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  1. Right the 1/48 lancaster in the Big and Britih Group Build is done so I will be into this very soon. Theres not much of it however so I might have to post a few filler threads to pad it out....
  2. Hi They are all 1/48 kits, the Vulcan is the Aeroclub Vacform, The Andover is a 3d print from 'One Man Model' and the Lancaster is the HK models injection mould. The Lancaster took 4 months which makes it the quickest build of the 3. There is a thread for the Andover on here somewhere. The Vulcan predates Britmodeler but was an excellent kit in its own way. Colin
  3. Direct from the 'Big and British' Group Build I thought I woud share my finished HK Models Avro Lancaster. Almost straight from the box, this is a superbly engineered kit requiring little additional work. I modelled one engine exposed which required some work as athough the kit includes 4 merlins, the supporting engine bearers are not included, requiring a bit of scratch building to make them look realistic. Decals are from Xtradecal depicting a plane from 625 Sqn RAF Kelstern Lincs, April 1945 with 93 missions and 7 from "Op manna food to occupied Holland in 1945."=100 Ops. Enjoy. Interestingly the Lancaster is the smallest model in my 1/48 Avro collection! Build Thread here Colin
  4. The finished model is posted in the galery but here are a few more pictures The 1/48 Avro collection. Thanks to those who commented and contributed to the build. Colin
  5. HK Models 1/48 scale Avro Lancaster. 625 Sqn RAF Kelstern Lincs, Apri 1945 with 93 missions and 7 from "Op manna food to occupied Holland in 1945."=100 Ops. Well this is Big and British, almost too big to build but helped a lot by the easily detachable wings. I chose this AC as it has a Kiwi on the nose commemorating its New Zealand pilot TG Wilson RNZAF, who completed 22 ops in PB150, completing his tour and being gazetted for the DFC, eventually returning to Auckland in 1945. Weathering is quite heavy as would be expected from a plane with 97-100 missions. More pictures in the build log Build log here Many thanks to Adam for the GB and for moderating. Colin
  6. are you sure? Its very hard to find definitive information about aerials and beacons.?
  7. Well I'm calling this done. Just scraping in before the original deadline thanks to Fathers Day and a rail strike giving me enough free tome to polish off the last few items and get it done. A really excellent kit delivering every opportunity for a great model. I have to admit to a few mistakes and I dont really understand why you get 4 engines but no support cradle but they are very welcome to add interest and provide the opportunity for a bit of scratch building. So here is PB150 CF-V of 625 Squadrom RAF Kelstern Lincolnshire, April 1945, after 93 operational missions and 7 food drops into Holland. Obviousy chosen for the NZ link which was clarified by Peter Mossong as being from PO TG Wilson RNZAF, who completed 22 ops in PB150, completing his tour and being gazetted for the DFC, eventualy returning to Auckland. Who remembers the days when we always got a full load of bombs? I'll take some more pics for the gallery but its a bit too big for my normal set up! Colin
  8. For an era when you could' have any colour as long as it's black ', this scheme is quite racy. I saw something very similar at the weekend which was black but the chrome, red seating and leather bonnet straps gave it a splash of colour
  9. Looking forward to seeing this finished. I like the idea of the base and the retracted front turret. Good luck with getting it finished in time.
  10. I took advantage of the exceent fit to pop the wings off to allow me to work on the sections separately. This has made it a ot easier to work on the 'exposed' engine. The engine bearers are made from plastic rod and chanel painted green. I am just adding the red coloured wiring. The turrets are finally complete and the extension of th e build time has allowed time to build a full bomb load. The bombs were excellent needing only a light wipe with a 800 sanding stick. The radar and dome are also in the picture. The chosen scheme has a radar for which the kit incudes the radome but since half is transparent and there is nothing inside, I thought I would knock up a simple dish from the spares bin. It will be hard to see, even if you turn it over and look hard with a torch. Here is the dish mounted under the rear fuseage and waiting for the cover to be fitted.
  11. I'm quite close to finishing this now with just aerials and turrents to add. I see though that we have a 2 weeks extension so I might have time to build the armament...
  12. Yes looking forward to seeing this finished!
  13. Hi,

    Did you used to be (ex)Sgtrafman?



