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  1. Great new, that will make it easier with my build. cheers, Mike
  2. I remember having to wait for that to be on sale at our local record shop, after hearing it on Radio Luxembourgh.
  3. Yippee, whoop-whoop, hurray! At last, a British vehicle that can find itself in many settings. Great review Mike. cheers, Mike
  4. That book looks to be a very good starting point. Thank you for the recommendation. Mike
  5. The title basically says it all. I am trying to build some Far East street scenes and I have no problems with constructing the buildings and vehicles but figures have me stumped. Having searched the sites, including the 3D ones, and received suggestions, mostly military, I feel that I am going to need to make my own. Can anyone help with how to go about making people? I have a cutting machine and 3D printer, even a casting machine, but I need to know how to make some original civilian figures first. I work to 1:35 scale. cheers, Mike
  6. Hi Jim, nice views; however, it would be better if you posted your images directly here rather than sending us off to the site with all its other distracting images and swearing etc. Here is an example of how your post should look for best effect: cheers Mike
  7. Thank you, that is a nice start. I have a question, which I shall ask by pm. cheers, Mike
  8. Hello Cklasse, it is nice to hear from someone in Singapore and thank you for your update. Can I ask if you know of any local sources in Singapore, where I can get photos and architectural dimensions of the old buildings? I am trying to find more photos of the old shop and house fronts, the ones with the covered colonnades, especially any views with people, hawkers and street sellers for my diorama. So far, I have managed to make up the start for one building, based on photo-interpretation, and my intention is to make a row of them for a street scene. this is an idea of the type of setting I wish to produce. This one is of a house and I would like build some open fronted shops alongside. cheers, Mike
  9. My time in Singapore was at Nee Soon, on the Sembawang Road. 1966 - 71. There were two camps there, the old one; where the film Virgin Soldiers was shot and the new one called Dieppe Barracks. Mike
  10. I haven't found anything better so far and those images of a PS1 will be very useful indeed, thank you for the link. One aspect that I am trying to identify on the PS2, is whether there is a raised floor section over the rear axles. I had received some excellent photos from Paul but that internal area at the rear isn't so clear. I would like to find out if the PS2 has a stepped area over the axles, like this one on the PS1, or whether the floor is flat throughout. cheers, Mike
  11. Hi Bill, I never noticed what type of bus I was travelling on, I just really enjoyed getting out on the road in them; upstairs at the front of course. My favourite being the 62 to Lickey Hills. I have been making a sort of start on a single decker bus but progress is slow due to not knowing what goes underneath. I joined the Leyland Society and read all their on-line mags but didn't find much detail. Here's my guesstimation so far: cheers, Mike
  12. Hi Tony, as I understand it, the sight was removable in the Wasp and Scout; as the airframe had different roles at varying times. The 'hole' was infilled with a replacement piece of canopy held in a grommety thingy. Have a search for images of Wasps and Scouts and you might find the same airframe with and without the sight etc. cheers, Mike
  13. Hi Matt, have you checked if the FEP has a removable safety film covering it? Hopefully it has and those marks will be removed with it. cheers, Mike
  14. Sorry Armando, I was on a different ship; ss Canberra, at the time and didn't actually see these fittings. You could guesstimate using the feet of the groundcrew for reference. In my estimation, I would think the diameter was 10 inches [25.5cm]. I have been researching the Atlantic Conveyor for a project build in 1:144 scale; however, it doesn't go down to those specifics at that scale. cheers, Mike
  15. The main problem, of trying to align a container ship with an aircraft carrier, is that neither had any relationship in design. Atlantic Conveyor's conversion was classed as an aircraft ferry. With regard to the tie-down points, my understanding is that, due to the urgency of the work required, "cowpat" style tie-downs were welded to the deck plates that covered the holds. Here is my attempt at a rudimentary drawing to show what I mean. These 'X type' cutouts might not be entirely correct and may be a different shape, such as only having a single slot. Detailed photographs of the ship's deck are hard to come by; however, there is this one which shows some of the tie-downs. (source unknown). cheers, Mike
  16. why is it confounded?
  17. Hi Ben, we only have the Parts Manuals [AP101C-0601-3A] types of documentation, which you and I discussed about for the WG.30. I haven't been able to find anything with dimensions or scales there. We do have a Wasp HAS.1 at the museum, photos of which have been taken by @richellis and @Julien and posted in the Walkaround Section. cheers, Mike
  18. Thanks Rich, I'll make enquiries. I've lived in Burnham for 14 years and not seen or heard anything about one down here; that doesn't mean it has gone though. cheers, Mike
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