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  1. @Hook after buying the kit I looked for information on the proposed subjects, the high visibility one I already knew well having done it, of the low visibility one I did not find real photos, indeed, I did not find photos of other subjects who had similar gray markings I joined the fuselage and nose together. luckily I had to use very little putty, the joints are good. the air vents are not glued yet
  2. Thanks @Ale85 , you're doing fine too
  3. Nice choice Check if in the kit there are the pieces N2 and N7, they are the late gun covers with the naca air vents. both nsawc subjects have them like this
  4. Hi! Thank You @Col. and @stevej60 Some little progress I glued the fuselage shells, removed the mould seams on the canopy, polished them and dipped in the Future wax
  5. Hi I also have the same kit but I will not use the decals included because they are wrong .. the hi-viz version had serial 158979 (not 159434) and had a early type beaver tail during the first cruise, in the low-viz version the serial number is definitely wrong, it belong to a VF-11 tomcat, I don't know the right one
  6. Thank You @almac, @Hewy and @Roberto
  7. PS: I suggest not even following step 3 and not painting in insignia red the entire leading edge of the wings
  8. Yes, the F8 and F9 parts, for this area I have decided not to follow the instructions and not to remove the edges indicated in step 2. glove vanes were usually disabled and welded shut in the field as more trouble than they were worth
  9. I am doing the same model and I have noticed that if the glove vanes are not inserted the fit is much better
  10. I made the same model a couple of years ago and had the same problem with the decals. the real problem are red decals, in the decal sheet you can find the felix logo and the writings to reproduce the design of the cracked one in case you want to try to paint the red
  11. Thank You @Col. i will do I added the seats, I had to mill a little to get them in because they are a bit wider than the ones offered by the kit. for this there is some dust in the photos, sorry The first dry fit is not bad
  12. Hi! I started from the cockpit and with the self-adhesive photoetched it was very simple
  13. Thank you for the welcome My passion for airplanes and more precisely for the tomcat began in the mid 80's, guess after seeing which movie? In the group builds I participate in I like to show themed models that I have already done In the early years since I started doing modeling (90's) , I count 3 F-14s in 1/72 scale and one in 1/48 scale, They are all unpresentable. One of these, a Hasegawa originally made with the livery of the VF-41, the restored getting this one of the VF-31 another one, a Fujimi of the VF-111 which is not recoverable I have done it again with the same kit but with Fcm decals the last I made is the one who participated at " In the year i was born GB", a VF-1 dated in 1975 (Hasegawa 1/72) So what I'm going to do is not my first VF-1 @Col. The cockpit is not bad, it is more detailed than other more classic models (i.e. Italeri) but the use of PE instead of decals will certainly be an improvement. I use the True Detail seats (I have a good supply) because they have built-in harnesses and I find it easier to color them than to use photo-etched belts.
  14. Good morning I participate in this group build with a 1/72 scale F14A from the Hobby boss The kit is halfway between a normal kit and an easy kit and I chose it among the many I have for its supposed ease of assembly. I will make a CAG example of the VF-1 Wolfpack (BuNo 162597/NE-100) dated in 1991 returning from Desert Storm where it was boarded on the aircraft carrier USS Ranger I will not use the kit decals because they are wrong for both the high visibility version and the later low visibility version I will use decals from an Academy kit (old mould) instead To improve the cockpit I will use an Eduard PE set and the True Detail resin seats
  15. Thank you very much, I'm glad You like my model because I'm following your build of the Airfix 1/24 and admiring what you are doing
  16. Hello, this is my latest finished model (build for the Grumman F6F Hellcat STGB) Grumman F6F-5N Hellcat BuNo 78669 maj. Bruce Porter, CO of VMF(N)-542 Yontan airfield, Okinawa, May 1945 Eduard 1/72nd OOB except for Eduard Brassin resin wheels
  17. Grumman F6F-5N Hellcat BuNo 78669 maj. Bruce Porter, CO of VMF(N)-542 Yontan airfield, Okinawa, May 1945 Eduard 1/72 kit with Eduard Brassin resin wheels
  18. I finished my model: F6F-5N Hellcat "Nightfighter" BuNo 78669 pilot maj. Bruce Porter, CO of VMF(N)-542 Yontan airfield, Okinawa, May 1945 Eduard kit with Eduard Brassin resin wheels Thanks to the hosts for organizing this nice group build
  19. The nose gear retraction cylinder cover (piece G54) actually the wings are mounted upside down, I have not noticed
  20. Excwllent work Rather than a mistake I found a missing piece. it's right?
  21. Hi! I applied the very few decals and painted the walkways
  22. Thank You @Prenton You are right, the wings are not glued yet. I made 2 hellcats in 1/48 scale and another in 1/72 scale and in all of them I glued the wings only after having painted everything separately, it is very useful
  23. Thank You @dnl42 the masks are from an old Eduard set of national insignia (stars & bars only) for the Hellcat #XS517 they are made of vinyl, today they would be made of kabuky tape
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