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  1. I have just had a look at Terry Blois' website but it doesn't show any examples of the plans and their details. Does anyone know if the plans include the underside details, including the frame, cross-members, axles and all the other salient elements of the chassis? cheers, Mike
  2. Yes, it was the bus I used get when going into Plymouth and back, from our base at Bickleigh; the bus was affectionately called the Bickleigh Bomber. The last bus left Plymouth about 10;30pm and if you missed it then it was a long 8 mile stagger walk back to the camp! A touch of nostalgia has given me the inspiration to make a model of it. Here's another view of it. cheers, Mike
  3. Hi Dave, lots to see there and the Kiev class has my attention; who produced it and what scale? In 1981 I also had ideas about building some of those Airfix kits, my inspiration being these..... But it wasn't long after that events changed and we were too busy to do any modelling for a while! Mike
  4. Can anyone provide plans or diagrams of a Leyland PD2 double-decker bus? I would like to scratchbuild this one: Did any of the civilian coach and bus chassis', such as Leyland and AEC etc., have any commonality with military chassis'? Cheers, Mike
  5. Thanks Dave, I have a few of those kits and it is about time I did some fettling with them. I'm blown away by Chewbacca's Leander to Londonderry conversion and would really like to be able to do something like that. cheers, Mike
  6. This thread (originally Rothesay class conversion) has generated a fair bit of interest in Airfix's ship kits and so I have opened it up to all Airfix 1:600 scale warships (not sailing ships!). If anyone has any advice on additions, conversions and/or general information on these Airfix warships kits then please contribute them here. cheers, Mike interested parties: @Chewbacca @ArnoldAmbrose @AntPhillips @davecov @PF Naughton @Our Ned
  7. Thanks Endeavour and Six97s. I am really loving this because I'm learning so much about vehicles of that period. Another question, mainly as I hope to learn more, are there any recommended magazines or publications that show vehicles of this period (Not modern preservation stuff) such as these? Even better if they contained profiles and plans. cheers, Mike
  8. Cheshire? That's the midlands isn't it? Mike former Accrington lad.
  9. Yes, I've got his Rothesay and I shall need a couple more. The Rothesay will become Londonderry but I shall have to scratchbuild the other two; as I need a Yarmouth and Plymouth for my Falklands builds. Mike
  10. Good morning Ted, that is good to know. I always work to the LBP on my ship models and that information about the Rothesay, Whitby and Leander being the same is very useful indeed. cheers, Mike
  11. Ooh! I like that, even if it is only 1:600 scale. Have you posted a WiP anywhere? If so, I must have missed it and would really like to see more. It was the 3-masted Londonderry that started me on this quest. cheers, Mike
  12. Thanks, and the other vehicles?
  13. Not a problem, we have plenty of other's images to enjoy. Mike
  14. I was born in 1948 and spent my early childhood number-plate spotting; as such, I thought that I knew most vehicle types of the immediate postwar and 1950s. Although these vehicles are of c.1943, I would have expected them to still be around in the early 1950s; however, I don't recognise any of them. Can anyone please advise me what each of the different makes and types are? source: Getty images cheers, Mike
  15. Hi Rich, thanks for that info on the Bedford QL 4x4's. I'd appreciate seeing some photos if you could send them. Cheers, Mike
  16. I have checked my portable airbrush and the connector is universal. Here is the airbrush that is supplied with the mini compressor: and here it is with my H&S Evolution: I don't have any issue with the angle of spraying whilst holding it; however, I would think that a length of hose could be adapted to fit both ends, thereby providing some flexibility with the angle of spraying. Cheers, Mike
  17. Thanks for the correction GrzeM. I could go with a rail transfer, possibly at a German port or even one of the French ports before the bunkers were built. I just don't want to do it and then everyone comes out the woodwork with statements like "it wasn't like that" and hence why I am asking for advice first. cheers, Mike
  18. Can anyone please help or advise me on how I can draw the cab of this Bedford RL to make a decent print? section of Mick Bell plan I have drawn a few vehicles in CAD and been able to 3D print them to without a problem; however, I am finding that the shape of this cab is currently beyond my skills in Fusion 360. I would be grateful to hear of any practical advice on how to draw the cab in Fusion 360 in order that I can make a print. I've tried Loft, Filter and Chamfer but the curves just don't follow the sketches I've drawn and I really would like to know where I am going wrong with this. cheers, Mike
  19. bootneck

    Astute Class

    Hi Smokey, don't go for black, very few subs are painted black nowadays. Possibly Panzer Grey, Black Grey or Tank Grey with a mix of mid-greys for the tiles. At 1:144 scale those tiles would be obvious. Astute class HMS Ambush Mike
  20. The airbrush is detachable and, I think, the connector is universal. Margaret has been doing "gardening" things this week but will check later and take some phot's. Mike
  21. Hello Neil, I have one of those and find it quite useful. You cannot adjust the psi or anything like that; however, it does give an even spray and the internal battery has quite a long life before needing to be recharged. The benefit of that is it can be used away from the mancave, such as down in the shed or at model club meeting; even shows etc. The battery charging is via a USB cable so it can be connected to a laptop or PC etc., for charging. Swmbo is happy when I use it because she doesn't get the noise from my compressor when using the main airbrush! I like mine; however, one caveat is that we modellers all have different expectations of everything, so it possibly won't suit everyone. It is currently being offered at £41.00 which is worth the punt in my view. Mike
  22. Hi Chris, those are great references, thanks. The iPad image is good as it also shows background settings, something I plan to build with card model buildings. cheers, Mike
  23. I think I shall just stay with a Panther as a starter in this scale. Thanks for the info Giorgio. There is a Revell, ex-Matchbox? kit for sale on Kingkit at the moment, so I'll probably go for that one then. I'm not too concerned about Korean decals as I don't often get to that stage! cheers, Mike
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