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  1. That's a very finely finished build of this legend particularly in this scale, and a nice back date to somewhat better days for her.
  2. Some older 1:700 ship kits of modern British ships often had a good set of spare weapons and accessories, many of these kits being re-boxed by other manufacturers so may still be able to obtain them. Example, the various Sheffield class kits often came with additional parts including a Sea Wolf six cell launcher, presumably a director can be scratch made from some of the director optional parts available, also looks to include Exocet launchers and STWS triple tubes, a decent Lynx is also included. Although 1:700 from memory I think some parts may be oversized so may be ok for a 1:600 model. https://www.super-hobby.com/products/HMS-Sheffield-Type-42-Destroyer-Batch-1.html#gallery_start
  3. That book series is excellent, and the HMS Belfast one is good. The drawings are not just as built for WWII service, but also after the late 1940s refit for Korean service, and the later 1950s refit (with the big squared off bridge, etc) as she is now. I was planning modifying the kit to depict her in Korea, which is mostly as the WWII appearance but with some changes, was planning to get a wooden deck, P.E. set, replacement 8 barrel and new 4 barrel pom poms and single Bofors probably from Black Cat, with scratch built platforms etc.
  4. Am trying to locate a Trumpeter1:350 HMS Belfast but they seem scarce. I don't suppose anyone has an unwanted one in their stash they want to sell? (unlikely, but no harm in asking).
  5. A bit late on here, but just reading Snake Pilot at the moment, and stumbled across this build . . very good indeed!
  6. This is very good, really interesting viewing, well done,
  7. That's a brilliant little diorama, very nice detailing, and an interesting scene overall.
  8. That's a really high standard of detailing and finishing particularly in 1:700, well done, very good.
  9. That is impressive, such a large complicated build is not easy, but very nicely done with good finishing all round. Nice to see the famous Ark Royal completed to this standard.
  10. This is a very finely finished production of this classic RN frigate. The clean build and subtle weathering are very good, particularly in this scale.
  11. Wow, brilliantly finished and displayed, looks great.
  12. That's an interesting and unusual subject, which is well bought to life with this excellent build. Looks like a compact little pre-dreadnought; presume not much engine space required for the coastal defence role, but certainly heavily armed for her size.
  13. Superb work, shows this classic heavy cruiser at her finest.
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