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  1. colin

    Difference Between

    I wouldn't, you'll still need something to spray primers with
  2. colin

    Difference Between

    It really is a nice piece of kit and sprays beautifully, just be a little more careful with the needle/nozzel assy', you don't want to damage that when cleaning. You can do very small touch ups with ease using it. I didn't go down the Mac valve route as I never see the need to adjust the pressure once I start spraying and have adjusted it on the compressor regulator. For a .23 needle it can put down a fair amount of paint if needed, you definitely won't be disappointed with it if you do get one
  3. colin

    Difference Between

    I have a Iwata CM-C V2 and it sprays beautifully, build quality is first class and the trigger is sublime, as you'ed expect for the money though. Now I'm almost too scared to use it, and to be honest it's overkill for modelling use, but if you use one you will see why people rave about them, with the right type of paint and thinned right they atomize the paint and spray at ridiculously low air pressure if required. I have a couple of Tamiya HG .2 and .3 airbrushes and they spray fantastic and the triggers are the closest I have found to the feel of the CM-C and they are equal on build quality to the Iwatas. Got my last .3 with the new type P shaped trigger off ebay from Japan, and even with vat and royal mail charges it came out at £90 including postage, I'm not trying to put you off the CM-C but you can get quite a few airbrushes which will do very well for modelling needs for the price of the Iwata PS. The last Tamiya HG I got was the one with the 7ml fixed paint cup not the removeable one
  4. Very nice Russ, the low down shots could pass, with that background, for the real thing, last one upside down on giant cups not so much
  5. colin

    The Real Color Debacle

    Vallejo thin very nice with water and spray very well, only problem comes when you mask over then and then remove the mask complete with the paint.I only ever use them for brush painting small details
  6. colin

    The Real Color Debacle

    Don't think he tried just water though, they seem very similar in make up to Tamiya x/xf range, they also wont thin with just water
  7. colin

    The Real Color Debacle

    Please tell me your wearing a mask even with the set up your using, spraying into a box will stop the overspray, but you'll be getting a lot of blowback into your face.
  8. colin

    The Real Color Debacle

    The water side is a mistake by AK, they wont thin with water
  9. Very nice, he should be well pleased with that
  10. I could never get on with the Infinity trigger for some reason, I don't think it was the height or shape of the trigger, just couldn't get the fine feel correct, I would pull back slightly and could see what seemed to be no change a little further and wham too much.
  11. Where are you obtaining the taller triggers from Nigle
  12. I find the Tamiya's more comfortable than the Iwata because they have no air guide, it could be because they both have taller triggers I'm not so sure on that though. I do find the Tamiya trigger better than the Iwata though imho, and the P shaped trigger on the newer one is very comfortable to use, again imho
  13. colin

    Accurate Miniatures Grumman F3F-2

    Duncan, try spraying some neat Mr Levelling thinner over the blue, light coats, it's worked for me getting the tape marks out, just leave it to harden up again before touching
  14. The CS doesn't have the air guide underneath the body like the other two, this maybe the problem if you have got use to holding the other two. I have a couple of Tamiya HG's which are the same design body wise but with a taller trigger, which I find the other way around to you comfort wise.
  15. colin

    Cloudy lacquer

    Does the cloudyness seem rough or feel smooth If rough, it could be that the varnish dried before hitting the model, you may have had some blow back if the model was resting on something and may polish out Damp and cold can affect the varnish, but it would have to be very damp, cold can also cause blooming to a finish, was it quite cold when you sprayed and did you warm the spray can up in a jug of hot water first.