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  1. Two F-35's flying low around Bromfield Shropshire, really low but just too far away to make out if they were RAF or USA ones
  2. Brilliant painting skills, just one thing, the barrel looks a little bent on the rifle
  3. If you Google it there was a news item/video showing one
  4. I think the stuff might have changed a little in 11yrs
  5. Is that flat black or flat primer grey
  6. Is the slopping turret design under the main gun of the Panther, what they used to call a shot trap
  7. Never seem to understand the cut out as pulling the trigger all the way back will do the same thing surely
  8. How does the Tamiya one compare to the newer Italeri offering
  9. Meng Pre Coloured 1/9 BMW HP-4 Racer. Was going to get the uncoloured one but didn't fancy all that carbon fibre decaling but this came up on offer. Well I'm blown away by the quality of the carbon fibre on the kit, it looks like the complete sprues have been hydro dipped, no way could I get that effect with decals
  10. I think this may get closed down, far to political for BM
  11. Not sure what you mean by buggers up Acrylic non lacquer and even Alclad.I know if you put a lacquer clear over Alclad metallic it will dull them, that's why they do Alclad Klear coat. In what way is it spoiling the acrylic paints, as I haven't had problems spraying a lacquer clear over Acrylic so long as it's had enough time to dry
  12. Excellent Spit, nicely done weathering used but not abused
  13. They don't look to be very well moulded, wonder if their having problems with later production ones due to the moulds
  14. colin


    If it went nuclear there are no winners I'm afraid for any side, even those not in the conflict
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