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  1. Wow great work ! looking forward to your future posts very much !
  2. lovely work ! cant wait to see it up close mate
  3. Fantastic job Calum i really do love your work and so great you have such a capable mentor teaching you !! not everyone is that lucky he certainly keeps these tips from me and lets me blindly make blunders , what are you paying him ? is that a secret ?
  4. Looking great ! im following this build with much interest
  5. Best threat maker in the Universe well KNOWN Universe anyway i reckon !! ''NB: The first person to mention fretting out the gondola windows will get a festive blurglecruncheoning! ''
  6. Looking great so far ! looking forward to future instalments
  7. Norman

    Mike McEvoy

    Me too , never grow tired of reading them , he had such a big influence on my ENJOYMENT of the hobby RIP Mike
  8. Norman

    Mike McEvoy

    Very sad to hear this news, when i returned seriously to aircraft modelling and began reading SAM i found his tailpiece writings an absolute joy and used to eagerly look forward to each month's edition ,i also came to rely on his new kit reviews as well as they were never wrong !, he really helped make that magazine what it was , i do hope they have a good 'prototype' and 'what if' library where ever he is ! Rest In Peace Mike
  9. Ok my dear Von My family story about Zeppelins or Zepps as my Grandmother called them goes back to the bombing of London in WW1, they lived in Leyton and my nanna told me she was at one of the upstairs bedroom window's one night looking for what was causing all the noise when her father came in , now he was a senior guardsman in the GWR a staunch member of the Masonic lodge , they watched as a Zepp got caught in the searchlight and guns opened up on it then a fighter or fighters attacked it and set it on fire , she said she then looked on horrified as the crew jumped out to their deaths as they were on fire, she said she was equally horrified at her fathers reaction, in his ribald language which went something like ''Burn you sweethearts burn'' , she had never heard him swear ever before in her 17 years or seen him so angry , i have a small postcard of a Zeppelin caught in searchlights which i will find and post here when i can, but i reckon the people of London were pretty angry if this is any indication Well thats my story ! Cheers from tropical downunder on planet earth
  10. Dear Von Liking your manipulations and triangulations regarding expert rigging gyrations via exploratory drilling n boring thus far Cheers ( I also have a handed down story from my maternal grandmother (who got me into modelling bless her) and a postcard ! let me know my communicating in anyway you want if you'd like to hear it )
  11. Another excellent creation and another that made my judging day when i was confronted with it !!!
  12. Excellent Build and as i co - judged it in Townsville i can say the pics do not do it justice !
  13. Great Build mate can't wait to see it !!
  14. Norman


    Hand Grenade didn't reach here thank goodness im informed by Qantas Flight QF69 it exploded over a French Submarine base causing considerable damage to their coffee machine , and has added to our Prime Marketers ( aka Prime Ministers ) woes in regards to jilting the French over a Sub deal, more as it comes to hand ( or tentacle)
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