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  1. Unfortunately they will only give a price for in stock items as it's on size and weight. Try picking something size and what you think weight is that's in stock and add that, should give you a rough idea on cost Their shipping cost have gone up quite a bit lately though
  2. If you have a account with HLJ, purchase it with the delivery charge and then put it in your private warehouse. Then the next day transfer it out to the delivery section, this way the model cost is put on the customs note but not the postage charge, it saves you paying vat on the postage charge, every little helps, especially if its a large heavy item and the postage is high
  3. That's brilliant, I see what they mean when they say toffee apple finish
  4. Very nice, must get mine out and get the base done after seeing yours
  5. colin

    Spray booths

    From here, other places available https://www.spcb.co.uk/index.php?route=common/home I wouldn't worry about the lifetime warranty as you'll probably save enough using these than the Graphics in a few years to buy another anyway. Lifetime warranty, how do you prove other than keeping all the receipts and dates you changed the filters and supply said to graphic air in say 10years time, as in their small print about the lifetime warranty no doubt Can't see one Graphic filter lasting 12 months, that's one reason I changed to my own The prices have gone up since I got mine so probably £1 a filter now
  6. Very nice indeed, you've done a great job on the dpm jacket
  7. Lovely Tempest, look forward to seeing it in the flesh at Telford
  8. What a beauty, you can't beat a Mirage in IAF colours
  9. I'm all for saving, just pointing out it's plus vat And the amount a jar of Tamiya lasts me I'm likely to loose more of the Carbusonic to evaporation at 250ml than I would use over that time at my build rate
  10. Very nice Spit, painted and weathered just right
  11. All I want to know/confirm is that Tamiya going to do a new Lanc in 1/48
  12. Well the rating plate of the sparmax type one says made in China, so I would think they are copies as Sparmax is made in Taiwan. If its anything like the first compressor I had from China I'd give them a miss
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