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  1. I'm getting it too, and like others give up at times. Also if you back click at times it just locks up.
  2. Very nice build and finish Just a pity Eduard got the spinner and chin cooling radiator complete wrong, especially as they had the info already from special hobby
  3. Thanks for the link, this looks like it will be good one to watch, just hope it gets released on dvd https://www.popularmechanics.com/military/aviation/a27442948/cold-blue-b17-documentary/
  4. They need drilling if you plan to fit the bombs,they are for the bomb racks.If you don't plan on fitting the bombs they don't need to be drilled out. It's a option kit manufacturers do, if they had the holes opened and you didn't want to fit the bombs you would need to fill and sand them, this way is less hassle
  5. Don't know how I seemed to have collected so many Iwata CMC HPCplus, cup worn down to the brass inside but still sprays beautifully used for metalics HP-CS HP-TH Tamiya HG sprayworks .2 &.3 lovely airbrushes Olympos MC200 Brass showing through the cup and body in places but still sprays as good as the CMC And a Iwata RG3L mostly used for touch ups on cars as seems overkill for modelling. Only two purchased from the UK others from Japan when it was easier to avoid the customs hostage thing, the RG3L for the pricely sum of £60 Edit: and forgot to say, still can't use the things that good, unlike others here on BM
  6. Well done to the Police for catching them, but I doubt anything will come from it. Just feel so bad for the people who put all that effort into something that someone else thinks it's fun to destroy
  7. By the looks the cap is one of those pull up to pour push back down to seal, but like you I've never like those types as they can drip if knocked over
  8. Well £13 for what 650ml, (22fl oz), 10ml in a pot of Tamiya, so that equals 65 pots at say £1.55 a pot, so not that expensive when you look at it like that. Just a pity it doesn't seem to be that good
  9. Very nice build, I had read that the tiffy had problems with being mistaken for a FW190 and thought how, but that last picture off the underneath does have a very close resemblance to the 190
  10. Brilliant diorama, the painting of the figure is exceptional in 1/35 scale
  11. In this day and age that means very little, they could be assembled in the USA and still qualify for made in the USA We have appliances that say made in the EU etc, but most of the parts come from elsewhere
  12. The Chinese factory is probably making the Xuron ones for then anyway and anyone else who wants their logo on them
  13. Beautifully painted, and you have made an epic job with all the masking there
  14. Mike I think what your showing is cow poop, but to me it smells more like bull
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