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  1. Just catching up on this one Craig, looks like it's been a slog for you too! I had read in some reviews that Kinetic's kits were nice, particularly their ATARS D model. Your experience would suggest otherwise! You've done a cracking job on it thus far! Maybe Tamiya could do us a Legacy Hornet too
  2. The only resin examples were by Airwaves and I think they've been out of production for a number of years. The kit seat is a decent rendition of the real thing, a set of straps would spruce it up a bit.
  3. Now an F-111 would be nice! Maybe an A-10 too.. could get carried away here I agree! That would be the right pod mate, at least in appearance anyway, I think there's a new version with updated software etc but externally they look the same. Re the bombs and refuelling pod, no both would not be carried. I think one or two jets per squadron would be configured as organic tankers for the rest of the fleet jets, as Alex has highlighted below, it wouldn't make sense to have a dual fit! The Wolfpack one is good, a solid bit of resin with no seams *hooray* ! Managed a bit more at the kit today. Coamings resprayed, the ACS and HUD fitted before the canopy parts went on and were masked up. A quick squirt of black for the framing and the rest sprayed over the seams to see how they are. They're not looking too bad, I say tentatively. Only a final coat of primer will reveal if they're up to scratch. To get a bit of love back for this kit, I ordered some new exhausts: I'm only using the exhaust parts and not the trunking etc. They're leaps and bounds ahead of the kit parts: All the bits, minus ordnance and pylons, ready to be primed and painted: Not sure what colour the FOD covers would be; think I might plump with black. Anyway, I hope to get the ordnance painted later this week. More soon and stay safe Dave
  4. Glad I sold mine now! I looked through it the parts and instructions and just thought the Tamiya kit has everything I need and is probably the most enjoyable model I've ever built. Keep going mate, I'm sure you'll beat it into submission.... ...or enter a Tamiya kit and actually enjoy the build
  5. Not sure what’s going on myself Alan, like I’ve said, I don’t recall having as many issues during my previous builds. I’m maybe not seeing it with the right attitude as I was spoiled with the Tamiya F-14! That being said its tricky in a few areas, as a few of the other chaps who are building them are experiencing! It’s not a terrible kit, just needs a bit of tender loving care
  6. Doing that with this kit may have also been a stress reducing move! A lot more sanding and some re-scribing today. This kit has a bit of a whiff of Revell Tornado F.3 about it... rapidly finding its way onto my 'never to build again' list. I don't recall having as many issues with my previous builds. Anyway, I'll try not to whinge anymore, on this post at least! I spent a few hours today sanding, filling, priming, repeating on the inner flaps, rear fuselage and LERX joins. I was close to putting it back in the box and leaving it, but I decided enough was enough and just thew the inner flaps on as they were after a 4th dose of filling and tidying up. Lost interest in them now. A few other bits added and this is where we're at: I've a few more panel lines to re-scribe, mainly at the rear, and a few other areas to clean up. Once that's done, I'll respray the black cockpit parts then fit and mask the windscreen. Hoping to get that sorted tomorrow. Once that's done, it's pretty much it ready for primer. Goodness knows what all those seams will look like once that is on. I fear the worst, though I might just try and hide any issues under some crafty weathering A build note - If building the F from the G boxing, you need to retain and fit part D1 (targeting pod pylon) and the pod itself, parts D2-D4. Also do not fit parts S8, T1 or T2. More soon and stay safe Dave
  7. Very nice mate, looks like your LERX areas are much better than mine, I'm having a shocker with it!
  8. An hour or so done today. My my, a lot of sanding. Another application of filler all round. Firstly, the inboard flaps: These really are terrible. There are one piece resin parts available from the States, but at £29.30 posted, I can't really justify that given that I'm a seamless intake induced £30 lighter in the wallet, which has since become a convenient bin decoration. I moved on and cleaned up the initial filler on the rear fuselage. Not too bad, some lost panels that will need re-scribed. A little more filler to come off and hopefully this area should be ok. The LEX, well, that needs a good bit of attention. Another terrible area. So to feel like I achieved something today, I fitted the flap and aileron actuators. Fairly simple. I also popped on the wing tip launchers. Again fairly simple. I then moved on and fettled, wrestled and otherwise installed the slats. Not so simple. The good thing is, once I sort the filler, that's the majority of the construction complete, less the addition of the flaps and ailerons. I might leave these off and paint separately but knowing how they sit, it might be less painful to do it pre-paint. More soon and stay safe Dave
