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  1. I think once this ship is finally finished it would be great to see it on display at the WA maritime museum, at home with the remnants of the original ship!
  2. Looking good, overall it will look amazing!
  3. That’s a great collection. I think applying the decals well can be the most challenging aspect! You have obviously cracked that discipline.
  4. Is that train scratch built? Looks amazing. Are you going to paint it further?
  5. Great work, very impressed with your perseverence, very hard on the grey cells!
  6. I'm afraid I can only recognse the Whippet and Mk1 lower right corner. Is that a French tank on the right middle shelf?
  7. Great work and photo descriptions as usual! Where did you find the disc-cutting set I see? Is the WASMEx 2021 the model show I've been to occasionally in Cannington? Definitely need to go next year and see your stuff in the flesh!
  8. Impressed with the precision of your work, and the headaches you give yourself!
  9. HaHa, I’m often venturing into those 2nd hand bookshops in Freo, can’t believe I haven’t seen that book before!? Of course Bandsaw Steve you would have been the first to hear about it. Good luck with the build when you start, looking forward to following along.
  10. Love it! Great attention to detail. ( Personally, I would cut the eye balls in half with the eye lids however)
  11. Yes, recognise the depiction from the photo. Been there as well! Great work.
  12. Thanks The rigging is in fact quite easy. EZ line is elastic, and with slight tension applied and a touch of superglue you're good to go. The hardest bit is following the instructions where the rigging goes and you need to work from inside out.
  13. Check out this link for possible extra help? https://modelshipworld.com/forum/13-ships-plans-and-project-research-general-research-on-specific-vessels-and-ship-types/
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