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  1. Hi folk's,finally made the LMS for paint so here we go,it appears that these aircraft(including this aircraft) were painted post war in Green over light blue but didn't linger very long on the Soviet inventory so no overboard weathering to do.Primed in Humbrol gray the undersides sprayed Tamiya light blue and post shaded in a couple of lighter and darker shades to break up the overall color. Next job was to spray the white tail ready for masking off for the green upper colour.
  2. Classic scheme and I notice the sprue's are identical to my kit which states easy assembly,first impressions are it looks like an easy build with some lovely detailing.
  3. Stunning example of a rarely seen aircraft,quality work.
  4. Cracking build Russ beautifully weathered too, high up on the list of your best work!
  5. Hi folks hopefully my run of failed builds will end with this Project.Not an aircraft I've modelled much over the years maybe three or four starting with Airfix's kit when it and the Tomcat were new.I'll be building the said version in the original hi-viz scheme. I had a crack at Airfix's kit a couple of years ago for a GB and enjoyed the nostalgia.
  6. Sadly not Pat life's got in the way of the modelling at the moment.
  7. I bought a kit months ago for this GB (Hobbyboss 1/72 easy assembly) but got a mountain of half finished GB builds missing their deadlines right now as the mojo is on low power and life's got in the way lately hopefully a bit of inspiration will come my way once some of this GB's builds get started.
  8. Stunning build and finish,and cracking scheme too quality work all round.
  9. That does look great especially the tarnished areas which look spot on.
  10. I did most of the Dapol loco's when Airfix boxed then back in my teen's be great to re-visit the City of Truro again.this was from a year or two back.I'm in!
  11. That is a magnificent re-working of the Academy kit Kio,quality!
  12. Top quality work Dave as has been said museum standard all round.
  13. Beautifull build and finish,great presentation too!
  14. Off topic but nice to see you back Rob!
  15. Cheer's Tony,that's cheered me up no end really didn't want to paint all that white!
  16. Hi Tony, This is the kit and scheme Blue Gray over white as the instructions would have you paint it. https://finescale.com/product-info/kit-reviews/2012/03/revell-148-scale-lockeed-pv-1-ventura
  17. Thank's Chris I've just stumbled on the same question here from a few years back which you contributed to too. https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/37941-rcaf-ventura-colour-question/page/2/
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