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  1. Very nice, got a couple of these to do a bomber command one and a BOAC one. Davey
  2. I messed up the upper gunners canopy on my recent Airfix HE-111 BoB build and coated it with 'Johnsons Klear' and it worked out not too bad, maybe try that? Polish with very very fine wet and dry first. Great shame. Davey.
  3. Looks a beautiful beast when the airframe is together, would certainly look good in a NMF, which always show imperfections 100 times more than a painted scheme! Davey.
  4. Also I think two different styles of Windscreen, compare two of the photo's you show above, there is definitely an (early?) type with a framed in area to the outer 'half' of each screen on the lower photo, the top photo shows a clear screen all the way across (bearing in mind I know the FULL screen is two-piece with very small triangular piece in the middle.) I haven't had a good look at the Airfix one but the SH one is the clear type whereas 'my' aircraft definitely has the small framed area in one half of the screen. I have to add this on the model, probably with painted tape. Not done
  5. They're good photos Chris, it's hard to find one's where the engine doesn't cover up that section of the nose...... well, I find it hard! Davey.
  6. Hi, thanks for your interest. I think what threw me are photos of restorations which don't seem to have the glazed panel I am on about, maybe the Bolingbrook didn't have it. Here's a shot of the actual aircraft I'm doing. If you look just to the rear of the canvas cover note the glazed panel in front of the small panel to the front of the propeller hub, and this can be seen in several shots of wartime aircraft. My wife says I have to fix it because it will drive me crazy knowing its wrong! Regards, Davey.
  7. I did think about that Graham but I discovered I had two sets of the Quickboost Volkes filters with oil cooler ram air intakes and didn't want to spend any more money on bits for Blenheim's (cheapskate!). Ok, here's where we are at for now. Just lately I'm spending less time modelling as I'm suffering from a stiff neck sitting for hours knocking this into shape, just old age creeping up on me! I fashioned a couple of the additional intakes from the Carb intakes from the kit, I think they look Ok, just painted in primer at the moment. I used the Quickboost Volkes filters, ma
  8. Cheers Tony, I've since realised there should be some kind of seat next to the navigator's table in the nose, included in the Airfix kit, nothing mentioned in the SH kit. Never mind, just squint when you look inside! Busy looking at what to use for the oil-cooler intakes added on top of the cowlings on some Mk I and IV 'tropical' Blenheims, another thing I forgot before painting! Davey.
  9. Thanks for looking in Steve. I don't think I have a great approach to problem solving, I just 'bash on' until something emerges that looks like an Aeroplane! Hope everything is ok there across the other side of the globe, we're almost back in full lockdown where we are! Davey.
  10. Thanks, it just needs a lot more care and cleaning up of parts, test fit, test fit, and again before gluing is the key to kits like this! I haven't done the Mk IV Airfix kit yet but have done the Mk I and found it a pleasant enough build. Here's where we are so far. I fettled the Airfix under-nose gun mount into place without too much problem. I've matted down the finish and removed the masking, there is some clean-up required, I also have to add the small piece of framing to the forward side glazing of the cockpit which isn't moulded on the parts. I also managed to glue the turret rin
  11. Thanks Patrice, it's getting there but it is Special Hobby so not a quick build! Here's where we are now. Got the painting finished than realised I hadn't dealt with the under-nose rear facing gun mounting! I can add it later so not a big problem but would have preferred to have it painted in-situ . After a coat of 'Klear' I added the decals, using the 'Micro Set/Sol' system and they went on no problems, now given a final coat of Gloss ready to Matt down. Somehow I've managed to dislodge the turret mounting ring and it's now rattling around inside the fuselage! Should be fairly
  12. I've had good results airbrushing Vallejo ModelAir RLM 04 just 'wafting' on lots of thin coats, as with my Blackburn Botha build a little while ago. Davey.
  13. Here's where we're at, engines on and starting to paint the airframe. As usual with SH kits there was no positive location for the engines, you have to simply line up the cowlings on the nascelles. I sanded down the bulges on the cowlings a bit as they're too prominent, but I don't think I've done it enough. I also cut-out the moulded in landing light on the port wing, bad job SH! I have a couple of options in the spares box. Undercoat on. After doing this I noticed something was wrong somewhere, took a while to figure it out but finally realised SH haven
  14. Those Jeeps look great, the figures set them off really well, the bus looks fantastic and the cake is something my wife would be proud of! Davey
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