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  1. colin

    What new stuff have you bought/been gifted?

    I hope you do a wip on this one Beefy, I have the same old kit, my late Father served on them. I could do with a few tips as it's a pretty basic kit,but looks right to my untrained eye
  2. Very nice the water effect looks spot on
  3. colin

    Clear lacquer advice

    That's the problem with a can, they tend to be either on of off when you spray, very hard to get a light coat by pressing the top, you could try distance, but then you may get gritty clear coat as some of the spray may have dried before it hits the model and spoil the smooth finish your after. You could probably wet sand back between the coats if that happens, but be careful you don't sand to hard around raised detail. Someone may be along who uses cans to offer some more detailed advice before too long
  4. colin

    Clear lacquer advice

    Unfortunately you've been unlucky with these decals or lucky with the others, TS13 is lacqure based and if applied too wet can have that effect on decals. I tend to use Mr Levelling thinner with either Tamiya X22 or Gunze clears, as it seems more gentil when airbrushed over decals
  5. colin

    Xtracrylix colour separation

    Not a brush painter with large areas, but are you sure your not over thinning them
  6. Very nice indeed, but with looks only it's Mother could love
  7. What a beauty, superb job on the painting and weathering. Some tips on how you did the weathering and paint chipping would be appreciated, thanks
  8. colin

    Mr Hobby Hobby Colour - too thin

    It doesn't matter what you are spraying you should either be wearing a mask of extracting it outside with a fan and preferably both. Because their acrylics you still don't want to be breathing them in while spraying. You say about the smell of white spirit, have you tried odourless white spirt for thinning, I use it for oil washes etc,that maybe one way of using enamels.
  9. colin

    Mr Hobby Hobby Colour - too thin

    Nigel, are you thinning your acrylics with just water for spraying
  10. colin

    New Airfix P51

    And how many grant these licenses for free, no company big or small is happy with their turnover, it's all about % increase year on year, and every little helps
  11. colin

    A-4B Skyhawk 1/72 Airfix

    Stunning paint job for such a small scale
  12. Press the button Mike, the drill is lovely to use, it's worth the £16 for the drill bit set that comes with it, the drill is a bonus
  13. colin

    Mr Hobby Hobby Colour - too thin

    You will need their Mr paint retarder to thin them out for brush painting, even then they tend to dry on the brush very quickly and can lift the previous coats when you try to over paint them. They are best suited to airbrushing to be honest.Vallejo/revell acrylic paints, or enamels, you would have more success with I think Tonyot is the master on here with the brush painted finishes, he may well have some words of advice on how to use them. I use an airbrush so can't really give you much help on brush painting large areas I'm afraid, only that several thin coats are better than trying to cover it in one thick coat
  14. colin

    Mr Hobby Hobby Colour - too thin

    I'm very surprised your actually managing to brush paint these paints straight from the pot