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  1. Hi all, I would like to inform you all that I have stopped with modelling. I had a good time on BM and thank you all for your kind comments on my builds in the past.Mostly in the group builds. All things come to an end . I wish you all the best . Greetings, Erwin
  2. Welcome and greetings from Oostende.
  3. Hi all, Joining with this ...
  4. Hi all, Finished in just two weeks. But that's only because I don't spend much time on internal detail. I only used the US markings. I rarely add codes to my build,unless it's for a certain era and place in a group build.
  5. Then we are with bad luck. Others told me that their canopy fitted perfectly.
  6. Does your canopy fit nicely onto the fuselage ? Mine is molded to wide with a 3 mm gab on each side. I fear it will crack if I force it when glueing in closed position. But it also doesn't fit in open position.
  7. This got three coats.But the flash makes it look lighter. I shall try to get better pictures when finished.
  8. The engine and pannels went on perfectly. First coat of Revell enamel midnight blue. Sanded with a kitchen sponge,ready for a second and maybe third layer.
  9. I only had to paint the front of the engine. So,this didn't take to long to build. The pannels all went on without any problems.
  10. Dryfitting the parts of the engine also showed that problem. Will have to do some sanding to make them fit.
  11. The one not in the instructions is also a centre line drop tank. I think.
  12. The wings are done. Why does the kit have two drop tanks,but only one in the instructions ?
  13. Thank you. It's not a difficult build.And it's fast because I don't have to paint first. It won't be the same speed for the fuselage and engine.
  14. Progress so far. The inside doesn't have to be painted as I'm going for a closed build.Only the wheel bays. Also did the cockpit parts that go in the same colour. The flaps are dryfitted.
  15. Much detail inside the wing that can't be seen when the wing is complete. Only a bit if I leave the pannels open.
  16. If you like 1/24 th scale,then the Hellcat is the one for you. I have build the Typhoon and Mosquito.Both excelent kits.
  17. 572. Some are used only for folded wings. And a lot of parts for internal detail that can be left out when closing the pannels. Also various parts for rockets,fuel tank or bombs. It all depends on how you want to display the final build.
  18. Indeed.Folded wings are more for a diorama.
  19. I started by cleaning some of the parts and minor glueing. There's a lot of internal detail in the fuselage and wings that can't be seen when both halves are joined.
  20. Regarding markings.It will be U.S. But that's not so important to me. I still have to decide to build it with straight wings or one straight+ one folded. Certainly not both folded.
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