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  1. Lovely, particularly like the deck work
  2. Oh yes please. I have MiGs coming out my ears that I need to get built
  3. Put me on the roster please, what’s not to get excited about all the aces in the same places. I have a few Luftwaffe and RAF WWII options
  4. Definitely the best Harrier I have seen. Great build, I think a Harrier is so hard to get the paint job to look right. Nailed it.
  5. Lovely work. I want to have a go at one of these. I recently discovered Ensign Ewart of the Scot’s Greys who took the eagle at Waterloo was born a mile from here and lived in my town. The local museum textile team made 3 accurate replicas of the flag which is a work of art and thinking of starting a campaign for a statue….my 45mm model will need to do. Thanks for posting, it is lovely
  6. Oh yes please. Coastguard HH60 or 65 perhaps a carrier jet too
  7. I need motivation to get back to the bench. 190 is my favourite and plenty in the stash. Please add me Col
  8. I’m fairly certain the gun was secured at a right angle with a cable on the barrel lashed to the deck. However U-33 a type VII-a that’s I’m working on at the moment was sunk near where I live and divers say the gun on the wreck at the rear of the conning tower is pointing straight up…
  9. The u-boats, mainly all VII A,B,Cs C/41 that I have researched had wooden decks. I think u-boats used teak and it was coated in a very dark grey anti-fouling paint. This paint would fade during patrols and the wood begin to show through. I’m not sure about other u-boats. I really need to get my books out. The metal parts of the decks like hatches etc would rust, but not the deck. https://amp.rokket.biz/lib_uboats.shtml This whole collection of stuff is a great u-boat modelling resource. Teerfirnis i think was what the coating was called and differed on surface ships.
  10. Great work on this one. Enjoying the build and thread. Making me want to get back to my 4 U-boat builds. From my research, red is the correct colour( I used to paint orange too) the life preservers were only put on the conning tower when leaving and entering port, they were removed at sea. I can’t remember where I read this though to direct you. May have been the AMP pages. I will have a check...
  11. Just catching up with this. Great thread and work so far!
  12. Fabulous, nice and salty, crusted, weather beaten. Well done!
  13. After failing to get this one off the ground, Col has allowed me in with this for another effort. Like the COVID jab, this will need 2 shots...cockpit walls have RLM 66. We go again
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