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  1. Many thanks Andre,mine should be fine I'll let you know if I need help.
  2. Hi folk's,after primer I painted the underside light gray then upper darker gray,decided to paint the stripes rater than use the decals so masked and sprayed the white area which turned out fine. Once the black is painted I'll mask the edges and brush paint on the green.
  3. Evening all,the U/C is fitted after painting going well could this be my first successful Red Arrow at last?
  4. Thank's Mike there's still a good few bargains out there on E-Bay bay does help when you like these oldies as a lot of folk won't touch them especially if new tools are out there.
  5. Hi folk's time for another oldie,I have a soft spot for the F-84 just finished a pair of Airfix kits and while doing the rounds on E-bay saw this bigger kit for £10 took a punt and got it.All present and correct from a seller I often buy from the decals are showing their age but a few days on the windowsill should bleach out the white serials which were the only concern,at present I'm thinking the Belgian scheme. Here's the Airfix pair.
  6. Afternoon folk's after Humbrol primer light gray and dark gray were sprayed on the airframe,after the worries during construction she's looking good cant wait for the decals!
  7. I think its time to admit despite a lifelong love of aircraft I hate flying So thankfully very little.Boeing 737 and 707 and a Puma!
  8. Good to see another build Sam I'm at the primer stage and it's been a joy to build, check the fit of the wing leading edges I had to scrape and sand the guns and wheel well boxing in for a snug fit.
  9. That's the very one Sam I built the Mirage many years ago but until today never knew this kit with the extras existed.
  10. Hi folk's I had a load of photo's I took of the Reds back in 95 here's a couple at hand.
  11. Well this worked out perfectly,I spotted an mint 1/48 Esci Mirage F1 with ground crew and equipment today stuck it on the watch list then got a message from the seller offering a fiver off for buying immediately needless to say snapped his hand of at £20,so count me in please.
  12. Lovely, matching the stash to 2023's GB's gives me Frog's Sea Venom or Airfix's Banshee for this one.
  13. Evening folk's,fuselage went together a dream just a little sanding along the join needed. Same story with the wing's then clicked into place with the fuselage again no filler at all needed on this build.
  14. Evening folk's,one word AWFUL,warped fuselage and a general poor fit certainly looked better on the sprue than the fit has shown but we're there so hopefully the worst is over!
  15. Hi folk's,last weeks progress report.All primed and as a first for me after all these years the canopy is fitted before the red applied. Four coats of thinned red(just a little touch of yellow) left a lovely smooth finish to build a couple of gloss coats over with the hairy stick once decalled the third coat should really look the biz.
  16. Turned out superb,not the best kit to work with but great job on her.
  17. Hi folk's built for the Mega GB as a Prototype entry is the old Revell 1/72 EFA.It's been said it is actually modelled on the mock up and thats the look I went for I've heard it had a very short release quickly being replaced in the range,anyway I loved the stress free build.Many thank's for looking.
  18. Hi folk's the now quite rare Revell kit of the Typhoon prototype some say it's actually a model of the Mock up and I've heard it only had one release replaced in their range.
  19. So far so good Gondor!Before I join the upper/lower wing assembly heres the one piece wheel well boxing in,scrape a little off to get a nice fit on the wing's a dry run or two was needed before gluing.
  20. Hi folk's as soon as I saw this was to be released in the Airfix classics range I knew I had to grab one; well over forty years since a much younger me ran from the Hardware store home to stick it together on a Saturday morning and hang it from the ceiling by afternoon.Probably a bit better finished since that last build.Thanks for indulging me in yet another bout of nostalgia!
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