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  1. Not sure which is best to be honest cleaner wise, but avoid pure ammonia as it will attack the chrome
  2. Well they say perservarance pays off and it has with this one Keith, it's ended up a real eye catcher.
  3. At that price I'd want it in a glass cabinet for protection and to keep the dust at bay And just a thought the flippen case would cost the same as the kit
  4. Fantastic build of a challanging kit so I belive, I chickened out and got the Hobby boss one to build
  5. Border even state, Cooper metal barrels with this 'limited edition kit'. So 12 months or so down the line another lot appear without the barrels.Remember WNW limited run 'get them while you can' kits, kit re-appears later with different decals I'm thinking the initial production run will include quite a number that will be kept back for later sales
  6. RofG were very good at replacing the faulty parts for my E-type kit, broken windscreen. Sent a picture of the faulty part and received within 3 weeks that and a complete car body for some reason
  7. Yes but how many people are going to buy the Topstudio MP4/6 at £300 plus the kit on top, your selling base starts to shrink quite quickly at those prices. Nick's products add a lot of detail where it counts and you won't get bogged down by detail that becomes epic in the build, but with a lot not on show unless you leave all the panels off, to the extent it's not really representing the car your trying to show in the end
  8. Would love to buy the kit and add all the extras, but price wise it would start hitting the heights of MFH kits when all added up I'm sure. But it would look fantastic no doubt
  9. Brilliant model and photography, I think your 1/48 would take some doing to top that
  10. Did they actually drop inert bombs 'close' to RN ships in international waters, or did you read that in the Daily rubbish papers
  11. The biggest help to me coming back into the hobby has been online buying, Councils are using motorist in particular as a cash cow with parking charges etc, online has helped in the decline of small shops but rates/parking charges etc has had a far more negative impact I belive
  12. Wonder why there won't be a nose section kit, that would be a better earner in the long run for Border I would have thought. Glad I managed to get a HK one when they were about, because the full 1/32 kit would 1- Got no where to display it when built 2-Too scared to start it because of the price 3- Take me for ever to build it, and would just give up in the end due to number 1 being in the back of my mind when building it
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