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  1. Like a Batman plane in the black...deadly. This is AK primer Still scheme undecided . @JOCKNEY yes Pat i have an insignia decal sheet for Luftwaffe for Russian front...I’m in two minds
  2. Ok @Steve 1602 I might taken a look....got a feeling it’s gonna result in a knock at the door In 4-5 days Oh dear...I do fancy a desert spitfire....Luftwaffe Afrika is my main interest...oh naw
  3. Sherman for free haha, that’s what I tell mrs Valkyrie all the time, she tells me all her dresses Were £5 In the sale and the bakery store was also doing a promotion I do like new paint experiments thanks for sharing
  4. Looks great just like that. Can’t believe you are on course to do a weekend kit in a weekend....great stuff
  5. Looking forward to seeing the next stages, really fancy a go at one, great choice Ted AND...great choice of whisky too
  6. My goodness! Have you seen the stuff in the gallery! WOW, I don’t want to submit mine now lol.... Awesome!
  7. Shy of 2 hours and we have a shape....I hadn’t really thought through painting yikes! Better have a steady hand..... ‘Russian or Italian campaign.......
  8. How cool is the pilot, like this!
  9. Coming up on an hour. these kits do have a gap issue at wing roots but a couple of pieces of spure inside the fuselage under the cockpit and hoodsoon spreads the frame out to meet the wings.
  10. Hitting this excellent wee blitz build with a Revell 190. These got me hooked on my return to modelling so hoping to churn it out easily enough. Not fully decided on the scheme, either Russian front or SG/4 Italy... Quite quickly got up to here...
  11. Good job, another new Eduard spitfire addict! Don’t mind which one or two you pick, I will be following. 2 on the box look nice as well
  12. Good neat paint work, like that Tamiya yellow, that works I think we must have used the same lifcolor stockist, sadly my stash of desert life Color is dwindling. Good job
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