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  1. Did some interior work, pretty basic without any extras really. Need to order some 4 spoke wheels or maybe raid them from a previous eduard spit kit.
  2. Back at it after a hiatus. Fostering kittens is always time consuming. Was able to do up some sub assemblies including the cockpit and eng. Also trying my hand at checkers. Not perfect but damn is that hell.
  3. Some detail work on, the cockpits going to get some more and I’m unsure as to the prop used. I’ve seen the older style on Burma P-47 but the decal sheet shows a Hamilton Spinner. I also can’t for the life of me find the pilots name or real life photos of the aircraft. I saw them awhile ago which made me get this set or markings Ive got the squadron, 258th RAF iirc.
  4. I’ve moved forward. Trying my hand at doing some paint weathering to lighten up the panels on the upper surfaces.
  5. Yes it’s 1/48 and it might be a rebox. Similar to the Mk.iii seafire I did that was sh
  6. Those bare ends were most likely after the rocket pods were shot as the whole assembly fell off after usage. Another fun fact was that originally they were only planned to have a service life of 2,000 hours max. Turns out the clunkers were good for 20,000 and more. Pretty much the only all weather interceptor during its time and even the Americans were considering the purchase of them for Korea iirc.
  7. Yeah that’s the one.
  8. I thought they were wrong! Guess that’s what I get for following the instructions. Easy fix, thanks.
  9. I’ve got the 1/48 kit planned. Was going to do it for this GB but it might be one too many. Requires a ton of modifications based on the version you are doing. Ill dig out the sheet that came with the resin mods and post it for you if you’d like.
  10. Finished all the sanding and touching up certain areas. The exhaust are opened up a seam on me when I was testing the nozzle so I’ll have to go and fix that once it’s installed. It leave a sizeable gap but should be simple to fix. Poked myself with the brass pitot, I’m happy it didn’t bend.
  11. Little bit of Grey on and then I’ll be detailing and adding the photoetch.
  12. DDG cockpit with what will have a couple Green Zinc Chromate spots and the rest is YZC aside from the landing gear which is done in Green Zinc Chromate.
  13. I’ve been wanting to build this for awhile and finally got an opportunity. Yes it’s an American Jug, but the pilot was Canadian, and what Jugs can be without Beavers honestly.
  14. Some work done getting the interior colour built up. I believe that’s the stinger hook and I’m not sure how that rudder/tail is supposed to look on the ground so I’ll be doing some checking.
  15. I thought just to add more to my workload I’ll do a simple mostly OOB Seafire with the RCNs late scheme of Dark Grey over Light Grey.
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