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  1. Thanks and yes, I saw that but it seems to be dependent on applying for Paypal Credit and I'm not interested in that. Actually Mike's suggestion worked as I was able to set up a regular payment through the 'Donate' button on the home page.
  2. This any good? https://www.airport-data.com/manuf/Handley_Page:5.html
  3. Aha, thanks! Typical isn't it...I spent ages scouring my Paypal settings to find out how to do it and it was easily done via the website.
  4. I've just made a payment but would like to make a regular donation via Paypal. My PP account is linked to my bank so there must be an easy way of doing it but I can't see it other than applying for a Paypal Credit. Does anyone know how it's done?
  5. It certainly does. It sits amazingly high by comparison. Incidentally, all that's needed now is for the 'other' four-engined legend to complete the line up. Any plans for it?
  6. Timmas

    RAAF Valiant

    That's interesting. I've not seen that pic before and didn't realise the Aussies even used the Valiant; I don't remember reading about it in 'Valiant Boys' so thanks for the pic and link
  7. That really is beautiful modelling. I thought your Stirling was terrific and couldn't be beaten but now I'm not so sure!
  8. These are good points. One of the problems that existed when creating liveries or corporate identities back in the day was, while it was straightforward enough to choose a Pantone colour (and Pantone was the colour reference system) finding a close CMYK match was often difficult, so you'd choose something close. But it was often slightly different. Finding a corresponding RAL or BS colour was often more difficult still and so there could be another 'close' match. Things aren't really much better nowadays either; Pantone has largely lost its relevance because printing has mostly become digital which uses cmyk mixes, and the web uses rgb and hex. Then there's the issue of how colours look on different screens. "British Airways dark blue" might look ok on your's or mine but awful on someone else's. Anyway, just out of interest, I extracted the cmyk values from the image Andyf117 posted above and placed them alongside the ones I came up with. Andy's are on the right and the values I'm measuring are C 100 / M 83 / Y 38 / K 20. The true colour might be somewhere in between. Who knows?
  9. I think I might have found something. I can't locate the Pantone colour (nor a RAL equivalent) , but I'll stick my neck out and call the CMYK values at: Blue: C 100 / M 86 / Y 38 / K 33 Red: M 96 / Y 38 If you print these out it might help you to match the paint colour. Fingers crossed!!
  10. I think those are the brand guidelines for the later livery designed by Landor. The red might be correct but I'm pretty sure the Negus blue was darker.
  11. I might have the original colour references somewhere. Leave it with me for a bit while I trawl through my stuff?
  12. That's good news Rich. Been wondering what happened to this!
  13. Hi Dennis I've buddied up with someone who prints decals...very nicely too ... and he can print white. I'll PM you with the details.
  14. I suppose it depends on how much you want to pay for it. There are some lovely builds of it on here, so it can be made into a cracking kit.
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