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  1. The upcoming A boxing (the one with the wings swept forward only with everything dropped) has all the bits for a B minus the engines and interior bits. The Phase Hangar set is worth the few $ as it's comprehensive and very nicely detailed to get a D right back to a B! I do like the low-viz but hard to knock a colourful cat! Strange thing is, I much prefer the low-viz on the F/A-18E/F
  2. Too many choices! I just wish Tamiya would release a full blown B model
  3. Nice job so far mate. I'd suggest some nose weight, I've put some in each of the 5 Hasegawa kits I've built. As for the second kit, It would look to be 25% built to me. I normally gauge it by how many stages in the instruction book have been followed, but knowing not everyone looks at instructions it's hard to say. I'll bring in @trickyrich here to add a second opinion.
  4. Nice work so far mate. How old is the moulding? Looks nice and crisp.
  5. Have another 3 Ds and 2 A's in the stash and will be ordering one of the new A models when it's released! Plan for the D models would be VF-2 (Iraqi Freedom cruise) and VF-31 x2 (Iraqi Freedom and last cruise) and a VF-154 A model then Maverick's jet. Not sure what I'll mark the newest boxing up as though. Plus that plan could all change
  6. Cheers Alex! Thanks Werner. I agree; a few extras really make an already nice kit a little bit nicer!
  7. Up to you mate! If it's a separate model, I'd be inclined just to start a new thread and possibly link your old one in?
  8. Thanks all. Will make a decision soon enough...I hope @Dansk thanks for the offer mate, but think I've enough decals at the minute to keep my mind wandering!
  9. Thanks Pat. I've managed some more today. Firstly, the BAM exhausts I'd ordered a few weeks ago arrived: Much nicer than the kit parts: Lovely job @arnobiz! A new set of resin MICA-IR missiles also turned up, thanks to @coneheadff who sourced these from a European supplier for me: Again, much better than the kit offerings (excusing the casting blocks!): I moved onto the airframe, adding a few bits and pieces from the kit with the additions of the last few bits from the BAM set. Flare launchers, missing RAM panels and the distinctive VHF antenna behind the cockpit. The pylon for the Damocles pod was also fitted: A few small bits of clean up needed then I'm about ready to fit the windscreen then mask it and the cockpit along with a few other areas, ready for priming. More soon and stay safe. Dave
  10. 1/48 Eduard Hellcat MK.II 1844 Naval Air Squadron HMS Indomitable, 1945. Build thread Cheers Dave
  11. Hello all, Here is my recently completed 1/48 Eduard Hellcat MK.II, in the markings of 1844 Naval Air Squadron, flying off HMS Indomitable in the Pacific in 1945. Indomitable's Hellcats accounted for 40 enemy aircraft downed during their Pacific campaign. JX814 was flown by Sub Lt W.M.C Foster who became one of the few Hellcat aces in the FAA after downing 5 Japanese aircraft during Operations to secure Okinawa. JX814 was subsequently downed by AA fire from allied ships. The build thread is below: Built completely OOB other than an LF models camouflage mask. Paints are from MRP with the weathering being a mixture of Abteilung oils, Flory wash, Tamiya powder sets, AK pencils and dry brushing. Thanks for looking and stay safe Dave
  12. Calling the FAA MK.II done! Antenna wire (if that's what it is!) added from EZ line then just had to pop on the canopy and prop. My first ever Hellcat and I'm quite pleased with it. More pictures in RFI: I'll try and get the USN machine done in time but looking unlikely at the moment. I'll keep the thread updated! Thanks to all who have commented/followed thus far. More soon and stay safe Dave
  13. Nice! I've used most of my allotted leave throughout the year, days off here and there then 2 weeks being away in England. Also booked a trip to Malta next month over my birthday so that's more gone Cheers Alex.
  14. Nice entry Peter and good to see another FAA jet.
  15. Nice entry Tim, quite the opposite of Tamiya's brand new moulds! LN jets are always nice to see.
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