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  1. colin

    Cheap cleaning thinner for Mr Color paints

    As above, got mine online for £12 delivered, high bloom cellulose thinner. Cheap enough to use to clean the airbrush, decant into a smaller plastic bottle and top up when needed
  2. Lovely model, and a fascinating history lesson, the sub that was scuttled, does anyone know what happend to the crew, I take it the others were killed in action.
  3. colin

    MAN - Burnt Out Cab

    Read the title and looked at the first photo and thought it was a reference picture of a real truck, outstanding
  4. Very nice, like the wear that you've put into the finish, looks worn away not just painted on
  5. colin

    V2 Missiles

    The V2 didn't need a launch ramp
  6. colin

    V2 Missiles

    That's very nice, was thinking of getting one but as you say they tend to be a little on the large size, see they are bringing out a 1/72 one but wish they would have done it in 1/48 though
  7. Superb, beautiful detail and the figuires in the diorama really help to bring it alive
  8. Had something like that happen with Hasegawa decals, I think I put too much mocrosol on and over worked the decal.Left the decal to dry overnight and went over it with some more mircoso gently with a soft brush, you could still see the blimishes at first but as it dried out they disappeared. Hope this works out for yours.
  9. colin

    Tirpitz advice for a new model shipbuilder

    Jadlam are doing a good deal on the Revell Tirpitz special edition, looks like you get everything in the box to build a nicely detailed model, brass barrels/PE/Wood decks etc
  10. Thanks Steve, I thought it looked better than what was in the box I have
  11. Excellent job, is everything oob
  12. colin

    M3A3 with Flakvierling

    Mixing things up yes, but also why didn't they do it, it looks so right
  13. colin

    My kit was stopped by Customs.

    Parts for my car sent from US crossed two states then into Heathrow in three days and then to Parcelforce. Where it took them eight days to get it out to me and only then, as the tracking had it stuck awaiting payment, because they hadn't sent me any details of how to pay. I had to call them and sort it, and then they have the cheek to charge £11.50 for what they call a service charge
  14. colin

    MV Agusta 500/4

    Excellent build and finish on an old kit, did you do the weld lines on the frame
  15. colin


    Red Leg rum one of my favorites at the moment