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  1. Nice quick build, didn't weather much as I'm getting to old and lazy nowadays to bother too much.. Just like to build and get them finished now,helps to take my mind off work and whats going on in the world
  2. These Tamiya bike kits are fantastic to build, but this one fought me all the way with the decals, nightmare to get the metallic ones to conform, then the clear coat wouldn't play fair.Only my second, but jumped in a bit too deep with this one due to the complex decals. Tamiya detail up fork set, which I would recommend but it gets pricey when you add the cost to the kit, but well worth it.
  3. Built oob, lots of nice detail, most you don't get to see when finished especially the engine
  4. Looks a brilliant build, bit out of my price range unfortunatley
  5. And me, but can't justify it because I wouldn't have a clue how to the the bleedin thing anyway
  6. That's a stunner, I take it you've foiled it
  7. Quick Google search https://www.scalemodelshop.co.uk/products/paints/ak-interactive-paints/ak-3rd-generation-acrylic
  8. colin

    Our new car

    Yes their nowhere as good a Dacia are they
  9. superb, 1/2400 you must have very good eyes or very good optivisors or both
  10. Fantastic model of the B17, a certain modeller on the web who likes the black basing method says this kit is unbuildable, shows with the right skills that's not correct, master class of how to do it with the WIP
  11. Who would have thought they'd worked out crumple zones all those years ago a Very luckey man, someone was looking out for him that day
  12. Well I just got their 1/9 Kawasaki HR2 bike kit and to be honest it's very well done.Some parts I may repaint, but the tank and panels are very well done with the black chrome finish, which I doubt I could do better anyway
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