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  1. Have used Hataka orange line and been very happy with the results
  2. Looking forward to this. I see Italeri is to relese a 1/12 Alfa saying new molds, I wonder if it will be all new molds or someone elses repop with one new sprue
  3. colin

    Spray booths

    Sorry, lifetime warranty so long as you use their filters and make a written note of when they are replaced and how often,what materials you spray, so as with most manufacturers it's a get out clause for not covering the part as warranty when it fails I find
  4. colin

    Spray booths

    You can make your own filters at a fraction of the price (70p) for the graphic air. You'll probably void the 10yr warranty but it's a fan in a box so apart from the switch and motor not much to go wrong anyway. They wouldn't give a 10yr warranty if they were likely parts to fail in the first place. £18 or 70p for the same material purchased on a roll of 10m x 740mm which will do 40 filters
  5. I have a few Iwata's and can't fault them, but also have two Tamiya airbrushes which imho are just as good.
  6. I'll wait until they drop the price or are on offer somewhere, it's not that big of a aircraft in 1/48 for that price range
  7. Outstanding build and finish, that last photo is the icing on the cake
  8. Have you made sure it's been mixed really well, Vallejo pigments have a habit of settling at the bottom of the bottle, even the model air ones. Pop the top off and poke something down into the bottom of the bottle
  9. colin

    Spray booths

    Your house your rules your health, I know when spraying Lacquer paints I couldn't stand the smell without one.
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