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  1. After studying the photos in the book I have on Post-War Lancasters, it seemed obvious the rear observation windows were smaller and position much more to the rear of the fuselage as the kit suggests so I've done some modifications to the one I cut out on the port side and cut out the starboard one as well. While i was on I sanded down the 'boiler plate' side door a bit and re-scribed it as it seemed too large compared to photo's. More soon. Davey.
  2. Started sticking some bits together after some work on the SAAF B-26 Marauder (Africa GB). Got the flight deck ready for painting. I'm sure the equipment would be different for a 50's RCAF machine but I worry not about such things! Started the job I was not looking forward to, opening up the aft observation windows. Got the port one done then realised it was only half the size on the actual RCAF rescue machines ! I have to fill and sand all the small windows along both sides anyway so I can fix it when I do that More soon. Dav
  3. Still soldiering on with this, had admittedly become a bit of a chore but I got the varnishing and decalling done the last couple of days. Here we are with a couple of coats of Vallejo Matt Varnish applied. Got the undercarriage and doors, a couple of glazing to replace and aerials and stuff to attach to complete. Davey.
  4. Should be a fun build, I have a couple of Amodel kits and Every build I've read about involves a lot of elbow grease! Good luck, should look great when done. Davey.
  5. Interesting photo and Youtube video from British Columbia Aviation Museum shows the, seemingly original, interior to be Grey/Green up to the Bomb-aimer position, which is flaking off Black. Interestingly, the rudder pedal assembly is Yellow? Davey.
  6. Thanks for looking in, I will endeavour to do my best as it is, would you believe, my first ever Lancaster build! I built the Halifax and Stirling back in the 70's as a teenager but for some reason the Lanc' never floated my boat? Now I have all the new tool Airfix boxings to do and a couple of Revell ones which are earmarked for Manchester builds. Davey.
  7. Thanks for the info Graham, the more I look into this the more bamboozled I get so I think will go for the best representation, as usual for me! By the way, do you know if Canadian built Lancs have the same colours for the interiors as British built ones? (just before I get more bamboozled!) Davey.
  8. Hi Pat, yeah, someone will always rain on your parade! This guy's representation looks good to me, CX-104 in later guise. Tried to get the particular page but can't seem to copy the link, go to last page then back one page. Davey. https://genessis-models.websitetoolbox.com/post/172-rcaf-rescue-lancaster-9993349
  9. Thanks for looking in. I never obsess too much about colour. As I mentioned, the two photos in the book look completely different. I worked in the printing industry for 16 years and there is a tolerance for colour, light to dark, that is acceptable. Photos can be affected by exposure, weather and end reproduction. Unless someone was actually there looking at a particular subject and can verify the colour is right or wrong then I'm pretty easy going with what I accept . I've ordered a bottle of Vallejo ModelColor Red Orange, their reference number 910, I'll see how that goes when the t
  10. Having another read through the Canadian service section of the book, apparently the panels were a Red colour which later by '57/'58 (the year of this model) were changed to an Orange/Red colour? The kit box actually has the wing panels and spinners as Red but the decal is definitely Orange in colour. Just to show how looking at photo's, even in colour, can throw up confusion, on page 38 of the book are two photos taken on the same date of CX-104 in later guise with a White upper and show a very Red version and a more Orange version (the grass is greener on the more Red photo as well).
  11. Wow! wonderful job, and WAY more work than I could cope with. I think your 'splotches' are great, something I have to improve with practice. I use Vallejo ModelAir most of the time but I have tried MRP and they spray beautifully out of the bottle but the best thing is there is no initial splatter I find I have to clear first, pointing the airbrush away from the model before firing at the spot. The only downside they are not water based so not as user friendly. Davey.
  12. Here's my first project for this GB, a Hasegawa Lancaster in Rescue mode! Will be done OOB apart from Pavla intakes and CMK post war treaded tyre wheels. Any recommendations for the Orange is welcome please! The fuselage band is included as a decal but I will just airbrush that as I don't fancy trying to match the colour! The book doesn't show any real variation in the Aluminium panelling but I may add some slightly different shades here and there just to break up the overall effect, we'll see how it goes. Davey
  13. Hi Richard, I built their Vega Gull in this scale over on the ANZAC GB which you may want to look at. Fairly stress free, just the usual test fit and test fit again mentality is needed! The only niggle is the five part canopy assembly which needed a lot of test fitting and filing to get right. I dispensed with 99% of the PE! I have a Proctor which came in the same box to do at some stage but I need a rest from 'wrestling' with Kits for the time being! Enjoy! Davey.
  14. I got some paint on over the weekend. Vallejo ModelAir Dark Olive Drab and Dark Earth, the lower 'Neutral Grey' is Medium Sea Grey, I think it looks OK. I didn't have a Medium Green to do the 'splotches' on the flying surfaces leading and trailing edges. I tried a few different colours but nothing has given a good demarcation, most of it is covered by the Dark Earth though so I'm not too worried. One thing niggling me is I've made the demarcation between the upper and lower colours a bit too high compared to the decal plans and some photo's, not so obvious when viewed from a highe
  15. Lovely job mate. The 'collection' at the end looks impressive. I have 3 other kits in the stash, including a Mk.II conversion to do in an all Black Night-fighter scheme using the Alleycat conversion, having already done one they fit superbly. Davey.
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