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  1. Not much of an update but managed to paint the seats this morning: There seemed to be a mixture of colours on various ages of seat so I mixed it up a bit and went with faded grey straps and blue for the leg restraints. The detail on the Quickboost pieces is very good indeed. More soon. Dave
  2. More done today. After the remaining filler was cleaned up, I sprayed the relevant cockpit areas black after adding the etch HUD and some parts from the Airwaves set (forgot to take a picture of these parts prior to painting.) Once dry, the windshield was added and masked off. I sprayed the last drop of black in the airbrush around some of the areas that had filler to see if any more tidy up was required; none was. The rest of the cockpit was then masked. I dry brushed some silver over the 'wiring' that I added behind the WSOs instrument panel: I also made up the periscope from some scrap bits of styrene. It's not overly accurate but will suffice: Finally, the remaining exposed parts of the canopy were masked up: I also bought ordered some more paints as I'm now almost fully converted to Laquers for the big paint jobs. MRP does not do a Medium Sea Grey but after researching and getting some great information from @Phone Phixer, it appears that there was very little, if any difference between the colour of the top inner and outer wing - so I plan to spray the entire upper surface in Camouflage(Barley) grey and add just a drop of darker grey when spraying the inner wing portions. Hoping to get a coat of primer on over the next couple of days aim to make a start on the painting over the weekend. Cheers Dave
  3. A bit more done over the last couple of days. Cleaned up the seam lines on the fuselage and intakes along with filling in part of the forward cockpit coaming - Eduard provide an etch piece for the HUD in place of the all clear plastic affair in the kit. I also added some wiring, piping and a few bits of scrap etch behind the WSO's instrument panel to make it look a bit busier. It's by no means accurate but adds something to an otherwise bland area (please excuse the dust from the filler in the front cockpit!!): Fuselage: Wings were built up, with the lower aux doors being sprayed red: Once all that was dry, the wings and fuselage found themselves together: A slight gap was left at the join of the wings and forward fuselage. This struck me as odd as the rest of the wing section fitted and aligned perfectly with the fuselage. Easy fix with some styrene sheet and filler anyway. Once that is cleaned up there's not much more to the airframe itself, other than the painting the relevant cockpit areas black etc. I've also noticed during my research that the FGR.2 had a periscope fitted for the WSO to see out, as you can see here. This isn't included in the kit so will throw something together using parts from the spares. More soon. Dave
  4. Cheers Rob, great info there about the missiles, the colours of which was going to be a later question so appreciate you clearing that up! The Sidewinders do have the kinked leading edge on the forward fins, pretty sure they were stated as Lima versions in the Tomcat kit. I’ve had a look at pictures of the Skyflash and Sparrow and think the latter I have here look close enough for me! Oh and sorry about the Squadrons
  5. Nice build Igor! According to the Linden Hill booklet, and an article I read online but cannot locate, the export MLDs to Bulgaria, the Type 22-23 - were alternatively known as Mig-23MLAE-2 and did not incorporate the aerodynamic changes of the MLD airframe - the 'dog tooth' wing root and the upper countermeasures launchers being examples of these. Like I say, that is just information I have read and my references have all stated that White 211 was an export MLD airframe - of course Bulgaria did fly a number of the MLDs with the upper countermeasures pods and the 'dog tooth' wing roots.
