here's my JAL Convair 880 from the Eastern Express 1/144 kit with Vintage Flyer decals. Build thread is here. thanks for looking Julian
  12. Finally got around to painting the wheels and I'm calling this done, just in time. Will be in the gallery shortly. thanks for looking Julian
  13. I'd be up for that but I'd probably still only get about a quarter of the way through the 58 options I've identified!
  14. Welcome aboard Peter, good to see another Spitfire, and an unusual one with some NSFW nose art!
  15. I was hoping nobody would notice that!
  16. Great looking cockpit!
  17. Thanks everyone @roginoz I didn’t have any trouble with the engine panels but I anticipated that they might be a bit tricky and that anything less than spot-on alignment of the engine itself might cause problems. So I took care to make sure the engine was properly aligned and it paid off. I like the jig for the clear parts - at first I grumbled to myself about the canopy not being provided as a single piece, but the jig works well and I suspect a one -piece canopy wouldn’t have been as nicely moulded as the part we end up with. As for that flight of yours - !
  18. That's a very effective technique for the tarpaulin - really great fabric effect.
  19. Well here it is with some of the decals on: I love a bit of dayglo. Particularly when I don't have to paint it! thanks for looking Julian
  20. Got some paint on it - decanted Tamiya AS-12, SMS black for the anti-glare panel. Decals tomorrow. cheers Julian
  21. You're making great progress there Pip - you've dealt very well with the fit issues that I found so frustrating. Re the flaps, build it your way! I did it with flaps up when I built mine. I guess it would have been nice if Two Bobs had included segmented decals - Leading Edge did in the set I used.
  22. With a bit of space created on the bench by finishing the YS-11 and moving the Chipmunk into the garage for painting, it's time to start build no. 2. This will be the Amodel 1/144 Buffalo. Obligatory sprue box and shot: I've also got an FCM decal sheet with markings for Ecuadorian, Brazilian and Canadian examples. I think this is going to be Canadian, in camouflage, using the FCM decals. I'll make a start tomorrow cheers Julian
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