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  1. A small bit to do on this and still a few other models that probably won’t make it. 12 builds across 6 GBs did it for me. I won’t get a chance to properly weather this as tonight and probably Sunday will be my last bench time for BoB
  2. Yeah defo be a good bit of extra interest to what was a great GB! Can I have 26 votes to place though
  3. Thanks for the encouraging comments guys! Using @Ol' Scrapiron excellent reference photos I’ve started the detail painting. Seriously need to source more lifecolor matt black, best brush paint black about imho.
  4. This dio is really great, the position of both are really dramatic and the story/units etc make it a great piece. Really well built, painted and finished. There really is something about your 109 though, sinister, great colours and the panel lines it’s wonderful. Blades off the props just finishes it perfect. Very well done
  5. Really nice finish for humbrol gloss orange, heinz tomato which I think it is bang on for. No pink primer this time and have to say I think the pink does improve the gloss orange. Im going to hand paint the white, blue and black and will hopefully do that this weekend
  6. They are absolutely beautiful, great colours, great builds!
  7. Home made masking wasn’t easy on this and used the cover with tape and cut with a new blade technique. The kristal klear held up well. Just sprayed the orange there forgetting a base or pink primer. Looked great on the plastic but not the clear parts which form a door panel. Might need a second coat
  8. It’s looking great Dermot, the grey is spot on and well done on the tricky other colours
  9. Oh my, that’s one of the best things I’ve ever seen. What a paint job.
  10. Two great builds, both exciting. I’m dreading the swing wing portion on mine and I’m sure the laundry can be done in the Klk room and modelling in the laundry? We also built a home and the utility room was ear marked for modelling, but I lost out when we moved in, but got the office/study allocated to modelling instead. Good work on this
  11. Calling it. Wish I had left her clean now as think I’ve over done it a touch. Cracking kit, few difficulties but will focus on the 1/48 and might start the second 1/72 in red. Thanks for watching
  12. Just a couple of bits and bobs to add like the winch, wing mirrors a few probes, wheels and radio wire and a quick gloss then some weathering
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