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  1. Do you brush it on or spray, as I don't know how you get it to spray without thinning
  2. That's a bit of outdated thinking in this day and age. Nearest to me is a round trip of over 50miles, plus you have to pay an extortionate fee to park in the city centre where they are located. Can't remember the last time I purchased anything modelling related from a shop
  3. Looks more F-35 to me, although with two engines
  4. De-tack the masking tape before you start, the tape can still lift the decal even though it's been cleared.
  5. Yes their still trying to work out themselves how to do it
  6. I think we are many many years away from that, no matter what Government that's in power at the time say. They need to be upping the build of electrical generating capacity and charging points before they make claims that they know they can't keep.
  7. Excellent, you look at that last picture and can almost hear the water lapping against the hull
  8. Asked many times when they can make an appointment to fit my smart meter, always the same answer I don't want one.Quite happy sending my meter readings in when asked. And another thumbs up for Avro, they came in cheaper when my first contract with them expired, thats a first as the other big ones BG/Npower I was with always wanted more, and sometimes more before the contract had expired even though it was supposed to be a fixed rate term.
  9. Looks like they do quite a bit https://www.cornwallmodelboats.co.uk/acatalog/amati_fittings.html ops forgot to add, stunning build and finish
  10. wow originally released by Monogram in 1964 and reissued by Hasegawa in 1993, intrested to see what you've got in the box KP Lovely looking car though
  11. He doesn't need to buy MFH kits, got to get me some green tweezers that's the secret I reckon
  12. Very nice Russ, you can see a little dna of the P47 there
  13. Isn't the new Tamiya F4 going to have a working canopy.
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