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  1. Good morning Craig Thank you for your comment , yes the Airfix Kit is still a good one but I think that the Beaver needs a more modern kit in this scale ... Best Regards Patrice
  2. Good evening This morning I closed the 2 fuselage halves together And this afternoon I glued the ''roof'' ' Best regards Patrice
  3. Good evening my friends Thank you for your comments Today I placed some thin Tamiya bands to simulate the belts on the seats then I glued the seats , the instrument panel and the stick on the floor and I glued this assembly on the right half fuselage I also glued the engine under the cowling Best Regards Patrice
  4. Good morning Hockeyboy76 Welcome aboard I added your name to the list Best Regards Patrice
  5. Good afternoon For this Gb I will build the Airfix DHC2 Beaver that I will represent in the markings of a French Air Force ELA N°52 in Indochina in 1955 The box art The building instructions The sprues The Modelart decals sheet My reference Patrice
  6. Good afternoon Andre Best of luck with the Carpena decals I think that you already know that they don't have a very good reputation ... Hopefully with the release of these SH kits in a few weeks/months we will see also the release of more decals sheets .. Best Regards Patrice
  7. Bonjour Good afternoon Jean Yes I should have checked my references before starting this build but thanks to Craig AKA Modellling minion who has sent me the decals from a Modeldecal sheet I should be able finish this Norwegian F 5 with the correct markings ..Until these decals arrive in Normandy I will put this build aside and I will start another build in another gb See you soon for the rest of this build .. Best Regards . Patrice
  8. Good morning According to Scalemates here is a list of the Mirage III decals https://www.scalemates.com/search.php?fkSECTION[]=All&q=mirage+III+Decals+1%2F72&fkSCALENORMALISED[]="1:00072"&fkCATNAME[]="Jets"&fkTYPEGROUP[]="Dassault Mirage III"&fkSUBJECT[]="Dassault Mirage IIIC" Best Regards Patrice
  9. Good afternoon Nils Thank you I will try to find the Modeldecla sheet ... I think that a new F 5 Sheet would be a great idea .. Best Regards Patrice
  10. Good afternoon Craig If you can find the Modeldecal sheet it would be perfect but if not don't worry too much because I have a plan B with an Usaaf aircraft https://i.pinimg.com/originals/9b/ff/c4/9bffc442f01c1164b45b194427737f7b.jpg Best Regards Patrice
  11. Thank you very much .. I guess I will have to find another subject as I wanted to build an F 5A in NMF or simply live with the inaccuraties of the decals ... It seems that you work with the Vingtor company wich produced this decals sheet https://www.scalemates.com/kits/vingtor-decals-72-009-northrop-f-5-freedom-fighter--191394 but I guess that it is no more available ? Best Regards Patrice
  12. Good monring Vingtor Sorry for my mistake wich is corrected now .. Could you tell me what is wrong with the Esci decals for the Norwegian markings ? Best regards Patrice
  13. Good evening Robert Thank you for the link , I will do more painting on some panels for a better operationnal effect .. Best Regards Patrice
  14. Good morning ModelingEdmontonian Yes you are welcome to join as long as your subject is decorated with a noseart or a name it is accepted ... I add your name to the list .. Best Regards Patrice
  15. Good evening Chris I agree with you it is not easy to tell from the photo but the Esci building notice says to paint the kit in Humbrol Silver 11 I have found some photos on the net that show a NMF overall paint and I think that I will use an Humbrol Metalcote paint ... Best Regards Patrice
  16. Good evening Today I glued the nose and the wings to the fuselage (as you can see I had to do some sanding and use some filler ) Best Regards Patrice
  17. Bonsoir Jean Thank you for your comment .. With the release of the Italeri reboxe of the Esci kit I think that you will be able to get one and maybe build it for this Gb ... Best Regards Patrice
  18. Thank you Craig Yes it goes together quickly but the front / rear fuselage ''joint'' will need some work and the use of some putty to obtain a good result , maybe I should have glued the front and rear half fuselage together before closing them together .. Best Regards Patrice
  19. Thank you very much for your comment Steve .. Best Regards Patrice
  20. Good evening Today I put some weight in the nose , I closed the 2 front fuselage halves and I also glued the front and rear fuselage I will have to use some putty because the fit between the front and rear fuselage parts is not great .. Best regards Patrice
  21. Good morning Martin Thank you for youy comment .. Best regards Patrice
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