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  1. I,ve been looking for a certain kit for a while and bid on one of two last week prepared to go to a tenner,as soon as it went to £10:50 I gave up the chase and turned to the other which was still sitting at £3:00 or make offer no bidder's with two day's to go as I was about to start bidding it flashed up "ended" ,He'd only accepted a three quid offer on it so someone got a new tool Airfix Skyhawk very cheap!Last weeks haul was a Matchbox Shar for a fiver and an Emhar Fury for eight quid!
  2. Beautiful build and finish Dennis,quality paintwork!
  3. Nice one Steve,I can honestly say I've never seen this kit in the flesh let alone built one!
  4. Be very careful with those Decals I spent ages on one of these hoping to get a 607 Co Durham Sqn aircraft finally in the collection and they fell to pieces despite them looking fine on the sheet,excellent choice all the same.
  5. That's a great collection Adam I didn't even realise Trumpeter had a Vulcan in the range,I do now and want one,I would presume 1/144?
  6. A fine build of this Airfix beauty,great job on her.
  7. Great back story and beautiful build Mark,it's always a great incentive in modelling to mark these airmen's passing this way, we often forget the stories behind the model's we make
  8. Glad this one's arrived Martin a rare and in my opinion almost forgotten Airfix gem of a kit.,look forward to it's progress.
  9. Coming together nicely indeed,I've got an original boxing which is nicely molded but missing glass damn it!
  10. Great choice John a superb kit by all account's I keep forgetting the Ju 88 took part in the battle for some reason.
  11. Hi folks,what a total melt(in the words of Danny Dyer),I thought the louvres opened and shut(they may well do?) but all the photos I looked at say no. Thankfully I used flexi filler so a cotton bud and hot water was an easy fix for removal so major embarrassment avoided! sprayed the underside white but I'm not adding the wings until the fuselage is painted as Harrier's undersides always cause me issues for some reason.
  12. Excellent progress Neil,just been looking at a video of these at the mach loop in Wales,awesome! I think the pilot in the hover might have been "showboating" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c7VXVE3oh_E
  13. The old girl scrubbed up well Ray great build of the Revell classic,love that scheme too!
  14. Outstanding finish and attention to detail all round and great to see an Italian scheme too.
  15. A stunning example of a poorly served aircraft in kit form,beautiful paintwork too.
  16. Evening folk's, kit arrived today it was great to see the old style box again,parts fine and decals look good.All for a fiver. Painted the fan and cockpit interior tonight but replaced the seat with a spare with a bit more shape to it. As you can see I filled the open louvres and sanded them smooth here she is after about an hour spent.
  17. hi folk's,it may not seem it but an awful lot of dry brushing different shaded and passes with the airbrush has gone on but lost for the moment under the glossing,once the main decals were on I dry brushed a dark gray over the rivet details underneath to tone them down.
  18. Excellent choice,enjoyed building one of these a few years ago,watch out if using Rodens decal's though they can be useless even if they look OK.
  19. It's beautifully done HB should look good under paint pity not a lot will be seen.
  20. It is a beauty Craig I wish they'd re tooled the Sh 3 with all those schemes out there!
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