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  1. Wow! Nice job and certainly looks the part to me. Good job with the brushed on Black as well, I sometimes wonder whether to try brush painting again, just once. I've just done airbrushing since getting back into modelling a few years ago, but all that masking is a chore sometimes! Davey.
  2. It's a 'Belter' Beau' I would say! Davey
  3. Good job. Got a couple of AZ '17's to do, would be pleased if they looked the part like this one. Davey.
  4. Superb result, looks the part. Don't think I ever built a Lysander but yours has made me hanker after one! Davey.
  5. These look really good for basic kits. Can I ask what paint you use for spraying? Davey.
  6. I always end up not using most of the bits with these Etch kits, even though I think in general they do add a fair bit of detail, but my clumsiness negates me from doing the really tiny bits! Looks good so far, look forward to paint going on. Davey.
  7. Ok folks, slowly getting there! Put on some Silk and Matt varnish to flatten the Gloss down a bit, maybe a bit too matt though but am happy with it as it is. Still got the nozzles and weapons to do, oh, and replace the aerial/probe/air-data receiver I broke off on the tail fin leading edge. I had a fiddle around to see how I might display it, using a cheap photo-frame and some 5mm Acrylic rod. Also somehow managed to organise and print off something to go on the base (my computer skills are next to ZERO!) It may look better on Glossy Photo type paper though, we have some somewhere . I also really need to organise something better to take photographs against. Nearly ready for the gallery .
  8. I really hope you get this finished Alan, I wish I had your enthusiasm for detail. I will research a bit for obvious (and easily rectified) errors re: the missing porthole starboard side on the Italeri one, apart from that I'm just happy to finish models these days! Did you ever get the Airfix build finished? Using that for reference Best of luck, Davey.
  9. Excellent work and not 'overdone'. Davey.
  10. Nice job, looks just right and really different with the Tiger radials. Sometime I'll get on with the pair of Airfix one's I have. Davey.
  11. Going to interesting to see both finished side by side, one piece fuselage? solves the problem of a join line down the middle, always my bug-bear! It's a shame Airfix insist on those slightly deeper panel lines, the ones on the Fujimi kit I'm doing look really fine. Davey.
  12. Thank you both. Allan, I'm far too impatient to persevere getting really good finishes like a lot of builds I see on here. Since coming back to the hobby a few years ago I'm just happy to achieve a reasonable result and hopefully improve next time. This one, like most of my builds, wouldn't stand close scrutiny as I don't spend enough time dealing with joins, etc. But I'm happy with what I've done so far! I think the thing with this paint is it's supposed to dry with a Gloss finish, the effect I achieve is somewhere in between that and Matt so I don't know if I'm not building up enough coats. Still got to work on this paint. Got a coat of Klear on, by brush as I've never had good results airbrushing the stuff! Then got the decals on today. The main markings are from the Xtradecal sheet (the roundel and checkerboard on the intakes look a bit big to me, but I'll go with it). Warning triangles, 'rescue' signs, 'no walk' signs(not so sure they are correct colour for this aircraft?) and the nose markings are from the Fujimi sheet. I have many other thing to interest me, and actually have a life outside of modelling to be bothered with all the stencils !! The bare Aluminium rear end has to be weathered and darkened in places, nozzles added, then the final varnish coat, I think a Satin/Gloss mix with maybe Matting down of the fuselage around the engines. Then just got to mount the pylons weapons that I yet to paint. Nearly there. Davey.
  13. Thanks Patrice, it just one of these kits that needs a bit of...… what's it called?...… modelling done to it! Davey.
  14. Got some paint on today! Decided to use Xtracylic which I'm still unsure about. It sprayed Ok with little clogging (I just go with the instructions but add 10-15% acrylic paint thinner instead of water), most of it seemed to go OK but parts are a little rough looking, maybe have to rub down a little with wet and dry. I spray up in the loft which was an ideal temperature today. Anyway, just have to do the radome and bare metal bits and nozzles. I had to fix some overspray on the green (I never seem to mask everything properly!) and still have to fix a bit of overspray below the intakes. Davey.
  15. The airframe is now together. If you look at the previous photo's you'll see a gap at the bottom front of the fuselage, just before the cowling. This is due to the bulkhead pushing them apart. But don't trim the bulkhead as the engine looks to be a tight fit. The main wing, after leaving to dry, didn't fit the fuselage but was better than being too narrow, leaving wing-root gaps. As it was I did a lot of filing and scraping to make good (ending up going through the soft plastic on one of the wings. Just a little filler needed here and there as shown. I think I removed an aileron trim tab by mistake but overall it's looking OK. Tail planes were fitted after a bit of trimming around the joining faces, the rudder fitted OK after a little trimming of the tail itself. Davey.
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