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  1. Hi Rob, Followed your build for a while, but later lost the track. All the aftermarkets make it looks super. Your WIP was full of details and lots of handy information. I am hoping to see HMS Kent in real life somewhere. Well done.
  2. Small progress. Stacks get primer, I think the not look bad. Sorry but I do not know all the technical terms. Air intakes drilled out, will correct inside. Hols for anchor chains drilled out. Hull will get some teksturę, that is masking tape for.
  3. Stack's finished. Now is time for hull.
  4. I've forgot to turn the album visible to everyone on Google photos.
  5. Nice to see that it all going in the right direction.
  6. I am starting new projekt. I have some aftermarkets. PE set from Eduard, deck - Shipyard, barrels from Master Model. I've also bought PE portholes, but still waiting for them. That why hull is still in the pieces. When they arrive I'll decide what to do. Two decks where stacks are installed. Plenty of pin marks to remove, brrr.
  7. Thank you lads. Nice to know you like it. Work and kids at home make life so busy, that I haven't got a time for updating WIP and even following forum. Hope the whole world will back soon to normality.
  8. Last year was one of my worst modelling years. So finally this project found his end. I hope the next ones will go faster then this.
  9. Yes it was few days work. There is to much disturbing in this time in my life so I have no much time for modelling, not even mention follow the forum. Hope soon it will change.
  10. Cheers Dads203. It is two colour camo, but luckily is soft edge so do need to be worry about masking like with T-28.
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