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  1. Great painting/weathering. The tracks look very realistic!
  2. HaHa, its a coincidence I happen to have jus bought a new book called Spearhead by Adam Makos. Its about an American sherman tank gunner in WW2. And there is a very interesting section set in February 1945. The gunner Clarence and his crew are given the honour of demonstrating the T26E3 Pershing tank in front of general Rose of the 3rd Armoured Div! There is a very good description of how it felt when the gunner fired the 24 pound shell! 'No one had warned the crew - if they even knew - that when the gun breech kicked out a spent shell, it also belched a flammimg orb of propellant gases that would travel up through the commander's hatch as it exited the tank. The fireball had whisked Early's face and singed his eyebrows.
  3. Great work. The tank looks like a serious piece of kit!
  4. Hi Frogeye, Lanoe Hawker came with the WWings AMC DH2 plane The figures came from here https://www.ultracast.ca/1-32-British-Empire-Pilots-s/214.htm
  5. I've painted these 1/32 scale figures to go with some WWings planes I'm making. I used Vallejo for the uniform and oils for the faces/hands. Hopefully I will have a diorama prepared with a WWing plane and figure setting. Lanoe Hawker VC by Colin Dempsey, on Flickr Lanoe Hawker and fellow pilot by Colin Dempsey, on Flickr Lanoe Hawker and friends by Colin Dempsey, on Flickr Lanoe Hawker and friends 1 by Colin Dempsey, on Flickr
  6. Had a problem with post images from my Flickr account but all worked out!
  7. Love the result. Looks very impressive! love to see it with a plain background, the detail would pop out better.
  8. Can anybody recommend a quality 1/32 scale car for a WW1 RFC pilot to make?
  9. Love the wet muddy look youve acheived. Very impressive.
  10. Great work. Lovely sculpture of the head. Almost a work of art. You can almost see the emotion in his eyes.
  11. Wingnutwings are great models, amazing instruction manuals, however I'm still making my first Wingnutwings BF2 and this has to be the hardest model to make. The tolerances are nil. Dont have paint on the parts that fit together. The RFC rigging is flat wire which RB productions provide but again a real challenge in fitting! Just wanted to get this off my chest.
  12. They’re all looking a bit sheepish to me!
  13. Just come across this topic and loved looking at the brilliant models and dioramas. My favourite diorama has to be the "Report back...... not bring it back" And my favourite photo is the dramatic / imposing Tamiya's 1/48 Razorback P-47D. Looking forward to seeing more!
  14. Thanks dnl42 and PlaStix for your kind comments. Looking at the photos again I've noticed a few things I would change and modify, such as moulding the sitting soldiers bottom to the tracks more realistically, adding more weathering to the tracks, and improving the alignment of the tracks on the right rear portion. I think in future after completing a model/diroama I need to study the photos more before posting.
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