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  1. I have so many to enter into this group build
  2. I haven’t been able to sort out the tone on my iPhone. It definitely plays havoc with colours.
  3. Decided I'm going to keep it as a Mk.II as displayed on the kit. The cowl I had some difficulty getting on and Ive had to cut all the rods and will still need to shave down the mounting plate for it to fit properly to the fuselage. Just have to finish up the flaps, mount the cowl, paint the red tips, and do the walkways. Most likely going to wait until the end to deal with the exhaust as everything else will have a satin finish.
  4. 1st and 2nd Coat of Chrome Yellow applied. Need one more coat and then I'll have to seal it up. I do not like painting yellow. That is all.
  5. Thought I was in for this already. Ill be building a coastal command rcaf beaufighter tf.x Got lots of goodies for this and two tamiya boxing’s.
  6. Quite a bit of filler needed but luckily it was easy to sand down. Still stuck on which cowl to use but it’s starting to come together, white primer is next before attempting the dreaded yellow.
  7. I honestly cant wait to build another except perhaps the Poached Egg scheme or the late war greys!
  8. Like a Thunderbolt Macchi C.202 (MM8081) Capitano Mario Pinna 75a Squadriglia, 23o Gruppo, 3o Stormo CT Abu Haggag, Egypt Sept. 1942
  9. From the Eastern Front to North Africa BF109 G-2/R6 W. Nr. 13633 Hptmn. Wolf-Dieter Huy 7./JG 77 Tanyet Harun, Egypt oct. 1942
  10. Here it is and next to my Tamiya 109. Amazing what a couple years and an airbrush can do. Also what was I thinking with that green landing gear.
  11. Finishing up the props and then that should be the end of this one. Pretty sure this series including the Veltro are probably the best looking aircraft of WW2 for me.
  12. ...and finished. Just need to get the proper background and take proper pictures.
  13. Finishing up some work on the exhaust and putting the finishing touches on my Africa builds.
  14. With the flat coat and weathering on this is how the AMT-4 looks right now. I fiddled around with the cam and got the closest match. So to me it looks a lot more realistic viewed on the inter webs like this, of course the other colours now are all wrong lol.
  15. All that’s left is the propellers and exhaust. Was able to nail down a new flat coat which works great for me.
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