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  1. Clogged

    Ovis Battalion on Manoeuvres

    They’re all looking a bit sheepish to me!
  2. Clogged

    PlaStix's Brush Painted 2018

    Just come across this topic and loved looking at the brilliant models and dioramas. My favourite diorama has to be the "Report back...... not bring it back" And my favourite photo is the dramatic / imposing Tamiya's 1/48 Razorback P-47D. Looking forward to seeing more!
  3. Thanks dnl42 and PlaStix for your kind comments. Looking at the photos again I've noticed a few things I would change and modify, such as moulding the sitting soldiers bottom to the tracks more realistically, adding more weathering to the tracks, and improving the alignment of the tracks on the right rear portion. I think in future after completing a model/diroama I need to study the photos more before posting.
  4. A 1/35 TAKOM kit of Mk.I Male tank and Stalingrad figures set. I’ve left off the gun turret roofs for inspection. The kit came with the trailer as well! The tracks could move but obviously now static as the tank is fixed to the base. Would recommend this kit.
  5. Clogged

    Nuts Planet - Martina

    Good job. Great face. Who is Martina??
  6. Clogged

    Avatar Picture

    Sorry can’t help. My limited knowledge would suggest I would use my Flickr account and I’m sure I can resize photos from there.
  7. Great work. Retraced those very steps only 2 years ago. Amazing how little has changed since 1944!
  8. Clogged

    Academy 1/350 HMS Warspite

    Very good! I like it a lot. Weathering very effective.
  9. Clogged

    Climb Aboard Fritz

    Great work. A lot of effort obviously put into it.
  10. Clogged

    My commemoration to WW1

    Some amendments to the photos.
  11. Clogged

    My commemoration to WW1

    Thanks 593Jones. I’ll correct that. Plus I want to make a few adjustments including weathering the boots a little more with mud effects and adding some barbed wire.
  12. Tommy’s War figures, 1/32 scale.
  13. Clogged


    I think this would be a brilliant diorama. Great if Tommy’s Wars or some company make a group of figures like these. Did you know each man has a name and history?
  14. Clogged

    How do I post Pictures?

    Just testing again, using my iPad for first time. Using Flickr and accessing my photostream for my photos. As previously described Left click on the downward pointing arrow at the bottom right of the screen. Select view all sizes. Another window will appear. Choose your size. To r click on photo to get URL I found equivalent action with iPad is clicking on the star on the toolbar in the upper right corner and copying URL from there. I get this when pasting URL. IT WORKED! NOT SURE HO
  15. Clogged

    Pinta and Nina

    Very good. Like the realistic wood painting effect.