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  1. Yes please, sufa Netz or a chopper in that super camouflage
  2. Good morning all, another two additions, welcome Gary and Arnold, brings up to almost halfway....
  3. Loving this GB too, can’t beat a desert Stuka. I built the Airfix 1/72 B2 last year and during research I’m sure there were 2 snake stukas one with white and sand, another with red and white with different codes, different units. I’m also sure I read that the sand snake was only on the port side, when captured anyway. There was also something significant about the World at war documentary where one of these stukas is captured flying on film for about 5 seconds which proved something important...but for the life of me, I can’t remember what that was. I shall see if I can find my notes and refs as I put hours into that very topic, then again, there is usually a counter argument with everything luftwaffe Will enjoy watching your build
  4. This surly must have some New Year Resoluters who promised to dig out something Soviet or associated to build...
  5. WOW! Scrap the P40.... I’m for one of these Su-27s please...
  6. After these recent suggestions I think I might have to move to include a chopper or two. Jayhawks and Dauphins are taking up a good part of my stash. Welcome to our newest recruits and keep the animal options open, I can already see a sequel lol.. Col, shall I include in the list? Be great to have you along!!
  7. Great work...you have that cockpit looking amazing. Are the tamiya accent line bottles good and easy to use? I am really thinking about getting black, a brown and maybe a desert colour if they have one?
  8. Valkyrie

    Finnish Il-28

    That’s a great year’s line up all Nordic bases covered and across other GBs.
  9. My goodness there are actually a lot more options than I realised! Keep these great build ideas coming in please
  10. That’s exactly what I will be going for, but couldn’t spell it. I’ve done an M but the Adl’A one or two seat version Operation Harmattan
  11. I think Luftwaffe Stukas based in Africa did most of the work there? Great name for the build too, load of old Junkers lol
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