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  1. Well Jumblies have it on pre-order also https://www.jumbliesmodels.com/plastic-kits-c3/tv-film-c49/revell-m18/9-t38
  2. Would like to have witnessed the landing in the first photo, or is that photoshop
  3. Problem is you know Tamiya will be a joy to build with good detail out of the box, Airfix will have to up their game if their prices start knocking on Tamiya's door. Will wait until it's released and we get to see how it builds and whether they have Q&R problems etc.Heres hoping as I really would like a Bucc in 48
  4. Quick email to the seller and ask if they collect the vat for UK, a lot in the EU are now doing this(even in the EU I think the VAT now goes to whichever country they post the items too) Purchased from Green stuff world (Spain)and they collected the vat so no extras when posted to me from Royal mail and UK vat
  5. Not so much plastic rubbish then though
  6. Very nice, my son's just got back into building and painting GW.Wouldn't mind giving a dragon a go using some of those colour shifter paints
  7. There is also a clip somewhere showing American Intruders at low level and the next Bucc's flying below them
  8. Lovely build of a beautiful aircraft. Shame Airfix can't get their panel lines somewhere near 20yr old Hasegawa kits I have
  9. colin

    Operation Overlord

    Thanks evryone, managed to get the James Holland from Wordery and D Day then and now 1&2 book set tucked away on Amazon very cheap (imho).
  10. colin

    Operation Overlord

    Thanks everyone for the information, clicking and checking avaiability on a few mentioned. May be picking up more than just Overlord, ah well tis Christmas after all
  11. It may skin over very quickly with basic cellulose thinner, MLT isn't as hot so the drying time is a little longer, giving you more time to apply it
  12. Test over some primed plastic would be a better test, model paint pigments tend to be finer I'm led to believe
  13. colin

    Operation Overlord

    Anyone got any opions on Max Hastings Book Overlord, or any books they can recommend on this time in history. Thanks
  14. Not a criticism of you build in any way, and I appreciate prople want to show off their creations and why not when they are that good. But imho after say 8 photos of the model some people may just zip through the rest of them and not bother to leave or like the post due to scrolling down so fast to get to the end or even just click off before the end All the best Colin
  15. Lovely smooth clean finish just like they should be
  16. Yes that's the one I put up,the OP asked if what he put up was like the original Johnsons Klear
  17. No none of those, the original Klear had ammonium hydroxide in it which meant if you dipped the canopy twice say the second one would sort of melt into the first and not just sit on the surface. I think(hope as I've just ordered some) this one seems closer to the original Klear https://www.amazon.co.uk/Pledge-11182-Revive-Transparent-Liquid
  18. Very nice model, but I think 47 photos of the completed model is a bit overkill
  19. Has it got ammonium hydroxide in that one, as I thought the original Klear did
  20. I know the Tiger II was big, but not as big as a château
  21. colin


    Probably going to be less painful than the electric bill by next year I would think
  22. Return to Amazon for a refund if the discription isn't correct
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