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  1. Just had a look on Airfix's site, curious about the price as no intention of buying too large. In the grand scheme of prices for kits nowadays, Airfix's for their new Spitfire looks amazing for what you get
  2. Probably quick and easy to get to if they have a aircraft with a flat tyre on deck
  3. Thanks for a honest review, just waiting for someone to say 'but we're modelers everyone wants a shake and bake kit nowadays', no I do this as an enjoyable hobby not spend my life trying to get crap bits of plastic to look like something on the box art
  4. Never thinned them with their own thinner, but can confirm they thin and spray brilliantly with Mr Colour Levelling thinner
  5. You just not going to get the rigidity you need in a junior hacksaw blade, probably why no one seems to make a handle for one
  6. Great builds and weathering, which on that base puts it into perspective
  7. Great build, I think on you tube there's a video of a road going version, to say it was noisy in the cab is an understatement
  8. colin

    SMW 2023 entrance fee

    Next year plan ahead and bring you own drink/food, it's been brought up many times every year with people commentating about the show the cost of refreshment in the center
  9. I'd wait and see with this if you want the road version. With the 1/12 Alfa they did the road version soon after the race one
  10. Does it spray just thinner/water ok if you've tried that.
  11. It's how YOU see it and want to build it, I don't get to eat up by what other people say to be honest, 99% of people who see my builds don't even know it's a Wildcat anyway
  12. Eduard have a strange business process, buy an expensive kit from us, it's not accurate and we know it but don't care, but buy an equally expensive resin/brass extra and it can be. And people sing their praise for this
  13. Exactly what I used to do, get there early, park up and then find somewhere to have a full English breakfast to fill you up for most of the day, then grab some sandwiches/drinks to take away for later when inside. Edit: forgot to say the food inside has never been that good and also expensive
  14. Problem I've found is it doesn't bind to the plastic at all, so any flexing of the model later on when handling and it cracks. I'll stick to using a tube of glazing putty
  15. Not tried them with the airbrush. But didn't think much of them for brush painting, very streaky and didn't thin very well when trying to use multiple thin brush coats, tended to puddle up. Certainly no match to Vallejo paints.
  16. Sorry for late reply, de-chromed everything bar the wheels, found the enamel wash dulled the chrome enough so they didn't look too blingy
  17. What about VAT and the Royal Mail ransom charge, if the VAT has to be collected Does the price you paid cover these Thanks
  18. As per modellers, some are going to be very happy others not so. Who's going to be first with 'why do we need another'
  19. Was never keen on H&S triggers for some reason, just couldn't get a feel for them when spraying
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