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  1. Wow! A 1/48 scale VC-10. You might need a real HAS just to have somewhere big enough to store it! VC-10’s are a fav of mine so I shall watch with great interest.
  2. Nope. Ain’t gonna happen! Well…except for the camouflage nets. I need one on the rack on the front of the turret and have one or two cunning plans regarding how to make it. Should be fun when the time comes.
  3. Hi , hopefully an update on Xantho in a week or so. Work is fairly hectic at the moment so not as much happening on these projects as I would like.
  4. Fantastic- a pleasure to watch this and learn from your process. I really like the rust manufacturing, that’s a great technique. You have made a great model in your own truely unique way. Congratulations.
  5. Welcome aboard Sydneysider! Hey! I just noticed- that’s 3 P40 motif Icons in a row so far on this thread.
  6. I’ve just re-read this thread and have picked up a bunch of pointers I missed on my first rushed perusal. They say that the best way to learn is to study the masters!
  7. Well done. Harvards always bring back childhood memories for me. We only lived a handful of ‘clicks’ from RNZAF Wigram.
  8. Weird model but a cool story, especially since it’s been made as a family effort.
  9. Since we obviously have some Swedish camouflage gurus here, Here’s a question; Has the Swedish Air Force (post WW2 at least) ever used snow camouflage, or even trialled it? I don’t recall ever seeing a white Viggen, Lancen, Draken etc, which I’ve always found slightly surprising given that I understand Sweden can be a touch chilly…
  10. Good point about the licensing - I had not thought of that angle.
  11. Awesome! So much skill and determination on display along with heaps of new and useful ideas. Top thread this one!
  12. Awesome! So much skill and determination on display along with heaps of new and useful ideas. Top thread this one!
  13. Cripes! Have a look at all the lumps and bumps on that thing and you will see why this is taking forever! Thanks for posting this , that’s actually a really useful photo.
  14. I’m pleased you have said that. I have always previously followed the ‘rule’ that we should never use a model as a reference for another model. But on the PZH project I am more and more reverting to googling pictures of Meng’s 1/35 version to resolve uncertainty. If I was to ever build another, I would buy the kit and use it as a supporting reference. In a sense a kit can be considered another set of plans.
  15. Hi Stuart, Happy to say that the barrel clamp thingy is not yet glued down so is yet to go into its final correct location. As for Xantho. As it happens I am in Albany right now and have a meeting with Ross Shardlow tomorrow. I’m hoping that some Xantho related news might result. We shall see!
  16. Yes, it’s a good test of self discipline, especially now that I’m really starting to want to see this thing with a full coat of grey primer.
  17. Spot the difference Over the last week there has actually quite a bit of work done on this project, but unless you look carefully you might not see much of a difference. Here's where I was on New Year's eve... and here is our PZH today. let's play spot the difference... 1. There is now a folded barrel rest (if that's the correct term). I've used MDF for the basic shape and lined it with evergreen card. The brace arms are stray leftovers from a warship kit. 2. I have also added what I suspect is a turbo housing over the main engine hood. It's also built with MDF but lined with lithoplate this time. 3. This little box on the port front side of the hull is also new. I don't know what it's for but it's quite prominent and needs to be modelled. Again - MDF cut and carved to fit and then lined with lithoplate. 4. I've started constructing this prominent rack on the gun turret. I believe it is specifically designed for carrying camouflage netting. The Rack is about 50% finished in this shot and I will definitely cover the second half of construction in the next post because I'm going to try an experiment with a new material and if it works it might be an idea worth sharing. Maybe... 5. Two little knobbly bits scavenged off another scrap kitset have been added to the aerial fittings at the rear of the turret. These simulate the springy covered bit at the base of each aerial. So there you have it - the current state of play. The detailing part of this project is much more prolonged than I expected, but I'm still quite enjoying it. I'm trying to not let a single day go by without adding something. if I can maintain that I'll have this ready for WASMEx 2022 (the end of April) with no dramas. That's it for now. Stay safe folks. Steve
  18. Great subject! Was briefly looking at these as a possible scratchbuilding project once the PZH 2000 is done but… these have a lot of complex shapes. Probably won’t happen.
  19. Yes! Olympic in dazzle camouflage! Certainly a bit of extra work but definitely a worthwhile change! This will look great!
  20. Just as well this is on the armour pages. Showing that much of a VC-10 project on the aviation pages and then walking away would probably start a riot!
  21. A great outcome for 2021. Well done!
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