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  1. Another fine miniature to add to your growing collection Begs the question what's next ?? Stay safe Kev
  2. Wonderful atmospheric miniature of a working craft. Hitting all the notes with this...... Stay safe Kev
  3. Thank you for your imagination.............. I had to go and open a bottle of red To kind Andy Thanks Mate. How many notebooks do you have now Looking for a wreck were you ?? Thanks again Guys Stay safe Kev
  4. Certainly looks the part, I would say you've done a good job of interpretation /modelling and all this @ 1/350 I think for your next model you should use a blindfold and wear boxing gloves Stay safe Kev
  5. Thanks Matey Inspiration comes from looking in the mirror Looking to join Bob the Builder Thanks for the comments and likes Kev
  6. A few more steps forward....... Gable end fixed and started on the floor/ground Supports added for roofing Roof trimmed, garage floor added Support post and half walls. Walls painted and stripped House wall and roof only pinned in position Hope you like the progress. Thanks for stopping by...... Stay safe Kev
  7. Coming together very nicely. Like the restrained weathering..... restrained is much more difficult The breaking water adds some life to the scene Stay safe Kev
  8. Thanks for the input John. I agree, definitely in need of further work .... Thank you and sorry for the confusion on the year. Having been shielding for 22 months perhaps I felt I needed another go My secrets out Thank you all for your kind comments and likes Enjoy your modelling Stay safe Kev
  9. It's been a while, mainly due to poor health A few tit bits to keep your interest There will be posts supporting the roof with half brick walls in between Polyfilla block, bricks carved, six shades of paint and grouted with coloured polyfilla Not 100% sure about this but.... I,ve covered the original green with a blue wash allowing the green previous coat to show through What do you think??? Window in barn wall Thanks for looking in Wishing you all a great 2022 Stay safe Kev
  10. Hope you and the family had a great Xmas and look forward to what you will be reproducing in the New Year Stay safe Kev
  11. Time you gave those magic fingers of yours a rest All the very best to you and the family and indeed to all on BM Stay safe Kev
  12. Nice work. Keep on tweaking......... Be worth it in the end Kev
  13. So subtle... So atmospheric... So easily could be a snap shot from WWII Kev
  14. I've just loved watching this project develop So full of character Thank you Kev
  15. Great work, like the aged metalwork Kev
  16. Good work..... Keep the reports coming Stay safe Kev
  17. Good to see you back at the bench with your improved figures. Having seen the vehicle in the flesh I can state without fear of contradiction you have a future in modelling Hope all goes well with the Op tomorrow Stay safe Kev
  18. The maestro continues to amaze.... Wonderful work John Stay safe Kev
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