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  1. Got it at Dundee at the Scottish nats £6 magnifying glass too attaches to it. Can’t remember the firm that make it, il see if I can find the vendors card standby
  2. I like Lifecolor RLM, might try their Italian range. Can you brush paint coloucoats?
  3. Valkyrie

    The Specialist GB - 19 and counting

    I’d participate with a Stuka G-1 tank buster or a Fw-190 F-8 U-2 Torpedo Bomber
  4. Pic heavy today but these holders work a treat. You have to get the 2 struts into the absolute correct position and I think it would be near impossible to do holding the model in one hand and trying to position with the other.
  5. Using my third hand for the first time. The undercarriage of FW190s sit at a forward, inverted splay and is tricky to get right on these Revell kits. I find the Airfix version is easier to pose correctly as the engineering makes them almost snap fit in the correct position. This kit however the modeller needs to do the work so here is hoping this contraption assists as I will need 3 hands for this..
  6. Ok, panel line and weathering complete....I don’t know what to do now? Maybe a sandbraun colour would have been better for my underside lines? Hey I’m still learning
  7. Valkyrie

    75th Anniversary Battle of the Bulge GB @20

    Some recommended research material, think I might get this
  8. Valkyrie

    75th Anniversary Battle of the Bulge GB @20

    Already interesting subjects for this bigfoot, could be a brilliant GB
  9. I may change my own name to that! Wish i had a stash where aftermarket just gets found in amongst it good luck with the build and can’t wait to see Lt MU Stang, he must surly have a strong moustache
  10. Just a bit of detailing to report. This was a new technique of brushing watered down lifecolor black over the model rather than finite tiny brush work filling the lines neatly. Think it looks good but don’t think it work work if you were doing a pristine a/c
  11. Another great idea technique that I’d never thought of but would have been useful for my Fw190 Italian build
  12. Can’t seem to find an online version to view these but the magazines seem available Thanks!