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  1. So some where rushed out by the looks and others packed as they should be, come on Eduard you've been doing it long enough to know how to box kit parts as they should be done
  2. Loose zip lock bags in mine, two out of the four bags were under the other spues, not sure what you mean by rush job, it's just the box is too large width wise in mho for what's in the box, or perhaps they only use polestring in the Royal class box
  3. Anyone who's purchased the kit check the clear parts. Why Eduard stuffed everything into a too large a box and without separating the vast quantity of clear parts is a mystery to me. Several clear parts on mine have become detached off the sprue and will need a buffing up now, thankfully that's all that's needed.
  4. Just use the body shop 5ltr gun cleaner lacquer to clean up, the other stuff is too expensive for that ☺️
  5. There's also the Tamiya thinner for their own lacquer paints, two sorts one standard and one with retarder. Both very good by all accounts
  6. Got the Hobby 2000 P40 (Hasegawa) and pretty sure they were Cartograf, will have to dig it out of the stash and take another look now 😀
  7. My bad, thought they were talking about the decals in the Hobby 2000 kits
  8. That's a shame, didn't Hobby2000 use Cartograf before
  9. It's a little bit more than that, plus it's not as hot as regular lacquer thinner
  10. It could depend on what type of shaker you use, the nail varnish type seem to shake backwards and forwards, whereas the vortex ones mix as the word applies
  11. Nice additions, will be a stunner when done and a large case needed 😃
  12. Their Orange line sprays as good as Gunze/Tamiya LP with MLT, great paints but I have only used their Orange line nothing else
  13. It's a pity they couldn't have provided a flushed over engine cover on the new fuselage parts sprue
  14. They can be used, but IPA will give a very matt finish, not sure if the Mig will be the same, but it will thin them, if you use MLT ( Mr Levelling thinner) they imho spray better and have a satin finish
  15. I never accept all cookies on any sights I visit 👍
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