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  1. Really got to finish a couple of other builds I'm doing, but thought I would throw this in. Once I get started should be a fairly trouble free build, I'm doing a D.VII at the moment, my first WnW, and it is going together quickly and easily. Going to do B7270, the 'famous?' Arthur Browns' mount, initially with 9(N) squadron RNAS, but was renamed 209 SQN RAF in April when the RFC and RNAS were combined to form the new air arm of the British forces. Going to be out the box as really it needs nothing else. Hope I a) do it justice and, b get it finished!
  2. DaveyGair

    Sopwith Camel Stripdown 1/72

    Wow! I don't think my ageing shakey fingers would manage this! I fancy doing Arthur Browns Camel, one of the options in the Wingnut Wings Br.1 kit, we seem to have plenty of time in this GB. Keep going and good luck. Davey
  3. DaveyGair

    Wingnut Wings Albatros DVa

    Superb. Busy doing my first WnW kit, a D.VII. Everything about these kits is first class, and you've done a first class job here. I hope I get the prop looking as good as yours. Davey.
  4. Got the airframe together today. Much carving, filing and shaving of the wings, and I've managed to get them to fit somewhat. On test fitting, the lower wing fitted quite nicely into the fuselage, but the upper wings needed a fair bit of work to fit the lower wing and fuselage squarely and neatly. Still have a bit of sanding and a little bit of filling to the port front wing root to do. The cockpit needed a little filing to fit neatly but the fuselage joins lined up perfectly. The two piece upper nose parts fitted much better than expected.
  5. Bit more done last couple of days. Basically assembled the cockpit, everything going together well, just the engine mounts were a bit fiddley. Care must be taken to line everything up and you do need to scrape paint off where parts join with locating pins, otherwise they don't fit! I just followed the sequence in the instructions but the compass would be easier to put in before joining the cockpit frame sides! The decals on the instrument panel are readable, if a bit fiddley to put on. The film around the two dials need to be trimmed in this photo, I did the best I could with the painting, but I'm getting a little shakey with age now! I dry fitted the fuselage halves together to test the fit, it's very snug but everything seems to be in order. The bottom join goes together ok, top join behind the cockpit just needs a little pressure to hold together, probably something I may have done assembling the framework, but I was warned! Before sealing up I'll add the rigging wires on the side frames, not so sure about the control lines though, little can be seen of them I think, you can barely make out the instrument panel!
  6. A little bit done this morning before getting visitors. Painted some detail on the cockpit parts then a bit of a wash and dry brush. I couldn't definitively confirm this with a search on the internet, other builds of various marks of Seafire's I looked at were just green all the way long, so I'll go with that, not much will be seen after closing up anyway, but thanks for the info. Some people would add throttle levers and such, but I'm happy with this as is. The fuselage and wing components needed a fair bit of clean-up, but its only a few minutes work with the edge of a sharp blade. Typical is the before (port) and after (starboard) wheel well openings on the lower one piece wing half. Nice panel detail though. Gun shell ejector openings need erm.... opening!
  7. DaveyGair


    Great work Ozzy, a well presented scene and good work on the figures. Davey.
  8. DaveyGair

    Sgt.Squarehead's 'Shermanicus Genericus'

    Hope you finish these Sarge, I'm back to building airplanes to try and get my mojo back, but will get the Achilles done, if its the death of me!! and good luck Davey.
  9. Thanks for the heads-up Dave. A little bit of progress, started a GB as well, but I'm taking my time with this one. So far so good, have attached the seat and floor assemblies into the framework, the fuel tank and ammunition magazines are just 'clicked into place at the moment. Some stunning detail on the two dial decals I have used, you can actually read them! Compass not inserted yet, as well as having to paint the instrument panel yet. Any comments, suggestions welcome ( I notice I haven't painted the buckles on the belts!)
  10. Right then, after a bout of 'Alcohol poisoning' last weekend ( wedding do.... ) and being knackered after child-minding grandkids all week (nowt to do with the afore-mentioned..... ok, I just binge drink these days!), AND after a couple of hours this morning having a walk around the gardens of a local National Trust House (Wallington Hall.... you have to keep the better half happy ) got on with this eventually! The cockpit parts are adequate for this scale, more than enough for me. I found a set of etch belts from somewhere so added them. Care has to be taken to clean everything up and test how the bulkheads fit into the fuselage halves but this is pretty much normal for a short run kit. Gave them a coat of grey primer then interior green. The seat has some cushion detail moulded into the back, but I thought it would have been a plain metal tub, can anyone confirm there was upholstery? More over this (child free) weekend.... hopefully.
  11. Sure Trevor, welcome aboard. I've always liked the look of the Griffon engine Spitfire/Seafires and this is my first model of one (for some reason !). Davey.
  12. Decided to join this GB with (hopefully) a simple build to start with, Sword's 1/72nd Seafire Mk.XV. Just one sprue of grey plastic parts with one small clear and PUR exhausts and cannons. Going to do the NAS 806 Aussie Tour version, everything out the box as they say.
  13. DaveyGair

    Hi from Newcastle upon Tyne

    Hi and welcome, just up the road from you and in a similar situation (although I'm in my late 50's ) Plenty of help and encouragement on here, join a few group builds, they help with actually finishing things, although I've had a couple of abandonments! Davey.
  14. I actually was thinking doing both FAW.1 and FAW.2 as they are the same kit basically with the same colours, it also happens to be amongst my favourite aircraft. The Seafire's seem simple enough, I like the Banshee even though there is a fair bit of PE and PUR, the Sea Harrier is beckoning as well! Can't decide...... !! Davey
  15. What to do, what to do!! I finished two models in the Radial Engines Rock GB, but abandoned the one I was doing for the M3/M4 GB. Feel sure I could do at least one for this GB, these are the eligible subjects I possess, any thoughts peeps?