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  1. Good evening Yesterday I started the painting , today I placed a gunsight and I glued the guns gondolas under the wings and the canopy Patrice
  2. Good morning Dennis I am sorry to hear that but health and family are the most important thing ... I hope that everything will be resolved soon and that you will be able to come back to modelling soon .. Take care Patrice
  3. Good morning Dennis As John and Dennis said I am sorry to hear that but health and family are the most important thing ... I hope that everything will be resolved soon and that you will be able to come back to modelling soon .. Take care Patrice
  4. Good evening During the week end I placed the wings and horizontal stabilisators on the fuselage (the engine cowling is not glued yet ) Patrice
  5. Good evening all Bonsoir Jean Thank you for your comments .. @Jean I will use the guns gondola and rocket launcher stubs from an Heller kit ... Cheers Patrice
  6. Good evening Martin Thanks for the advice I will try to do some work during the week end .. Cheers Patrice
  7. Good evening Yesterday I placed the instrument panels and the seats then I glued the side walls and the flour and placed this "bathtube" on the right half fuselage And today I closed the 2 fuselage halves Patrice
  8. Hi all I think the question is not whether Eduard will release a 1/72 Mustang but rather when, it seems to me that all the kits produced by Eduard at 1/48 were also produced at 1/72 so let's be patient .. Patrice
  9. Good evening Today I placed the Eduard Instrument panel on their support I placed the Eduard belts on the seats I prepared the floor and side walls of the cockpit I also prepared the engine and the propeller Patrice
  10. Good evening For this Gb I will build the T6 G Academy kit I don't know yet wich unit I will represent The box art The sprues I have the Berna Decals sheet https://www.scalemates.com/kits/berna-decals-bd-72-19-na-t6-g-texan-and-snj-5--943086 And the LF Models sheet My reference I will also use the Eduard detailling set Patrice
  11. Good afternoon all I really hope that is true and It would be a very good news , I will take several boxes to go with all the Tamiya kits I have in my stash I even have some Hasegawa kits .. Cheers Patrice
  12. Good afternoon John I have already built several Eduard kits (spitfire Mk IX and Mk XVI) without having to use their after market products but who can imagine building a Mustang without fuel tanks or even the pylons to carry them ? luckily I was able to recover these parts from wrecks and used them on the KP/AZmodel Mustang Kits that I had built ... And I am affraid that it will be the same with the Tempest judging by the box arts of the Mk V above.. Cheers Patrice
  13. Good morning As far as I am concerned I will wait to see pictures of the sprues and even the first builds before buying this kit because I was quite disappointed with their Mustang and the lack of fuel tanks that were sold separately , I hope that KP wil not do the same with the Tempest .... Cheers Patrice
  14. Hobby 2000 / Fujimi A4B Skyhawk VA 15 USS Intrepid 1966 Quickboost Seat and guns Humbrol brushpainted Build thread here Patrice
  15. Good afternoon VP And still no fuel tanks under the wings ... I'm waiting for the release of the Arma Hobby kit ... Patrice
  16. Good evening all Thank you for your comments .. Craig thank you for hosting this Gb but I am sorry but this will be my only build for this GB as I would like to take part in other Gbs like the T6 STGB ... Cheers Patrice
  17. Bonsoir JR Thank you for your comment you are right I should have better checked the photos I had found but I will leave my kit as it is ... Cheers Patrice
  18. Good evening Today I placed the seat , closed the canopy and I also plced 2 Snakeye bombs under the wings I think that I will end this build there .. Patrice
  19. Good evening Craig Thank you very much for your comment .. Patrice
  20. Good evening Ysterday I made a light weathering , today I placed the landing gear ,the slats , the flaps , the airbrakes , the ventral fuel tank and the under wings pylmons I just placed the seat and caopy for the pictures . Patrice
  21. Very good job so far Reini .. Cheers Patrice
  22. Good morning John Very interesting subject as Sgt Marcel Milan while assigned to a Fighter Group based in Sénégal managed to escape from Thiés for Bathurst in British Gambia on February 10th 1941 aboard this aircraft and join the Free French Forces . Sadly He died on November 28, 1941 in a flying accident .. Have fun wit your build ..
  23. Good morning Jabba Thank you for your comment but I must admit that placing the decals there was not very easy and I had to repaint it ... Cheers Patrice
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