  6. Thanks Igor! I wanted to keep the model relatively 'clean' as the jets appeared to be so when in service with the Bulgarian Air Force. White 211 was not fitted with the upper countermeasures blocks, as seen below. White 211 Cheers Dave
  7. Finally made a start on the FGR2 over the last few days. Firstly, the cockpit was prepped, painted and the Eduard etch added. Again, the colour matching of the etch parts and the rest of the tub was somewhat off! A light wash was added, though I've just noticed I've missed a bit! I left off the side panel to the right of the WSOs office until I'd closed up the fuselage. Speaking of which: Nose cone, fin tip, intakes and a few other small bits also added. Seam lines will need a bit of a clean up. For those in the know, what colour would the area circled below be? If the jet was sitting on alert, would the doors for these vents be opened or closed? Finally, the ordnance. AIM-9s and AIM-7s (Skyflash) are from a Tamiya F-14; the tanks and cannon are from the kit: More soon. Dave
  8. Thanks Werner. Regarding the stance, the 'lightweight' (L in the designation stands for the Russian word Legkii, which means lightweight) and sits with a less tail heavy posture than the earlier variants, according to the Linden Hill information book. A look at some ML/MLD pictures online seems to confirm this.
  9. Hello all, Here is my recently completed 1/48 Trumpeter Mig-23, marked as MLD 'White 211' of the 1st Air Squadron, Bulgarian Air Force in 1999. This airframe, although built later than the Soviet re-manufactured MLDs, does not incorporate some of the aerodynamic changes, such as the 'dog tooth' wing root and wing fences so the ML boxing suffices. The build thread is here Extras used included Aires intakes, Eduard Etch for the cockpit, Eduard FOD guards, Linden Hill decals, Master pitot tube and Pavla ejection seat. Paints are a mixture of Akan and Mr Paint. Thanks for looking. Dave
  10. Finished over the last couple of days. I managed to lose part M1, the rear view periscope for above the canopy I also had to add a small piece of styrene rod to prop the canopy up. There is a locating hole just behind the headrest of the seat, but Trumpeter do not provide the part. More pictures in RFI here Thanks to all who commented/followed. Cheers Dave
  11. Thanks mate. A few trials and tribulations with the paint but we got there in the end!
  12. Thanks mate! That is the one drawback; Mr Paint have a great range for Russian/Soviet era subjects but the likes of the Bulgarian schemes, as you say, would need some colour matching. I may have just picked up a batch that had been sitting long, or perhaps Akans own thinners could be substituted for other brands.
  13. Thanks mate Cheers Alex. Regarding the paints, I wouldn’t be in a great rush to use them again. Mr Paint Spray so much better. Perhaps I had a dodgy batch of paints, but they were very, very thick and required a lot of thinning and practice spraying to get right. I’ll stick to Mr Paint, Tamiya and Mr Hobby as much as possible.
  14. Thanks mate. Landing gear on this one wasn't the most pleasant of modelling chores I have to say, a sigh of relief was audible when the whole ensemble was completed!
  15. More done. Panel wash went on yesterday, with the excess removed after about 45 minutes. I then set about adding the landing gear and undoubtedly the most awkward/frustrating part of this build. The Mig-23's main landing gear is a complex affair and kits instructions aren't overly clear. After an hour or so of fettling, repairing broken off bits and a few choice words, I managed to get it somewhat fitted. My advice would be to leave off parts C15 and C11 until you've aligned the main strut with it's locating hole and then fiddle with C15, C11, L2 and L1 to get the right fit. It's awkward but you'll get there in the end. One thing to note - if making an MLD from this boxing, leave off part C22 as it is absent from the Bulgarian jets. After that rigmarole, I moved on and sprayed a flat coat on the model. Once dry, I removed the last of the masking, added the ejection seat, antennae and pitot tube. The very few pictures I have found of operational Bulgarian Mig-23s shows them relatively clean, so light weathering was added across the model. Once all that had cured, I popped on the missiles: Just need to finish off the canopy and that should be that. Dave
  16. Thanks Alex. Managed to get the decals on today. Not many and they went on very well. I sealed them in with another coat of Pledge then added the exhaust, shoulder pylons and a few antennae. Metallic area around the cannon was painted, a few bits of piping picked out in the landing gear bays, some silver to replicate chipping around the canopy and a few other bits painted. Once all that had dried, I popped on the Eduard FOD covers. Will get the panel wash and flat coat on at the weekend all being well. Dave
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