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  1. Well, it's been +30 all week up here, so she's burning but I was able to do it. Had to quarter the instrument panel and superglue it. It doesn't look great, but good enough. I'm going to have a fun enough time with the sanding soon and I've got a whole slew more Canadian models that I'm going to have to build.
  2. The Clunk! I did so many of these when I was a kid. Really regret not buying up these and the arrows in 1/48 scale but who would have think how pricey they’d become. Always had some warpage on the wings but I’m sure you’ll fix all that up!
  3. I am intently following this one, wanted to do the exact same machine in the future.
  4. Well the instructions indicated the console gets put in AFTER the fuselage and nose comes together… well that is not the case so now I’m going to have to figure out how to fit the console in the nose without breaking or damaging the model. It seems apparent it’s a pretty tight fit so I’m thinking the razor saw is going to have to come out.
  5. Not much left for her. Some more weathering and then I’ll attach the uschi line and proper photos.
  6. This was not fun to put together as I had no way to avoid steps/ridge in certain areas or glaring openings. Many different types of glues were used and many clamps. Fortunately the nose cone has a seamless attachment to the fuselage, ut it still has quite the ridge on one of the mating surfaces. I don’t know how people make this kit with all metal paint schemes lol.
  7. Some work done on the interior today, need to flat coat and gloss the instruments and then I should be able to close up the fuselage!
  8. Gloss coats on and decals applied, finished up some minimal weathering. Now just going to add some chips and work on the exhaust staining and she will be finished.
  9. Good to see a Canadian voodoo, I was going to build one of the Kinetic kits but it’s junk. A lot of those aluminum birds were painted grey eventually but you’d have to double check the insignia changes to be sure.
  10. Have had a hard time nailing down the colours I want for the fuselage. Going over multiple sources, I’m still left at a loss. Tamiya XF-51 would be the closest to the starfighters that served in Canada however it is known that the Brit sourced paint was a more richer green in colour. Judging photos I am leaning on Vallejos NATO Green and hoping the wash subdues it a touch. Not sure if this accurate but I’m basing this off pics and FS numbers. The eduard photoetch avionics have the wrong gray so I’ll need to adjust that before I finish the cockpit tub up.
  11. Originally planned for a 101 Voodoo (but that kinetic kit is pure garbage) so instead I’ll jump in the big pool with what I’m sure is a lot of these starfighters. Building it OOB aside from adding a brass pitot tube, and of course in the 1CAG colours.
  12. I didn’t realize they had actual decals for it, but it’s pretty close to what-if. The prank was a good one when they wrote that article so I’m pretty excited to build it and share that entire storyline. We’re known for our practical jokes, so it’s aboot dam time.
  13. Definitely aftermarket but still we’re a little thick, should have painted them I think. They’d be fine if the Japanese hadn’t painted over the flap actuators or control arms (whatever they’re called).
  14. Ok so I’ve already got a Fairey, a Jug, and a potential superhero plane ready to build. But I want to get another that nobody else will build. I need the group prime minister to decide if it’s ok. Hear me out. There was a program in the 60’s involving some Soviet Migs being used in Canada. Now vintage wings put out quite the information packet on this event surrounding the “RedHawks”. It was a real article posted April.1st but I’m not sure it would technically qualify for the builds allowed…
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