  9. Nice work, looks a lot crisper and easier to assemble than the Hasegawa version.
  10. It's turning into a bit of a slog, nearly every join requires filler and since Squadron went under, I've no longer been able to source my beloved Green putty, so I'm still practicing with new putties, but none are like my old friend. I have to say, I'm not enjoying this build so far. I just cleaned up and primed the inboard flaps and they look terrible. Another dose of filler needed. And the join of the LEX, good grief.
  11. I'll try my best but we're planning to move house later in the year so that could disrupt things a bit
  12. Cheers Alex, getting there. A lot of seam work needed now (I've just dabbed on the initial coats of filler and can see a fairly large amount of sanding ahead!). You're right about the moulds, think Hasegawa's initial E model was released in 2004/5. This is my last boxing from the stash and like I say, I think I'll plump for the Meng kits from now on, as they look better tooled and have crisper detail. Almost tempted to enter the E model I have into this GB, but mustn't get carried away.... Typhoon and F-14D for the bombers GB Nimrod for the British GB Something for the Falklands GB F-104S for the Century Fighters GB Something for the Canadian GB F-15(s) for the F-15 GB Yes, mustn't get carried away
  13. That sounds promising, I'm finding this Hasegawa kit to be a little bit of a slog, nothing terrible, but certainly requires a bit more work. I may just go with Meng kits from now on. Managed a couple of hours this morning at the bench. I've officially retired the seamless intakes, they're just not going to work which I'm disappointed with. The shape and size of the opening is just too small for the kit parts. FOD covers it is. Decision made, I closed up the fuselage. I got a better fit by not following the instructions - I attached upper and lower halves first, then fitted the forward section. That being said, a lot of clamping was needed: A few problem areas: The fit is iffy at best and there was some flash here and there. Odd, as all the panel lines match up so I'm not sure why the seams are so heavy and in need of filler. Maybe I've just got a lemon. The join around the LEX will also need attention. At least the landing gear went together reasonably easily: My next job will be to sort out all those seams and joins. Filler and sanders standing by. More soon and stay safe Dave
  14. One of mine is marked for a VF-103 jet, either OEF or OIF (II).
  15. The latest F-14A is well worth it. You can pretty much do a B from it too, just add some GE exhausts and modify the front coaming and boom!
  16. About as long as me when Tamiya released their latest F-14A (I think it was along the lines of 'I won't pre-order'... about 30 seconds later.... 'oh that's a good price, I'll pre-order') Now I have 3 of them and fondly remember the pre-order saga. Ps if anyone wants to trade some 'opened' F-14 wings, see the trade section
  17. Yeah that seems to be the issue. The profile and shape is spot on, it's just that front join seems to have shrank below the levels of the opening of the intake. How do you find Meng's kit in comparison? There are some rough bits on the Hasegawa kit. I've one of Meng's E models in the stash, plan to do that as a VFA-87 jet (the Su-22 shooter). Now that sounds overly complicated for me Rich! I'm a cert to melt resin and burn the house down.
  18. They do look nice. I'd planned one for the Turning Japanese GB then the other is slated for conversion to a Hellenic F-4AUP. As for the G....glad I sold my Hasegawa one now
  19. Very rarely is it that. I can hardly wait to tackle the Revell Typhoon I've a couple of the ZM F-4EJs in the stash, they do look nice and was hoping they'd be a nice, fuss free build. They've just announced an F-4G too. But you're right, Tamiya are bound to release a J model (hopefully with an F-14B!!).
  20. I know mate, they're not great. Disappointing but hey ho, it's only a model plane right? Yeah, control surfaces = dung. More work. Suppose we're all just expecting Tamiya levels of fit and moulding!
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