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  1. the next 1:48 aircraft kit i want the most is the SU-30SM. definitely looking forward to the Great Wall Hobby kit.
  2. i think i will wait and see what Kinetic do.
  3. im thinking kits without conversions. a conversion is more than what i can handle, so i have most interest in best base kit. i have a Tamiya F-16C in stash. the way Tamiya engineered this kit is great. i dont get why they didnt make a two seater, but if they did i wouldnt be in doubt about which to go for.
  4. which is the best 1:48 two seater F-16? i think i read the Hasagawa F-16 were number 1 until Tamiya made theirs. but Tamiya didnt make a two seater.
  5. i have stashed up some 1:350 ship kits, and i got photo etch for pretty much all of them because they would look toyish without any. on the other hand, i think aircraft doesnt need much if any photo etch. a good paint job goes a long way.
  6. the scale im jumping into is 1:48. i have built a handful of 1:72 and two 1:48 fighter jets when i was a kid. but i have never used photo etch on a aircraft before, so just hearing some opinions can be very helpful. i dont want to buy loads of aftermarket upgrades, beacuse it will end up too complicated and never get completed. but i should be able to handle some small upgrades here and there.
  7. i plan to keep the canopy closed for display. painting the cockpit has never really been my favorite part, so thats a major point why im considering photo etch. i think resin cockpits are out of my skill range, so i wont go that way. but also since i will close the canopy, the extra details are probaly gonna be hidden.
  8. is photo etch for cockpits worth it? i have seen a bunch of videos on youtube with people building kits. some do with photo etch, some do without. i think for me, photoetch would be easier, but is there anything to look out for?
  9. its not even finished, but i already like the weathering.
  10. looking good so far. does this kit assemble nicely ?
  11. those transkit parts looks very nice, they really add a lot of details to the model.
  12. it looks good. the weathering makes it more 'alive'.
  13. looks very nice. i like the color. interior and engine looks well detailed from what i can see in the photos.
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