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  1. This is very good, really interesting viewing, well done,
  2. That's a brilliant little diorama, very nice detailing, and an interesting scene overall.
  3. That's a really high standard of detailing and finishing particularly in 1:700, well done, very good.
  4. That is impressive, such a large complicated build is not easy, but very nicely done with good finishing all round. Nice to see the famous Ark Royal completed to this standard.
  5. This is a very finely finished production of this classic RN frigate. The clean build and subtle weathering are very good, particularly in this scale.
  6. Wow, brilliantly finished and displayed, looks great.
  7. That's an interesting and unusual subject, which is well bought to life with this excellent build. Looks like a compact little pre-dreadnought; presume not much engine space required for the coastal defence role, but certainly heavily armed for her size.
  8. Superb work, shows this classic heavy cruiser at her finest.
  9. The classic question - the choice between 1:700 or 1:350 is often considered from the building perspective - but to me the more important factor is related to viewing the finished masterpiece(s), both by yourself and others. Although now much of the viewing is done on-line with photos so this perhaps all changes again. 1:350 is generally limiting to less models or to mainly smaller ships (space and time constraints), but more detail and therefore character can easily be added and viewed, so also depends what you want with the overall collection.
  10. Nice build, and the extra work put into her makes for a good finished product. Well spotted on the anchor cables that are not handed, I'm getting back onto my Zerstorer project and will check this kind of thing a little more carefully.
  11. That does look good, particularly fine in 1:700, and the presentation and sea looks good too. Agree it is nice to see a Leander, kind of like a familiar old character.
  12. Superb work - always good to see this legendary class of British battleships, and this doesn't disappoint.
  13. Very good, this and the Slava class cruiser are a great pair, both well finished and highly impressive looking.
  14. Rather good, certainly well represents a particularly legendary (although very costly) moment in our Nation's maritime history.
  15. Yes, that is looking good, particularly the high quality finish and subtle weathering makes it very appealing. These are interesting and attractive very large cruisers which makes a good subject.
  16. I presume you're referring to novel type books (but based on factual), I've got a few: Surface Raider, by F.L.Farrell, tells the story of the hunt for Graf Spee (in novel style, but fairly factually) Those Who Serve, by A.F.Barton, a story of British submarines in WWII The Gates of Hell, by Ewart Brookes, telling the story of the Arctic convoys These are all paperbacks, (not large), and are good reading.
  17. Agree with all above, beautifully finished and displayed.
  18. Looks good! just doing a Z-26 myself, so have been reading all about the Kriegsmarine destroyers (and the Kriegsmarine in general). Also nice looking Scharnhorst too.
  19. Exactly what Troy said, there are a number of techniques, and I suspect we have our own favourite. Also depends on what the wash is to achieve. I like to use pin wash as it puts it exactly where I want it under precise control (usually in panel lines, joints and corners), but sometimes use a build up over a wider area for shadowy or grubby corners. Tend to make them from a thinned colour, and apply lightly to reduce the effect.
  20. I would imagine enamels would be reliable and good to airbrush with, I prefer the clean and easy use of acrylics for general use including brush painting, but they can sometimes be a bit problematic with airbrushing. Anyway, just used the Life Color again but went back to thinning with good old tap water - perfect results . I guess it comes down to the old saying of 'if it aint broke, don't try to fix it'.
  21. Cracking build, so much detail and all nicely finished, looks great.
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