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  1. 1/48 Tamiya Corsair JT410, 1836 NAS Flown by Lt Don Sheppard, RCNVR HMS Victorious, 1945 Build thread Cheers Dave
  2. Hello all, Here is my recently completed 1/48 Tamiya F4U-1 Corsair, modified and marked as a Corsair II of 1836 Naval Air Squadron, flying of HMS Victorious as part of the British Pacific Fleet in early 1945. The pilot of JT410, Lt Don Sheppard, RCNVR, became the only FAA Corsair ace during the Second World War, using this particular aircraft to down three Ki43 'Oscar' and one Ki44 'Tojo' fighters. The build thread is below: Extras used included Eduard etch, Eduard masks, MDC Corsair II-IV conversion set, Ultracast exhausts and a mixture of Sky Models and Eduard decals. The paints are from MRP and after a lot of deliberation, I went for ANA 613 Olive Drab, FS36118 Gunship Grey and FS35622 Light Blue, over-sprayed with 'British' Sky. Weathering is a mixture of Abteilung oils, Tamiya sets and dry brushing. Beside my 1844 NAS Hellcat II: I've highlighted some the of the modifications required. I've no doubt missed a few! Thanks for looking and stay safe Dave
  3. Thanks mate! I managed to get this finished this morning. I rustled up some gun covers from Tamiya tape (ended up going with red ) and popped on the canopy. More pictures in RFI. As you'll know, the FAA Corsairs had a few modifications. I've no doubt I've missed a few but below are the modifications I made with the help of many reference threads and input from members: Really enjoyed this one and my interest in the BPF has been ignited by reading a number of books and references while working on this build. I've duly added an Avenger and Firefly to my stash . As always, thanks to all who commented/followed the build and a shout out to @Corsairfoxfouruncle, @JackG, @Grey Beema and @Troy Smith for their assistance with details, colours and plenty more besides! Cheers ands stay safe Dave
  4. As far as I'm aware, the Su-27s are used solely for air defence/CAP duties. Regarding the missile loads, the R-77s are not in service with Ukraine and a typical load out would be, from wingtip to wingtip: R-73 R-73 R-27 R-27(nacelle) R-27 (between intakes, front) R-27 (between intakes, rear) R-27 (nacelle) R-27 R-73 R-73 Here is an image of the jet that diverted to Romania in late February: Cheers Dave
  5. Same with me mate! Thanks James, I'm quite pleased with how it's looking!
  6. Thanks Dennis! I've more wine bottles than fishing line (not sure if that's good or bad!) so made sense to use some of it up
  7. Good progress over the weekend. Panel wash went on with the excess removed after an hour or so. Then on with a flat coat and a mixture of Abteilung oils. Once all that was set, I popped on the undercarriage, fuel tank, propellor and removed the masking. I wanted a fairly grubby looking machine so I'm quite happy with how it has turned out: I also added the last two FAA modifications, although they are hard to make out! Additional light on the upper starboard wing and a whip antenna behind the cockpit. There was a bit of discussion as to whether JT410 had this antenna fitted, but I thought it looked pretty good, so added it anyway. Light, made from a drop of PVA applied with a toothpick: Antenna, made from some wire off a wine bottle (the content of which was delicious, a 2015 Bordeaux ) Just need to rustle up some gun port covers and finish off the canopy. More soon and stay safe Dave
  8. Yes mate, MRP. They spray so well it’s hard to look past them!
  9. Thanks Troy, it's still not 100% but I'm glad I went over the initial colour. The painted out roundel is a couple of coats of RAF/FAA Sky so the contrast is there.
  10. So after looking at a lot of materials again (slow day in work ) I have decided that the underside colour is a little too blue. So I devised a cunning plan, carefully masking up decals and so on, before misting over a light coat of 'British' sky. I think it looks much more like the correct shade now, less blue: One in natural light: I then sealed in the decals with another coat of gloss. Ready now for a panel line was and weathering. More soon and stay safe Dave
  11. Thanks Ian. As long as I know the codes as I’ve placed them were correct at some stage, I’m happy!
  12. Phew, I’m happy with that! Not sure of the timeframe of this one but gives an idea.
  13. Thanks Ian! The wealth of knowledge on the BPF and Corsairs on this forum is fantastic! I think I read it right, but early ‘45 for Meridian strikes, the codes as I’ve depicted are correct?
  14. Thanks Troy. I’ve found the colours to be a bit of a minefield! I based the lower colour on this thread: I did however think it was a bit too blue when I sprayed it but figured who was I to argue! I might mask up the decals and see if I can give the blue a light overspray with regular sky which might take the hue out of it. Will practice on the undercarriage doors and fuel tank to see if it works.
  15. Great load out choice Paul! I was thinking of doing that for my 494th jet but had only seen it on a 492nd jet and my OCD wouldn't let me digress
  16. Thanks mate, I'll maybe have to tap into your knowledge on Hellcats as I plan to build JZ935 of 1839 NAS during April 1945 as I think the all blue will compliment the camouflaged JX814 that I built last year, although I don't think FAA Hellcats are anywhere near as much of a minefield as the Corsairs! I've also picked up an Italeri (Accurate Miniatures) Avenger and Special Hobby Firefly to add to my BPF fleet. Back to the Corsair, decals went on this evening. I was torn about which roundels to use, but in the end I went for small on the underside of the wings and fuselage. A bit of artistic licence here as I'm not really sure what roundels JT410 would have had, but looking at @JackG's thread, I'm happy with the smaller roundels. Note I've popped on the lovely Ultracast exhausts too. I was also able to pinch a 'guns loaded' decal from Eduard's must recent Spitfire Vc kit: A nice touch! Hoping to get a panel wash on over the next couple of nights and then get some oils and weathering added on Sunday. More soon and stay safe Dave
  17. I initially misread your post and was desperately looking for a pilot
  18. Cheers Craig. Shouldn't be long in coming together - no pre-shading, no panel wash and no flat coat needed here! Thanks Robert. Looks like a cover?
  19. That makes sense, unless on the carriers it was to prevent salt water ingress. Though I don't recall seeing any images of the Hellcat having it's ejection ports covered when I was researching my build.
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