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  1. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/fly-72030-bristol-170-freighter-mk31--1083510 This one. Davey.
  2. Great work. How did you find building this new tool kit from ICM? I found only a couple of things challenging on my 1b build but otherwise an excellent kit. Davey.
  3. Thanks all for your kind comments and technical discussion, very interesting. Kevin, once all the parts are cleaned up the fit is quite good, the fuselage halves line up OK, the separate nose section isn't too bad a fit and the wings aren't a bad fit either. Just the engine nascelles and undercarriage need more care. I think it deserves a new tool as good as their recent 'Sally' I also recently put on here. I have their Tu-2 of a similar quality and I think I'm going to use the interior parts and guns to spruce up the nice looking Hobby Boss easy assembly kit which has solid rear gunner and bombardier/navigator positions. Davey.
  4. I've tried to find an answer to that very question, there must have been some limited traverse but I don't honestly know. Thanks for looking in. Davey.
  5. Thanks for the kind comment. Yes, it took a LONG time to do the masking for just a few minutes airbrushing! Davey.
  6. Here's another I recently finished, on the shelf of doom for a while due to a curious soft plastic which didn't like being sanded (almost soft polythene type stuff!). Poor glazed parts and indifferent fit but I persevered and here she is. Very nice detail and looks the part, I opted for a less complicated camo' scheme since my freehand airbrushing skills are not the best, although could have used Blu-Tac blobs I suppose, and I also like the open rear cockpit look on this one. Undercarriage was the trickiest part of the build but strong enough when done. I'd like to do a Soviet one with the ski's sometime (parts were included in this this boxing) but need to do some more relaxing builds first! Enjoy. Davey.
  7. Thought I'd post this that I completed a couple of weeks ago. A fairly easy build, parts all fitted well except for my cack-handedness as usual. The rear fuselage is joined to the main front part (to facilitate another version) and thought it would cause problems but worked fine. The only things to watch are: The lower front glazed part has two different versions which you have to check the painting scheme drawings to determine which one to fit, same with the alternative port fuselage glazed panel. (SEE ONE OF THE PHOTO'S BELOW) My aforementioned glazed part ended up having a step on the starboard side, probably my fault but just left it as is, too many small windows to try to fill and sand the join. After test fitting before-hand, I couldn't see how to get round not fitting the main undercarriage legs before adding the nascelles, I just had to paint and install them, then used Blu-Tac to mask them while painting the airframe. The undercarriage legs themselves are supposed to be handed BUT use the same frame parts for both! something to keep in mind, I just trimmed the locating pins to the same size and lined them up by eye. The wheels spring in nicely without problems. I would suggest getting the Eduard Masking set as there is A LOT of individual windows, ICM have a pattern in their instructions but I reckoned it was less stressful just to buy a pre-made set. It's a shame they didn't include alternative open rear canopy parts. Comments and critique welcome, squint to not see my dodgy joins! Davey.
  8. I didn't sign up for this GB as I was sure I didn't have anything to fit here but forgot I had this which was given to me by my brother many, many years ago. On giving the box an inspection (it still had it's shrink wrap on) I was put off from doing it because of all the horrible Chrome plated parts, the last time I did a kit with this stuff in must have been in the early 70's, a Pyro 1/32 20's/30's American car of some sort I think and have stayed clear since. But, I'll just do this out of the box and see how we go. Annoyingly although the box art shows up-swept exhausts it appears there isn't that option in the kit, shame. Initial opening pictures, all sprues still in their bags. I've got a couple of other projects to finish before I start this but we've got ages to do these, right? Davey.
  9. All done!! I usually install an aerial wire but I'm getting too shakey to risk spoiling the canopy with superglue! Thanks for extending the GB, these probably would have ended up on the shelf! Davey.
  10. Tamiya 1/72 Fw-190D-9 Built OOB using kit decals, airbrushed using Vallejo ModelAir and Matt varnish.
  11. Tamiya 1/72 Fw-190A-3 OOB using kit decals, airbrushed using Vallejo ModelAir paint and Matt varnish.
  12. Cheers Mick. Here we are all done! I usually do and aerial wire but decided not to in case I mess the canopy up, same with the 'D9, get a bit shakey in my old age recently! Thanks for extending the GB, gave me the impetus to finish these. Davey.
  13. As mentioned in the 'D9 build thread I had lost a bit of modelling mojo and thought I'd missed the end of this GB but as it's been extended thought I'd get on with them and get them in the gallery. Stickers on, Humbrol Decalfix works well on a Matt paint finish. Then Matt coats on and ready for all the final bits to be installed and painted etc. More soon. Davey.
  14. Lost the modelling mojo for a bit and thought I'd missed the end of this GB but found it had been extended, trying to get these done and in the gallery for Sunday, nearly there just got all those 'fiddly' bits to add and this and the 'A3 are done. Stickers on. The Black/White tail marking decal just wouldn't work so n process of painting it on! .... and after doing a Matt coat or two, with all the other bits ready to go on, some pre-painted. More soon, Davey.
  15. Got some painting done. I'm rubbish at Mottle no matter what I do to the paint and settings, at least this is confined to the tail area. I used a template but still doesn't look great but once the decals are on it may not be as noticeable! Onwards and upwards! Davey.
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