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  1. Same here and both devices rebooted. Just says saving and saving and saving, well you get the idea
  2. The Magnifier 1/12 GT40 is a prime one in need of some printed replacement parts
  3. The Fujimi kit was never intended to show the engine like this. Looking very nice Rodolfo, can't wait to see it finished
  4. Is the pack for the roadster on the website, can't see them when I looked. And I take it the wheels are the same for both types Edit: found it, blind as a bat
  5. Bit late now you've started to paint Guy, but there's a ship modeller in the states that leaves some of his unpainted showing all the brass. He reckons he gets more people looking at those than his painted ones. Just clear coats it to stop the brass dulling.
  6. Probably because the only thing common with all four nations is the logo, the administration part will be up to each nation since devolution
  7. Anything other than Photobucket nowadays would be better it would seem, how to destroy a company through greed
  8. It's not compulsory to build a model of boring grey jets if you don't want too
  9. colin

    Hi Nick

    Would like to purchase a set off you depending on cost



  10. Are you planning on making these for sale Nick
  11. I recieved my kit from Bowfell models and just wish other outlets would package them as well as these did
  12. What are you thinning it with,as anything other than water seems to make it go into a glumpy mess, also I gave up on Vallejo as a primer and the Stynylrez primer types due to them not sticking to the plastic. A nightmare if you have to mask over them, I stick to the solvent based types
  13. Just how 'big' do the BBC think a nuclear sub is
  14. Have the same, excellent light, and stays where you adjust it too unlike some others I have had. Ade H do you think we all sit in a darkend room with just the desk light on, I have other led lights around me to light the room in general
  15. Got the Dragon 1940 kit, they can be had at not extortionate prices if you search around and can recommend the above book even if you haven't got the kit. Mine was the was from Carson Germany just before Brexit, just adding bits of upgrades such as White ensign PE, just adds enough with whats in the kit to spuce it up
  16. Could well be the problem, finally got a email back from Sivon, yes UK vat paid their end with you order, and managed first thing this morning to place an order, gave up last night after a couple of hours trying. With everything back in lock down over their it may be their site is busy with Aus' orders at the moment at certain times
  17. Well after 2 days and several emails (no replies) and even trying to just order it from them I beg to differ. The site will not go past the confirm to payment part. Wonder if Covid has stopped them from international posting. All in all not a very helpful business email wise anyway
  18. I know you use Gator glue Guy, but whats your secrete, can't even see any signs of glue.Do you use a damp brush to wick away the excess before it drys.
  19. It's sort of chaged here since Brexit, vat is charged on everything that comes in, before if it came from the European market vat was excluded as you had already paid their vat from there. Now the confusung bit, the UK government said as a retailer you could collect the vat for them and pass it on to HMRC and when it arrives here no vat to pay (don't know why they thought that would be a good idea as your doing their job for them). What I don't want is the parts to arrive here and then get hit again for 20% vat. Looking at BNA it seems the 20% tax is only added if you select the UK as you postal address, just would like confirmation from them that this is the case, but still no reply after 2 days from contacting them
  20. Want to get some PE from this company, when I put it in the cart it says 20% tax added, but the Australia equivalent tax is 10% gst I have sent a message asking if they have collected the UK vat so I don't get hit when it arrives but no reply from them as yet Just don't want to get hit twice for vat/gst, if there sending to the UK then there shouldn't be any Australian gst tax should there. Haven't ordered as yet but putting in the cart and selecting UK for delivery gives me the total with postage including the 20% tax ? Anyone used them recently in the UK
  21. Now that Quinta Studio do their 3d decals it seems to make Eduards photo etch redundant in their pricy limited editions now
  22. Excellent, must be just a track day car as Mr Plod won't be happy with the tread on those tyres on the highway
  23. If your quick you may get lucky here, it says three available, but I think that's should say two https://bowfellmodels.com/collections/plastic-model-kits/products/revell-das-boot-movie-40th-anniversary-gift-set-1-144-scale-model-kit-05675 Edit no, they've just updated their stock level
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