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  1. Starting to look pretty sexy. If only I had remembered to spray the cross on the rudder. Hopefully the decals won’t be too thin to make me regret it.
  2. Beazer

    Finnish Hurricane

    Well, the yellow and blue survived masking. Was a little concerned about it lifting. Tried to get somewhat accurate demarcations but the left side was an unknown so I had to use a reference of the HC-454. Either way it came out ok. Ill just handpaint some areas and blend them in. I just have to focus on finishing the wheels, exhaust and then its all onto decals and weathering. Seeing as how the wings were metal on the 452, I might go a little heavier on the weathering.
  3. Made some good progress today. Finsihed masking and sprayed the main fuselage colours. Tommorow its some well deserved skiing and the big reveal.
  4. Ive got a fully loaded with extras P-61 planned for the kids build here as well. Lots of fiddling around and making sure everything joins up with that lovely lady I'm sure. I'll be watching this with great interest.
  5. Beazer

    Finnish Hurricane

    The paint crazed when I applied semi gloss so I used isoalcohol to try to remove and blend in as much as possible. Pretty much have to remove it all.
  6. Just curious if anyone can help me before I make some grave error. It was my understanding that Stuka wheel wells(if thats what theyre called) or landing gear had the bottoms painted in the regular colours and the RLM 65 was not applied to the undersides. My colour callouts show that they are painted but I have not been able to determine through photos of stukas of any colour variation that would be seen easily. Am I wrong in my assumption or am I just missing something?
  7. Fuselage closed up, engine finished. Decided not to fiddle with the PE for the engine as its fiddly and I just make a mess of it. Plus I still have 3 other hellcats it can go on. I decided to go with option A as the brass barrels i have also had the shorter mgs but with flashiders. The 20mm will probably go on the Black Kiwi bird I plan to one day build.
  8. Beazer

    Finnish Hurricane

    RLM 65 in place and Im ready to continue on with this build finally.
  9. RLM 65 on however not a great finish, thats ok since I like them dirty. The decal instructions show the paint callouts for the bottom of the wheel wells to be blue as well and I thought that they were always the rlm 70/71 camo. Am I wrong?
  10. Jeebus 113! If I can fix this damn yellow on 452 I should finish in 3 months lol.
  11. Yes I would love to take part. Perhaps a P-47 Bubbletop or even the Dewoitine.
  12. Yellow went on fine then in an instant when I go to seal it, half of it crazes. At least the prop was ok. Now I get to fix this...
  13. Beazer

    Finnish Hurricane

    and the paint crazed. Maybe I'll be able to fix this.
  14. To be honest I was hoping for a quick build inline with my second hurricane. I forgot what a pain this kit can be after building a G2 last year. All the outer edges of the yellow paint have cracked after sealing with my semi gloss so now I have to fix that. Fortunately it somehow didn’t affect anywhere else but on the extreme outer edge so I can still mask and sand that crap back, also did the same thing to my hurricane. Paint was dry, no chemicals so I can’t explain it except perhaps a temperature change.
  15. Interior Pe added and detail painting and final result to follow.
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