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  1. Norman

    Aussie wild fires.

    Fair enough Steve you are quite right Emotions are running high here in Aus at the moment as these devastating fires wreak havoc everyone is affected either directly or indirectly and with weather about to get worse people are understandably on edge everyone is preparing for the worst while hoping for the best Cheers Norm
  2. Norman

    Aussie wild fires.

    He came home one day early due to media pressure ...............
  3. Very nice Models mate, especially love the Canberra !
  4. Fantastic, inspirational modelling !
  5. My Dear Uncle Martian Glad tideings to you and yours After consulting extensive...........thats Extensive.........ie a lot of google rubbish references, then going to a seance, mind reader, then a tarrot card reader, emailing my hapless modelling experten, and asking a german friend i came up with bugger all !!!!! so i sat down had a few stiff drinks of Belgian Beer (modelling accelerator) collapsing ......then after i woke up two days later that, What i would do.....and i humbly beseech you oh wise tentacled one with the attack wife , Is put it on the nose but off centre a bit like some Airliners do I do earnestly hope this helps Your unworthy Pleb Norm from Downunder P.S. can i start my Triebflugel please and join in or do i need a seperate thread as one doesn't like to offend or encroach There was an old fart from Downunder Who was always afraid of a blunder He begged of the Martian To take part like a Marvin Whilst hoping he wasn't ploughed under http://tQJhcP4t_400x400 by Norman Long, on Flickr
  6. And meanwhile us up the front are coated in gubbins paint and tentacle spray !! The Horror ...the horror !!
  7. Looks like i need to choose my words more carefully !
  8. Brilliant clip..............and i love that last line 'And i was trying to give it up' Move over Martian and don't hog Fenella all to yourself theres a good alien Cheers Lusting Downunder
  9. Ill send a picture of me being good as soon as it happens ok ? All Heil the Martian poo-poo scared in Oz
  10. Sure am ...i mean where can i hide ? if i go any further south ill be at the south pole Perhaps i will ''try'' to be good Worried in Straya
  11. There once was a modeller from Dorset Who glued bits on whilst wearing a corset He said with a grin Whilst wiping his chin That he'd get General Melchett to Forfeit
  12. Oooooh Goooodie Thanks berry mooch Martian the benevolent your royal highness Overwhelmed Downunder Its 40 degrees here today and blowing a gale i might go get some Belgian beer............
  13. Ahhhhh Ooooohhhh Ya sprung me....it was a few medium size Bottles i /we consumed in model shed session with my son in law , to be honest amongst other senses i lost the ability to count after consuming two or was it three, ahhhhhhh what was the question again Honest of Straya (Who has found an Amusing Hobby 1/48 Tribethingy in his stash.....can i join in the buildathon ?)
  14. Blimey Martian the sensible do you actually consume much Belgian Beer ? I tried some a few days ago I spilt some on my model bench that has various coats of paint, plastic glue , super glue and other modelling detritus on it It dissolved the lot !! I drank what remained in the bottle and then slept for two days Cautious and Hungover from Straya !!
  15. Blimey be careful those tentacles have a long reach ! All heil .........ooops i mean All Hail The Martian !!! Danke
  16. Thanks for the link Great pics !
  17. Great entertainment here , cant wait to see what happens when you get to Telford !
  18. I dont want to sound unsympathetic but.....Dentist schmentist !!! did you do any spraying of paint on the beastie ? Us Britten noodellers need to know these details
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