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  1. Sometimes you can take more time taking pictures than actually putting the model together. In my case I got carried away and forgot to take many at all during my progress so far. Anyway, here is the latest state of affairs. As the kit didn't have cockpit decals, I decided to use those I didn't use from my Storch build to add a little interest to the cockpit area.
  2. Great work Greg. Particularly like how you handled the undercarriage to have it sit exactly as it should. I take it you added the extra support strut yourself?
  3. Cheers Ozzy, it was a naus to build though and it could have been so much better as I did rush a little and I'm still not set up properly for modelling. Stuff everywhere atm.....role on the autumn
  4. Cheers Pete, I appreciate your compliment. It was always going to be an awkward kit, but once the paint job went wrong I felt I was on a total loser. Did my best to recover it within the limits I deemed appropriate for its cost.
  5. I'm a glutton for punishment. A second entry in this group build will be this Heller 1/72 Dassault Mirage III that I again picked up in a warehouse deal for a massive £9.08p. Going for the Belgian Airforce variant for my "Decoration" option as I like the box art. Here's to making a better job of this one
  6. If I was to give it a title it would be, "My Family and other Animals"!
  7. All done. A disaster...but a finished disaster.
  8. A small recovery now that the decals are on. I'll let them set overnight with some microset and seal them in before applying a dirty wash to try and hide the many imperfections even further. Can't wait for it to be over. But I shan't be beaten, this one is making it to the gallery!!!
  9. Nice work Greg, looks to be turning into a successful build.
  10. I'm thinking a dirty wash. Just the yellow markings, the canopy and the decals to go before that. Whatever the outcome I determined to finish this build.
  11. I didn't have the proper colours so I dug deep and found some old enamels which refused to go through my airbrush and gave a horrible brush finish. My fault for rushing. Still it looks like something I'd have been proud of 40 years ago
  12. Cheers Ozzy. Shame about my paint job. It's a ruddy mess
  13. The opposite to yours. More by accident than by design. Swapped the canopy roof after being unhappy with the fit, then unwittingly fitted the rear wheel instead of the skid and then looked at the back of the box and thought...."I take it I'm doing that one then"
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