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  1. That’s good news Adam. I’m struggling with painful hands and wrists at the moment. Preliminary diagnosis prior to blood test results is arthritis, possibly rheumatoid, which has come as a bit of a surprise to say the least. Progress on the build has slowed right down but I hope to post a few more pics tomorrow.
  2. Slow progress but the bombs are all in now... They were far more fiddly than I imagined. The shape of them is quite different from the kit's offerings and they don't have the locating slots provided by Airfix either so there was quite a lot of filing involved to achieve a suitable fixing 'flat spot'. I also gave them some random weathering as I assume they were stored outside in the elements. I couldn't find any contemporary reference photos but did find these wartime pics which gave me a guide...
  3. The warped bombay was still bothering me until I had a brainwave...coffee stirrers. I made a couple of splints by glueing two together and fixing them to the topside. They seem to do the trick. It doesn't look like it in this photo but the bay is now compleely level... Then I realised that the bombs wouldn't fit; the Eduard ones are longer than Airfix's and the spacings between the bomb racks wasn't exactly the same either. I don't know if the mistake was mine or if the locating points weren't in quite the right place, but the central bomb rack was slightly off centre so I've moved it. It only needed to move a millimetre at the most but because it was so firmly glued firmly into its locating lug I had to saw the back off to free the part... A quick test with blu tak and the bombs do now fit...
  4. Yay, the bombs have arrived. I've bought 24 so will have three spares... They're lovely replicas and very different from the Airfix offerings on the left. The stubs behind the fins need nipping off. I won't add the fuses to the fronts... All painted, and ready for decals... The bomb bay is in the background. I still haven't been able to completey straighten it out but it's better than it was. I can get on with this now. More to follow.
  5. That’s very welcome news David. I was going to contact you via your website to enquire about the possibility / likelihood of a conversion for the Airfix kits. You’ve answered my question Thanks.
  6. Great photos Adam. I love the camo over white scheme...it's how I shall be finishing my next Victor.
  7. Some progress. While fiddling around with the intakes, I did a loose dry fit to see how the fuse halves lined up and to check how the wing assembly will fit. I think it's going to go together quite well... When I got stuck into the intakes I checked back at Thunder and Lightnings and noticed there should be a small horizontal bar between the two verticals... ...so I added them with plasticard... ...and glued the intakes into the lower wing halves. Some of the edges look a bit rough in the photos but they're much neater in real life... Then glued the wing halves together... There are a couple of very delicate connections around the small circular intakes just inboard of the main intakes but these have gone together quite nicely too. They'll need a small amount of filler but nothing too bad... I can't glue the fuselage halves together yet because I want to fix the bombs in into the bomb bay beforehand. I've cleaned the kit parts up but I'm still waiting for the new ones to arrive. I'll have a think about how to straighten out the bombay up though as it's quite warped. Maybe a dunk into very hot water will do the trick...
  8. I think I'll stick with the kit ones for this one and look at resin replacements on my next Valiant. That's assuming I make a decent job of the filling. I must admit, I thought the old tool Vulcan intakes were a pain but these look to be in a league of their own!
  9. While waiting fo things to arrive, set off and otherwise 'happen', I thought I'd do some sub assemblies and have glued the intakes together. Blimey, there are some tricky seams inside those, as well as a few visible ejector pin marks which will be visible if they're not dealt with too. Jeez. Some wiser heads on here have advocated pouring thick emulsion paint down the insides of things like this and letting that fill the gaps. I'll have a go with Mr Surfacer first and see if that does the trick...
  10. I've just ordered a load of bombs. They're coming from the Czech Republic and will be here in a day or two. I do hope the government doesn't get to hear about them...it could very likely put two and two together and come up with the wrong answer
  11. Thanks Steve, unbelievably the shoulder injury came about by helping Mrs T stack some bedding onto the top shelf of the airing cupboard. Who'd have thought tha something as straightforward as that could pull a load of muscles. After visit to the doc in the morning I was sent down to the minor injuries unit....and sat there for about three hours. But hey ho. Lessons learnt and all that; one of which is to try and avoid domestic duties for fear of physical injury. I don't think I'll get away with that one but it's worth a shot ! Good tip about the ramp. I did wonder what the purpose of it was. I noticed the bombs are a bit off too after I went back to T & L where I saw this... I have wondered about looking for some aftermarket bombs or as you say, somebody might be willing to donate or sell me their's from a Vulcan. I'll have to ask around. If not, I'll make do with what I've got.
  12. I've torn the muscles on my shoulder so not a huge amount has happened on this for the past few days. I have however done a bit more dry fitting and so far it looks like it will go together quite nicely. The fit of the bomb bay seemed a bit odd to start with though... ...but doesn't look so bad from below although there is an awkward-looking gap in the lower fuselage to the rear of it... I've decided to give her a full bomb load and er when I dug out the sprues I noticed a pin mark on every single bomb. All 21 of them. Hmmm, that's helpful... ...and then there are the fixing gates which probably could have been placed on the same alignment as the attaching lugs... But since Airfix decided otherwise I know what I'll be doing for a chunk of this afternoon! More as it happens...
  13. Thanks Steve. The resparring fact is very interesting. I've also found some more pics of her. One is the b/w tanker shot you mention above (the tanker role is maybe why the extra fuel tanks were fitted) and the other is this one. The markings are cleary visible and, as you say do look to be in two different strengths, especially on the fin and fuselage although the blue doesn't seem to be as pale as 'proper' antiflash. I wonder how and why that happened...
  14. Thanks Steve. That refuelling pic sounds interesting. I didn't realise 816 ever did any tanker duty because its history is a bit obscure. This is one of the shots I've found of her (sans tanks) which seems to show the markings in a sort of pale version of full strength but not antiflash. The photo doesn't appear to be particularly faded so maybe it's a trick of the light. Pic credit: Chris England
  15. Started on the cockpit... Airfix don't include a crew so I found a couple of bods hanging around not doing much... ...and laid it all out. Airfix have included quite a lot of nice detail which no-one is ever going to see. But that's not the point... Cockpit glued into one half of the fuselage using the other half to keep it aligned while the glue sets off...
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