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  1. Looks like a good value for money kit. Very entertaining to follow the thread. Yes a big gun on a little car in an unknown battle; many thanks for the education!
  2. This a model of the Saunders Roe SR-53 mixed jet and rocket aircraft from the recent cast resin 1/48 kit. Something many of us thought was in RAF service in the 1960's thanks to Airfix releasing their kit in the 1950's. Well that was in 1/72 but we had to wait another 60 years for a kit in 1/48. The real aircraft survives at RAF Cosford. So here it is, my model of the SR-53, a key British Aircraft of the 1950's. I have never heard of the manufacturer before, 'Simian Stuff', but first impressions are good. The kit comes in a stout box with the resin parts sealed in plastic. The main parts are individually sealed with the smaller parts in groups. A good, strong looking undercarriage and nose weight are cast in white metal. Detail in the cockpit and wheel wells is excellent and the nose probe is fine and beautiful. I replaced mine with a needle set in Milliput though as I cannot trust myself not to knock the resin one off. There are 2 vacformed canopies and a set of decals for both planned aircraft. These have no white printed, which is fine on a white plane but will be problematic if building an in service scheme! The kit has what appears to be the best set of instructions for a resin / limited run kit so far Thanks to @BritJet. Heres whats in the box There are some good alignment tabs on this kit but a jig is still a good idea to get everything square Some filler required as well as a bit of fettling but less than most resin kits. Heres the finished model Who wouldn?t want red missiles with blue fins? Yes, well maybe as it was in the 1950's! This was a great little kit and cudos to Simian Stuff/ Herritage Aviation for making it. A few minor improvements could be made but right now its already very good. This was built in the Group build section of Britmodeller under the 'Experimental, Prototypes and Special Schemes Mega Group Build' Build Thread here Colin
  3. A very nice clean model. I like the combination of the Mr.Colour RLM 71 for the base and Mr.Colour OD Shadow. Overall it looks great. Well done
  4. Humber Armoured Car Original kit: Tamiya 1/48 Here is my rendition of the excellent Tamiya Hmber Mk IV Armoured car. This was built in a day for the IPMS Salisbury Flash Mod last weekend. I finished it in the day but since have added a bit more dust using Pro Modeller weathering wash whch worked well on the wheels. I also added a radio aerial from nickel silver wire. To mix things up I finished it in a desert scheme A great little kit. Build thread is here Not my normal cup of tea to build so quickly but just for fun with a very simple kit this was very enjoyable.. Thanks to @Robert Stuart and @Enzo the Magnificent for the idea and the mod input
  5. Hi Graham, I actually don't often use black. Mr Colour #40 German Grey is my usual choice for black, other than tyres when I use #137 tyre black or for anti glare screens when I use #125 cowling colour, for all the reasons you note. The cockpit in the SR53 is #40 German Grey except the instrument panel which is actually black to drive the contrast to the instruments.
  6. Did you manage to find or buy one of these? It would be great to see one in wrap around grey green or grey over silver!
  7. The last time I was at Cosford the flight of stairs (3 steps) to look into a closed JP4 cockpit was roped off as no one 'was available to stand safety guard'. I think it will be a long time before they let anyone sit in their exhibits again! Consider yourself very lucky!
  8. Im still working on the Pogo with a lot of polishing required for the natural metal finish. Props now done and yes , they actually work to contra rotate! Working on the boarding ladder now while the 4th application of filler dries!
  9. This is a really great effort from a 'new' manufacturer. As resin kits go this would be a great place to start.
  10. Hi Vingtor, I would be interested if its in 1/48th scale. Unfortunately 1/72 will not scale up with enough resolution.
  11. According to Scalemates the original was released in 1963! Unfortunately the days when 'near enough was good enough' for Airfix. You might be better starting with a Harrier. It was rereleased in 2000 and there are still a few around. I changed the topic title to 1/48 as the Airfix 1127 was only 1/72
  12. Some great building going on here. Im impressed with your soldering technique, much better than most of us would manage I'm sure.
