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  1. Will like to watch this project Dave. Treated to a lone Typhoon over our patrol area yesterday when finishing up, really light grey, great noise made me think about digging one out to start, I’ll just follow this Enjoy
  2. Love the contraption it’s an excellent build, the cockpit and detailing
  3. Ok make it 2 Airfix Argentine A-4s to get a boot
  4. Not a bad KUTA actually, pushed me on, should be off the bench by weekend
  5. Went a bit daft with all the GBs I joined to using KUTA to clear the back log and the bench.
  6. A small bit to do on this and still a few other models that probably won’t make it. 12 builds across 6 GBs did it for me. I won’t get a chance to properly weather this as tonight and probably Sunday will be my last bench time for BoB
  7. Yeah defo be a good bit of extra interest to what was a great GB! Can I have 26 votes to place though
  8. Thanks for the encouraging comments guys! Using @Ol' Scrapiron excellent reference photos I’ve started the detail painting. Seriously need to source more lifecolor matt black, best brush paint black about imho.
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