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  1. I’m sure I have something Russian with skis.
  2. Definitely missed it. Whew. I should still be able to have her done by this weekend but now at least if something comes up I won’t worry.
  3. Had to ask as I figured I could avoid spending money on another model. I have toooooo many.
  4. Do we have all day Sunday to finish our model up or does it end at midnight on the Saturday, coming down to the wire here.
  5. Gloss coat on today as well as some more finer details. going to be a stretch to finish this by Sunday. I just have the decals, exhaust, and final weathering remaining.
  6. Just out of curiousity would The Aleutians count? Pretty dang close but outside the Arctic Circle.
  7. Here it is unwrapped. Aside from a couple easily cleaned up spots it came out great!
  8. The soft edge came out great. Still not sold on the colours, man do I need to find a definitive pic or source.
  9. Dark Green on after an entire morning of masking with frisked and tamiya tape. Those camo masks are a godsend and I regret not getting one for this build. I do plan on giving him this. Will need to put it in a nice glass case so it doesn’t get wrecked or dusty. Im using the Vallejo SEAC model air set for the paints. I have to order all my stuff and the only thing local I have is Vallejo and tamiya.
  10. I have this past week kicked back into full throttle. Tons of work and gardening unfortunately. AMT-12 on and the masking was quick but kinda painful. Might end up having to redo sections how I want. Also a comparison chart between vallejos and Akans Soviet colours
  11. Forgot to post photos of the AMT-7 for the bottom fuselage. I used AKAN to start which I feel is a better match to the original. However there was some issues with the paint (runny and seemed like there was oil on the surface even though i had cleaned it up previously), now I feel I mixed it properly but instead of water or AKANs acrylic airbrush thinner I used Vallejos. Not sure what happened there but I decided to cover it up with the vallejo range which is definitely brighter. In comparison to AKANs range the Vallejo seems more fresh as opposed to fading. I will try again on another build with AKAN. But I will have some comparison photos before this build is over! In general it is tough to look at Eduards colour callouts for this and it seems the actual colours are totally way off than what they show. Not exactly many references to go by either. Anyways the AMT-11 is on and I presumed soft edges so will be using blu-tac to replicate this. May be able to get the AMT-12 on tomorrow. Couldnt find any more info on White 10 so have to scrap that and my other option which was flown in APRIL was White 17 so that's a no go. I mean one could presume... Either way I'm swinging back towards White 12 as Ive had practice doing tulips anyways on the nose. Just going to finish up the camo scheme and then decals and seal it so I can spray the red on without wrecking anything.
  12. I'd be in for sure. Tamiya waiting in the wing.
  13. So the bombs are mounted. Prop is complete. Yellow nose and the Medium Sea Grey has been sprayed. Just need to redo the Bronze Green bombs and some detail painting on the bottom before moving on to the upper. Should just sneak this build in time for the 12th.
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