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  1. In box review Mengs 1/12 GT40
  2. Doubt they would go back up after that landing
  3. The thread sealant was also on my Tamiya airbrushes, The Iwata cleaning kit does everything I need for all my airbrushes, trigger air valve tool, nozzel tool, grips, needle seal screwdrivers x 2, which allow you to set the tension on the needle. Never touch my airbrush nozzels with a brush/reamer if they need a clean, which they seldom seem to need I use a paper dental points. Buy what your happy with.
  4. The red coating on the thread is just a liquid sealing fluid they put on when they assemble them, just get a small bees wax block and dab a bit on the thread before re assembly. Just helps to seal the threads I have the Iwata cleaning kit, yes costly but everything you need to strip it down and the needle seal tools are ideal to adjust the seals tension
  5. I have had issues with Tamiya tape if I mask over paint that isn't fully dry, ie still gasing off. Seems to react with the adhesive in the tape.
  6. Well KP with what you achieving here you've convinced me to order the Magnifiier one, was waiting for the Meng one but it looks that it will be coming in at around the £260 (unpainted version). Just paid £64 for the Magnifier one and with what your doing with it and looking at the Meng one it's a no brainer for the cost saving alone, yes the Meng one may be better fitting and have a little more detail, but looking on the Modeller site at a built one I can't see the extra cost justified in the quaility for the extra money
  7. There's really only one way, but it can become expensive, and that's putting them in a sealed display case so you never have to clean them, even a unsealed one is better than just on a shelf
  8. Very nice, there seems to be quite a few different engine types coming out now by this company
  9. The wheels were left in the chrome as they weren't to bad, several enamel paint washes and cotton buds to remove the excess.Unless someone brings out a metal set at a very reasonable price I would stick with the Revell ones as they do look the part in my eyes. The washes have muted the chrome to a scale look
  10. I wouldn't worry too much about the tyres, threre's so much other lovely stuff to look at I doubt 99% wouldn't even notice, I certainly didn't
  11. Alas no bonnet stay with the kit, bad oversight by Revell me thinks
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