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  1. Update, I’m about to go and sear off my roast beef. High heat then into a low oven 70 for4-5 hours
  2. It IS looking good. Masking was well worth the time and effort
  3. Try this breakfast shot. Not much progress but looks good from a distance. Foreground is a Scottish crispy or Glasgow roll with square sausage and potato scone thanks to Mrs Valkyrie
  4. Don’t think Flickr is 100% cant get any photos up again. Waiting on paint drying so I can get a varnish on ahead of decals. Il do all the wee bits in the mean time
  5. I wondered where it went, I thought I’d imagined it lol. You got me all excited with your sandgelbbrauns sorry, just thought you needed a bit of air cover of your Rommel style speed advance
  6. Thought I’d posted this. Holding here as that’s 12 hours since I started. RLM 80 mottles to be continued early tomorrow.
  7. Not like a kit to beat you so it MUST be bad. I’m glad though you have another line to get you back on track. It’s certainly not me, it’s the paints, they are fantastic
  8. Dave, they are really good. In the set you also get the sand Braun for later versions which is more a brown. I’d get another set for sure as I was just about to move away from brush painting these are making me think again
  9. And il have to leave here as that’s 12 hours since I first touched off. RLM 78 for African aircraft and early RLM sandgelb 79a with half mottled RLM 80. These paints are very good for brush painting.
  10. Like that gelbbraun colour. Great work on this one, she’s so tiny yet perfect
  11. Thanks Craig, I always think if you like what I’ve done then I’m doing something right. Not blitz building this weekend mate?
  12. Now I don’t claim to be an expert on modelling, brush painting or RLM colours etc, but I do read and research a lot about MTO axis aircraft and I’m pernickety about it too and hard to please. The hataka paints blue line are indeed optimised for brush painting, not a streak in sight. I didn’t like the look of their RLM 79a but once on, i think it is pretty good for the 109 I’m doing just now. It’s certainly the lightest shade I’ve got, and i think i have most of them so if I’m pleased with it, it must be good. Though i have had 3 beers and been at this for 10 hours. I am totally relaxed though, which you can’t buy in this world of stress and worry...we’ll actually you can. 5 kits a week a few decals paints etc and a bit of time,
  13. With an hour 1hr 20 left of session one she’s now primed and hopefully dry enough to test these paints. Il try the sandgelb RLM 1 first. The canopy is jaunty but I, thinking il pose it open so only sat on for primer. Be pleased if I can at least get the sand on this tonight before bed
  14. Oooooft, rigging, the downfall of many a brave blitzbuilder. I stick to the rule, something you have done, something you know and have everything you need. I think even a 1/72 109 is a test, you need canopy masks and if doing a splinter the camo mask if you are going to stand a chance. The time really flies, but then, always does when having fun It is a tough challenge but rewarding
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