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Kris B

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  1. Kris B

    Israeli Improvised Armoured Car.

    Super scratch build.
  2. Good painting job. Doesn't look heavy devastated, but like one which seen some action.
  3. Kris B

    1/350 Trumpeter HMS Hood

    That not nice to see when you get to the model. Hope you get it sorted. Maybe you can use PCV stripes to reproduce the metal shapes on the hull? I've got same model in my stash so I see now how many more adds on I need - wow.
  4. Kris B


    Hi Simon. Very nice use of B&W technique. What is the base paint?
  5. Kris B

    Schneider CA1 Surblinde

    Rare vehicle with super camouflage scheme. Good job.
  6. Kris B

    1/35 King Tiger

    Nice one Jim.
  7. Kris B

    An Ugly Frog Prince

    Excellent work. P.S. I almost thought is my cat Hans on the photo - look very similar.
  8. Well done with tracks.
  9. Kris B

    Marder IIIM

    I like those stripes you achieved.
  10. Kris B

    Meng Jagdpanther G1

    I agree with John, indeed it looks good.
  11. Kris B

    Br52 steam loco

    Cheers Steve, human learn entire life. Kit fit is so annoying for the money it cost.
  12. Kris B

    Br52 steam loco

    No, can't find it. I've just noticed it on one of the photos.
  13. Hi Nick. That's fine. What ship you'll be making? I am in the Aircraft section for a moment.