    1. Mancunian airman

      Mancunian airman

      Sorry to disappoint Colin but that wasnt meĀ  . . .



  14. Hi @(ex)Sgtrafman, This modl was looking excellent, did you ever finish it? I'm building the same scheme in 1/48 Cheers
  15. Indeed, the blurb with the decals says 625 Sqn RAF Kelstern Lincs, Apri 1945 with 93 missions and 7 from "Op manna"=100 Ops. Op manna was the dropping of food to German occupied Holland in 1945. I chose this AC as it has a Kiwi on the nose and hence must have a New Zeaand link but so far it has eluded me as to what it is. Wiki says there were a coupleof Aussie pilots in the squadron but I'm sure they woud not paint a Kiwi on their planes. Based on the expression 'I support New Zealand and whoever is playing Australia', the feeling is mutual. Here is the model today. Weathering is quite heavy as would be expected from a plane with 97-100 missions. I'll pop the wings and turrets on plus all the areials next. This should be easy but with temperatures hitting 29 degrees and no A/C modeling inside is not too pleasant at the moment. Colin
  16. This looks great .I hope you have time to finish it for the gallery!
  17. Progress is quickening as I get closer to finishing this. All the decals and stencils are now on and I've started the weathering as befits a plane with 100 missions on the clock. Patches of lightened and darkened primaty paints covered with a dark wash and started to appy some 'Smoke' to the exhaust areas.
  18. Great to see you building another one for the group build. This is a kit I have always fancied but postponed until I have time. Now I have to agree, there were things I could do in 1965 which I can't do today. I'll have to be content with watching yours. The colour is changing due to the light temperature and the white balance of your camera. It is possible to get lights with a 'daylight' bulb and adjust the camera but it looks ok to me.
  19. I had to split the upper turret again as the initial assembly didnt fit inside the glazing. Not clear on the instructions but there's ony 1 way to build this. The new decals from Hannants finally arrived . The first 2 sheets are from Xtradecal, the last is the Kits World stenci set. This must have been intended for the Tamiya kit as its actualy less comprehensive than the kit decals. Kit decals Actually the kit decals are quite good. None of the roundels were the correct size with the Xtradecals being the best fit for colour. I used these but they were printed slightly out of register and left a white rim around one side. They also crinkled under the applicatioin of Future. Aftera bit of fettling I ripped them off and decided to paint my own on the upper wings. The fuselage effect is less noticable so these look OK. Current state of the model is like this... The red is to be painted on the wings once the blue is dry and then the stencils from the kit can be applied. Then I can start to weather like a 100 mission bomber would have looked!
  20. Well after a lot of time spent masking and a minimal amount of painting I have finished the 3 turrets. All now ready for assembly. I ordered some decals from the big H last weekend but no sign of them yet. Once they arrive I'll choose the final layout and have this finished, hopefuy before the deadline!
  21. Hi All, This is a great idea from @Enzo Matrix so I decided to jump in a join. Lots of potential kits in the stash but I decided to avoid the Royal reviews of the RAF type thing so found a picture of the Queen as 'Princess Elizabeth' showing her as a 2nd Subaltern in the ATS being reviewed by King George and The Queen. She is leaning against the bonnet of M1136086 which makes the choice easy. I'll be using the 1/48 scape Tamiya Tilley which will make a useful diorama accessory later. I have a lot of these Tamiya kits in the stash but have never built one so this will be interesting. Here's the box. still wrapped in film There's not much inside the box to justify the price but it should be a straightforward build. I might not get started until atfer the Jubilee weekend though! Colin
  22. A cracking result despite your self depreciation. You can be very happy and proud of this model. Great work.
  23. An excellent model and a very well documented build. The comparison the the MK1 gives a great impression of the airframes development. Well done!
  24. I was at the Jaguar Centenery event at Borrklands last wekeend and came across this pair. I note number 2 is on your box lid but you have decals for 4 and 5 only. Strange. Well here's a picture of numbere 6. Enjoy I was surprised to see how small they were. The new Audi's etc are massive by comparison..
  25. I spent most of yesterday afternoon and this morning masking then about 20 mins painting the green. Tonight a quick strip to reveal something like what I am aiming for The wings and tail are still not fitted properly. I will have to finish the masking and paint the turrets soon.
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