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  1. Hi all well theres no detail underneath, no brake lines, no shock absorbers, no back panel to the brakes, no calipers on the front after a lot of deliberation (is this kit really worth all this effort) I've decided it is, so here are pics of what the kit supplies. Hopefully I can improve on this. Unfortunately the car i was basing this on is no longer in the workshop but we have a coupe in and our engineers assure me the brakes and suspension are the same so more measures and research (I've bought a vernier for the measurements) I must say I'm very disappointed with this kit even without the moulding problems they really dropped the ball with this kit all the other German produced kits I've done were amazing (I would have put them up with Tamiya) this kit I would say is below Frog standards, which is a shame, I hope this is not a glimps of things to come, considering this is a 2018 new moulding. I will certainly think very carefully before buying another revell kit and I certainly wont be recommending revell kits in the near future.
  2. Hi I built the revell thermopylae kit a while ago and whilst it was an enjoyable build its accuracy is very poor I mention this as it is really a reboxing (with a bit of extra tooling of their Cutty Sark kit) as is the pedro Nunes so I would be very wary of the accuracy of the kit. Apparently revell did this with a lot of their earlier kits. Hope this helps.
  3. Great job so far, highly skilled craftsman.
  4. That's looking impressive so far
  5. That is a work of art, I must admit I would not have the patience to paint like that but the results speak for themselves.
  6. Got the handlebars on, nearing the end now.
  7. It was the locating tabs at the front which were the problem I cut both the female and Male parts off of the front 4 and its sorted the problem, the problem, with the bonnet I added some plasticard under the hinges which lowered the bonnet so it's now a flush fit.
  8. I was kinda hoping to present it to my boss so it will probably end its days in the box(cant bin it it was a present)
  9. Right well this is now going to be buried in the deepest part of my stash, I am so peed off. After heroic efforts to sort the warped body (you may think this clamp is over kill but I assure you its not) Great all looked to be ok then I moved to sort the front out you cant get the the wheel arches under the wings (wont go high enough) And look how high the bonnet is That fitted perfectly till I started pushing the body up to get the wheel arches under the wings (imagine how high it would be if I managed to get the wheel arches under the wings) of course now (due to the use of the clamp the body is really stuck in the middel) how this hasn't been hurled across the room I dont know. More than a little peed off.
  10. More work done on the Porsche, sticking some of the chrome bits on (hope I can straighten the bodywork out! I think I can) quite pleased with paintwork has a nice shine to it.
  11. Hi all got some of the interior done, really pleased with the dashboard.
  12. More done to this (front wheel is only added for a look see, lots more to do before its finally added.
  13. 0-40 In half an hour (with the wind behind me)
  14. Hi all work on the front forks, it's quite a complex system, bit like the dampers on older cars(did something similar on the mefistofeles)
  15. After the airfix Bentley I'm never respoking anything.
  16. Did some work on the leather seats (used a bit of artistic licence, the seats the cars that I see tend to be immaculate since they have been lovingly restored) but I'm thinking this has been lovingly owned from new so the leather has some ware) ( you have to give me some Lee way as I tend to like to weather things hard) I do find it really hard making things new and pristine when my natural bent is to add weathering but I think this is a realistic depiction of looked after 50 yr old leather.
  17. Another update, I decided not to go with white wheels and decided to go with the frame colour also added some of the cables and the carb (dont like the cables far too shiny need to dull them down some how) I really love how the spokes are moulded, some of the best I've ever seen.
  18. Hi all next update and we have some colour, first coat of many. A little explanation before I mention what happened next I built a shed in the garden for spraying my models as the misses refused to allow painting in the new house (that's fine I can understand that) unfortunately we have a hot tub which we need to take down in the winter so with the new house theres no room to store it so where is it stored, you guessed it, in the shed so now guess what, yep I cant spray in the shed as swmbo says she doesn't want spray dust all over the hot tub. Spraying outside the shed door got the body sprayed started spraying the other panels and it started to rain, by the time I got it all in the shed all the other panels had at least one rain drop on them. They all have to be sanded down and done again.
  19. You are correct, great vid if that's better than the speedster it must be incredible because I thought the speedster was perfect (it is being looked after I promise)
  20. Hi all well I've decided on the colour, black does look great. Guess what I've discovered the body is warped sideways as well One step forward 2 back. The instructions would have you paint the carpet black, I was going to go by this website http://derwhites356literature.com/Porsche356Colors.html For colour combos but as you can see they say black had carpets of green or red Well here are some pics of the actual car we have in the workshop. So that's what I'm going for The carpet has a ribbed effect which I will try to duplicate with dry brushing some darker grey over this.
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