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  1. I have to say you've made a really lovely job of that even if it did take you to the brink. I hope your daughter treasures it!
  2. Timmas

    TSR.2 Which kit?

    I've built the 1/72 version but I think the 1/48 is the least worst. Some inspiration here...
  3. It is. I've been quietly lurking as this has come together and it's fantastic work, very much like the Stirling Woody previously built.
  4. Very nice. There are a few 1/144 scale v-bombers on the go here at the moment. I'm empted to buy some.
  5. Couldn't agree more ... and now I'm watching the removal of the relevant masked areas and then seeing them all put precisely back in place before doing the following colour. It's really remarkable.
  6. That looks absolutely terrific. After reading your WIP thread, and falling about laughing at your prose, it’s a hats off from me for making such a great job. The stand really looks good too.
  7. I'm going to really enjoy following this one mate. The finished one on the right (the Trumpy one?) looks very nice...especially the restrained weathering on the tail. I also love the grin those early anti flash Vulcans had; it makes them look friendy (which of course they weren't). Anyway, looking forward to following episodes. Live long and prosper.
  8. That’s very nice! The figures especially set the scene really well. There certainly is a spate of Vulcans on the go here at the moment, it’s great for those of us who love the old girl
  9. This looks good Rob, I’ll be following with interest. That scale is way beyond anything my eyes could cope with! Tim
  10. That looks absolutely superb! When I first scrolled down to image number two I thought I was looking at the real thing as the figure in the cockpit is extremely well done. What scale?
  11. Mein Gott! This is cracking on a pace. I've been a bit pre-occupied with real life stuff (elderly mum in hospital again for the second time in a year) and two extra pages have appeared as if from nowhere. I'm really enjoying this Johnny...and your workspace looks terrific too, with what looks like bags of natural light. Lovely!
  12. That's looking really nice. Beautifully clean work, as ever Johnny. I'm looking forward to seeing how you tackle the mottling too.
  13. Ha, you've beaten me to it. I was going to post progress of a dual Harrier build myself; one a Hasagewa Av8 / GR1 and the other an Airfix GR1. I won't do it now and will watch your's instead
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