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  1. colin

    Decals turning black after 6 months!

    I tend to lightly mist a coat of Gunze superfine silver or stainless depending on how bright I want it to look, I don't try to get a true polished (chrome)look, but post war jets tended to look more shiny, except when deployed to a war zone when there was less time to keep them clean. I never use Alclad dull aluminium as it just looks way to grainy for my liking, I use airframe aluminium on small panels for varation, and their hot metals To be honest the Tamiya AS-12 does a pretty good job on its own of looking like a nmf. It also sprays fantastic and dries very quick, it also covers small blemishes very good as you can go quite heavey when spraying as it shrinks back really nice over details If you can get some Mr Levelling thinner and use that to thin the AS-12 and also after you have applied your others coats, go over the entire model with some neat Mr levelling thinner, that really brings them all together. Try on a test model first though
  2. colin

    UV curing glue for clear parts

    Anyone tried it for PE stuff, especially the small stuff that sticks to everything apart from where you want it to using super glue. Is the glue very thin or would it hold small PE in place until you could zap it with the UV light
  3. colin

    Decals turning black after 6 months!

    I prime the model with Tamiya AS-12 decanted for airbrush use, then a combination of Gunze supermatallics and Alclads. I don't use any other primer under the AS-12 as it can be sanded and re-applied if you find any defects and dries to a hard finish which takes the other metallics well Can't take the credit for this idea as I copied this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bM_SUXDTQag
  4. I think I'll wait it out, the price of their stuff at Telford last year seemed well over what you can normally get them for.
  5. Lovely 'Frank',seeing yours reminds I me must get my wing tip lights done
  6. colin

    1/48 MOSQUITO PR.IV - Tamiya

    A real beauty. the PRU finish shows off the lovely lines of the Mossie
  7. Been using X-22 for a while now, but tend to use Mr Levelling thinner as you can go back over the finish with a coat of just Mr Levelling thinner to smooth out any slight rough patches. Only thing doing this is you have to then leave if a while to harden back up again depending on how heavey you went back over with the thinners. You will definitely need a mask and spray booth with this method though
  8. Yes I knew the HKM models wings were removeable, it's just the way the WNW Lanc' has been done it's almost a model in itself without the wings attached
  9. At least WNW is giving a sensable option of allowing the wings to be removed, one wing on the other off would almost fit in the display case of mine. But then I thought the Airfix 1/24 Typhoon was a good idea, but ended up selling it on as I just didn't have anywhere to display it when done. These will sell by the shed load and then like me people will come to their senses and think where the hell am I going to put it, but that wing removel bit now let me think
  10. colin

    Revell 1/48th Tornado GR1

    What's involved back dating this kit to a GR1
  11. A bit late now for the build but it may help someone in the future making one.Thunder models have a update on their site about this, the instructions have the parts incorrectly marked, if you swop them around the treads will then line up Now it says it's for the Tank transporter model, but looking at the sprues they seem to be the same tyre for the recovery, I wonder if they also got the instructions wrong on that one too
  12. Couldn't agree more, too many builds go for the toffee apple finish which while looking very shiny and impressive, just makes them in the end look more toy like and not scale models of the real thing
  13. colin

    First MiniArt M3 Lee Announced For Release

    At least with the M3 there's a few more doors you can open up to see inside when it's completed. Would like the Grant MK1 to go on top of the Thunder models Scammel tank transporter with everything open including the doors on the Scammel Should keep me busy for a few years at my build rate
  14. I think they have too much invested already to just cancel it
  15. colin

    What new stuff have you bought/been gifted?

    Thanks Duncan, plenty on the web but all .5mm, I've enough black Uschi to last, was trying to get some white