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  1. Also very nice. Because of that shape the aircraft was called the flying pencil.
  2. The Revell T-80 was some years ago my second 1:72 tank right after Revells much newer T-72 and the difference between the two kits was telling. Along with the M4A1 they are the oldest kits from Revell. AFAIK they were released at first under the Matchbox label. Not only modellers have a learning curve.
  3. Great build and a neat paint scheme. Lesser dirt and dust is sometimes more.
  4. Very nice build of this rather old kit. One of the oldest 1:72 scale AFVs from Revell.
  5. The paintjob with the weathering effects look very convincing to me.
  6. Superb build. The subtle weathering and the shading of the Panzer gray came out very well. The aftermarket tracks are also an improvement over the kit parts.
  7. Looks like the work with the resin kit was really worth the effort. Excellent Transall in a good looking livery and a fine Antonov as well.
  8. Very nice as the single seater. The HB MiG-15 kits are among the best in their easy to build line.
  9. Looks great in desert colors. Well done !
  10. Awesome work on an ancient and basic kit.
  11. Lovely build of this venerable kit.
  12. Masterpiece ! Great paint job and rigging.
  13. Looks fantastic. Thanks for sharing this. Sadly Airfix kits have become quite expensive here.
  14. Nice work. The extra work with detailing the inner surfaces was really worth it.
  15. Excellent Hornet build. Good to know that you have enjoyed the kit.
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