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  1. I've looked at some pics, and I think they are usually faired over with that flat circle of aluminium from the factory. I think it might be a hoist point. Here's one with the cover removed. You can see that strip between the fuselage and the nose has been peeled away as well: https://icm.com.ua/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/d4801_photo_1.jpg And one from the other side, with the hoisting stuff (probably not the correct technical term ) added: https://www.3rdattackgroup.org/resources/A-26_Invader/3rd BG 89th Attack Squadron.jpg Then again, I might be totally wrong. Edit: Looks like I am. It clearly says "Jack Here" on the patch here: https://i.pinimg.com/originals/77/27/ce/7727cee1741c416d5afb92941130a08c.jpg Maybe you insert a pin in there for the jack.
  2. Hello all, Here's my just finished 1/48 Revell Strike Eagle. This kit took me about two and a half years to build, for various reasons, but now that it's done, I'm quite pleased with it. I used Phase Hangar intakes and pylons with missile launchers on it. The training GBU-15's are 3D printed by MPM Hobbies, with the fins cut off. They are not quite correct, the rear tapers too much, for instance, but they're close enough for me. It's painted with Mr. Hobby and Vallejo paints. Decals are from an Astra sheet. Inspiration came from this photo and I picked this specific jet because I have seen it a couple times. I know the landing lights are missing, I somehow misplaced the clear sprue. I'll see if I can find some replacements from the spare box. I also might do some more work on the exhaust interiors. Anyway, thanks for looking
  3. FWIW, Hobbyboss will release a Scammell transporter in the near future. Still not cheap, but not Accurate Armor prices: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/hobbyboss-85527-scammell-commander-with-62-tonne-crane-fruehauf-semi-trailer--1433868
  4. Here's one on eBay. It says it was made by a company named Kearfott. They are still around it seems. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Aviation-Military-Gyro-Magnetic-Compass-Instrument-Gauge-Type-V-7A-1/394177893991?_trkparms=amclksrc=ITM&aid=1110006&algo=HOMESPLICE.SIM&ao=1&asc=243419&meid=debae40ff4cb466590df0a204de5a275&pid=101195&rk=4&rkt=12&sd=255761073336&itm=394177893991&pmt=1&noa=0&pg=2047675&algv=SimplAMLv11WebTrimmedV3MskuWithRevOptLambda90KnnRecallV1&_trksid=p2047675.c101195.m1851&amdata=cksum:394177893991debae40ff4cb466590df0a204de5a275|enc:AQAHAAABEPZqctS1aW2Gn1fMafrLrPa7+qLD2Pgo5GTgCDTJgIpBMBHaBHcFvdVGNBWeIytK8U7x8RargP9Bv5VZgW5ZIFPKzeoGqjQyaEHCBhRhIZRWS24K8sE+MhJF5ysPI/k/T/wLlUv9ZbL/CDczj89s479x+wrgGyVfNLyxghwMEbBa0I9kBJb1B6aNF3afzJ2sTxAX5nusu9pKxglu/0fS/XgSy02wsNekb/sD1e7clGonJsZetK5PuOXTOdTgsCRpgjBke65InQ26zZiOpvR0EU5pwj+NFA9/Ywb+v6VU2gqjLOTJXFjE6DUaQQ/icsB5tqgix4rBmugl0eyaepoLGfnjMEgy0jEWhFRYwRNHsRpT|ampid:PL_CLK|clp:2047675&pageci=fe9aebef-cc45-4b24-89a7-cc2a335e9823&redirect=mobile
  5. Hello all, Here's my just finished 1/72 Martin WH-2, in Royal Netherlands East Indies Army Air Force markings. This was an export version of the B-10, which served in the Dutch East Indies and other parts of SE Asia between 1938 and 1941. They were originally deliverd in a shiny blue and yellow scheme, but got a camouflage paint job when war seemed more and more likely. There were various variations, with "jongblad" (young leaf) and "oudblad" (old leaf), and like so many paints from back in the day, nobody is 100% sure what these looked like. It seems the general consensus these days they were pretty close to the 2 greens used the USAF South East Asia scheme, so I used Humbrol 116 and 117 for it. At least it looks nice. The underside of the wings was painted with a blueish grey color, similar to RAF Sky. The kit is not bad, with some parts having a pretty good fit, and other parts not so good. I don't think the propellers are accurate for this version, but they will have to do. The decals are from the kit, and they work fine. I used a Montex mask set for the clear parts. Thanks for looking, Pete
  6. I thought they were stored there, rather than "based". Either way, always room for one more F-104 build. Dutch Decal has a sheet with CAV/UFO (Conversie All-weather Vlucht/Uitfaserings Onderdeel) markings, if you didn't know.
