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  1. I'll wait a while, the Tomcat was quite high on first launch and it's dropped down a little now
  2. Very impressive model and photography indeed, now will you let up with the Russ production line kit building, your putting my snail efforts to shame
  3. Mr Color Super Metallic II chrome, imho some of the best metalic paints out here
  4. colin

    Little-cars Co.uk

    Purchased a Iwata quick release from them at Telford 2019 and it was faulty, quick to answer email but never did get a replacement, told it had been posted.
  5. A real eye catcher, outstanding modelling
  6. These seem to be back in stock, although small stock, at a few places
  7. It will happen with most paints, especially if your laying down a lot of paint, ie priming to get wet coats on. As stated before you start the next pass, start off the model to clear the build up
  8. ah yes the stuff that sort of spread it more than wipe it
  9. I gave up on Kagero's issues a while ago, not a lot in them for the money
  10. Do you brush it on or spray, as I don't know how you get it to spray without thinning
  11. Looks more F-35 to me, although with two engines
  12. De-tack the masking tape before you start, the tape can still lift the decal even though it's been cleared.
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