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  1. It is a fair lead time, yes, but I'm sure it'll be worth the wait ! I'll be in line for a couple too; camo over white will definite;y be one for me.
  2. I was at Telford today, saw the prototype and had a long chat with one of the Airfix guys who has been working on the new kit. It looks stunning and the engineering looks impressive too. It should be available from November next year and I reckon it will sell by the bucket load Well done Airfix!
  3. Ha, love the crew members Incidentally, what colour will you paint their bone domes? I’m never sure whether pilots wore silver or white ones in that era.
  4. The Army Painter primers are good too. I love them and use them a lot.
  5. I'm looking forward to this too. I have the AZ version of the SR53 in my stash.
  6. That Victor looks rather nice beside the Vulcan. I have to say that 1/144 appeals to me but I’m not sure my eyes, or fingers can cope with it!
  7. I can help out with the serials if you’re stuck. Let me know when the time comes?
  8. This looks very interesting. I have a thing about the Vulcan too. Mind if I tag along?
  9. Ah, I wasn’t aware of it and may very well take you up on the offer, so watch this space...
  10. Thanks General. It pushed me to my limit (and beyond) but I finished it in the end. Whether I'd want to do something that taxing again in a hurry is debatable!
  11. I hope so. That would make me very happy! I'd like to see a tanker variant (as well as a Vulcan tanker too). Fingers crosse eh?
  12. Yes the intakes are horrors o the base and I look forward to following your WIP. If mine is of any use, feel free to steal away!
  13. Thanks Johnny. No you weren't going crackers...it's take ages to complete (although I did take a break for a while). I'd love to see your's when you get around to building it.
  14. Thanks Woody, I'll get some pics done in due course
  15. That's really very very nice. I especially like the paint finish. Superb job!
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