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  1. Lots of info on this and I like the look a lot. @Crimea River my family is in Calgary and I used to live there. I remember that chopper used to be on display up by the airport. Is your society planning on making it serviceable again? Would be great to see.
  2. A new tool Avro Arrow! I’m in. I hope next up is the Canuck. The old mould is hot and it’s really a jet with a good history but overshadowed by our mates down south.
  3. I’ve decided on the Hellcat and maybe even sneak in a Tempest. cant wait to see everyone’s builds.
  4. Decals on except for a few and have begun starting to weather a little bit. Wanna go for that all weather look and touch up the exhaust area. Please ignore that giant seam, I gave up.
  5. Shes almost done boys. finished up on the landing gear, and all the other tidbits that were waiting. Decided to forego the stripes as I just want to see this finished. Just have to put decals on and then I think I’ll weather it with pastels. Figure the white will be more forgiving than using inks. May decide to add a little pop of colour to the tail or fins but we will see.
  6. That’s awesome. Looks great. How’d you get the colour on the missile pod?
  7. Some more progress after a hiatus. Finished my Stuka however. Next will be the landing gear and then the pinstripe pattern on the wings. Almost there. Need to order some AIM 4’s or see if I can source some velvet gloves.
  8. https://images.app.goo.gl/RbLxqpTTP1admTLJ7 My understanding is that a lot of them had that flat aluminum grey colour on later Mitchell’s. Saved weight. Much like most after 43
  9. I love the idea and I think those low vis marks are great, just what I could see for a modern version of the confederate flag. kudos.
  10. Definitely go with the Cheyenne
  11. Did some work finally after returning for my significant others marathon race. Sanding, more filling, and more sanding and laid down the primer. Really having second thoughts over the white scheme. Contemplating something different. Maybe a grey scheme with tiger stripes done in a green. Really would like to finish this month as the workbench is going to get very busy with the upcoming group builds. Plus I’ve got a Wildcat, and a ju-87 I need to complete.
  12. I will be adding my stepson to this as well unofficially. Would it be permissible to have him entered under my name? We purchased a Kamov Hokum Black Shark in 1:72 Scale from Special Hobby.
  13. I’ve got the Trumpeter version but was able to pickup the AZ Model for 15 bucks in Phoenix(what a steal), so that’s in the future for me. I’ll be watching this build!
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