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  1. I think it deserves a 1:35 tooling from someone. So much going on with the vehicle that it would make a really interesting build.
  2. Yes it is quite. I had to look it up to figure what the heck it did. Turns out quite a bit.
  3. I got this kit some time ago in a mystery box and it was indeed a total mystery as to what it actually was. It came in a bag with multiple metal parts and 3 chunks of resin. Anyway, it eventually came together and I learned it was an SS-Ki by Warlord games. I'm not one for armour really but it was not much of a challenge to put together (despite a lack of instructions) but fun non the less. This vehicle was essentially a Japanese 'swiss army knife' able to clear mines, lay bridges, flame stuff and recover other tanks. Not a lot else to say really. It's a funny wee fella, very weighty and I suppose an asset for table top gaming.
  4. Cheers, I've got a bug for some of these classic kits at the moment.
  5. Starting to look like a Hawk now. I have to say that this kit is already a pain. The instruction are wrong in places, calling for the wrong part for each aileron as an example. Also getting the cover that separates the front and rear crew to fit was a nightmare. Maybe I did something wrong in the step above but I can't see what. Finally, I've test fitted the canopy and there is no way that's going to sit flush so it will have to be in the open position. I shan't let these things get the better of me though.
  6. And so we being. No problems so far. A few paint agitators for the nose weight should be enough....I hope. And cockpit fitted into fuselage. I may opt to put the pilots in, haven't decided yet. Is it me or have airfix dropped the pilot scale down. They look more HO/OO to me.
  7. Thanks, I suppose that's the advantage off doing warplanes. I can always through in the battle damage card
  8. My entry to this Group Build is the Airfix 1/72 Hawk 100 Series. As luck would have it one of the decal options is the 419 Sqn Anniversary Scheme for the Royal Canadian Airforce.
  9. Another 1:72 offering, this time the Airfix 1/72 Warhawk. Built straight out of the box using Humbrol enamels and the colour call out in the instructions. Made a bit of a botch when doing the decals, a) surface not smooth enough to avoid silvering and b) didn't put a thick enough protective coat when doing some post decal masking (tape peel of some decal) and maybe a bit more care on the transparencies. More lessons learnt. Neat little kit, and I enjoyed the build on the whole.
  10. Thanks Biggles, No stands in these kits sadly, but I had some lying in a bag in the loft. I suspect the "agony of choice" is equal if not more so today with so many brands. Glad I could bring back a pleasant memories. As Her Majesty once said, " Good memories are our second chance at happiness."
  11. Thanks Jerry/ The whole camo scheme was a combination of a "happy little accident" and an experiment.
  12. Cheers. I thought so too. I think you can still get them.
  13. Cheers. They are often overlooked because of their age, but they are well worth a bash in my opinion....well maybe not all, but many are at least.
  14. Here is my completed Fiat G50 from the Airfix Vintage Classics range. I bought it to get me over the line for free postage and to use to try some new methods and to get used to airbrushing with enamels. Chose to do gear-up and utilise some stands I had lying around as there is zero cockpit details so the pilot really needed to go in. All done with Humbrol enamels, including the tail stripe as the decal split. Enjoyable wee kit to be fair. I would never have got it looking like this back in the day.
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