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  1. Just make a small base and superglue the front wheel down to it, too much work to scrap it just because it's a tail sitter
  2. Lovely build and finish. One reason I don't tend to over do details that will never be seen when finished now, and try to concentrate on the painting which you seem to have mastered
  3. Missed the 2019 one and didn't know it could have been the last, any particular reason why
  4. Excellent, you've captured the horror it must have been, the chap running back towrds the medics with his arm in his other hand is straight from 'saving private Ryan' by the looks
  5. Tamiya cement, the white top one sets a lot slower than the extra thin and gives you plenty of 'wiggle' time
  6. Mr Levelling thinner is cellulose, just a lot weaker and with some added retarder etc than commercial cellulose thiiners
  7. Mr Colour is fine over Aqueous, Aqueous will also thin and spray very nicely using Mr levelling thinner
  8. Brilliant photos, the stand out one for me is the Fokker triplane, that would make a stunning boxart
  9. I've spent a lot of time and effort fitting PE to models for it all to just about disappear when it's finished.Now if I think it can't be seen when done I leave it out.I do mostly 1/48 at the moment
  10. Only watched episode 1 so far, not at all into horror films but thought it was very well done and will watch the other 2 recorded deffo
  11. Brilliant, a lot of work with a kit I wouldn't like to attempt at all, but you didn't let it beat you. How do you manage to brush paint Tamiya paints and get that finish
  12. Very nice, the Tempest always looks so brutish but beautiful at the same time
  13. Probably help to stop it dulling over time, but as it's the real deal it might even look better then.
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