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  1. Quite finicky on the front end, especially the wings. Took some fills and sanding to get it decent. Im sure there will be more but getting closer to priming.
  2. Surprised to not have seen a Bronco yet? Should I add another lol.
  3. So some parts came in. Always have something in the mail it seems. Received the correct seats(square back w Sutton harness) and a resin prop . Therefore I continued on and got the cockpit together and was able to test fit the fuselage and miscellaneous parts. Ordered the right size drills to stick the Browning’s in and will be making some progress once some seam work and sanding is done. Does anyone know if the black on these early schemes were a straight line down the middle to the wing, or were they more convex in their appearance as the Airfix scheme shows?
  4. Great bird. How did you replicate the paint fading or paint damage from the heat?
  5. ...and then there is the way the paint faded or was subjected to the elements ddepending on the year of the war, time in service and IJA vs IJN paint jobs. Can of worms...I agree.
  6. That sir is the greatest question of them all. Pretty sure Zero's were never green at all.
  7. Great job on that, I especially like how you did the exhaust
  8. For some reason all those wrinkles went away. I feeeeeel lucky. Finished her off and after seeing it completed she sure does look dangerous. Had it’s fair share of hiccups but that I think was mostly me being impatient. Those FAA colours look so good, and even though stripes were not my most favourite thing to do boy do they stand out and I’m happy that I didn’t weather them too much. Hopefully theP-40 build I have will be simpler but with the kingfishers and the WIFs in the wings I feel I’ve got so much work on the horizon ahead of me.
  9. And the prop decided to wrinkle for some reason. The last thing I had left to clear coat. Quite ticked off atm. It looks good otherwise, installing lights tomorrow and gonna figure out how to fix the prop.
  10. That yellow though. Such a risk for me.
  11. Honestly its not really my cup of tea to do pre-war. Too shiny, lol.
  12. Hopefully. Was thinking about laying down the gloss coat today and then theres not much left after that.
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