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  1. Superb work. I have this kit, plus a couple of their 1/72nd scale cousin's, so will keep this thread as a reference if you don't mind! Davey.
  2. Ah entry of mine over in the P-40 (and relatives!) STGB. Built OOB, not too bad to put together, very nicely detailed, especially the panel lines. Just usual lack of clear placement instructions and tricky fit, re; undercarriage and clear parts. Vallejo ModelAir used throughout, I think it looks quite good in Dark Green/Dark Earth over Medium Sea Grey (?colour call out on the instructions, couldn't confirm this but went for it). 'Klear' gloss coat with Vallejo matt finish. Didn't attempt to scratch build the ring and bead gunsight, not with my shakey hands! looks the part I reckon, what'ya think? Davey.
  3. CURTISS MOHAWK Mk.III, AR631, RAF, 1942. Here is AZ's kit of the Curtiss H-75C1, otherwise known as the Mohawk Mk III in RAF service. Not a bad kit to put together and looks the part when finished. The undercarriage and cockpit glazing needed a lot of care to get right, apart from than just a typical short run type of build, some filling and fettling along the way. Very nice surface detail, very fine panel lines and adequate cockpit, for my tastes anyway. Vallejo ModelAir paint was used, along with 'Klear' (the new formula) gloss coat and Vallejo Matt airbrushed on. The decals worked with no problems, settling well with a bit of the MicroSol solutions. Davey.
  4. Well, this has taken a lot longer to get finished than anticipated, not in terms of hours spent on the model, just other 'stuff' going on. Anyway, here she is in all her glory, I think I spent A LOT more time doing the aerial wire than any other part of the build! I haven't gone over the top with weathering, as usual it doesn't show up as much in the photo's as in real life. I stopped short of attempting the Ring and Bead gunsight which is quite prominent in a lot of photo's, apart from that it hasn't been an unpleasant experience and I'm quite satisfied with the result, always good to get another 'short run' type kit finished. Thanks to everyone for the encouragement along the way and to our host's overseeing this GB. Davey.
  5. Nice neat job there my friend, I may have to attempt one to go with my Mk.III, though not sometime soon! Davey.
  6. Nice, love a Griffon Spit', skew-wiff blades or not. (the sort of mistake I would make!!)
  7. The Griffon Spit's are my favourites, this one's nice, and different.
  8. Further update. Got the decaling, final Gloss coat and then a few 'wafts' of Matt to flatten the finish down a bit. Still got the final few bits to do, Undercart, prop, guns etc, then she's done. Think it looks quite neat in this basic RAF finish. Davey.
  9. Got the paint on over the last couple of days, leaving to harden till tomorrow to put gloss coat on. Paints are Vallejo ModelAir straight out of the bottle. Davey.
  10. Thanks Peter. This is my first AZ kit, no indication on the decal sheet of the manufacturer. The worst experience I've had with decal's are by Techmod, twice now. Sounds like you've had similar problems to those? Davey.
  11. Be interesting to see this go together and compare, Ash. I'm doing an AZ Mohawk III. Just test fit, test fit, and then.... test fit again. I use 'Gorilla' Gel Superglue, it gives you that momentary chance to manoeuvre a resin/etch part onto plastic into place. As Peter says above, short run type of kits are a challenge, but satisfying if you get a reasonable result. Davey.
  12. Oops! you're right, it is inverted, should be Red at the leading edge. Probably not the first time I've ever done that on an RAF aircraft Davey.
  13. Very nice, I can only hope mine turns out as good! Done a bit more today. The instructions are very vague as to how to mount the seat, so I looked up the revell kit to see if I could copy it. I thought the seat was too tall as well so cut it down, Painted the interior RLM 02, then a dirty wash, then a light grey drybrush, picked out the leather pouches but apart from that, job's a good 'un. Still got to add belts and have a look at what colour to do the stick grips. Davey.
  14. Bit more done, sick of sanding and filling! Ready for paint now, did an undercoat and had a few more seams to put right, not perfect but it'll do me. The glazing parts is not a good fit, some filing and sanding to get everything to at least look ok. Still going for the Dark Earth/Dark Green scheme, with a medium sea grey undersurface, can't confirm if this is correct but I'll go with it, already sprayed the underside colour.
  15. Ok, so, going to get on with this and 'phase' the Sunderland in later. Here's the contents for this kit out of the box, which also contains a Sea Gladiator. Strangely, the Gladiator has a nicely detailed resin engine but the Arado has to make do with a plastic one which isn't as good but will do. Does have a nice resin cowling though. The first for any short run kit I've done, there are locating pins and holes in the fuselage halves. Started assembling the interior and not having done any research whatsoever, and remembering Franz75 mentioning he's building one and the instructions aren't the best..... Franz, if you're looking, let me know what I've done wrong! There are a lot of large ejector pin plugs to remove, but the softish plastic makes them easy to carve away! More to come, depending on how I get on will start the Sunderland soon. Davey. Nice radio but spoilt by a sink mark!
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