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  1. Love the diorama. Figure poses are great. Did you have to alter the Stalingrad figures in anyway? The only thing I would change is the application of a more Matt varnish to the figures. However it maybe the trick of the light that appears to show a slightly glossy surface finish? Groundwork is brilliant too. I love using static grass, so much more realistic. Luke Townsend (YouTube) shows a great way of making your own grass applicator which 8 followed but not a cheap exercise.
  2. Love the dioramas! I was thinking it migt look cool to see the 109 with the canopy open and with the pilot either missing or half hanging out!
  3. Hi Vince1159 Sounds like a great idea, but the pilots have been dispersed to their aircraft. See below. I'm working on Max Immelmanns EindeckerII at the moment.
  4. Hi Howlindawg. Sorry no WIP. However they're not difficult. The faces are painted with 4 oil paints (Titanium white/Burnt Sienna/Yellow Ochre/Red). If you ix the first 3 with varying amounts you get a good flesh colour with shadows and highlights to blend. Red is added to give a hint of lip/cheek colour. The uniforms using acrylics with a base colour, then add a darker and lighter tone to get the shadows and highlights. The matt/satin look acheived with varnishes. Its accuracy and practice!! Good luck.
  5. Revell's 1/72 "Memphis Belle'' B-17F A lot of parts to this kit! A lot of interior detail is provided but little of that will be seen. Had a bit of fun using a computer images as a backdrop.
  6. Lovely painting and groundwork! How did you do the flags? What are they made from?, and how did you do the inscriptions?
  7. Very well made and painted. I have this very same model. A great kit for detailing and weathering. I would think this model would be great starter model for anyone new to the hobby as well.
  8. Just seen the photo Stevehnz . Didnt notice the link until now. Lovely photo. Thanks for posting the photos.
  9. The figure on the right is actually meant to be Billy Bishop, No.60 Sqdn RFC 1917 which I got from https://www.ultracast.ca/1-32-British-Empire-Pilots-s/214.htm
  10. Lovely diorama! Very effective setting. Is he the pilot come back to pose by his crashed P40E?
  11. Sorry I need to edit the title. Its a Wingnut Wings model.
  12. Thanks Roger. I think I just saw that painting in an excellent YouTube video by Epic History TV on Napoleons great blunder. Spain 1808.
  13. Haha. Should have gone round with the lawnmower before photographing!
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