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  1. Great start! I’ll be following with interest
  2. I picked this up from my local model shop on Saturday. I now have two; one of the early releases and this one. The problem I now face is, I want to build more variants than I have kits for, which means I'll have to buy at least one more. Hmmm, what with my other Vulcan(s) Victors and Nimrod I'm rapidly running out of space. There's a small house for sale just down the road from us and Mrs T (half jokingly) suggested we buy it so that I have room for all the kits that I have...and the ones I want! This modelling lark can get a bit pricey
  3. I've got my tickets (and my vax passport) and am looking forward to going, even if numbers are likely to be down this year.
  4. A bit late in the day (the story of my life lol) but I'd like to tag along for the remainder of this if I may. From what I've seen of it so far it looks like a terrific project. The natural metal finishes look lurvely. T
  5. I've since done the same myself and my passport letter should arrive within 10 days or so. However, on Sunday, it appeared that I wouldn't need it because the Westminster government stated that covid passports were not necessary in England. By Monday this had changed, once again, after we learnt that they were in fact being held 'in reserve' or something. As I said upthread, the goalposts are being moved on a regular basis and it's difficult to believe anything we're being told. I'm beginning to form the view that we should actively disbelieve what we hear from official sources until it actually happens.
  6. Hmmm. Let's wait and see. During the past 18 months the goalposts have been moved so many times it's difficult to know what to believe.
  7. Ah, thanks for that. I’ve applied for a letter which will be here in a few days. What a palaver
  8. I know, but when you follow the link for Wales, you get this… “If you live in Wales, you cannot get it via the NHS app as this is only valid in England.” Grrr
  9. Important note: Anyone living in Wales as I do, won't be able to use the NHS App as I've just discovered. Presumably the same is true for members in Scotland and NI. That's a great start.
  10. Thanks. Some Social Media platforms have definitely revealed characteristics in people that I never thought I'd see. And I can understand why some people don't want the vax and are reluctant to take it. Anyway, I've just been talking to my son who'd like to come to SMW for the first time. He attended a big event recently at the NEC and had to go through the NHS App rigmarole beforehand so I'll take a look at it and get it onto my phone.
  11. Thanks, just seen the link. I'd hoped our vax certs would be enough as they show the date and place of vaccination, the manufacturer and the batch number and the administing nurse's signature. But apparently not.
  12. Forgive my ignorance but do we need Covid pass letters to attend SMW? I have two vaccination certification cards in my wallet which I’d assumed would be enough to get me in if someone wants to see them. If I have to start faffing around getting a special letter from the NHS as well, I might give it a miss.
  13. Hi Martin, I hope to be there but probably only on the Sunday. I’ll be bringing my son with me who’s just got into modelling. Hope to see you there!
  14. Scaling isn’t a problem. Once I’ve got them done, I’ll send you a screenshot and you can let me know which you’re after T
  15. That's pretty much what I'll do tbh. The way they're looking right now, they're going to be pretty pale anyway due to the lightness of the ink shade.
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