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  1. If only in 1/48 scale. I’d pay good coin for aftermarket to convert the kitty f2h-2
  2. @Corsairfoxfouruncle Does this GB end next week? April 16th/17th I cant find it and I dont know if Ill have enough time to finish . I sure would like more time lol.`
  3. I persevered and have it all decaled up. I ordered the airfix kit but it didn't get here in time for me to attempt that. Its not up to snuff for me all its waiting for now is some weathering and the clear coat. Might be done this one first of the 4 surprisingly.
  4. That’s on my to do list. Do you know of any aftermarket dinghy packs in 1/48 or a good site for pics if I want to scratch build some?
  5. FYI apparently ICM is in the final stages of a DH82c in 1/48 scale. I have the same airfix kit and was also curious how to modify it until that little tidbit of info crept up on me today.
  6. Shes very close but not close enough. that wheel chock idea is a dandy! Ill find a way to put those on all my bat bottomed girls.
  7. Decals then stencils. I'm going to have to redo the pitot, its too short but other than that the end is in sight. Stupid tail sitter.
  8. Had a bit of orangepeel happening with the gloss coat so there's a couple areas im worried about. Its strange as I had next to no issues with the others I did. Not keen on using that Vallejo stuff straight out the bottle again. Anyways, decaling has begun and next will be the stencils. I like the looks of them but not how time consuming they are. I always wondered if these type of lend lease a/c had them just painted over or if they reapplied them for safety measures and the ground crew.
  9. The decals are being applied. I also airbrushed the underside in the affected areas and hand painted the blue on the roundel before glossing. Looks much better.
  10. Id be interested, could do a RCAF SAR Piasecki
  11. I realized today when I closed up the fuselage I installed the gun cowls improperly. Luckily I was able to pop them out with minimal fuss and install them correctly. I also took the time to pop out the exhausts and guns because apparently I can leave off the oil rad and access all that good stuff after paint. Gonna have to fix up the seams shortly .
  12. I just cant wait until they release the J Version, need the Droop Snoot!
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