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  1. Kit arrived safe and sound today. Simple enough kit and looks like by this period Matchbox were stsrting to refine their panel lines,a new seat will be essential with that huge canopy.
  2. Hi folk's always nice when a kit gets it's identity,decals behaving beautifully.
  3. Agree Craig a not to heavy wash will bring it up a treat it's all dried nicely overnight it will get a l gloss when the painting is complete.
  4. Certainly will Dermo,I remember building this kit so long ago the dust hadn't even settled in Vietnam!
  5. Hi folk's for later in the GB a Triple whammy. An aircraft I love in two seater form,good price,and on the not yet proposed list,she'll be in the box USAF scheme. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/matchbox-pk-411-f-101f-rf-101b-cf-101b-voodoo--132709
  6. Hi folk's while the white paint was loaded for another project I thought I would get started on the rejevent parts,the wheel well detail would put a good few modern kits to shame.
  7. Coming on a treat Dermo,great job I would love to see Revell give this kit another airing it would sell well.
  8. Go on Dave you know you want to. Thank's Beany,just run of the mill masking tape add a bit detail with a pencil but make sure it's pin sharp.
  9. Great start Andy can't say I ever built any of their car kits did do Barry Sheen's Yamaha though,can't get that kit now for under £50!
  10. Gates,telegraph poles,shrubs the lot Ratch think I'll give him another couple of years before I let him loose again.
  11. Nice to see this kit turn up Tony,great stuff!
  12. Hi folk's,while the airbrush was out for the Skyraider I primed the Meteor,a little filler is needed on the odd spot but I'll use flexi so no sanding.
  13. Hi folk's three coats over two days and a nice even finish achieved,I'll leave her to dry thouroughly for the rest of the week.
  14. A belated happy Christmas Ratch,the Grandson was here at the weekend so I'm busy doing repairs! Thank's Scooby.
  15. Hi folk's I decided yesterday due to my reservations of this kit to crack on to see what problems would crop up and how much I could do before the bin beckoned! So putting all others to one side off I went.I've not detailed the cockpit with belt's etc but now thing's have turned out so well I will,there's no getting over the poor fit(well to be fair gaps) but a mix of hard and flexi filler did the job and I'm happy to prime her next session a dry fit shows a nice fit of the glazing which will need carefull painting,so far so good.
  16. Great work so far Heather,I'm sure you'll find a solution to the canopy issue.
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