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  1. Its going to be a couple of Danish 1/48 F-16's one in the overall flag scheme for me and a 1/35 Leopard tank i think, having recently had my DNA tested by Ancestry .com i found my line extended from Norfolk across to Iceland and Denmark so i may also build a Viking ship...maybe Lets get cracking.......soon Merry Xmas all !!!
  2. Well thats all about as clear as mud, or maybe its not ?....yes yes it is ........no wait , oh i dunno Can someone please explain in 'simple' terms what the hell is going on here ? PLEASE Best wishes Lost in Straya
  3. Fantastic work ! enjoying this build very much.
  4. Wow i like what your doing here a LOT !! keep up the great work .
  5. Am liking your work very much , looking forward to more !!
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