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  1. Oooh, I do have a nice paint set for Israeli camo scheme...
  2. That’s so kind Craig, thank you! I think something Vietnamy or is there a whole host of obscure options?
  3. Right, I think time to broaden my horizons, I’ve built 5 A4-Qs so this is a sign to make something else and where better than in amongst a variety community build...
  4. It’s 1/48 decals I bought for this very GB, I do have plenty Airfix 1/72 mind....so a B\C kit is what I after then I guess it’s just fins and VOR to make up or add?
  5. It’s 1/48 decals I bought for this very GB, I do have plenty Airfix 1/72 mind....
  6. Oh no, I’m hoping I can make the one I bought into an A4-Q then....yikes Italeri? I just saw a version from 1970 on the instruction picture and thought that will do? Awe naw
  7. Ok so made a real mess of it but it’s together and tightening up. Should be able to tidy up the glue spillages. Eduard kits are magnificent but really over complicated a lot of the time which can be really off putting.
  8. Glad you got out a couple of warning shots Craig, tamiya AS-16 and a 1/48 A-4 just freshly ordered from Wonderland... Argentine A-4 Q
  9. I think this was the right approach to tackling this, port side engine cover with tropical filter is on the to the cowl ring and under cowl cover. The fit is going to be quite tight. I used Revell contacta first which bulged a bit from the seams so switched to extra thin which wasn’t sticking the flare dampening bits to the replacement engine covers. This stuck it but it has run onto the cowl ring a little..nothing a gentle sand won’t fix. Speaking of sand, I’m going to be trying to give this a sand blasted dusty sun bleached effect with powders by AK and maybe even the glue finger print might
  10. @AaronKSJ thanks for looking in. They have sat on the bench while I pluck up the courage to attempt it. My plan is to build up the cowl pieces which i have started so will get the proper shape and hope to try tomorrow with this... Thanks
  11. They are brilliant. Great side by side. The flag is really well done, great pose, I’ll need to try that
  12. The blue range are good paints. The Luftwaffe desert colours are good
  13. The tropical filters might have been better just being the filters that could be placed over the top or replace just that part. Let’s hope it goes well, can’t stop now!
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