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  1. This is a great thread, great work! Really helping me with my X-Wing builds over on Sc-Fi etc GB. I thought Yoda raised it too, was it not ESB tho hehe keep this up its cracking!!
  2. I love them so much I’m thinking about getting a few, but think tax can bump the price right up.
  3. Thanks! They really are awesome, I cannot stop buying them, model room study has a pile of them!!
  4. I’m loving that, great colours, great weathering, great build! Got this on the list, great inspiration
  5. What about....an aircraft that was flying but now in a museum? I’ve always wanted to build the Loch Doon spitfire that crashed killing its pilot Frantisek Hekl. Aircraft was eventually raised and refurbished now in Dumfries museum...but doesn’t fly..
  6. Oh it was £105 delivered. Bargain I felt I couldn’t afford not to buy it
  7. Rear end painted, radio transparent grey, detail picked out in dry silver. Such detail I still can’t get over it. Pity these kits are so hard to get here. If I knew someone in Japan for the World Cup I’d beg them to ditch their clothes n bring a suitcase filled with these back, they are awesome!!
  8. The Skywalker helmet has just been released, Hasbro black series, Forbidden Planet online, fully lined and wearable, it’s massive so should fit lol. It’s got light and sound function but not tried it out yet. Smaller helmets are quality and really detailed, from De-agostini Star Wars Collection. X-Wing ones available are Skywalker red 5, red 3 Darklighter, red 2 Antilles, red 6 Porkins and blue leader Gen Merrick. No red leader though! Plan to build all the corresponding X-Wings to display with them. Thanks
  9. Wow, I’d just stop there and display that, that’s amazing work on the cockpit
  10. Made a start on the engine exhaust assemblies and cannon parts. I’d painted the cans in burnt iron on the sprue to keep it neat.
  11. I think I have a Star Wars X-Wing Problem.....bought a Bandai snowspeeder, first ever Star Wars or Sci-fi mit, loved it. Bought another then saw a cheap X-Wing, so grabbed 2...then while I was AT IT, grabbed a couple AT-ATs. Now I’ve just received another 2 X-Wings today and a couple of helmets....not exactly a stash I can hide now....help! Latest arrived today and yesterday. And I’m waiting on a full size Wedge Antilles helmet....
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