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  1. colin

    The loss of a Comrade

    Very sad news indeed. Chas, Ron & Sam, aka Codger, Silver & Sharknose a really lovely thing to do on your part
  2. colin


    I don't think they will be giving them away thats for sure Interesting note about the maintenance side for Europe with Turkey, I had forgot about that, it was the engine side of the maintenance now I've refreshed my memory via google
  3. colin

    Iwata Hi Line HP-CH

    I have a similar set up as Duncan and yes I too can do 90% with the HP-C but I do like the CM-C for very fine work as I can drop the air pressure right down and still get very good atomisation of the paint. Less paint/air blowback when your in close. You may want to have a look at the MR Hobby airbrushes, they are very nice for the price, I have one with a MAC valve but have never had the need to use the valve during spraying, it's just another thing for paint to get in when you spray without putting the lid on
  4. colin

    1/48 Revell Tornado GR4

    Looks like it's going together well, which seems to fly in the face of most reviews that say it's a pig. Still perhaps they didn't have your skills
  5. colin


    With the turmoil in Turkey and the strained US/Turkey relationship, do you think they will now get, or if so, even affford the 100 odd F-35's now
  6. colin

    Cellulose thinners for clean up

    As Blacknight, go to a motor factors and get a 5ltr tin if your using it just as a cleaner, not like someone on you tube who uses Mr Hobby self leveling thinner to clean the airbrush out, now that's a waste of a good product for sure.
  7. Lovely finish, scheme suits a in flight model
  8. colin

    Game of thrones

    I had my suspicions it wouldn't be a licensed product.
  9. colin

    Game of thrones

    I see ICM have just released a kit of the Night King https://www.emodels.co.uk/icm-1-16-game-of-thrones-the-night-king-16201.html I haven't seen anything of this before, will they do all the major players in that series do you think
  10. colin

    RIP Dad

    Sorry to hear of your loss, as you say, you only have the one so try to keep the happy memories and put the others to one side
  11. Thanks for sharing, enjoyed scrolling through those
  12. The op already has these two, he's asking about a different one