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  1. Thank you both for looking in. Hi Patrice, that link is very good with excellent photos and good information. I don't think I will be adding any more detail as the kit details are good enough for me! Davey.
  2. Hi Greg, thanks for your kind comments. The Black is the undercoat I used in the previous photos, I just vary the finish by different depths of Matt Varnish coats and dry-brushing a Light Grey colour in different, well used areas and behind the engines. I also used a MiG Ammo 'Dust colour in the panel lines, being careful to remove excess on the surfaces as it dries quickly! Hope this helps, it's absolutely not very scientific! Davey.
  3. Will we ever see Sea Hurricane Mk.Ib and Mk.II variants? I hope so. Davey.
  4. A bit of a late start with my first build in this GB, I just finished a Beaufighter on Sunday for the 'Bristol Company' GB and lately have been painting Wargame figures so have neglected the plastic flying stuff! I got this online for a good price for the Soviet Aircraft markings and was going to sell the the other kit on but I thought I would do this French Airforce one for this GB. It is actually a kit moulded by AMG, the parts look well detailed and there is some flash but nothing that can't be 'wiped' quickly with a blade. There are different intakes included in the kit but no instructions showing which intake is for which version but it's easy to see from the drawings and the internet what type (short or long) is used for the C version or the E. There is a photo-etch fret (most of which I won't use!) and a canopy mask set so quite complete. I made a small start but already there is a bit a conudrum. They start you off by removing and putting a bend on the two etch rudder pedals and then instruct you to stick them directly to the back of the plastic instrument panel. But the next picture clearly shows hangers for the rudder pedals, there's even indents for the parts on the plastic instrument panel but looking at the sprues there doesn't seem to be anything like them on there. Anyone built the AMG kit or the reboxed Dora ones and found this part(s)? No photos as I left it there to investigate further. More soon. Davey.
  5. It is a lovely kit to build and I used the AML parts to improve it, I have another to do plus a B.Mk.III in the future. Great stuff, I like the Hurricane as well. Davey.
  6. Shame this hasn't made it to the Gallery, A lot more work than I would ever attempt on a model! I'm sure I've seen build threads transfered to other sections on the site, give @Enzo Matrix a message to find out? Davey.
  7. 406 Sqn. Beaufighter Mk.II, 1941/42. Airfix kit, Alleycat Late Mk.II conversion, HighPlanes Decals. Vallejo ModelAir paint throughout, 'Klear' Gloss and Vallejo Matt coats to finish.
  8. She does looks good in Black doesn't she, Ooh Matron! Hopefully be ready ready tomorrow with all her bits on. Davey.
  9. Great job. I'm hoping mine will join yours in the gallery tomorrow! Davey.
  10. Just thought I'd reply to this as I've just discovered a photo on the interweb, it's on the 'ww2aircraft.net' website which I can't copy a link to. Is this the one in the book? It definately shows unshrouded exhausts. Davey.
  11. Bit more done since Monday. Got the paint on and have started bringing all the parts together. Cleaned up the prop hubs and individual blades, gear doors and exhausts, ready for paint. The Mk.1 conversion kit has the early type one-sided spoked wheel hubs which all the photo's of Mk.II's I've seen are fitted with. The Airfix main gear are a direct fit into the wheel wells with a little thinning around the legs to go into the square location holes (the wings seem to be a copy of the kit parts with modified nascelles). I Glossed parts of the Airframe to take the decals, of which I have made a start. The High-Planes decals have a 'spotty' appearance on the Varnish layer which I'm hoping will disappear under Gloss and Matt coats. I've done my usual cock-up of removing the canopy masks before applying the final Matt coat! Good job there's not many of them here! More soon. Davey.
  12. Superb work, from construction, detailing and finishing this is a masterclass! Mine would have just ended up being a neatly made and painted but very recognisable FROG kit! Davey
  13. Cheers Adrian. I nearly used a pair from one of the two CMR(Hasegawa) boxings I have but will need those for the two I have planned to build, so went for the surgery on the Airfix parts. Here's where we are so far. The airframe's together, just a bit of filler here and there before attaching the clear parts, masking and a coat of Black primer. More soon. Davey.
  14. Great work so far, the fit of these isn't too bad, it's just the preparation that goes into it that hurts a bit! Getting on with my slightly easier to manage conversion now, hopefully we'll both end up in the gallery! Davey.
  15. Been a while since doing any airplane modelling, spent the last month going down another 'Rabbit hole' (as my wife puts it!) and getting into the 'Bolt Action' miniatures game, having always been interested in Wargaming since the 70's. I've painted 105 individual figures (as well as assembling the multi-part plastic ones), plus vehicles and heavy weapons. Anyway, realised this GB is nearly finished and I want to get this Beaufighter finished. So far I've assembled the fuselage after painting the interior and adding belts. The wings were cleaned up, there is a ridge along the trailing edge that needs to be dealt with, maybe it's to ensure the edge is thin enough although it's not THAT fine. You will notice the spars need trimming down before fitting, the indents in the resin wings are there but not deep enough. The wings aren't a bad fit to the fuselage, the upper join line is good, the lower not quite as good but a bit of filler will sort that out. They were joined with Rapid-Epoxy, being fairly hefty. I haven't ended up using the resin tail-plane, I was disappointed with the thickness, which varies from one side to the other and I tried to thin it down but it would take forever and lost all the panel lines. I decided to use the kit parts suitably 'modified' into straight tail-planes. The angled edges for the rudder have yet to be adjusted. More soon. Davey.
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