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  1. That's a beautifully built 109 Erik not a variant we see very often but I bet it inspires a few more builds!
  2. Superb build Ben looks great,built one a year or two back cracking kit too.
  3. looking at the intruder tankers of the other squadrons in Dennis's link they are in the same scheme as the kit,if I can prove VA-196 still had the tanker in the war we may be on,the squadron were on board Independence during desert shield but left the theatre November 1990 so not their during Desert Storm,
  4. Thanks folk's I need to dig further as I said this scheme is Gull gray over white more akin to the Vietnam era aircraft the one in the photo appears to be all gray but with the hi viz markings.
  5. Hi folk's,I usually have a go at most of the GB's here on BM especially if I don't have to shell out for a kit,I've italeri's ka-6 tanker Intruder marking's for VA-196 in 1991,the squadron certainly served in the war but the kit has the Gull gray/white scheme hi-viz wondered if this was the scheme worn or did they go low viz? Can't track down any info on the interweb.
  6. Superb choice and what better scale to build it in!
  7. In the mid nineties I worked with a smashing lad, I was a TA member at the time so one day the conversation got round to his time in the army and it turned out he had been with 3RRF (I seem to recall platoon sergeant) when two of his companies Warriors were hit by a USAF A-10 killing nine,one young lad was from my home town.
  8. Good luck Jake look forward to progress,I have this kit in the stash and really should build it one day,the only bit of the kit I dislike are the intakes on the wings Matchbox never got them lined up properly I'm not sure if any after market ones were produced but I've seen a few built with scratch built ones from plasticard,here's what can be made of the kit. http://hsfeatures.com/features04/victorjf_1.htm
  9. Evening folk's main decal's on they were very brittle but no problems as such, I've sealed them with another coat of gloss ready for the stencils.
  10. Very nice and very different,great work.
  11. Hell, thanks Greg I never noted the start date as usually it's only a week after opening up for entries that the GB start's! Great info Alan many thanks I need to see the decal sheet to see whats on it.
  12. Evening folk's,this weeks progress has concentrated on the 109 due to the fact I need matt spray for the Spitfire and can't get any for now,I sprayed the whole kit light blue then the upper sand. Next job will be to weather the undersides. and tonight the mottle added and sprayed the white band also done the exhaust staining.As you can see some weathering and a gloss coat added.
  13. Afternoon folk's,kit arrived and for a fiver no complaints HB do some lovely panel lines and detail for such inexpensive offering's. No seams as such to clean up what there are easily sorted,and in a few minutes you are here. U/c doors added and those wheel wells are nicely detailed.Here I have an issue,I found wartime photos of Kiwi aircraft with fuel tanks fitted as supplied in the kit but I've seen none with the supplied rockets so there may be some large holes to fill.
  14. Beautifully finished Shaun a great scheme too.
  15. Finished the kit over the Christmas break, for me Mr average modeller a nice easy build using the one piece wheel /track set up but I can understand peoples disappointment given Airfix's upping of their game over the last few years I suspect they had the younger modeller on mind rather than a dinosaur like me!
  16. Bedford CF van,back in the late seventies I could loose a nights sleep dreaming about owning and customising one of these beautiful vans,you know after fifteen years of motor cycles I was late taking up four wheel driving and when I did money was tight so a good few cars I owned were well past their best, first one was a 1.3 Metro,3 x maestro's (1.6 Vanden plas auto still one of the most comfortable cars I've driven),then a half dozen Rovers which were much newer including great 1.6 GTI and Coupe's 820 auto.a couple of Fiat's and Citroen's and recently three Ford's and I
  17. Great choice Greg and a cracking kit too.
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