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  1. You know you want to. I thought I wouldn't be someone who purchases aftermarket decal sheets that much but now I have a file with a few in! Davey.
  2. Thanks Dave. I've noticed in the photo of the underside I've left some masking tape over the exhaust I pre-painted! Not long before finishing, just getting side-tracked by doing some wargame figure painting. Davey.
  3. After having a good break, and change of scenery, I couldn't get back into doing any modelling for a bit but here's where we are after some recent work in the man-cave! The engine cowlings didn't go one quite as well as the last Airfix Blenheim I did, mustn't have trimmed the engines down enough, but it'll do me. Decals and varnish on, there are some bits to touch up here and there. I got the undercarriage and bomb-doors on, everything going in ok apart from one of the doors needing trimming slightly. Just got the turret and aerial to fix on then some bits of painting and a small amount of weathering. More soon. Davey.
  4. Will watch with interest, I have been poised for a while to get a Modelsvit Mirage III. Davey.
  5. Superb job, especially the hand painted 'squiggles'! I'm currently waiting for their G-6 version, on a slow boat from China, estimated arrival sometime in October. Regards, Davey.
  6. Nice job as usual Tony. I think it's a pity that they didn't get the spinners/props quite right (unless it's the nacelles that aren't quite right?), the amount of info and supposed research manufacturers do these days should make things like this get picked up easily. Davey.
  7. You're in James and at the big 30 in the bunfight @Enzo Matrix? Davey
  8. Count me in, have a few in 1/72nd Davey.
  9. It's a disgrace, I had short shot wing parts an a Hurricane and a current Blenheim build. I wish they would sort out their quality, never seen this in other manufacturers. Davey.
  10. I have a Frog Maryland that'll I do in markings for a Greece based one, from the sheet I'm using for my Blenheim Mk.1. Count me in! Davey.
  11. Thanks guys. Been away on a UK break this week, back Saturday night so will crack on with this next week. Been to Duxford for the first time yesterday, impressive. Two of the Spitfires were flying around, some lucky(rich) person got a ride in the Trainer version (tr.9?). I couldn't afford a flight in a Tiger-Moth! Would love to go in the Harvard (yes, and the Spit!). Davey.
  12. Welcome, I hope this gets into the bunfight and voted for. I can't update the title as I'm away from the laptop and can't do it on my phone, but we only need ONE MORE! Davey.
  13. The Vulcan is a bit outside my modelling area, but I am tempted.... then will have to get a Valiant then the Victor when they bring that back! I remember when I was 8 years old, my dad was based first at Penang then at Butterworth, '68 to '70 and he took me across to see a Vulcan that had arrived, I think it had the Glossy camo scheme, and I was in awe looking up into the open bomb-bay and just the HUGENESS of the thing! Must resist, although they're probably all sold out now! Davey.
  14. Haven't started yet mate, going to finish the Blenheim Mk.1 I have going on here then I'll make a start Davey.
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