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  1. Beautiful!These little Airfix kits are A tonic when you need a break From other stuff.
  2. You certainly will find help Fred but remember every Aircraft was once brand new some like to model them that way some like varying state's of weathering whatever you are comfortable with.
  3. Hi folk's,following on from last weeks Spitfire fest the other half of the shelf has been dusted and washed along with it's compliment of Hurricane's so after mainly re-doing radio wires here we go.I'll try to remember which is which kit! OK Airfix new tool Mk 1 with those lovely oversize codes. Airfix new tool again.Irish Air Corps. Airfix new tool MK i,can't remember the story but it was copied from a photograph and a debate on wether the lower colour was Sky or Gray I went for sky! Now this is the chunky Pegasus Hobby easy kit which I loved. Hasegawa's beautifull Mkii. Airfix new tool Sea Hurricane. And another Airfix new tool this time in Free French colours. Last bonus kit is Airfix's cracking Defiant.
  4. Coming on a treat Alex,what silver paint did you use ? I have a couple of kits on the go needing the dreaded silver finish.
  5. Look's great,looking forward to more of this classic.
  6. Great work again Jeroen,I love your threads it's like watching the real thing being built at the factory!
  7. You might get constructive comment's Fred but not the kind of criticism that would offend or put you off,we're all at different levels here from the "It's got to be right" to the "if it looks right it is right" school of thought so enjoy!
  8. Hi folk's,spotted this on E-bay and got it for a tenner so it will be included in the thread in East German colour's.I spotted an Eastern Express Fitter at the same time and got it for a fiver,not expecting too much I was delighted to find a great looking and fitting kit in the box the roll continued when I spotted an Airfix club boxing of their Mig 15/F-86 Sabre and managed to get that for a tenner too!
  9. Hi folk's doing a little here and there for this build more fittings added and the mast's fully painted.
  10. Couldn't squeeze anything in at all Ryan their F-86 is the same,hopefully the Dragon and Airfix kits are different I even thought of scratch building a couple of covers for the intakes and shoving some weight behind!
  11. morning folk's not been idle with this build and nearly finished,ran a wash into the panels then a matt coat scrounged a couple of bombs from my eldest too.Just a few touches here and there and the canopy to sort then find a screen for the scratch built HUD.
  12. Hi folk's second Mig posted is the twin seater version in Iraqi colours,same process as the Syrian example.WIP here
  13. Hi folk's just as a little side project I picked up a couple of HB easykit's which are Ideal for a quick stress free build when you want a break from a bigger project.I did this one in Syrian marking's sprayed the sand and brushed the green then a pin wash and a few passes in light earth to tone down the decals. WIP Here
  14. Evening folk's,first two completed.An easy build as you'd expect from these little kit's ideal for a weekend build.Change of title as I plan next to have a crack at the Airfix kit then my bargain Dragon offering picked up for less than three quid on E-bay Here's the parts for the next build;
  15. Look's great Giorgio looking better than I've ever seen this kit!
  16. Cracking build and finish Dave always fancied a build of one of their 1/32 inter war biplanes.
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