  7. I think this is the first video of one being glued together that I have seen. Looks nice.
  8. I don't think they ever got super worn down. Maybe they had better paint, maybe they had more conscripts with time to clean them. Who knows. Maybe add some soot around the gun port. The kit's AIM-9B's could be used, but later on they got the AIM-9J's. The shorter exhaust nozzles were used troughout their career. C-2 seat. The only difference I see between the early and late Löök instrument panels at the Eduard website, is the added slip indicator at the top left of the IP. The cockpit of D-8256 at Volkel has this, so I would go for a late one. Here's a nice pic of one in flight: http://imagemirror.milspotters.nl/userpix/1559_F104G_D8115_322sq_EHLW_22JUL80_1.jpg
  9. That's the one, yes. A fairly simple thing.
  10. Two Popeye's on the inner pylons, on modified pylons, datalink pod on the right outboard pylon. Not sure about the left outboard pylon. You could put an AIM-9 on the special pylon in the front right missile well.
  11. Hello, Here's my 1/72 Revell 1/72 P-51B. This one was started as a simple build when I was away from home for a week early this year. It then moved to the shelf of doom for a while, but got resurrected a few weeks ago. The kit is not the most accurate one and the clear parts are pretty bad, I even used a mask set on them which I normally never use. But overal a fun build, with nice surface detail. I used the kit decals, minus the famous yellow tail markings, which didn't seem to be present on this particular plane. Other Mustangs (26th FS) in the unit did have them. Painted with Mr. Hobby acrylics and some Revell Aqua on the spinner. Thanks for looking. Pete
  12. I love it! I just bought some Montex masks for a build, I guess I have some nice cleaning up to look forward to.
  13. Here's a view towards the tower in the 1980's. The doors are open, doesn't look that interresting inside. Maybe a T-38 on the right. Bigger version: https://catalog.archives.gov/OpaAPI/media/6426037/content/arcmedia/stillpix/330-cfd/1988/DF-SC-88-08415.jpeg
  14. Hi all, Here's my just finished 1/72 Diamond T Asphalt Truck. It's the IBG kit, which I got from the hobbyshop last week. Great little kit, with excellent detail and fit. The only slight dissapointment are the headlight guards, which are not clear. I used some MRP Olive Drab on it. Thanks for looking, I hope you like it. Pete
  15. They are this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Combat_Identification_Panel
  16. FWIW, Nautilus Models has vinyl straps in their range. I've used these on a Hasegawa F-4 without trouble in the past. I'm not sure how these would fit on these newer kits, but it might be worth a try. Clicketyclick
  17. Here's one, XV490: https://www.airfighters.com/photo/156408/M/UK-Air-Force/McDonnell-Douglas-Phantom-FGR2-F-4M/XV490/ And XV498: https://www.airfighters.com/photo/44530/M/UK-Air-Force/McDonnell-Douglas-Phantom-FGR2-F-4M/XV498/ And XT911: https://www.airfighters.com/photo/44529/M/UK-Air-Force/McDonnell-Douglas-Phantom-FGR2-F-4M/XT911/
  18. I have a picture of XV575 with 43 Squadron, also grey with a black radome.
  19. Leonardo has a facility at Liege airport. I guess they did some work on that helicopter.
  20. Alright, found the sheet. It has small and extra small star 'n bars. The extra small ones have a circle diameter of 2.4mm, and overall length is 4.5mm. The other ones are 3.5mm and 6.2mm. It also has US AIR FORCE decals, which are 1.9cm long and 2.2mm high, and USAF decals, which are 7.2mm long and also 2.2mm high. If you want some, I'll send you some. There are 12 of the extra small roundels, and 24 of the larger ones.
  21. I have a bunch of small stars 'n bars and US AIRFORCE decals from the Italeri B-52 kit. They are meant for the cruise missiles, so pretty small. I'll have to dig out the sheet to measure them.
  22. Here is a pair of A4D-2's with roadrunners on the intakes. The anti glare panel is harder to confirm. https://www.skyhawk.org/sites/default/files/images-buno-142416-142953/142870-a4d-2-ddmmm61-va-36-ac-601.jpg I've looked at the cruise books, but good pics are rare.
  23. Thanks guys! @Jackson Duvalier I've read somewhere that the AIM-54 noses were actually ceramic. Sometimes they would shatter when dropped accidentally, and the shards were quickly collected by the deck crew to be used as sharpening tools for knifes and such. @binbrook87 I didn't have much trouble with the FCM decals. One of the tail markings did tear when I tried to put it in its position, but I got the pieces to match up again.
  24. Hello, Here's my 1/48 Tamiya F-14A. Great kit, but I'm sure that's well known by now. I used FCM decals to do it as Tarbox 210 from VF-33 in 1986. I did use nationality markings from a Furball sheet, as FCM gives you full colour ones, which isn't right. Other aftermarket includes chin pod and gun vents from Phasehangar, tail stiffeners from Crossdelta and missile markings from TwoBobs. Painted with MRP, Tamiya, Vallejo and Alclad. Thanks for looking. Pete
  25. Shaped, yes, more or less. Sized no. The Mk.79 is 167.96 inches long, the Mk.84 only 151.5 inches. It is also lighter because the skin needs to be much thinner to make it work. It has to rupture to spread the napalm. The Mk.84 has a much thicker skin.
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