  13. Well today was the day to start and finish the 'British 71/2T Armoured Car". As planned I did nothing on the kit from the start of the GB until today then built it in 6 hours. Our Salisbury Flash Mod started at 10am and finished at 4pm with 15 of 16 'competitors' managing to complete their builds. I finished about 3.45pm with a quarter of an hour to spare. Waiting to start at 10.03. Here I am at 11.24 with the basic assembly complete. 12.50 Stores and stowage box's fitted to the hull. Not many parts left on the sprues. Wheels and tyres painted 137 Tyre black. 1.20pm, I forgot to take my compass cutter so hacked out some more basic masks for the wheel hubs 2.20pm, Ready for painting. I decided to go desert scheme so used Mr Colour 19. Base coat applied. Wheels need a lot of touching up. 3.15pm and the wheels assembled and weathered. Main assembley done with tools etc added and a dark wash to bring out the highlights. Figure assembled and painted. All ready for decals. 15.45, Decals added and job done. Not bad from a distance! I need to add some aerials and a bit more weathering plus some flat to seal the decals but mostly done in the day. Next time I'll have to take some more bits to finish the model but I really didn't think I'd get this far so didn't take the finishing items. I'll add the last bits then pop it in the gallery.
  14. There was a proposed group build a few years ago titled " ì wouldnt want togo to war in that.". It was a good idea and covered most of the military proposals above. It didn't get through the Bunfight which was a shame but this might be it's resurgence. You can sign me up. I have plenty of potential kits in the stash.
  15. Great choise of scheme. The Premier kit came out in the early 2000's, long before either Airfix or Italeri released theirs. Obviously at that time it was the first 1/48 Hawk and very desirable. The 3 part fuselage I suspect was t accomodate the single seater nose and USN different rear end. The kit is somewhat lacking and paled into irrelavance once the main-stream boys got theirs released. I've never heard of any other variants being released. Good luck building it. Mines been in the box for 20 years during which I've built 6 Airfix and Kinetic Hawks.
  16. The Kestrel fuselage was narrower than the Harrier so I filled the fusealge sides with Milliput so I can cut away the outside and still have a model. The front nozzles need to be moved forwards a bit so filling the area will Milliput will allow me to drill some new ones. I've also decided to start the wing from the sparein the Kinetic GR3 kit rather than the one in the Tamiya kit. The intakes and airbrake housing have also been filled. I found some more Harrier bits and some better wheels in the spares box to update the basic Tamiya kit Lots more work to do yet.
  17. Colin W

    Asia GB

    Good idea @Col. I have a few Thai aircraft still to build so you can count me in for this.
  18. Count me in again Dennis. I've long since built the Percival Gull I planned for this but thereis plenty of scope to build something else.
  19. Inspired by this excellent model from Nick at Telford during SMW, I have decided to have a crack at one myself. Hopefully I will finish with one of the 9 Kestrels used by the Tri-partate testing squadron. I have managed to see and photograph all 9 of the remaining P1127/Kestrels so I have plenty of information to use along with the notes from Nicks build. This will be based on the Tamiya GR1 1/48 kit I picked up a few months ago. This is not really suitable for a Harrier as it appears to be a mishmash of Kestrel and Harrier so I can't see it being built for another project. Quite a lot of work to do but with some guidance from Nick I'll see if I can finish in the GB. There is a fairly crude Pegarus engine included so I might try and use that.
  20. Not much modelling over the last few weeks due to Telford but I did join the fuselage halves and start painting the propeller. Watching a video of the first flight I realised the curved part of the 'lower' fin was a retro fit. As most of the pictures are from the early flights I decided to build it with this fin missing. Ive also given it a good sanding to remove the raised panel lines and excessive rivets. Starting to look the part.
  21. I found an article where the pilot noted the hardest part was landing as 'the seat rotated forwards and he had to look over his shoulder'. There are a few pictures showing the seat in its forward position when the plane is standing on its tail. I don't know how the 'gimball' works but I made a simple pivot on the seat so it tilts forwards. The F86 seat contains integral foot rests and I made a bracket to secure the control column to the seat as well. I reckon the last thing the pilot would want to do would be let go of the stick during the transiton. Here's the model as per the previous picture, on its tail with the seat tilted forwards. A close up of the seat in the forwards position. The cockpit is not finished!
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