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1/350 HMS Warspite (Academy 1/350)

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Hi, I would like to proudly present my first completed ship!


I've had two previous attempts at building a ship, but both have failed due to different reasons. My first try was Heller's Tirpitz in 1/400 but the detail & fit was horrible, it was also my first model so I had no idea how much work a battleship was. My second attempt at ships was Fujimi's lovely 1/700 IJN Fuso but I ordered the wrong wooden deck for it which I realized after it was glued, and I lost all motivation to move ahead with the build. After building a few decent aircraft I finally got the courage to go back to ships.


I originally intended to build the Warspite OOB but ended up ordering Pontos wooden deck (which came with some PE) and Eduard RN railings. I started last christmas and have been working on the build a few hours per weekend. The kit itself was lovely, most of the detail was pretty good and everything went together smoothly. The whole model is brush painted using Vallejo model colors, weathering is mostly diluted acrylic paint and a few touches of Tamiya weathering master. Rigging is streched sprue (my first go at rigging) and only after it was done did I realize I probably should have painted it :think: . In the end I'm pretty happy with what I've achieved apart from a few mistakes that bug me: I think the waterline is too low for WW2 warspite, the wooden deck has a small crack and the forward superstructure rigging is too thick.


Hope you enjoy!



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For a first-completed warship model, that came out really nice! You make me want to get my Warspite off of the Shelf of Ode to Woe. As for the rigging, looking great too by the way, nothing is stopping a fine tip marker from coloring them up!;)

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12 hours ago, Clogged said:

Great work! Painting and weathering are excellent.

Has the plane gone on a flight recce?

I found the detail so poor that I didn't want to include it, felt like it ruined the look. :fraidnot: Especially the wing struts were massively out of scale, but maybe I'll scratch build those some day or get some aftermarket parts if those are available. 

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Set No.5 of Eduard's Queen Elizabeth detail sets has etch parts for the Walrus.  A quote from Shar2's review: " Lastly the Walrus aircraft are provided with new interplane struts, propeller and deck handling trolley/launch cradle" . 





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On 8/14/2017 at 6:59 PM, Bodmin said:

Nothing wrong with this attempt. Damn good I'd say. A lot of time and effort has clearly been put in. I'm sure you are proud of it.

Thank you! Yea, I have no idea how many hours I've spent on her, and I definetly am proud of the result. Of course this forum and others set the bar pretty high, but I try not to compare my own build to others too much. :lalala: I had a really great time building this one, and I'm hyped for my next build! Going to build K-141 Kursk as a christmas gift for a friend of mine.

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Lovely build, even more so since it's your first ship. :thumbsup:


Many years ago, I While I was hitch hiking around Normandy and northern France with a mate, we bumped into an old guy in a bar who told us he had been on Warspite during the Second World War. He recalled the ship bombarding the French coastline during the Normandy landings, and again later on in the war when they went back and had a go at Le Havre and Brest. He said it was a great experience watching the ground gradually level away as the shells hit their targets.

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20 hours ago, JosephLalor said:

That looks great.  You're braver than me in having a go at the rigging.


Did you use the stand that came with the kit?  You did a splendid job with it if so.

 Yeah, it's the kit's stand. I thought it looked pretty ok so I went with it. ^_^

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