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  1. When I did mine I used a very thin coating of Tamiya Transparent Orange. It ended up with quite a nice golden appearance. It matches this quite well. I initially tried using food colouring mixed with Klear but it didn't go on evenly.
  2. Shame about the launch tower Rich... hope much of it does turn out to be salvageable. At least the rest has survived the ordeal!
  3. I'm glad this thread has revived again as I've been watching it quietly from the sidelines. As others have said, it's superb work. Mention of the depth charge racks has reminded me that I recently came across a fascinating clip on YT showing the procedure for arming the racks on each side of the Sunderland. It was quite a procedure and I've been looking for it so that I can post a link here, but I can't find it anywhere, not even in my viewing history. It seems to have completely disappeared. If I do find it, I'll post it.
  4. I'm mostly an aircraft modeller but I came across this short film about someone many of you will already know about, Philip Reed. It's a wonderful film about an extremely interesting and talented man...
  5. If anyone is interested, the Greg’s Models channel on YouTube is currently running a series of videos on old Frog kits. If I understand him correctly, the kits will be offered for sale when the videos are finished. So far he’s done two videos, this is the first... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KUXeAsrTgq4&t=26s
  6. Funny you should say that. I have a very similar plan with another old one as I really like the tanker markings. I thought I'd have a go at scratchbuilding the cable drum housing at the back.
  7. I shall buy a copy of The Thunderer this morning and do as you suggest
  8. Actually I already have two Airfix Victors in the stash, but sshh don't tell anyone. I was beginning to deveop another cunning plan; Mrs T and I always buy each other books for Christmas and only last week she asked me if I'd started one of the ones she'd given me yet. I said I hadn't, so she said that she'd like to read it, as the books she buys me are in fact usually the ones she wants herself! Result! ... that now means (in theory at least) that when the Vulcans arrive I can tell her they're an anniversary present...for her. I'll report back on what happens...
  9. Beautiful job Your Generalness...and inspirational as always. I have a couple of these on order but... I have no idea when they'll arrive I have no idea how I'll smuggle 'em past Mrs T when they do arrive I have no idea where I'll put hide 'em once they're here I have no idea when I'll build 'em I have no idea where I'll put em when I do build 'em But I've been hankering after these ever since I built the old tool one so these are minor details.
  10. I have to say that many of you guys have far better memories than me. While I can remember the types of kits I built as a lad (mostly aircraft but several tanks, ships and others) I'm blowed if I can recall the precise details, eg the mark of a particular Spitfire, or the year I bought the kit. Is there some special secret to all of this? Or is it just that you're younger than me and therefore have more grey cells remaining?
  11. Of all the aircraft museums, Tangmere is the one I love the best. Whenever Mrs T and I are in that part of the world we pay a visit.
  12. If they are Airfix, they're a lot more detailed than their newer figures!
  13. Those crew figures look nicely detailed considering they're moulded from styrene and, I assume, at 1/72 scale.
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